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MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection


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MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection, 1851-1978 | McCracken Research Library

By Nathan Bender and Samantha L. Harper

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection, 1851-1978Add to your cart.

Primary Creator: Willcutt

Extent: 13.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 01/01/1998

Collection Historical Note

Harvey Willis Willcutt, Sr. was born May 28, 1877, in Garden Grove, Iowa, the son of a farmer.  He emigrated to Montana at the age of sixteen and worked as a sheepherder in the Miles City area for the Filbricks.  It was here that Willcutt was introduced to Eliza Mae Bell, born in 1886 in Anaconda, Montana.  Her father, William Bell, had been a Hollywood actor in silent pictures, and Eliza and her two sisters lived in a convent in Miles City.  Willcutt and Eliza were married on New Year’s Eve, 1903.  Six years later, Eliza, who changed her name to Elsie, gave birth to Harvey Willis, Jr.

In that same year, 1909, Willcutt transferred to Charlie Bair’s ranch on the Crow Indian Reservation.  He moved his family to a homestead at present-day Colstrip, Montana, where coal is currently strip-mined.  Next, he served as Livestock Superintendent for the Northern Cheyenne Reservation centered in Lame Deer, Montana.

When the Superintendent moved to the Crow Reservation, he requested that Harvey also be transferred.  So, Harvey managed the ID herd for the Crow Indians, until 1912 when he was refused a request for a $100 raise.  E.L. Dana occupied the land across the Big Horn River from the Crow Tribal herd and noticed the “deep interest that Willcutt took in caring for the Indian cattle.”  Dana wasted in little time in hiring Willcutt as foreman and manager of his vast cattle interests.  Yet, for the Crows, it was said to have been “a bitter loss for the Indians” and “old members of the tribe claimed that the day Willcutt resigned, the Crow herd was doomed to failure.”

The Willcutt family lived at Eagle Springs and Ten Mile, while working for Dana.  Harvey, Jr. attended school in Hardin, where he played the piccolo and clarinet in the high school band.  Within months of graduating, however, he was involved in an argument with his history teacher, and decided that he had had enough formal education.  Harvey, Jr. wanted to be a rancher.

He began his career living in a tar-paper shack on the Spotted Rabbit Indian allotment west of Fort Smith.  Willcutt, Jr. raised honey bees and sold the honey.  His father had purchased all the necessary materials to build the hives and then informed his son, “Here it is, now you’re on your own.”  Occasionally, Harvey, Sr. would also provide groceries to his only child, but would never venture into Harvey, Jr.’s camp if he saw smoke rising from the chimney.  Instead, the elder Willcutt would leave the groceries on the hill.

One of the Dana’s ranching neighbors was Frank Heinrich’s Antler Land and Cattle Company.  Sometimes they would ford their cattle across the Big Horn River, not far from Harvey, Jr.’s place on their way to their Dry Head Ranch.  The Antler cowboys would always give young Harvey their dogie calves.  Harvey, Jr. had a milk cow that he used to feed the bum calves, and as they grew larger, he would cross the Big Horn and obtain alfalfa from the farmers for his livestock.  It was from this small herd that he sold his first railroad carload of steers.

In 1937, Harvey, Sr. purchased the Grapevine Ranch from his former employer, Dana, and soon thereafter formed a partnership with his son called HW Willcutt & Son.  Even though his father enjoyed running sheep, Willcutt, Jr. was solely interested in Hereford cattle.  After more than a decade of a successful partnership, the younger Willcutt decided to strike out on his own.

He purchased the Grapevine, which consisted of 90,000 acres, from his father, and when Willcutt, Sr. passed away three years later, in 1953, the son inherited the Woody Creek Ranch, adjoining the Grapevine.

The year that HWW & Son was dissolved, Harvey, Jr. married a young legal secretary, Juanita Owen, and adopted her son, William John, from a previous marriage.  They moved to the headquarters of the Grapevine, and a year later, Elsie Mae was born.  Juanita stopped working in the legal office and began taking part in the business operations of the ranch.  She home-schooled Billy and Elsie and cooked for the ranch hands.

