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MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection


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MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection, 1851-1978 | McCracken Research Library

By Nathan Bender and Samantha L. Harper

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection, 1851-1978Add to your cart.

Primary Creator: Willcutt

Extent: 13.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 01/01/1998

Collection Historical Note

Harvey Willis Willcutt, Sr. was born May 28, 1877, in Garden Grove, Iowa, the son of a farmer.  He emigrated to Montana at the age of sixteen and worked as a sheepherder in the Miles City area for the Filbricks.  It was here that Willcutt was introduced to Eliza Mae Bell, born in 1886 in Anaconda, Montana.  Her father, William Bell, had been a Hollywood actor in silent pictures, and Eliza and her two sisters lived in a convent in Miles City.  Willcutt and Eliza were married on New Year’s Eve, 1903.  Six years later, Eliza, who changed her name to Elsie, gave birth to Harvey Willis, Jr.

In that same year, 1909, Willcutt transferred to Charlie Bair’s ranch on the Crow Indian Reservation.  He moved his family to a homestead at present-day Colstrip, Montana, where coal is currently strip-mined.  Next, he served as Livestock Superintendent for the Northern Cheyenne Reservation centered in Lame Deer, Montana.

When the Superintendent moved to the Crow Reservation, he requested that Harvey also be transferred.  So, Harvey managed the ID herd for the Crow Indians, until 1912 when he was refused a request for a $100 raise.  E.L. Dana occupied the land across the Big Horn River from the Crow Tribal herd and noticed the “deep interest that Willcutt took in caring for the Indian cattle.”  Dana wasted in little time in hiring Willcutt as foreman and manager of his vast cattle interests.  Yet, for the Crows, it was said to have been “a bitter loss for the Indians” and “old members of the tribe claimed that the day Willcutt resigned, the Crow herd was doomed to failure.”

The Willcutt family lived at Eagle Springs and Ten Mile, while working for Dana.  Harvey, Jr. attended school in Hardin, where he played the piccolo and clarinet in the high school band.  Within months of graduating, however, he was involved in an argument with his history teacher, and decided that he had had enough formal education.  Harvey, Jr. wanted to be a rancher.

He began his career living in a tar-paper shack on the Spotted Rabbit Indian allotment west of Fort Smith.  Willcutt, Jr. raised honey bees and sold the honey.  His father had purchased all the necessary materials to build the hives and then informed his son, “Here it is, now you’re on your own.”  Occasionally, Harvey, Sr. would also provide groceries to his only child, but would never venture into Harvey, Jr.’s camp if he saw smoke rising from the chimney.  Instead, the elder Willcutt would leave the groceries on the hill.

One of the Dana’s ranching neighbors was Frank Heinrich’s Antler Land and Cattle Company.  Sometimes they would ford their cattle across the Big Horn River, not far from Harvey, Jr.’s place on their way to their Dry Head Ranch.  The Antler cowboys would always give young Harvey their dogie calves.  Harvey, Jr. had a milk cow that he used to feed the bum calves, and as they grew larger, he would cross the Big Horn and obtain alfalfa from the farmers for his livestock.  It was from this small herd that he sold his first railroad carload of steers.

In 1937, Harvey, Sr. purchased the Grapevine Ranch from his former employer, Dana, and soon thereafter formed a partnership with his son called HW Willcutt & Son.  Even though his father enjoyed running sheep, Willcutt, Jr. was solely interested in Hereford cattle.  After more than a decade of a successful partnership, the younger Willcutt decided to strike out on his own.

He purchased the Grapevine, which consisted of 90,000 acres, from his father, and when Willcutt, Sr. passed away three years later, in 1953, the son inherited the Woody Creek Ranch, adjoining the Grapevine.

The year that HWW & Son was dissolved, Harvey, Jr. married a young legal secretary, Juanita Owen, and adopted her son, William John, from a previous marriage.  They moved to the headquarters of the Grapevine, and a year later, Elsie Mae was born.  Juanita stopped working in the legal office and began taking part in the business operations of the ranch.  She home-schooled Billy and Elsie and cooked for the ranch hands.

The 1950s brought about many changes on the Crow Reservation.  Indian empowerment and self-determination resurfaced, and non-Indians living and owning land on the reservation were not as readily embraced as before.  The Crow Allotment Act of 1920 contained a section that limited the number of acres non-Indians could own on the Reservation, and many ranchers and farmers like the Willcutt’s were forced to concede much of their landholdings.  Different administrations in the American federal government and the Crow Tribal Council brought about tumultuous times for non-Indian ranchers and farmers on the reservation.  The larger non-Indian agriculturists formed the Reservation Leaseholders’ Association to collectively meet the challenges to their long-established presence on the Reservation.

