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MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection


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MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection, 1851-1978 | McCracken Research Library

By Nathan Bender and Samantha L. Harper

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection, 1851-1978Add to your cart.

Primary Creator: Willcutt

Extent: 13.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 01/01/1998

Collection Historical Note

Harvey Willis Willcutt, Sr. was born May 28, 1877, in Garden Grove, Iowa, the son of a farmer.  He emigrated to Montana at the age of sixteen and worked as a sheepherder in the Miles City area for the Filbricks.  It was here that Willcutt was introduced to Eliza Mae Bell, born in 1886 in Anaconda, Montana.  Her father, William Bell, had been a Hollywood actor in silent pictures, and Eliza and her two sisters lived in a convent in Miles City.  Willcutt and Eliza were married on New Year’s Eve, 1903.  Six years later, Eliza, who changed her name to Elsie, gave birth to Harvey Willis, Jr.

In that same year, 1909, Willcutt transferred to Charlie Bair’s ranch on the Crow Indian Reservation.  He moved his family to a homestead at present-day Colstrip, Montana, where coal is currently strip-mined.  Next, he served as Livestock Superintendent for the Northern Cheyenne Reservation centered in Lame Deer, Montana.

When the Superintendent moved to the Crow Reservation, he requested that Harvey also be transferred.  So, Harvey managed the ID herd for the Crow Indians, until 1912 when he was refused a request for a $100 raise.  E.L. Dana occupied the land across the Big Horn River from the Crow Tribal herd and noticed the “deep interest that Willcutt took in caring for the Indian cattle.”  Dana wasted in little time in hiring Willcutt as foreman and manager of his vast cattle interests.  Yet, for the Crows, it was said to have been “a bitter loss for the Indians” and “old members of the tribe claimed that the day Willcutt resigned, the Crow herd was doomed to failure.”

The Willcutt family lived at Eagle Springs and Ten Mile, while working for Dana.  Harvey, Jr. attended school in Hardin, where he played the piccolo and clarinet in the high school band.  Within months of graduating, however, he was involved in an argument with his history teacher, and decided that he had had enough formal education.  Harvey, Jr. wanted to be a rancher.

He began his career living in a tar-paper shack on the Spotted Rabbit Indian allotment west of Fort Smith.  Willcutt, Jr. raised honey bees and sold the honey.  His father had purchased all the necessary materials to build the hives and then informed his son, “Here it is, now you’re on your own.”  Occasionally, Harvey, Sr. would also provide groceries to his only child, but would never venture into Harvey, Jr.’s camp if he saw smoke rising from the chimney.  Instead, the elder Willcutt would leave the groceries on the hill.

One of the Dana’s ranching neighbors was Frank Heinrich’s Antler Land and Cattle Company.  Sometimes they would ford their cattle across the Big Horn River, not far from Harvey, Jr.’s place on their way to their Dry Head Ranch.  The Antler cowboys would always give young Harvey their dogie calves.  Harvey, Jr. had a milk cow that he used to feed the bum calves, and as they grew larger, he would cross the Big Horn and obtain alfalfa from the farmers for his livestock.  It was from this small herd that he sold his first railroad carload of steers.

In 1937, Harvey, Sr. purchased the Grapevine Ranch from his former employer, Dana, and soon thereafter formed a partnership with his son called HW Willcutt & Son.  Even though his father enjoyed running sheep, Willcutt, Jr. was solely interested in Hereford cattle.  After more than a decade of a successful partnership, the younger Willcutt decided to strike out on his own.

He purchased the Grapevine, which consisted of 90,000 acres, from his father, and when Willcutt, Sr. passed away three years later, in 1953, the son inherited the Woody Creek Ranch, adjoining the Grapevine.

The year that HWW & Son was dissolved, Harvey, Jr. married a young legal secretary, Juanita Owen, and adopted her son, William John, from a previous marriage.  They moved to the headquarters of the Grapevine, and a year later, Elsie Mae was born.  Juanita stopped working in the legal office and began taking part in the business operations of the ranch.  She home-schooled Billy and Elsie and cooked for the ranch hands.