The 1950s brought about many changes on the Crow Reservation.  Indian empowerment and self-determination resurfaced, and non-Indians living and owning land on the reservation were not as readily embraced as before.  The Crow Allotment Act of 1920 contained a section that limited the number of acres non-Indians could own on the Reservation, and many ranchers and farmers like the Willcutt’s were forced to concede much of their landholdings.  Different administrations in the American federal government and the Crow Tribal Council brought about tumultuous times for non-Indian ranchers and farmers on the reservation.  The larger non-Indian agriculturists formed the Reservation Leaseholders’ Association to collectively meet the challenges to their long-established presence on the Reservation.

Furthermore, ranchers and farmers like the Willcutt family were faced with increased development of the Big Horn River.  Yellowtail Dam was completed in 1965 and then a recreation area was created around the river and dam soon thereafter.  These developments brought tourism, increased bureaucracy, and more interest in the land on the reservation.  Harvey, Jr. did not readily enjoy these encroachments on his ranch, and in 1967, he sold the Grapevine and retreated to the Muddy Creek Ranch, northwest of the Grapevine and further from the Big Horn River.

Yet, this move did not allow him to escape all the new changes.  In the late 1960s, the Crow Tribal Council began giving preference to Indians who made bids on leases and land sales.  Large ranchers and farmers could not compete with this new resolution, and in turn, Willcutt lost important leases on which he depended.  Smaller ranchers like George Siemion, who was an Anglo married to a Crow, seized the opportunity to begin their cattle operation even though it was in the heart of Willcutt territory.  Willcutt attempted to answer this threat by employing Indians to win these bidding battles for leases, but it was to no avail.  He and his family were forced to accept and coexist with these new ranchers and farmers.

It was also at this time that Harvey, Jr. became ill with cancer.  He had groomed his adopted son, Billy, to take over the ranch after his death, and now it was time to let go of the reigns.  The ranch, however, seemed to die with Harvey, Jr. in 1978.  Billy and his mother did not cope well with their loss, and quarreled incessantly over the control of the ranch.  Lawyers and estate costs drained their assets until, in the mid-1980s, they sold their remaining holdings to an outside interest from Michigan.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Acquisition Source: Juanita Willcutt

Acquisition Method: Gift

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Box 5Add to your cart.
Series 1: FarmAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.01: Wheat Allotments, 1949 - 1965Add to your cart.

1360 acres of farmland (including map) 1955-57 (peak) between 130-170 allotted for wheat 

1956 Ag. Conservation Program Handbook for Big Horn County

Folder MS98.05.02: Cloud Seeding Agreement, 1951Add to your cart.
“for the purpose of conducting a program of artificial nucleation and cloud modification for the purpose of increasing natural precipitation”
Folder MS98.05.03: Wheat Samples, 1954Add to your cart.
Grain inspection certificates
Folder MS98.05.04: Grain, Hay, Feed CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.

Custom Built Feeds (Culbertson, MT)

Fox Oil Co. (Hardin, MT)

MSU Ag. Experiment Station – pellets (Nov.-Dec. 1969)

Idaho Current Information Series (May 1969, Mar. ’70, May ’71)    Discussing alfalfa pollinators (i.e. Alfalfa Leafcutter Bee) 

HWW to Eddie Hope (Otter, MT) regarding the drought and grasshopper problem with his oats (Aug. 2, 1965) 

MT State Entomologist to HWW regarding weevil control in the alfalfa (June 26, 1964) 

HWW to and from John R. Jirdon Industries (Morrill, NE) regarding cottonseed pellets and protein and mineral blocks

Folder MS98.05.05: Feed Purchases, 1949 - 1967Add to your cart.
Nixon & Co.   Jirdon Industries   Campbell Farming Corp.
Folder MS98.05.06: Insurance, 1963 - 1967Add to your cart.
Grain, Hay, and Feed Insurance
Folder MS98.05.07: Wheat Allotment, 1965 - 1968Add to your cart.
aerial photos of farm range
Folder MS98.05.08: Grasshopper SprayingAdd to your cart.
MT Dept. of Ag’s “Grasshopper Adult Survey” Woodrow Ekegren (County Agent for Coop Extension Service) announcing a meeting to discuss grasshopper spraying (Feb. 25, 1974)
Folder MS98.05.09: The Billings Gazette - "Hay expected to hit $100"Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.10: Census of Agriculture , 1969 , 1971 , 1974 , 1978Add to your cart.

