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MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection


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MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection, 1851-1978 | McCracken Research Library

By Nathan Bender and Samantha L. Harper

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection, 1851-1978Add to your cart.

Primary Creator: Willcutt

Extent: 13.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 01/01/1998

Collection Historical Note

Harvey Willis Willcutt, Sr. was born May 28, 1877, in Garden Grove, Iowa, the son of a farmer.  He emigrated to Montana at the age of sixteen and worked as a sheepherder in the Miles City area for the Filbricks.  It was here that Willcutt was introduced to Eliza Mae Bell, born in 1886 in Anaconda, Montana.  Her father, William Bell, had been a Hollywood actor in silent pictures, and Eliza and her two sisters lived in a convent in Miles City.  Willcutt and Eliza were married on New Year’s Eve, 1903.  Six years later, Eliza, who changed her name to Elsie, gave birth to Harvey Willis, Jr.

In that same year, 1909, Willcutt transferred to Charlie Bair’s ranch on the Crow Indian Reservation.  He moved his family to a homestead at present-day Colstrip, Montana, where coal is currently strip-mined.  Next, he served as Livestock Superintendent for the Northern Cheyenne Reservation centered in Lame Deer, Montana.

When the Superintendent moved to the Crow Reservation, he requested that Harvey also be transferred.  So, Harvey managed the ID herd for the Crow Indians, until 1912 when he was refused a request for a $100 raise.  E.L. Dana occupied the land across the Big Horn River from the Crow Tribal herd and noticed the “deep interest that Willcutt took in caring for the Indian cattle.”  Dana wasted in little time in hiring Willcutt as foreman and manager of his vast cattle interests.  Yet, for the Crows, it was said to have been “a bitter loss for the Indians” and “old members of the tribe claimed that the day Willcutt resigned, the Crow herd was doomed to failure.”

The Willcutt family lived at Eagle Springs and Ten Mile, while working for Dana.  Harvey, Jr. attended school in Hardin, where he played the piccolo and clarinet in the high school band.  Within months of graduating, however, he was involved in an argument with his history teacher, and decided that he had had enough formal education.  Harvey, Jr. wanted to be a rancher.

He began his career living in a tar-paper shack on the Spotted Rabbit Indian allotment west of Fort Smith.  Willcutt, Jr. raised honey bees and sold the honey.  His father had purchased all the necessary materials to build the hives and then informed his son, “Here it is, now you’re on your own.”  Occasionally, Harvey, Sr. would also provide groceries to his only child, but would never venture into Harvey, Jr.’s camp if he saw smoke rising from the chimney.  Instead, the elder Willcutt would leave the groceries on the hill.

One of the Dana’s ranching neighbors was Frank Heinrich’s Antler Land and Cattle Company.  Sometimes they would ford their cattle across the Big Horn River, not far from Harvey, Jr.’s place on their way to their Dry Head Ranch.  The Antler cowboys would always give young Harvey their dogie calves.  Harvey, Jr. had a milk cow that he used to feed the bum calves, and as they grew larger, he would cross the Big Horn and obtain alfalfa from the farmers for his livestock.  It was from this small herd that he sold his first railroad carload of steers.

In 1937, Harvey, Sr. purchased the Grapevine Ranch from his former employer, Dana, and soon thereafter formed a partnership with his son called HW Willcutt & Son.  Even though his father enjoyed running sheep, Willcutt, Jr. was solely interested in Hereford cattle.  After more than a decade of a successful partnership, the younger Willcutt decided to strike out on his own.

He purchased the Grapevine, which consisted of 90,000 acres, from his father, and when Willcutt, Sr. passed away three years later, in 1953, the son inherited the Woody Creek Ranch, adjoining the Grapevine.

The year that HWW & Son was dissolved, Harvey, Jr. married a young legal secretary, Juanita Owen, and adopted her son, William John, from a previous marriage.  They moved to the headquarters of the Grapevine, and a year later, Elsie Mae was born.  Juanita stopped working in the legal office and began taking part in the business operations of the ranch.  She home-schooled Billy and Elsie and cooked for the ranch hands.