The 1950s brought about many changes on the Crow Reservation.  Indian empowerment and self-determination resurfaced, and non-Indians living and owning land on the reservation were not as readily embraced as before.  The Crow Allotment Act of 1920 contained a section that limited the number of acres non-Indians could own on the Reservation, and many ranchers and farmers like the Willcutt’s were forced to concede much of their landholdings.  Different administrations in the American federal government and the Crow Tribal Council brought about tumultuous times for non-Indian ranchers and farmers on the reservation.  The larger non-Indian agriculturists formed the Reservation Leaseholders’ Association to collectively meet the challenges to their long-established presence on the Reservation.

Furthermore, ranchers and farmers like the Willcutt family were faced with increased development of the Big Horn River.  Yellowtail Dam was completed in 1965 and then a recreation area was created around the river and dam soon thereafter.  These developments brought tourism, increased bureaucracy, and more interest in the land on the reservation.  Harvey, Jr. did not readily enjoy these encroachments on his ranch, and in 1967, he sold the Grapevine and retreated to the Muddy Creek Ranch, northwest of the Grapevine and further from the Big Horn River.

Yet, this move did not allow him to escape all the new changes.  In the late 1960s, the Crow Tribal Council began giving preference to Indians who made bids on leases and land sales.  Large ranchers and farmers could not compete with this new resolution, and in turn, Willcutt lost important leases on which he depended.  Smaller ranchers like George Siemion, who was an Anglo married to a Crow, seized the opportunity to begin their cattle operation even though it was in the heart of Willcutt territory.  Willcutt attempted to answer this threat by employing Indians to win these bidding battles for leases, but it was to no avail.  He and his family were forced to accept and coexist with these new ranchers and farmers.

It was also at this time that Harvey, Jr. became ill with cancer.  He had groomed his adopted son, Billy, to take over the ranch after his death, and now it was time to let go of the reigns.  The ranch, however, seemed to die with Harvey, Jr. in 1978.  Billy and his mother did not cope well with their loss, and quarreled incessantly over the control of the ranch.  Lawyers and estate costs drained their assets until, in the mid-1980s, they sold their remaining holdings to an outside interest from Michigan.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

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Acquisition Source: Juanita Willcutt

Acquisition Method: Gift

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Box 11Add to your cart.
Series 1: Photo BoxAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.01: Pictures of Juanita's Indian Village & inventory sheetAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.02: Photographic Scrapbook of House Belongings , Oct. 1979Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.03: Envelope containing 3 pictures of Henry Big Day , October 1973Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.04: Strip of film negatives of herd (buffalo or cattle in distance??) with teepee set up in one and cavvy, etc...Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.05: Box of negatives (on Grapevine and E. L. Dana)Add to your cart.

Wagon camp (5)

Wagon camp—Howard Pickard in front (2)

Wagon loaded (2)

Wagon interior (1 of chuck box, 1 of stove)

Cavvy & Camp (6)

Wagon Camp, cavvy—Grapevine (4)

Cavvy (7)


Saddling before cavvy (2)

Drive (3)

Drive—Vic (2)

Drive—Harvey (2)

Drive—Scruggs (1)

Drive—Blankenship (1)

Round-up—long shot (2)

Round-up (3)

Cutting (6)

Steer (2)

Herd crossing Grapevine, two riders

Folder MS98.11.06: Photos (Dana Outfit to Grapevine (before & after))Add to your cart.

Dana Outfit on Beauvais:  Bud Bird, Geo Burroughs, Vic Pippion, John Hammett, Sr., Jim   Lemon, Bill Scruggs, Nye Burnett, Jim Kincaid,Doc Patten, Broddie Saddler, Shorty Bliss, Jack Stovall, Jay Block,Vet Helper (and negative)

“Ready For A Fall Roundup in MT” (Dana Roundup coming from Pitchfork to HooDoo – Ole Coast and Jim Kincaid on chuck wagon and Sid Harvey on bed wagon)

Ranch House (before and after)

Jan. 1952 “Mom took about 3,000 head” 4 pictures

Willow Springs – Glenn on Pinto (Pinto was full brother to Powder (1 yr.older))

Folder MS98.11.07: Photos (Leonard Frost)Add to your cart.