1978 Census of Agriculture Form, completed by Juanita Willcutt

Information Sheet 1978 Census of Agriculture

Juanita W to Director of Bureau of the Census: inability to complete   census form on time due to death of HWW

Bureau of the Census to HWW; 2 cover letters bearing instructions on filling out the census—due date, personal ID #, etc.

1974 Census of Agriculture, Official Report Form

Instruction Sheet for Form 74-A1, 1974 Census of Agriculture

MT Crop & Livestock Reporting Service—5 letters regarding accuracy In reportage during Fall Acreage and Production survey of 1974

1971 Survey of Specialized Agriculture, File Copy—3 letters and a correction slip attached; (Willcutt failed to fill out this survey out, the court letters request that he do so) 

1971 Survey of Specialized Agriculture, File Copy 

1969 Census of Agriculture 

2 copies 1969 Census of Agriculture, File Copy 

Leaflet Guide to the 1969 Census of Agriculture 

Postage-Paid Envelope addressed to Director of the Bureau of the Census

Series 2: Water / IrrigationAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.11: Irrigation Laws of MontanaAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.12: Grapevine Ranch Water rights & PumpsAdd to your cart.

Notices of Appropriation of the waters of Big Horn River (Mar. 29, ’56)

Cover letter from Hibbs to Campbell regarding 1956 appropriations

Folder MS98.05.13: Pump (Grapevine Ranch), 1965 - 1966Add to your cart.
Subcontract agreement, etc.
Folder MS98.05.14: Water Rights - Wells and SpringsAdd to your cart.

Notice of Completion of Groundwater Appropriation w/o Well (June ’61)

Culligan Water Analysis Report (July 1967)

Hibbs to Bill Willcutt regarding institute sponsored by the State Bar of MT which discussed the adjudication of water rights in MT (May 2, 1980) 

Kronmiller (attorney) to Juanita regarding Campbell Farming Corp water rights claim (July 23, 1981) 

Notice of Completion of Groundwater Appropriation w/o Well (Nov. 19, 1971) 

Notice of Water Appropriation (Aug. 30, 1941) and also newspaper article “State Can Divvy Tribal Water” 

Blank copies of “Notice of Completion” and “Declaration of Vested Groundwater Rights” 

Notice of Completion (1953-71)

Series 3: CrowAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.15: "An Indian Prayer" from St. Ignatius Mission, MTAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.16: Declaration of Allegiance to the Govt. of the US by the North American IndianAdd to your cart.
Signed Feb. 22, 1913 at Fort Wadsworth, the site of the National Indian Memorial
Folder MS98.05.17: Crow Reservation AssociationAdd to your cart.

Hearings before the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs of the Committee on Interior & Insular Affairs in House of Reps. on H.R. 2381 (Oct. 18, 1957 at Crow Agency, MT) ---- Assoc. IN SUPPORT 

(3) Memorandums on S-3698 – A bill to repeal paragraph #1 of Sec. 2 of the Act of June 4, 1920 (41 Stat. 751), and to validate “Certain Conveyances” 

Minutes of Meeting of Crow Tribal Council (May 2, 1959) 

Notice of Crow Tribal Council Meeting (Dec., July, and May) 

Letter from Wayne N. Aspinall (Chairman on Committee on Interior & Insular Affairs – House of Reps.) asking for suggestions  on the heirship land problems on Indian reservations & questionnaire 

Copy of Resolution No. 201 passed by Crow on May 2, 1959 

“Facts Concerning Sec. 2 of 1920 Allotment Act, If Repealed”

“Results of Sec. 2 of Crow Allotment Act Is Repealed & Previous Titles Validated” 

Memo of Minutes from Meeting held in Hardin on Dec. 23, 1957 

Crow Bill correspondence 

Letter from Sec. of Interior to John Shonsey of the Omaha National Bank regarding Crow Indian land sales in MT (’57) 

Break-down of disbursements of funds of Crow Res. Assoc. 