The 1950s brought about many changes on the Crow Reservation.  Indian empowerment and self-determination resurfaced, and non-Indians living and owning land on the reservation were not as readily embraced as before.  The Crow Allotment Act of 1920 contained a section that limited the number of acres non-Indians could own on the Reservation, and many ranchers and farmers like the Willcutt’s were forced to concede much of their landholdings.  Different administrations in the American federal government and the Crow Tribal Council brought about tumultuous times for non-Indian ranchers and farmers on the reservation.  The larger non-Indian agriculturists formed the Reservation Leaseholders’ Association to collectively meet the challenges to their long-established presence on the Reservation.

Furthermore, ranchers and farmers like the Willcutt family were faced with increased development of the Big Horn River.  Yellowtail Dam was completed in 1965 and then a recreation area was created around the river and dam soon thereafter.  These developments brought tourism, increased bureaucracy, and more interest in the land on the reservation.  Harvey, Jr. did not readily enjoy these encroachments on his ranch, and in 1967, he sold the Grapevine and retreated to the Muddy Creek Ranch, northwest of the Grapevine and further from the Big Horn River.

Yet, this move did not allow him to escape all the new changes.  In the late 1960s, the Crow Tribal Council began giving preference to Indians who made bids on leases and land sales.  Large ranchers and farmers could not compete with this new resolution, and in turn, Willcutt lost important leases on which he depended.  Smaller ranchers like George Siemion, who was an Anglo married to a Crow, seized the opportunity to begin their cattle operation even though it was in the heart of Willcutt territory.  Willcutt attempted to answer this threat by employing Indians to win these bidding battles for leases, but it was to no avail.  He and his family were forced to accept and coexist with these new ranchers and farmers.

It was also at this time that Harvey, Jr. became ill with cancer.  He had groomed his adopted son, Billy, to take over the ranch after his death, and now it was time to let go of the reigns.  The ranch, however, seemed to die with Harvey, Jr. in 1978.  Billy and his mother did not cope well with their loss, and quarreled incessantly over the control of the ranch.  Lawyers and estate costs drained their assets until, in the mid-1980s, they sold their remaining holdings to an outside interest from Michigan.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

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Acquisition Source: Juanita Willcutt

Acquisition Method: Gift

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Box 3Add to your cart.
Series 1: HWW Sr.Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.01: Misc.  "The Early Days with Dana", 1919 - 1939Add to your cart.

W.E. Warner to E.L. Dana regarding the financing of HWW to buy the Grapevine Ranch (Apr. 8, 1939) 

Dana Cattle Co. to HWW, manager of the The Dana Cattle Co. regarding HWW’s raise ($3,000 to $4,000/year) “in consideration of your good services.” (Dec. 31, 1921)  

Dana to HWW regarding court case and sale of Grapevine (Dec. 1938) 

Dana to HWW regarding Dana’s sale of his interest in the E.L. Dana Livestock Co. and relations with Charles Miller (Mar. 7, 1937) 

Yellowtail to HWW – telegram regarding Miler inability to raise money for the Dana unit… (Mar. 31, 1938) 

Thayer Stevens to HWW in regards to finding HWW a suitable ranch to buy (Dec. 1938) 

Memo discussing Tschirgi/HWW leasing of land (1937-39) 

CH Asbury, Super of Crow Res. to W.M. Spear (Lodge Grass, MT) giving permission to “shoot wild, unbranded ponies on your range.” (Nov. 15, 1919) 

Asbury to HWW (cover letter for above letter) giving same permission 

Map of land along North Shore River 

The Montana Stockgrower (Aug. 15, 1954)  Containing E.L. Dana’s autobiography 

The Montana Stockgrower (Sept. 15, 1954)  Containing the conclusion of E.L. Dana’s story

Folder MS98.03.02: HWW & SonAdd to your cart.

A.E. De Ricqles (Denver, CO) to HWW Sr. regarding livestock venture 

Jim Stanton (Crow Res.) to Sr regarding request for $100 loan from Sr. (1937) 

Maddox (Campbell Secretary) to Tschirgi and HWW regarding grazing land (Nov. 1938) 

Will Scott (Gallego, Chihuahua, Mexico) to HWW regarding sale of steers (7-30-38) 

Campbell to Tschirgi and HWW regarding the sale of grazing privileges 

Ricqles to HWW regarding business, personal affairs, other ranchers, the Depression, etc. (Dec. 30, 1936) 