Slide Area on Big Horn by Bull Elk Canyon (3)

Branding Corral by Commissory Spring (lt to rt: Billy Willcutt, Bill Scruggs, Emmett Other Medicine, ?, Will Jones, Joe Burke (riding), Rick Smith, Danny Plainfeather)

Cavvy and mess wagon and tents

Leonard Frost – Commissory Spring – Glen Swank (roan horse) – (horse wrangler) (Banjo) and HWW wagon

Glen Swank – horse wrangler on HooDoo

Bob Forney (cook), Glen Swank and Banjo (white hat) talking to ? in rope corral at Commissory Springs (circa 1964)

Pee Wee Powell going up HooDoo

Branding (lt to rt.:  Will Jones (riding), ?, Danny Plainfeather (wrestling), Dale Duncan, Emmett Other Medicine, Rick Smith)


3 packages of negatives

Wagons and cavvy on the trail

Branding (cont.)

Cavvy and wagons (setting up)

Culling the herd

Heading out (wagons, cavvy, and cowboys)

Mess wagon and cook (Bob Forney)

Folder MS98.11.08: Photograph of herd being trailed past weather station at GrapevineAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.09: Negative of Hardin Band in which Jr. playedAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.10: Envelope of "Pictures in Big Horn County Book"Add to your cart.

Jr. at Eagle Springs on the home place (1930)

Jr. with his favorite horse “Ap”

Jr. and a new set of harnesses and his 1st set of matched roan team horses

Jr. on his horse Mag Pie (saddle blanket is a pieced quilt made by his mother) – 1930

Howard Pickard was the roundup cook for Dana and later for Sr. and Jr. (1920)

Old Birdhead wagon on Muddy Creek (1936) - *note brand

Sr. by his car

Steer raised by Jr. by a bucket

Jr. at Forks of the Grapevine (1939)

Sr. and Elsie Mae in old car

Sr. (early ‘30s) on horseback

Elsie (on the right) and a friend (1940s)

Clyde Dygert (did a large amt of trucking for W’s from ‘30s-40s)

Sr. and his wool crop

Folder MS98.11.11: Envelope of NegativesAdd to your cart.
Max Big Man Teepees at Lodge Grass, MT Cattle herd with Harvey Set-Up Wagon with cavvy
Folder MS98.11.12: Two b&w photos of Bill MillerAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.13: E. L. Dana Outfit, 3" x 5.25" printsAdd to your cart.

Crossing at Eagle Springs (2) 

Bill Mills cleaning dishes at Black Canyon camp, before cabin was built there

Crew in front of cabin

Pens at Eagle Springs 

Trailing herd at HooDoo 

Cowboy in front of house with dog & cat 

HWW, Sr., in front of camp 

Hands sitting on lawn (Frank Wardel, Charlie Carr, Ray Astrope, B. Bill Mills, Bill Scruggs, and B. Youst, Bob and his son) 

Side view of the house at Grapevine

  Mr Youst

Folder MS98.11.14: E. L. Dana Outfit, 2.5" x 4.25"  printsAdd to your cart.

Vic saddling Mickey with cavvy in background

Bill Mills, Bill Scruggs, and Vic Pippion against the corral (2)

Howard Pickard (cook) in front of mess tent (2)

Bill Mills with Ap in front of cavvy

Bill Mills on horseback

Overview of house & surroundings (4) 

Side view if house (2 of 6 reported accounted for) 

Branding scene (2)

Herd Grazing around camp

Unidentified horsemen

Baling Hay


Clyde Dygert truck

HWW, Sr. on horseback

Jr. riding Concho

Man & Woman in front of crowd (HWW, Sr., & Elsie?)

Folder MS98.11.15: E. L. Dana Outfit,  2.25" x 3.0" printsAdd to your cart.

Crew eating under shade tree 

Riding in the snow 


Branding (Vic…roping, Sandy…cutting, HWW…branding, Glenn(?)…heels )

Branding Scene with HWW running iron HWW on Ap, Len Barton on Limekill 

Howard Pickard loading pack-roll truck 

Buffalo Pasture Fence (all logs)

Folder MS98.11.16: E. L. Dana Outfit, 3.25" x 5.5" prints (nitrate or acetate?)Add to your cart.