Letter from Burke, Hibbs & Sweeney to HWW regarding Crow Bill 

Letter to members of executive committee of Crow Res. Assoc. from Burke regarding Crow Bill 

Letter from James Haley (Chairman of Subcommittee on IA) to Burke regarding petition to Crow Bill (H.R. 2381) 

Letter sent to each member of the House of Interior & Insular Affairs Committee “regarding legislation for clarification of land titles in MT and urging an early hearing.” 

Letter from Leroy Anderson (Congressman of MT) to Burke regarding his actions in Congress with hearing proposal 

Sec. 2 (what the Assoc. is fighting – limits to amount of land able to have on reservation) 

Bill introduced to Congress on 1-7-57, amending Act of June 4, 1920 which provided for allotment of Crow lands 

Letter from Hardin, MT Chamber of Commerce who passed resolutions urging the passage of S-332, which is the repeal of Sect. 2 of Crow Act of 1920 

Letter and telegrams from Burke, Senator Murray and Senator Mahoney announcing the passage of S-332 (Mar. 12, ’57) 

(2) Letters from Burke to Crow Res. Assoc. regarding his meeting with Haley’s stepson 

Letter from Burke to Crow Res. Assoc. regarding Senator Charles Murray and progress of affairs in Congress 

Letter from Sen. Murray 

H.R. 2381 – amending Act of June 4, 1920 providing for allotment of lands 

Burke to Crow Res. Assoc. announcing the death of S-3698, which would have validated all previous sales of Crow land (Aug. 3, 1956) 

Burke to CRA, update correspondence on S-3698 

Letter from Edward P. Whitman (Chairman of Crow Tribe) stating that they support S-3698 as long as the Tribe retains mineral rights to concerned land, which is true – so Crow favor S-3698 

Burke to CRA, update correspondence on S-3698 stating unanimous

Burke to CRA, update stating passage of S-3698 in Senate 

Correspondence between Marshall and Mahoney (2 telegrams) – (5-22-56) 

Senator Murray to Burke informing of introduction of S-3698 – (4-23-56) 

List of landholders on Crow (acres (total=237,097.09), dues, assessment, paid amt., amt. owing, and whether they have a signed declaration) 

Burke to HWW announcing Crow Council’s passing of a resolution to validate all titles which might be affected by Sec. 2 of Act of 1920 and discussion of subsequent actions in Washington (Apr. 17, ‘56)   Copy of resolution by Crow “repealing certain provisions of Sec. 2 of Act of 1920 (Apr. 14, 1956) 

“Resolution In Regard To Land Sales on Crow Reservation” 

“Declaration of Purposes” by Crow Reservation Association 

Letter from CRA to all landowners on Crow announcing the severity of Sec. 2, asking for their membership to CRA & asking for dues of 10 cents per acre to help with lawyer fees 

List of names and acreage of landholders on Crow

Folder MS98.05.18: Crow Tribal CouncilAdd to your cart.

Newspaper articles from Billings Gazette

      “Roaming Cattle: Trouble for Everyone”

      “Small Ranchers Tell of Harassment”

       “Indians Win A Round Against Ranchers” (June 22, 1975)

       “Signs of Change”

        “Indians Question Pioneer’s ‘Virtues’” (article on HWW – June 25, 1975) 

         “Group Fights Indians’ Special Treaty Rights”

           “Intertribal Group to Attend Anti-BIA Conference”

         “Must Be New Economics”

Resolution No. 74-19, in request of IA to refuse leasing of trust lands to HWW and for other purposes (unanimously passed on April 13, 1974)

Petition to Congress “to enact a law that will make valid a lease” with 51% or more of the owners’ agreement, instead of 100% (amendment to 25 U.S.C. 380, of which is included)

BIA to HWW charging HWW with trespassing ($1/head of livestock - $9 on Sept. 9, 1975 and $25 on Aug. 28, 1975)

Frank Ironhead to Realty Officer regarding the Crow revoking his application to sell his interest in allotment #2568 (Sept. 20, 1972)

Questionnaire “to accompany negotiated sales assembly” (form filled out by buyers of Indian lands)

Realty Specialist to Frank Ironhead in response to Sept 20 letter regarding paperwork to be filled out for purchase and announcement of the cancellation of a negotiated sale to Nelvette R. Siemion (Oct. 5, 1972)