E.L. Dana (Sterling, CO) to HWW regarding proposition to sell Grapevine Ranch (Jan. 1938) 

L.S. Brandt to W.E. Warren regarding leasing or selling land around Big Horn & Foster to HWW (Oct. 1938) 

John P. Hale to HWW requesting mill iron branding iron to add to his collection 

Robert Yellowtail (Super of Crow Res.) to Commissioner of IA in Washington D.C. regarding the public notice stopping promiscuous travel on the Crow Reservation (Sep. 13, 1938) 

Russell to HWW regarding trip with Commissioner on Indian leasing land (Sept. 1936) 

HWW to E.L. Dana regarding water right-of-way to land HWW recently bought (Mar. 21, 1930) 

Unemployment Compensation Commission of MT “Report…Liability” for HWW & Son (July 16, 1937) 

HWW’s Farming and Grazing Lease on Crow Res. for June 1932 (allotment #1793)

Folder MS98.03.03: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.

Solicitation for support from The Trigg-C.M. Russell Foundation, Inc. of Great Falls, MT

Billings Gazette (June 1, 1936) – “Terminates Twenty Years of Service: HW Willcutt Leaves E.L. Dana Livestock Co. to Head H.W. Willcutt & Son” 

“Harvey W. Willcutt, Sr., Was Early Day Cowboy and Prominent Stockman Here” (obituary) 

Letter from Jr. to Sr. stating that he doesn’t “care to be in the partnership any longer.” (Sept. 16, 1949)

Folder MS98.03.04: "Four Ace Lounge", April 1947Add to your cart.
[George Daniels (old owner) ---- Sr and R.O Chambers 50/50 partners ---- bought and started in April of 1947]
Folder MS98.03.05: HWW Sr., 1951Add to your cart.

Records (1951)

Letter from Morton B. Boynton to HWW Sr. (Aug. 6, 1951)

Letter to Turley’s

Agreement with Jr. about Crow land leases

Ranch & Improvements on North Side (1951)

Info regarding sale of North Side Ranch (Sept 30, 1949)

Letter from Meyer & Chapman State Bank to Sr. (3-29-51)

Letters between Sr, Roy Chambers, and Boynton (HWW’s accountant) about the store

Folder MS98.03.06: ContractsAdd to your cart.

Between Sr. and Reservation Ranchers and Farmers Coop Association to sell 70,000 acres to Crow (1950) 

Between Sr and the Turley’s for transfer of leased grazing land to Turley’s on Woody Creek (1950-51) 

Letter to Turley’s giving notice of termination to share grazing land on Woody Creek 

Between Sr and RR & F Coop Assoc. about transfer of land

Folder MS98.03.07: HWW Sr.Add to your cart.

Notes on Sr. about final days (emotions, bad nurse, etc.)

Estate (listing, depreciation schedule, insurance account, trial balance, inventories, assets/liabilities) 1951-53

Settlement of Partnership Interest

Union Oil Co. of CA (request for HWW bank for deposits)

Folder MS98.03.08: HWW Sr. EstateAdd to your cart.

Partnership Agreement (Sr. & R.O. Chambers) – 4 Ace Lounge (1947)

Creditor’s Claim in estate of Halcy Thompson

Last Will & Testament

Sheriff’s Certificate of Sale of Halcy Thompson’s lots in Hardin (’53)

Agreement (Sr. & Elsie) for Elsie to sell her half of Sr’s estate to Jr. (’54)

Case concerning estate of E.A. Woodburn (nephew of John and Sr.) in MT Supreme Court 

Inheritance Tax Determination Sheets 

Mortgage of Hardin lots 

Lester McKinney (Sr. owed him oat seeds) 

Pawlitschek to Felt & Felt regarding inventory of Sr estate 

Jr to American National Livestock Association announcing his father’s death 

Jr to Montana Cattlegrowers Association announcing father’s death 

Jr to Crow Agency thanking them for the ceremony given in honor to Sr.

Series 2: Elsie M. WillcuttAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.09: Elsie M. Willcutt - "Personal"Add to your cart.

Contract for deed of city property in Billings & other documents

Financial records, livestock records, and info on the sale of Elsie’s home in Grandview 

Hail loss claim by Elsie and other legal action documents (Nov. ’56)

Folder MS98.03.10: Elsie M. Willcutt - PersonalAdd to your cart.