Camp & cavvy, with herd in background (2)

HWW trailing herd

Buster Cashen with cavvy

Herd at Hoodoo Gap

Vic saddling horse (Mickey) in front of cavvy (at Vacation Springs)

Folder MS98.11.17: E. L. Dana Outfit, 2.75" x 4.25" printsAdd to your cart.


Dana herd crossing Big Horn going into Spotted Rabbit

Grapevine branding crew eating watermelon

1949—herds in pen with trains in background (8) [Note: 1949—Daddy &

           G. Wodnick split—Daddy kept Woody]

Mixed Steers (1230 at 11 cents)

Vic saddling Mickey at Grapevine

Bill Mills with wild horse from wild horse ranch bought from Tuffey


Folder MS98.11.18: E. L. Dana Outfit   2.25"x 4" printsAdd to your cart.

Dana's Pass Creek pens & feedlot

Dana Outfit (maybe Eagle Springs) or Tschirigi herds with pens full

Jr. saddling in front of cavvy

HWW changing from Glassy to Tijuana

Men on horseback with Pinto at Benny

Len Barton on horseback in front of herds

Folder MS98.11.19: E. L. Dana Outfit, 3.25"x 5.5" prints (standard b&w film)Add to your cart.

Day Herd at Chicken Crossing

Chicken Crossing weith herd & Bob Miller pasture on divide ("not a fencepost in sight")

Herd on the Bozeman Trail

Herd crossing Bozeman Trail into Bozeman Pasture

Beauvois behind wagon - Muddy behind cattle - Foggy Place

Herd Grazing

HWW Sr. with buffalo coat on ("never wore a cap in winter")

Buster Cashen holding gate rope around cavvy

Cowboy & horse

Hands at camp

Folder MS98.11.20: E. L. Dana Outfit, 3.3" x 5.5" printsAdd to your cart.

Mess Truck under tent

The Herd

Cavvy & Mess tent (5)

Saddling in front of cavvy (1)

Drive (1)

Folder MS98.11.21: E. L. Dana Outfit, 3.25"x 4.5" printsAdd to your cart.

Mess tent & truck, herd in background (2)

Cavvy (4)

Saddling beside empty cavvy

Cuttling (7)

Drive (3)

Herd from afar (2)

Steer, herd in background (2)

Folder MS98.11.22: E. L. Dana Outfit, 2.66" x 4.0" printsAdd to your cart.

Cowhands on horseback in front of tent

Sandy & HWW, Jr. with herd

Branding crew eating watermelon

Bob Burns breaking a young horse (no bit)

Folder MS98.11.23: E. L. Dana Outfit,  3"x3" printsAdd to your cart.

2 cowboys under mess tent

Mess tent going home

Powder & mother

Hands eating under camp tent (including Buster Cashen and Hank Kammersel)

Folder MS98.11.24: E. L. Dana Outfit, 2.66"x5.5" printsAdd to your cart.

E. L. Dana cavvy

E. L. Dana Crew

Cavvy in pens with caves behind and picket fence in foreground

Folder MS98.11.25: E. L. Dana Outfit, miscellaneous sized printsAdd to your cart.

Dehorning in corrals at Grapevine (Roy Astrope, HW, and Bill Sctuggs)

Will Jones (off camera) holding bucking horse

Dana outfit in front of camp

Portrait of A. E. de Ricqules

1936 Dana outfit trailing cavvy

Will James Place, Pryor Mountains

Fisherman (HWW) with catch

Bill Scruggs & HWW ,Jr., working stock through the chute

Women standing in front of tree

Grapevine creek - across creek, above the chickenhouse

Bill, Sandy, & HWW walking from wagon.

Folder MS98.11.26: E. L. Dana Outfit, postcard photosAdd to your cart.

Baby (HWW, Jr. circa 1910) standing on wicker chair in sailor's uniform

(2) Indian in Full Dress

Main St., Rosebud, MT, (looking West)

George Snittinger shaking hands with Bill Mills

Folder MS98.11.27: Photos missing from original E. L. Dana Outfit (FF13) listingAdd to your cart.