Furthermore, ranchers and farmers like the Willcutt family were faced with increased development of the Big Horn River.  Yellowtail Dam was completed in 1965 and then a recreation area was created around the river and dam soon thereafter.  These developments brought tourism, increased bureaucracy, and more interest in the land on the reservation.  Harvey, Jr. did not readily enjoy these encroachments on his ranch, and in 1967, he sold the Grapevine and retreated to the Muddy Creek Ranch, northwest of the Grapevine and further from the Big Horn River.

Yet, this move did not allow him to escape all the new changes.  In the late 1960s, the Crow Tribal Council began giving preference to Indians who made bids on leases and land sales.  Large ranchers and farmers could not compete with this new resolution, and in turn, Willcutt lost important leases on which he depended.  Smaller ranchers like George Siemion, who was an Anglo married to a Crow, seized the opportunity to begin their cattle operation even though it was in the heart of Willcutt territory.  Willcutt attempted to answer this threat by employing Indians to win these bidding battles for leases, but it was to no avail.  He and his family were forced to accept and coexist with these new ranchers and farmers.

It was also at this time that Harvey, Jr. became ill with cancer.  He had groomed his adopted son, Billy, to take over the ranch after his death, and now it was time to let go of the reigns.  The ranch, however, seemed to die with Harvey, Jr. in 1978.  Billy and his mother did not cope well with their loss, and quarreled incessantly over the control of the ranch.  Lawyers and estate costs drained their assets until, in the mid-1980s, they sold their remaining holdings to an outside interest from Michigan.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Acquisition Source: Juanita Willcutt

Acquisition Method: Gift

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Box 2Add to your cart.
Series 1: LandAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.01: Indian LeasesAdd to your cart.

Lease Payment checks to “The Eagle” (1939-40)

Hardin Tribune-Herald (May 5, 1949) – “Notices of Competency Mailed to 327 Members of Crow Indian Tribe By Super. of Res.”

Folder MS98.02.02: State Land Leases for Mill Iron Cattle Co.Add to your cart.

Receipts & Transfers (1939-60)

Memo from Dept. of State Lands of MT regarding Senate Bill 76 – “An Act to Adjudicate Claims of Existing Waters in MT” (Feb. 19,1980)

Leases of State Lands (1949-79)

Folder MS98.02.03: Sale of North EndAdd to your cart.

Agreement of Sr. to sell 70,000 acres (Bill Mills Camp, Crow’s Nest Camp, and Eagle Springs Camp) to Res R & F Coop Assoc. (Jan 1949)

List of allotment #’s, allotees, acreage, annual rental, and acquired dates (1948-49)

Folder MS98.02.04: Land ContractsAdd to your cart.
Agreement by Joseph Knows Ground to sell land to HWW (July ’53)
Folder MS98.02.05: Sale of Crow Indian LandsAdd to your cart.
Affairs of the Committee On Interior & Insular Affairs (House of Rep. – 85th Congress – 1st Session on H.R. 2381, H.R. 7255, and S. 332) – Bills to amend Act of June 4, 1920 providing for allotment of lands of the Crow Tribe (Oct. 18 and 19, 1957)
Folder MS98.02.06: Cheyenne ReservationAdd to your cart.

BIA’s Invitation For Bids on Sale of Indian Lands (Fall 1957)

BIA’s Sale of Grazing Privileges (38, 638 acres) – 3 yrs. (‘57-60)

BIA’s Sale of Grazing Privileges

Northern Cheyenne’s Tribal Council Minutes from (Feb. 18, 1957) including a petition against certain bidders by the council not to accept their bids (accepted unanimously)

HWW to Super of Cheyenne Res. Regarding proposal for grazing privileges on Unit #7 with an agreement to employ Indians, buy Indian hay, buy all cows and horses from Indians, and conform to Grazing Regulations put forth by Cheyenne (Mar. 8, 1957)

Sale of Grazing Privileges (1957-60) Units 3, 7, and 9

Folder MS98.02.07: Crow Res. Leaseholders’ Assoc. (statement of cash receipts and disbursements for 1963)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.08: Lease PaymentsAdd to your cart.

On Burnham Land Lease (1969-81)

And others (1964-65)