Copies of checks and bills for 1961

Assessment Lists (1963)

Tax receipts (1961-63)

Sodium Poor Diet

Bills of sale for livestock

Letter to IRS regarding Elsie’s condition (Dec. 1963)

Folder MS98.03.11: Elsie M. Willcutt Estate (Elsie died April 1, 1965)Add to your cart.

Income tax returns (‘59-’60)

Order by court settling EMW’s estate (Sept. 1966)

Audit of Elsie’s estate (Mar. 1966)

SS – Tax – bank balances – etc…

Series 3: HWW Jr.Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.12: HWW Jr. CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.
Certificate of Delayed Birth Registration for Jr. (b. Oct. 5, 1909 in Rosebud, MT                     ---- Father (Sr.) = b. 1877, Newton Grove, Iowa /                      Mother (Elsie Mae Bell) = b. 1886, Anaconda, MT
Folder MS98.03.13: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1949-1956 inclusiveAdd to your cart.

Well drilling (1950)

Leo Plain Feather (debt)

Plans of new weather station on ranch (1950)

HWW to Nema Levengood regarding stolen pictures (1951)

G.C. Blucher Boot Co. (boot repairs)

HWW inquiring about receiving long-range weather reports from Irving P. Krick of Meteorological Consultant in Denver ($575/6 mo. or $1150/yr.) 

Yellowtail Dam – regarding evaporation readings (July 6, 1951) 

HWW lease of Old Bull’s land (’51) 

Dehorners from Chet Rogers (’52) 

HWW to Jane Myhre asking for help with children 

NY Life Insurance policy 

Kirk Stanley (Portland, OR) to HWW in regards to buying a wagon 

Oil and Gas Lease Agreement (1955) 

Lena R. Seig (teacher applying for W family position) – “I promise to do the best I can and will also promise to make some mistakes.  I always do that….” (Aug. 1955) 

HWW to Garold Fish regarding HWW’s financing of Fish’s home – HWW needs all his money to buy Crow land which is coming up for sale (1955) 

Yellowtail Dam (1956) – liquor license for amusement facilities – HWW wants to start a tavern near the dam, etc.

Folder MS98.03.14: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1957 - 1965Add to your cart.

Declined offer to tour Europe & Russia on Farm Tour (1958) – “declined”

Grocery List order

Ag. Stabilization & Conservation elected HWW to committee for South Hardin District (1960) 

Thank you for donation of calf to 4-H (1960) 

HWW to Robert Staffanson (Springfield Symphony Orchestra) about photographing 

Mill Iron bar application for liquor license around Yellowtail Dam 

Pictures of Jane and Gibb Swanson (Spokane, WA) 

Poncho, old horse of Willcutts, and Swansons were inquiring about his history – HWW replied the horse was sold because he was a pinto (Willcutts raised Morgan and quarter-type horses)   Blucher boot order (1965)

Folder MS98.03.15: Correspondence, 1963 - 1971Add to your cart.

Receipt for dams, horses (9 for $900), and oats

Timber cutting permit on Crow (1 lodgepole pine)

Explanation of error in branding (2)

Clothes receipts

Letter of welcome to HWW to the 12000 Club of Montana from Montana Republican State Central Committee (1968-71) 

Receipt for receiving 1st volume of Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening 

Progress Report to stockholders of Bell Western Corp. 

Offer for ranch from Margaret Hanson’s mother in Minnesota (1969) 

Response to inquisition by Ws from lawyers/geologists concerning possible petroleum drilling on Grapevine Dome or Woody Dome saying that nothing was found which would suggest success 

“NY Stock Exchange regulations require annual surprise examinations of member firms by independent accountants…” 

Billings Children’s Receiving Home Bulletin 

Thank you from James F. Battin (Congress) for contribution 

Thank you from Shattuck School in Faribault, Minn. & brochure 

Thank you from Shattuck School for help with Capital Fund (1969) 

Progress Report of Tom Bell Royalty Co. (1969) 

Response/Description on Bernard Thomas for painting mural in home 

Letter to G.C. Blucher Boot Co. in Olathe, KS for boots (etc.) 