HWW Jr with baby

Emaciated steers in pen w/ train in background

Building a fire for branding

Elsie with grandchildren

Herd moving into pens

5 camp pictures using truck

Loading the pack wagon

Hands in front of camp

Connecting team and wagon

Loaded pack truck

Folder MS98.11.28: Sheep at Eagle Springs (negatives)Add to your cart.

Stacked wool sacks

Flock near pens

Flock on hillside


HWW in barn with dogs

HWW standing on fence with rope

Pushing the flock

HWW standing in front of flock

HWW standing in front of wool sacks

Flock in pens

Folder MS98.11.29: Grapevine & Miscellaneous (pictures and negatives )Add to your cart.

Hands sitting on lawn

Mild cow and steers


Hands outside of bunkhouse

Overhead picture of home and farm

Pushing herd into pens

HWW at 1st Grapevine Ranch in 1938-9

Holding herd in front of camp (Grapevine or Blankenship)

Branding (1945)

Cavvy behind wagon with bedrolls laid out in front (negative)

Herding cows (negative)

Branding (negative)

Folder MS98.11.30: Cavvy, chicken house, wagonsAdd to your cart.

Trailing cavvy

Wagons to roundup

Chickenhouse with riders on hill behind

Folder MS98.11.31: Cavvy, wagon setup, etc.Add to your cart.


Wagons - camp set up and teepees

Little Elsie and Billy on horseback

Saddling horses

Folder MS98.11.32: Big Horn Canyon, rodeo, Crow & misc. (angel box)Add to your cart.

Side view of home and buildings

Overview looking from home to pasture

Big Horn Canyon

Family picnic (?)

Pack train into the canyon

Big Horn River and Canyon

Postcard (Biddy to Elsie) of cooks and dog in Hardin

Postcard of cook and Biddy in front of Reo Café in Hardin

Cyclone and fire on farm (Christmas card from Ed Kopac)


Herd in pens getting ready for branding

Indian baby

Big Horn Canyon with stock trail across on the other side

Dunking cattle in insecticide

Big Horn Canyon

Flowers around house

Cattle in pens (winter)

Big Horn Canyon (looking toward Lovell, WY)

Working the gate on train car

Log fence (for cattle above Big Horn)

Big Horn Rover from down in the Canyon

“Another Year Brings Greetings From the Ransiers – 1939”

Herd on hillside

Man in tree with wooden box and woman beside tree

Teepee set up in canyon

Ms. Forbes and EMW by house

Side view of house and buildings


(2) HWW on paint horse with dogs in front of house

EMW in front of house

Woman on horseback holding another horse

Elsie and ? by a tree

Elsie next to ? shop

Elsie with flowers

Women on bridge with day’s catch

HWW with flowers

People standing around wagon full of shingles (?)

Ewa Lea Hicks to HWW (postcard of “MT Man-Hunters of the 1870s”

from 1944)

EMW with Irises

EMW with cut flowers

“The Old Stage Coach M.C. Round Up ‘03”

EMW and HWW standing by tree

Jr. in 6th grade in Hardin, MT

HWW Jr. as a boy on paint horse

Jr. with kittens

Jr. (circa 4 yrs. old)

Jr. as a young man

Jr. as a baby

Man with rope around Ap horse

Man on sidewalk of city

Elsie’s flower garden

Couchella Valley Date Garden

(2) Jr. and Leona Bray as little kids

Big Horn Canyon with River

Cavvy and camp

(2) Big Horn Canyon (looking toward Lovell, WY)

Indian girls crouched and looking at the ground

Public school in Rosebud, MT

2 boys sitting on rotating gate

HWW cutting

Rattlesnake eating a bird

“Ap” horse – saddled

Enormous hay stack

Color picture of man on horseback

Trailing herd

From bottom of Big Horn Canyon


Horses standing in pen by barn

Silhouette of rider and another person standing

Picture from near river looking up to rock wall

Christmas card from Col. Tony Baron with his picture on front, standing by entrance to Little Big Horn Battlefield on 91st birthday in ’41