Frank Ironhead to Realty Specialist regarding his intentions with the land on the Grapevine Creek and how he intends to buy the other interests and inquisition into other land he owns

Super to Ironhead announcing the Crow’s placement of Ironhead’s application in the inactive file because the other interests do not wish to sell their part to Ironhead and instead, a couple of them agreed to sell to Siemion. (Nov. 8, 1972)

Petition of Appeal made by Frank Ironhead to Super (Nov. 15, 1972)

Asst. Area Director (BIA) to Ironhead in response to Ironhead’s petition for appeal (Dec. 22, 1972) with note from Hibbs to HWW

Subchapter L – Leasing and Permitting with note to HWW from Hibbs

Ironhead to Range Conservationist of Crow requesting a permit to graze livestock on allotment #2568 (White Buffalo) of which he owns 504/648 interest! (June 20, 1973)

Playfair (Range Conservationist) to Ironhead in response to Ironhead’s to graze stating the proper compensation to the other 3 heirs and that the allotment allows 3.5 acres per cow and each cow month of grazing should be worth $5

Realty Officer to Siemion regarding the transfer of the trust patent (#2331/80 acres) which has been recorded/filed to Siemion (Oct. 16, 1973)

Ironhead to Super objecting to the sale of part of his allotment to Siemion and what Siemion plans to do with the land even though he owns very little interest

Cecilia Half Plainfeather (owns 1/648) to Super proposing that #2568 be put up for lease to either Siemion or HWW instead of keeping it for “owner’s use” (Jan. 1974)

Hibbs to HWW proposing that Plainfeather send above letter to the Super.

Hibbs to HWW regarding Ironhead/Siemion leasing and the Crow Leasing Act

Resolution barring HWW from leasing tribal lands (Apr. 13, 1974) and accompanying letter from chairman of the tribal council (Apr. 2, 1974)

HWW’s response to Resolution (Apr. 12, 1974)

Henry Old Coyote (President of Native American Church) to HWW soliciting funds to help fight the opposition in bringing peyote from Texas, etc…

Another copy of the banning Resolution with a list attached of those “who made speeches at Council Meeting against HWW” – (John Hill, Pinky Dillon – Dewitt, Jiggs Yellowtail, Bear Don’t Walk, Robert Howe)

Cate & Lynaugh (lawyers for Siemion) to Hibbs regarding resolution against HWW in response to his alleged harassing of Siemion on White Buffalo allotment (buy out Ironhead and Plainfeather and also have HWW fix the destroyed fence) – April 19, 1974   Cate to Ironhead proposing to buy his interest in White Buffalo   Receipt of deposit made by Plainfeather for use of #2568   Siemion to HWW giving notice to “quit, vacate, and otherwise deliver up possession” of Crow land (April 29, 1974

) HWW to Siemion in response to Siemion’s claim of the land of which HWW paid for the leases until they expired on Dec. 1, 1977. HWW also warns that if Siemion tries to take possession, they will be treated as “trespassers” (May 3, 1974)

Hibbs to Cate responding to

Cate’s Apr. 19 letter (Ironhead selling to Siemion, destruction of the fence, and revoking the Resolution) – May 3, 1974   Receipt for grazing payment by Cecilia Plainfeather (1/648) on White Buffalo allotment

Cover letter for Right-of-way easement, stating among other things Bill Fox cattle = A4- = Nelvette Siemion

Fencing ordinance for the Crow Res.

Hibbs to Super regarding HWW’s road right-of-way negotiations

Hibbs to Super regarding different cattle (HWW’s and someone else’s) running in the same pasture – removed by HWW (May 1975)

Memo concerning Crow Law and Order Code

Folder MS98.05.19: Citizens' Rights Organization (Purpose: "to insure that all citizens shall achieve equal rights and bear equal responsibilities under the law"Add to your cart.

Crow Land and Order Code – “…to provide the machinery of law enforcement and administration of justice for the Crow”   Letter to members and prospective members of C.R.O. (1977) 

Hibbs, Sweeney & Colberg to White House regarding President Ford’s “…potential mistake in giving the Indians back their sovereignty….” 