“Iris Collection” Newsletter 

Big Horn County Republican Women’s Club Newsletter

Letter from CPA (Shillinger, Philip & Gohsman) regarding 1968 taxes “if ranch operations broke even, you will receive 160,000 on the contract, plus 36,000 interest, and the state and federal tax will be about 55,000.  So, don’t spend the whole $196,000.” (Apr. 9, ‘68) 

American National Cowbelles Newsletter (Mar. 1968) 

Brochure for 16th Annual Republican Women’s Conference (1968) 

Receipt for Caterpillar D5 Tractor ($22,151.70) – 1967 

Life Insurance Policy Dividends, etc… 

Tom Bell Royalty Co. correspondence for stockholders 

Order for a Harvester Bell – 1896 model ($30) 

Letter from Tarrey Johnson to WHH about finding missing cattle and shipping them back to HWW (Also, hunting for the “big steer”)

Letter regarding sale of land to Harold Stanton from HWW for $10,000 (Township 6 South, Range 30 East, Sections 15, 22) – 1967

Response from Tim Babcock (Gov. of MT) regarding finding a job for Jack Pawlitschek with Highway Dept (’66) & letter from HWW 

Indicated uses of cropland for 1966 – Farm No. D154 (720 acres = 20.2 acres of wheat, 335 to conserving base, etc.) 

Receipt for pesticides to spray (Bindweed) 

Reminder to validate warranty on ’67 Cadillac 

Announcement of Big Horn County Livestock Assoc. Meeting (1967) 

Yellowstone Boys Ranch update to contributors ($100) 

Alert from MT Highway Patrol regarding W’s son’s request for duplicate license (1967) 

Thank you from Republican National Finance Committee for contribution 

Letter to Richards trying to find Bill Gollings’ paintings from 1915 entitled “The Changing Times” 

Life magazine subscriber info 

Certificate of nomination to Juanita W for Precinct Committee woman by the Republican Party (Ft. Smith Precinct No. 2) 

Letter from A.R. Burnham asking for money for grass or money for fencing supplies to put up fence (1963) 

Letter from S.F. apologizing for not being able to obtain the herbal medicine from China 

AQHA Certificate of Registration for Dun stallion born May 20, 1960 (#P-147,079) – HWW from John R. Scott, Jr. in Miles City 

Letter from Chester Bentley to HWW, Jr. about failing health of mother 

Letter to Juanita from Mayo Clinic in Minnesota regarding hers and Mrs. Klemmer’s visit (1963)

Folder MS98.03.16: John Chapman Visit (New York Daily News)Add to your cart.

Austin Kibbee (Boston) to Willcutts thanking them for the visit to the ranch (June 4, 1950)

John Chapman (Pres. Of Dutch Treat Club) to HWW enclosing pictures from visit and a short note (1963)

Newspaper articles from Chapman’s visit to MT

Correspondence between Chapman and Willcutts regarding visit

Color pictures from visit

Large photos (black & white) from visit, including cover letter from Chapman and newspaper article

Folder MS98.03.17: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1966 - 1974Add to your cart.

Interest in W.J. Moss Ranch in Parkman, WY (1966)

Juanita and Elsie’s accident of 1966

Irrigation Petition

Thank you for donation to Billings Junior Women’s Club & Children Receiving Room 

1969 Cadillac recall info 

Jacqueline Deam, leader of Sundowners of Massachusetts, asking for permission to see a “real ranch in operation” (1969)  

Robert Staffanson (Asst. Director of BBHC) to Jr thanking him and expressing interest in his well-being, etc. 

“Still looking for a cook” correspondence 

Bullock’s Wilshire (L.A.) appraisal on Juanita’s Natural Ranch Mink ($2,900) 

KHDN announcement of HWW as Apr. 25, 1970’s “Outstanding Citizen”    Plus, brief autobiography by HWW in response 

Misc. catalogue orders 

Support for Senator Henry S. Hibbard (1972) 

Marlboro advertising asking for permission to come when there is “fresh snow” and after-shoot response (1972) 

Ordered boots from Paul Bond’s Western Boot Co. (Nogales, AZ) – 1st non-Blucher boots ordered (1973) 

Order for Nat King Cole & Swing Era records from Time/Life 

Permission to Marlboro for use of mill iron brand in their advertising 

National Watergate Poll (1973)    “No” to question of whether Pres. Nixon should be impeached… 

Letter to Congressman John Melcher (MT) on land-use bill and response (1973) 

GOParty contribution thank you 

Character reference to Robert Edgar Hibbs for Univ. of MT law school

Folder MS98.03.18: History etc.Add to your cart.