Sr. with ? standing between cars

Bulldogging a steer in Miles City Round Up (1913)

On The Hurricane Deck of a Bronc – Miles City Round Up (1913)

2 men talking in and near a car

Woman standing “All Ready For The Dishes”

(2) Canyon Wall

(2) Overview of Canyon

Stockyards in Miles City, MT

Cows in pen

Scene along Big Horn Canyon showing mouth of Black Canyon

Rider with pack mule

“Riding a Bad One” – Miles City Round Up (1913)

“Rope Spinning” – Miles City Round Up (1913)

  HWW homestead near Colstrip (c. 1910)

“Roping and Tying” – Miles City Round Up (1913)

Leona Bray on playhorse with baby HWW Jr. sitting on grass

Group of kids standing/sitting in yard

Sr on lawn of Ash St., Billings

“Bird-in-the-ground riding the spinning bronco” – Miles City Round Up

Beehive boxes

Group of people (Postcard to HWW, Hardin “Do you know these?”)

50th Anniversary of Custer Battle, HWW Sr. in foreground

HWW holding up flowers

2 Hereford bulls fighting

HWW when he was cow boss of Cheyenne Indian herd

Folder MS98.11.33: Livestock, bear, house, women & miscellaneous (white box)Add to your cart.

Herd of Mexican steers in field

Men sitting under mess tent by the wagon

Cavvy, mess tent and wagon, and bed tent

Holding the herd while making the cuts

Cook under mess tent with wagon in the background

(2) Roundup in the distance

Picking out horses from the cavvy


Cat and dog staring on the roof

Building or house in town

(6) Elsie standing amongst her flowers

HWW Sr. and Jr. and EMW

Flower garden

Elsie and friend standing by a tree

Girl lying by the flowers

HWW with the flowers

Cook and cowboy standing by mess tent and wagon

Lunch at the mess tent with the horses saddled

(5) Grapevine Ranch headquarters in 1944

Bear cub drinking from bottle in a pen

(2) Home in town

Color of Billy and Elsie with dog sitting on the steps

(2) Color of Billy and Elsie working at a table

Color of Billy on the bicycle pulling the dog in the wagon

(3) Rounding up cows and calves

The herd

Cavvy and mess tent

Crew outside of mess tent

Cavvy and bed tent

(2) Trailing the herd


Sr. on horseback

Sr. with the herd


Cowboys on horseback in corral

Holding the herd

Cavvy and tents

3 cowboys fooling around for the camera

Team of horses hooked buckboard wagon

Hands on horseback (2 with bedrolls and 1 pointing) in trees

Hooking up the team

Cowboy with dog jumping up on him

Taking horse and cow on Yellowstone ferry with woman holding umbrella

and man following in canoe

Cleaning dishes outside tent (picture)

Cleaning dishes outside tent (negative)

Boy on horseback with woman looking on

Cowboy and Indian talking by the bed wagon

Setting up the mess wagon

Man driving the hay wagon

Man with team and wagon

Folder MS98.11.34: Black leather scrapbook (Jr. loading pack horses with salt & misc.)Add to your cart.

Morton salt strapped on the back of a pack horse

Jr. tying a diamond hitch to hold salt on pack horse

Ray Astrope and Jr. eating

Sr. holding tamed, saddled wild horse (note the brand – C/5)

Cutting out the brands

Howard Pickard (cook) sitting against the mess truck


Saddling the horses

Jr. with an Ap (hobbled)

Fording the herd across the river

Crew sitting/standing around the mess truck (lt to rt: Jess Schwend,

Emmett Davisson, Cold Iron George, Bill Mills, Glen Swank, Vic

Pipion, Bill H., Dick Mader, Robin Iron, Sandy Rutherford, Finley,

Jr., Lee Turley)

Crew sitting next to pack wagon (lt to rt: Finley, Johnny Burlison, John

Hammett, ?, Jess Schwend, Bill Mills, Fred Burkes)

Heifers in pen waiting to be shipped by train

Mexican steers in pen

Folder MS98.11.35: Ranching, livestock & misc. (white sack with photos and negatives)Add to your cart.