H,S & C to HWW regarding US v Big Horn Low Line Canal et al (Mill Iron Cattle Co. and William J. Willcutt – unit defendants) 

Citizens’ Rights Newsletter (#2, March 1977) – purposes, goals, etc. 

Citizens’ Rights Newsletter (#3, May 1977) – Senate Joint Resolution #35 

H,S & C to clients in Tongue River & Big Horn River lawsuits (May ’77) regarding the proposed code that would extend “sweeping authority to Indian tribes to control waters in and that cross their reservations” 

H.R. 9054 – Native American Equal Opportunity Act 

C.R.O.’s “Did You Know That…” (Newsletter #4, Oct. 1977) 

Excerpt of a report on land use on the reservation, which is part of the overall self-determination plan ---- “Crow Land Use Planning Office Objectives To Be Attained By The Proposed Project” 

Receipt to C.R.O. ($600) – brochure on C.R.O.

Series 4: Yellowtail DamAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.20: US Dept of Commerce, Weather Bureau (Evaporation & Cooperative Station) record of evaporation and meteorological conditions for Yellowtail Dam project , July 1950-Aug. 1951Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.21: Yellowtail Dam ProjectAdd to your cart.

The EM – Kayan Magazine (Aug. 1963, Jun. 1965, Nov. 1965, May 1967) Each issue discusses the Yellowtail Dam construction in Big Horn Canyon, built by Morrison-Knudsen Co. (same company who publishes this magazine)

Report – “The Hardin Irrigation Unit: What it is and what it means to the landowner and the Crow Tribe” (Mar. 1966) - *In response to the completion of Yellowtail Dam

Yellowtail Unit – Missouri River Basin Project – US Dept of Interior (’60)

Copy of Hardin Tribune Herald (Dec. 31, 1964) discussing Yellowtail Dam and Recreation Area (includes map)

Railway Review (Chicago, Sept. 30, 1916) p. 436-48    Article discussing Yellowtail Dam

Copy of “Indian Resources Development Act of 1967” to provide for the economic development of the resources of individual Indians and Indian tribes

The Hardin Tribune-Herald(Oct. 12, 1961) – “Yellowtail Dam – First Year” Edition

The Billings Gazette (August 15, 1964 & July 15, 1961) – Yellowtail Dam Highlights  (Sept. 25, 1960) – “75 Years” Edition & Yellowtail Dam Highlights    (May 11, 1963) – “Forts & Trails of Old MT and WY” Edition    (May 26, 1962) – “History Makers of MT & WY” Edition Hardin Tribune-Herald (Oct. 12, 1961) – “Members of National Reclamation association many other dignitaries, to hear speeches by Udall, Dominy” (Yellowtail Dam)

Folder MS98.05.22: Yellowtail Dam – Bureau of Reclamation (Correspondence), 1961-67Add to your cart.

Map of proposed development

Hibbs to HWW informing HWW that “gravel is not a mineral” (1961)

Dept of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation to Hibbs regarding purchase of land, sand and gravel for Dam (1961) 

Land Purchase Contract 

Dept. of Interior, Regional Super of Irrigation to HWW regarding purchase of land “at its highest and best use” 

Land Purchase Contract (4-17-61) *Look at #8

  HWW to US Bureau of Reclamation stating Willcutts’ desire to keep the land sought by the US for mineral as it is due to its importance as a well-watered holding pasture 

Hibbs to Morrison Knudson & Co (Yellowtail) stating the importance of the land for water access to the Willcutt Ranch (1961) 

Hibbs to HWW regarding what the US will pay for the land 

Memo regarding Kathleen Sullivan Property adjacent to HWW property 

Hibbard to Hibbs regarding the appraisal of damage to HWW property after development of Yellowtail 

Hibbs to US Bureau of Reclamation regarding Willcutt Condemnation 

Modification of Lease between Sullivan’s and HWW (Jan ’62) 

HWW to Commissioner of Reclamation regarding the sale of land 

Hibbs to Bureau of Rec. regarding condemnation of HWW 

Bureau of Rec. to HWW stating their intention of narrowing the needed strip of land (Apr. 1962) 

HWW to Bureau of Rec. regarding price of land (2 letters)   Etc., etc, etc, (correspondence between HWW and Bureau of Rec.) 