Hardin Tribune-Herald (Oct. 17, 1963) – “Trial of Thomas Family To Begin Monday Morning: Tragic Deaths, Leasing and Land Title Complications, Mar Story of Tschirgi Empire” 

The Montana Stockgrower (Dec. 1962 and June 1963)

  “Orphans’ Home, U. Beneficiaries: Dana Will Filed In Cascade Court” 

“Mrs. Elsie Willcutt Deserves the Medal for the Prettiest [Iris] of All” 

Picture from newspaper “Roundup Time Again” 

Pocketbook of written brands by HWW 

Article from Arizona Highways (Nov. 1941) entitled “Romance of Brands” by Oren Arnold and John P. Hale (authors of “Hot Irons” and “Heraldy of the Range”) 

Hardin Tribune-Herald (Oct. 14, 1954) – “Special ‘Get Acquainted’ Section” 

Billings Gazette (Oct. 20, 1963) – “Tragedy Spelled Tschirgi: Empire Montana Style” (Tschirgi = Antler…)

The Montana Stockgrower (Aug. 15, 1954 and Dec. 1963)

Ford News – “The V-8 at Home on the Range: Roundup Wagon Cook Yells ‘Roll Ou-u-u-t!’ From A New Horseless Chuck Wagon” (article on the Mill Iron grub truck) 

Live Stock Markets (May 1935) – “The Spirit of the Unconquerable West” (autobiography of E.L. Dana) 

Biography of Dr. W.A. Petzoldt 

John Frost (Plenty Crows) “writes story of Ceremony at which famous Indian scout honored Baptist Missionary” Billings Gazette (May 30, 1937) 

“Down the Trail for 80 Years (1865-1945) – The Contribution of Livestock to Montana’s Economy” 

Certificate for Jr. to American Natl Cattlemen’s Assoc. “$100 Club” (1964) 

Dr. W.A. Petzoldt to HWW thanking him for his contribution to the Crow Indian Mission at Lodge Grass (12-31-48)

  Henry Schmidt (Forsyth, MT) to HWW regarding the ol’ days when they worked together on the Rosebud ( U ) under “Old Man Straw” (Schmidt was the mess wagon cook) – Oct. 9, 1942 

Pictures of Jr.’s “Ap” and mess truck

Folder MS98.03.19: Al Bedooings - Billings, January 1973Add to your cart.
Masonic newsletter
Folder MS98.03.20: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.

Newspaper Clippings:       “Potentate Selected”       “Art and Farming: A Good Mix”       “Cancer Drugs: Wanted But Illegal”

Info from Vita-Zyme (Mucos Pharmaceutical)

Little Horn State Bank 60th Anniversary Open House Program (1979)

Certificate to HWW for help with Shriners Hospital (12-18-75 & 3-31-72)

Certificate to HWW for Life Membership to Royal Order of Scotland (’72) 

Payroll Sheet for Juanita L. Willcutt (1976) 

Folder from BBHC containing Certificate as a Patron to BBHC, thank you letter for contribution of $500, receipt, and stickers

Folder MS98.03.21: "1913 Map Details Early Ranch Enterprises", April 29, 1976Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.22: National Cattlemen's Assoc.  Charter Member Certificate, 1978Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.23: Sheet Music for "Wyoming on Parade" by E. H. MentzerAdd to your cart.
Inscribed personally to HWW from the composer
Folder MS98.03.24: Sheet Music for "Songs of the Gay '90s" from Cole's Universal LibraryAdd to your cart.
Series 4: HWW & Son PartnershipAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.25: Willcutt & Son Inventories and Sales , 1944 - 1949Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.26: HW Willcutt and SonAdd to your cart.

Elsie, Sr, and Jr’s statements of assets and liabilities (1951)

Payments on Indian leases (Grapevine) – Dec. 1, 1950 ($28, 428.03)

Assets and liabilities (1948-49)

HWW & Son Statement of Assets and Liabilities (1946-49)      Operations (1946-49)       Cattle Inventory (1946-49)

Elsie’s Statement of Assets and Liabilities (1946-49)       Operations (1946-49)       Cattle Inventory (1946-49)       Income Taxes

Misc. inventories, tax returns, business records, and trial balances (‘46- ’50) 

Letter from Meyer and Chapman State Bank regarding dissolution, etc. 