Negative: Branding with wood fire in the foreground

Negative: Billy or Elsie in stroller with 2 adults

Negative: Billy or Elsie in stroller with one adult

Saddling (missing)

Negative: Jr., Juanita, EMW, Billy, and Elsie standing outside building

Negative: Herd on the farm fields

Jr standing in front of men loading the bed wagon

(2) Loading the bed wagon

Loading the mess wagon

Wagon and team loaded and ready to go

Construction of house

The herd

Eating lunch in the shade of a tree

Women (EMW, ?, ?) standing on the lawn

Building a barn

EMW sitting in a chair on the lawn

Jr. on horseback

Man carrying wood

Cowboy standing on a bluff overlooking river

Mess tent set up outside Hardin for the rodeo

Sandy R., Marvin Stedman, Vic Pipion, and Shorty Bliss standing in front of the herd

Bill Mills and Sr. passing the bottle

Eating under the mess tent by the wagon

(5) Hereford sow and piglets

Hanging cow carcass on front end of tractor


Steers on the road near Grapevine

Headquarters of Grapevine

Hereford pigs in pasture

Girl on lawn with dog

Steers in shipping pen with train in background

Cows in pen

(4) Mares and colts


Two men sitting under the mess tent

Cows and calves

Cavvy running in the field

(2) Pouring cement foundation

Trailing herd behind Grapevine headquarters

Pushing herd into pens

Shipping with train in background

Cows in pen

Crow Pow Wow

Bed wagon rolling across the field

Howard Pickard cooking on back of wagon

Cowboy in overalls on horseback

(2) Construction of building

Man lying on the ground by camp tent with feet on spring mattress

(3) Grapevine flooding

Holding the herd

The herd

Weened calves separated from mothers in the corrals

Fixing fence with the herd in pens waiting to be branded


Calves eating hay

(2) House

(2) Cows bawling for their calves

Hooking up teams to wagons in front of Grapevine

Counting cows through the gate

Juanita, Jr., and EMW

Building bridge over the Grapevine

Laying foundation

(4) Grapevine headquarters

Valley near Grapevine

(3) Fields near Grapevine

(4) Grapevine headquarters

Trailing herd into corrals

(9) Trailing herd


Milk cow with bulls

“Brig” on a street in St. Paul, Minn. (postcard to Willcutts)

(5) Feeding calves in the winter

Women (Mrs. Dana, EMW, and cook) on bridge with fish catch

Mrs. Dana, EMW, and Grace Shaw (cook) on bridge with children

Jr. with kittens at Eagle Springs

(4) Aerial of Willcutt Ranch (in color)

Panorama of Big Horn River and surrounding area (where they would ford the herd)

Folder MS98.11.36: "North Side" (1949) - (yellow envelope)Add to your cart.

Sandy Creek – Sr. after split with Jr. (sold to Bill Nefse) – corrals at Woody (pics include Millers, Mr. Rainey (“schemed to get Sr.’s estate”)

(6) Group photos of Millers, Rainey’s and others

Flooded dock or bridge at Sandy Creek

(11) Headquarters of Sandy Creek with hay wagons, corrals, and buildings

  (5) Corrals at Woody Creek (2 contain Sr., Juanita, and Elsie)

  Dry tank full of water or lake

  Team-tied steer being branded with buildings in background

Folder MS98.11.37: Miscellaneous negative (yellow envelope)Add to your cart.

(2) Man and woman on horseback

(12) EMW and her flowers around the house

(2) Billy in the flowers

Cutting the herd (perhaps culling)

(5) Fording the herd across the Big Horn

(2) HWW fly fishing

Fisherman by the river

(2) Trailing the herd

Chasing a cow

Doctoring (?) an animal (?)

(3) Cliffs of Big Horn or Black Canyon

Girl (Juanita ?) with “32” sweater on sitting on the doorway steps

Bee boxes

(8) Trailing the herd

(3) Cavvy

Hands sitting by the mess tent

Hands on horseback

Folder MS98.11.38: Len King, Hubby Woodard, and G.Bruckner (J Diamon Bar) photographs from old scrapbookAdd to your cart.