Correspondence between HWW and Bureau of Rec. regarding placement of transmission line through HWW’s property and gravel pit 

Contract and Grant of Electric Transmission Line Easement (Oct. 1963) 

Correspondence regarding HWW Irrigation Pump to be installed by Bureau of Rec. and the effects of the Dam (June 30, 1965) 

Vouchers from Bureau of Rec. to HWW for damages to his property (’65) 

Affidavit by Juanita regarding title to land and cover letter by Bureau of Rec. 

Receipt to Little Horn State Bank for $29, 982 to HWW from Bureau of Rec. (June 16, 1966) 

Contract & Grant of Electric Transmission Line Easement (Apr. 23, 1966) 

Notice of Condemnation by US for 48.65 acres in Big Horn (Mar. 23, ’67) 

Bureau of Rec. to HWW giving HWW access to road across Dam to transport hay and cake for ranch (10-20-76)

Folder MS98.05.23: US Dept of Interior to HWW , Mar. 29, 1973Add to your cart.

packet of maps and draft statement of proposed

transpark road in Bighorn Canyon Natl Rec. Area (MT-WY)

Series 5: FinancesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.24: Financial Info on E.L. Dana (Mailed to HWW from Live Stock Natl. Bank)Add to your cart.

O.M. Kelly & Son (General Merchandise) sales slips (1932-33)

Credit File on Ed L. Dana of Parkman, WY (includes biography) and his co-ventures with De Ricqles of Denver.  Also, an article from newspaper on Dana’s shipment of cattle July 17, ‘17 and Aug. ’24 

Balance Sheet of E.L. and F.M. Dana (Cascade, MT) as of Nov. 30, 1937 

History of E.L. Dana Livestock Co. (Charles Miller, President and Manager) and financial information (Apr. 1937) 

Audit Reports of E.L. and F.M. Dana as of Dec. 31, 1936 through 1939 

Balance Sheet of Dana’s as of Nov. 30, 1937 

Credit File on the Dana’s (4-26-37 and 9-27-38) 

Balance Sheet of Dana’s as of Sept. 30, 1940, 1937, 1918, 1921, 1922, 1923   Responses to A.W. Pratt’s (Live Stock Natl. Bank) requests for credit info on E.L. Dana in the Fall of 1921   A.W. Pratt – “Mr. Dana is a splendid man, honorable, but not a very good business man…”   P.H. O’Neill (L.A.) – mentions disaster of venture with De Ricqles   Rosenbaum Bros. & Co. (Live Stock Commission Merchants)   David Kahn (The Bloom Shoe and Clothing Co.)   J.W. Denio Mill Co.   Diefenderfer – Dinwiddie Co.   Frank J. Heald   W.H. Spear   A.E. de Ricqles (Pres. Of American Live Stock & Loan Co.)   Sheridan Banking Co.   The Sheridan Natl. Bank   Bank of Commerce in Sheridan   “N.Q.” 

General Statement of Dana’s financial standing (1923)

Folder MS98.05.25: Gerharz, Allman & Co. (CPA)Add to your cart.
Cattle Tally (1945) Financial Statements for 1944 and 1945 Net Profit (1944) = $6,885.94 Net Profit (1945) = $37, 604.62
Folder MS98.05.26: Financial Correspondence , 1949-56 inclusiveAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.27: HWW, Jr. Financial Statement of 1951Add to your cart.
Net Profit (1951) = $62, 103.24
Folder MS98.05.28: Sr, Jr, and Elsie’s “Tax Refunds"Add to your cart.
“Overassessment” tax records – 1952 Income Taxes 1950, 51 “Deficiency” tax records – 1950 Copy of audits by IRS (1944-49)   Copy of audits by IRS (1945-48)   Copy of audits by IRS (1944-49)
Folder MS98.05.29: Depreciation Schedules , 1950-58Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.30: HWW Jr / Elsie M. WillcuttAdd to your cart.
Balance Sheets (Assets, Liabilities, etc) ---- 1952-58 Letter to Jr from lawyers regarding IRS audit in 1956
Folder MS98.05.31: Financial Correspondence , 1957-61Add to your cart.

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