Info for sale of North Side Ranch (Jun 30, 1949) 

Angela Ranch info (Mar 18, 1949) 

Sr, Jr, and Elsie’s net income and taxes for 1948 

Roy Chambers Co. (Men’s Clothing and Furnishings) operations summary (Jun 23, 1949)

Folder MS98.03.27: AgreementsAdd to your cart.

Mortgages for HWW & Son and Elsie (1945, 46) with Chapman

Sales Deposit Receipt & Agreement between Willcutts and Safeway for 3 lots in Hardin for $11,500

Assignment of brand from Sr. to Jr. for mill iron

All original bills of sale in dissolution of HWW & Son (1951)

Folder MS98.03.28: HW Willcutt & Son "Deal on split of partnership"Add to your cart.
Initial statement of "Capital Acct."
Folder MS98.03.29: Dissolution of partnershipAdd to your cart.

Correspondence on Dana Lease on Crow Res. (1950)

Lockie land situation (1950)

Correspondence regarding F.Z. (Snooks) Owen’s debt to HWW

Notice of Dissolution of Partnership (between Sr. and Jr.) – Dec. ’50

P.L. 303 – 81st Congress (H.R. 2170) – Act authorizing changes in the classification of Crow Indians regarding the competency of Indians who are born to competent parents (approved Sept. 8, 1949)

Folder MS98.03.30: Dissolution of PartnershipAdd to your cart.
Notice of… Bill of Sale (Sr. to Jr.)
Folder MS98.03.31: Willcutt's "MBB File"Add to your cart.

Gift Tax Returns (Elsie M. Willcutt to HWW) ---- 1956, 55, 59, 53 ---- between $30,000 – 40,000 cash gifts 

Letter from HWW Sr. estate lawyers regarding back taxes on estate 

Letter to IRS regarding the partnership dissolution between HWW Sr. and HWW Jr. with the father saying the son “would break the whole outfit.”  3-14-57 (dissolution occurred in 1950) 

Letter from HWW Jr. to HWW Sr. regarding his reasons (father not putting Jr.’s name on leases) for wanting dissolution (9-16-49) 

Letter from Jr. to “To Whom It May Concern” regarding discussion with his father who he claimed “would do everything in his power to break me…” 

Letter from lawyer of Sr.’s estate concerning a visit from IRS agent looking into back taxes on partnership 

Contract of Dissolution between Sr. and Jr. closing 12-31-50 

HWW Sr. Estate       Cash receipts and disbursements (1953 - Mar. 30, 1954)         Statement of Income and Expenses (Jan 1 – Jun 30, 1954) 

Order by 13th Judicial District Court regarding Sr’s estate and Jr. as executor 

Jr’s cattle sales for 1954, including statement of income and expenses for 1953 

Receipt for gift from Elsie M. Willcutt to Jr. for $38,000 (Dec 15, 1955) 

Elsie M. Willcutt’s “Estate Inheritance & Gift Tax” (1955-56) 

HWW & Son’s “Trial Balance Dec. 31, 1950” ---- Assets & Liabilities 

HWW Sr. Estate (all transferred to Jr. – Jun 30, 1954) 

HWW Sr. Estate cattle inventory (Jun 30, 1954) 

Final Account & Petition for Distribution (HWW Jr. v. Nettie Thompson / Dorothy Pawlitschek) 

Sr Estate (Assets & Liabilities) 

Agreement (Elsie & Jr.) ---- Elsie sells interest in Sr’s estate to Jr. ($76,000) 

Sr. Estate (Journal Entries, Transfers, Assets & Liabilities) 

Bill for Sr.’s estate accounting ($500) 

Letter from Morton B. Boynton to Jr. concerning Jr.’s thriving business in livestock ranching (Jun 27, 1954) 

Letter from Morton B. Boynton to Jr. concerning Sr.’s estate – finishing the settlement (Jun 27, 1954) 

Assessment on Sr’s estate 

Sr’s Cattle Sales for 1953 

Jr’s Cattle Sales for 1953 

Elsie’s Cattle Sales for 1953 

Elsie’s Cash Account (Sept 30, 1953)

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