Folder MS98.02.09: Letters and Material on Sale of Ranch (1968)Add to your cart.
28,590 acres – inventory, etc. Agreement to sell to Campbell Farming Corp. Misc. correspondence regarding sale
Folder MS98.02.10: Land FileAdd to your cart.
Notice of Sale No. F&G 78-1 “Special Advertisement for Farming and Grazing Leases Restricted to Members of Crow Tribe Only” (Jan. 18, 1978   List of Real Property Taxes of Mill Iron Cattle Co. (1974-78)   Notes on Leases   Burnham to HWW regarding the selling of 840 acres of grass at 50 cents per acre (Apr. 7, 1964)   Hibbs to Harold G. Stanton (attorney in Hardin), regarding the three deeds affecting land in Sections 15 & 22 that HWW wants to sell for $10,000 (June 10, 1966)   HWW to Ivar Twilde regarding the proposed grasshopper spraying program and drought conditions (June 20, 1966)   Notice of Burnham’s intention to build fence between HWW and their adjoining land (Aug. 23, 1966)   Hibbs to HWW regarding the fencing and HWW’s rights (Sept. 6, 1966)   Ag. Conservation Program “Practice Specifications & Federal Cost – Shares” for MT in regard to fencing and grazing (1-1-68)   List of leases held by HWW   Hibbs to G.M. Dahms regarding property in the Pitchfork area (Sept. 14, 1970)   MT Fish and Game to HWW notifying of their nomination of the Grapevine Dome Fortifications in Big Horn County in the National Register (Oct. 15, 1971)
Folder MS98.02.11: Lease Correspondence (1968-79)Add to your cart.

Superintendent of Crow to all tribal members (1968 lease rental advice) Procedural Guidelines relating to processing of office approved farming and grazing leases (1969)

Proposed increase in processing fees for competent leases (May 1969)

“Title 25 – Indians” Chapter 1, Subchapter N, Part 151 – General Grazing Regulations (Federal Register, Vol. 34, No. 114 – June 14, 1969)

Hibbs, Sweeney & Colberg to Leo Plainfeather regarding Siemion’s violation of the lease (1971)

H, S & C to HWW regarding Leo’s problems

Mauds Collins to HWW regarding the signing of a “cancellation of lease for the Campbell Corp. again…” (1971)

Robert L. Playfair, Range Conservationist for BIA at Crow to HWW regarding HWW trespassing on the tribal land for grazing of his livestock on the Siemion lease (July, 1971)

H,S & C response to Playfair (Aug. 1971)

Crow Tribal Recreation Commission to Crow Super. regarding the fencing of tribal land on the Dry Head and Big Horn Canyons (Aug. 1971)

Range Unit Grazing Qualification Requirements for Permit Period (12-1-70 to 11-30-75)

Resolution of Crow Tribal Council to “establish procedure” for Fencing Regs on Crow (Oct. 1971)

Land Use Provisions and Brucellosis Control Stipulation

HWW to Super of Crow regarding a fence to be put up between HWW and Siemion lease

HWW to Siemion regarding the fence (Apr. 1972)

HWW to Super of Crow regarding his letter to Siemion about the fence Siemion to HWW regarding the fence and the compromises he would make since he had the smaller tract of land

Super to HWW regarding a proposed exchange for land between HWW and Siemion so a fence wouldn’t have to be built

HWW to Crow stating that it would be impossible to run in common with Siemion because of the difference in quality of livestock (June ‘72)

Super to HWW regarding HWW’s overgrazing and placing salt boxes too close to the waters (Mar. 1972)

Richard B. Boehs (Land Operations Officer) to HWW regarding predator control through use of poison (June 1972)

BIA’s “Rental Delinquencies” Memo

BIA’s “Owner Use Request for Allotments” Memo

Opinion and Order in the case of a Crow Indian suing to reclaim title, rents, and profits to 1040 acres that she sold to Antler Land Co.

Crow Recreation Commission to HWW regarding invitation to HWW to be a member of the Crow Tribal Management Corp.

Stanton, Hovland and Torske to HWW asking to lease back range on the Mountain Ranch (Apr. 27, 1972)

Maude Collins to HWW regarding payment for land

Lease contract for land use provisions

Solicitation for aid to help the Native American Rights Fund to provide legal defense for Indians

Solicitation for funds for the Indian community

Crowley, Kilbourne, Haughey, Hanson & Gallagher to Hibbs, Sweeney & Colberg regarding the case Conroy et al v Short et al which was a challenge of the order of a bid sale, etc. (Oct. 23, 1975) along with an itemized statement of the lawyer fees (which Campbell Corp. is asking for help in expenses because it is for the benefit of all Crow  Res. leasees) & Hibbs to HWW, etc.

Oliver Hill to HWW regarding HWW’s use of right-of-way in exchange for one beef a year (Tom Hill)

Proposition to sell 640 acre tract on the Falls Down - $210/acre or $134,400 (Apr. 1976)

Thomas Hill to “Billy” regarding the butchering of a cow

HWW to Senator Lee Metcalf regarding spot lighting at night and cattle being shot (May 1977)

Hibbs, Sweeney & Colberg to HWW regarding investment and leases for  the Little Mountain Land Co. (Sept. 1977) – handling of leases

BIA to HWW regarding Fire Cache List

Galusha, Higgins & Galusha (CPA’s) to HWW regarding lease arrangements when negotiating and renewing leases (1978)

Animal Damage Control to HWW regarding the resumption of aerial hunting on the Crow (Apr. 1977)

Fire Call Telephone Directory for Crow

“Indians want reservation traders licensed,” newspaper article

Note regarding Indian land bid and leases

Folder MS98.02.12: Order to Indian (1969)Add to your cart.
“Orders Given to Indians”
Folder MS98.02.13: Lease Check Register – CopiesAdd to your cart.