Man trailing the herd

Eagle Springs (?) headquarters with caves in bluffs on one side and picket fence

(2) Scattered snow on rolling pastures


Howard Pickard (cook for Dana then Sr. then Jr.) sitting by wagon (c. ’42)

Sr. and Jr. on horseback with pack train about to descend into canyon

Buffalo descending the canyon trail to the river

Dipping cows at Spear Siding

Grapevine headquarters

Sr. on horseback

(3) Aerial and Sideviews of Hardin by the Big Horn River

Shipping out Mexican steers

Branding herd at Woody (*holding herd on horseback – no fences)

Heifers in corral

Ferry on the Yellowstone

Herd grazing in Bozeman pasture with Limekill in background

Branding at Foggy Place (Doc Logan “good hand”/roping, Shorty Bliss “always wore Cal. Pants”/vaccine, Glen, Jim Kincaid/knife, Boddy Sadder, George Buster/iron, ?

E.L. Dana wagon camp on Grapevine

Trailing herd up Hoodoo Gap (lt to rt: George Buster, HWW, Vic Pipion – bulls from Lazear’s Wyoming Hereford Ranch

Trailing herd near Buster Creek slope (“maybe coming from Dryhead on Rotten Creek)

Dryhead – Old Phelps Place

Cavvy, wagons, and hands headed through Buster Creek (picture looking toward wild horse divide)

Counting cows and calves through gate out of Gold Hill and into Willow Springs (F- horse, Len Barton and HWW)

Cows and calves lying in the field

Dana roundup between Pitchfork and Dryhead in the Dryhead (1936)

Saddling from the cavvy around forks of Grapevine looking toward the battlegrounds (Vic Pipion, Bill Scruggs, and Claybark (buckskin horse)

Sandy R., Marvin Stedman, Vic Pipion, and Shorty Bliss standing in front of herd

(8) rodeo scenes

Calves lying in the grass

(4) EMW and Sr. at home with the flowers

(4) Man and woman at their home

(10) Indians (and Chief) with the Army on horseback

(14) Eagle Springs (misc. of home, pens, herd, cowboys (Sr. included), and cavvy)

(24) HWW Jr. growing up

(18) HWW Sr. and EMW (misc. home, family, friends, snows, hunting)

(4) Dana roundup (“3,000 head ready to work”)

(7) Ranch work (misc. saddling, roundup, camp in winter)

(6) Big Horn Canyon (misc. fishing, pack train, and hands)

(7) Ranchwork (misc. shipping on train, camp wagon set-up and take-down, and branding)

(5) Branding

(7) Roundup (misc. camp, cavvy, crew, and herd)

(8) Home, family, friends, and deer hunting

(4) Fish catch and pack train

(4) HWW Sr. and E.L. Dana

(5) Fording cavvy and herd across the river

(7) Animals (misc. of Sr., bear rummaging through cans, Yellowstone Falls, dog licking lamb, bighorn sheep, moose, and Hereford calf)

(3) Fording the herd across the river

(2) Lamedeer/Rosebud (on one photo “Mimi tied Daddy to clothesline on Rosebud below Lamedeer – gone now”

(2) Mill Iron herd


(2) Trailing herd through valley

Jr. on "Ap" in pen going through herd

Bringing herd down out of Bull Pasture of Krone’s to Mountain Pocket

Bringing herd by Limekill across from Grapevine

Jr. on Tijuana cutting steers in the fall (fence in background is between Bozeman Coulee Pasture and Spotted Rabbit Pasture)

Trailing herd on the heights of Lodge Grass Creek of E.L. Dana Ranch at Chicken Crossing


E.L. Dana wagon camp (Westside) – bed wagon (Youst), mess wagon

(Ollie Coast, Shorty Wolf, Alvin Shafer, Johnny Shreeves, Bill Scruggs, Jim Lemon, ?, Vic Pipion, Bert Elliot, Irish, Walt Swank, Jack Stovall (Jay’s uncle), George Buster, Harley Falwell, ?, ?

(3) Dana herd at mouth of Big Horn Canyon (2-2,500 head)

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