Records of Lease Payments (8/77 to 1/78, 12/74 to 4/75, 1/74 to 9/74)

Outstanding Checks List

Records of Lease Payments (1969-73)

Folder MS98.02.14: Lease Advertising & Bidding from CrowAdd to your cart.

Schedule of Lands To Be Sold (handwriting on #1712 (Ursula Bad Horse) in regard to HWW splitting the lease with Scott M.I. (?))

Invitation, Bid and Award in Sale of Indian Lands

Affidavit of Bidder

Instructions to Bidders (Terms and Conditions)

Announcement for Supervised Land Sale No. 79-1 (Oct. 11, 1979)

Notice of Sale No. F&G 75-2 “Advertisement for Farming and Grazing Leases” (bids received until Dec. 3. 1975) – allotments 360, 287, and 79 circled by HWW and #’s 2787, 360, and 79 check-marked by HWW (?)

Folder MS98.02.15: File on Campbell, Scott, and Willcutt AgreementAdd to your cart.

Letter from Fed. Land Bank Assoc. of Billings to Bill Willcutt approving loan for $320, 000 (Apr. 21, 1978)

Correspondence between Hibbs and Kronmiller (Lawyer) regarding land transaction to Scott from Mill Iron to Campbell Farming Corp. (Sept. 1978)

List of townships

Covenant Concerning Land Titles regarding exchange of land

Pasturing Agreement by HWW (Apr. 1, 1978)

Agreement for the Pasturing of Cattle

Folder MS98.02.16: Deeds (1924-1981)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.17: Abstracts of the Record Title in Townships 4 & 5 in Big Horn County, MT (land along Muddy Creek)Add to your cart.
Series 2: Land and BuildingsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.18: Land & Bldgs Correspondence (1949-56 inclusive)Add to your cart.

Applications for a patent-in-fee

Petition For Partition of Inherited Indian Land

Home Designs

Records of wells drilled (1956), etc.

Fencing between HWW and Kuchera

Allotment records (BIA and Crow)

Tschirgi Land Deed (Antler Co.) – 1955

Livestock scales

Sales of Crow land

Sale of Hardin town lots

L.C. Lippert (Super. of IA at Crow) to HWW about sale of I land

Agreements for sale (120.81 acres = $2,900 & 89.41 acres = $1,600) – 1952

Approvals of allotment sale


Agreements to sale (Crow to HWW) – 1952

Notice for sale of Crow land (1952)

Edna Birdintheground to Jr. offering allotment

Bids for patent-in-fees (1952)

Notice for sale of Crow land (1953)

Bill of sale to HWW from Knows Ground family

Offer to Milo Collins for land (1954)

House construction discussion (Osness & Drake Architects – Billings)

Burke to HWW regarding title passing of patent-in-fee (May 1954)

Notices of unsuccessful bids

Fencing with Tschirgi

Inventory at Woody Creek Ranch

Folder MS98.02.19: Land & Buildings Correspondence (1957-65)Add to your cart.

Gill Place – Willcutt interest in buying

        irrigation pump

        Pacific Power & Light Co. (increase size of substation on property)

          State Highway choosing route (Big Horn – Bozeman Trail Highway – ’64)

          Map and lawyer correspondence

          Letter from Henry Old Coyote (Office of Solicitor, Dept. of Interior) to Mr. Hyden, Associate Solicitor

          Fencing – Ko-Dek Land Co.

            Mortgage of O.E. Lee & Co. (1953) – (2)

            Dana Ranch – Willcutt interest in buying it (1963)

            Estate of Louis R. Fousek

            Mountain States Telephone – proposed buried cable and map

            Correspondence on passing of deed from Crow to Willcutt (’64)

              “reposed” title of land – Crow Act of 1920

              State highway (Yellowtail Dam – Billings – Crow I.R. – Edgar)

              Objection by Willcutt lawyers – “isolate from water many thousands of acres of grazing land…”

                Acquisition of George Scotts land being leased by Willcutt’s (80 acres – ’63)

                Offer by C.B. Brown to sell “a lot of land” (1962)

                Reappraisals of deeded land

                Contract to sell real estate owned by Willcutts to Clarence Keeler

                Agreement to develop cabin sites on Big Horn Canyon where Yellowtail Reservoir will be (1961)

                Insurance claim response regarding pump (40 miles south of Hardin on Big Horn River)

                Invitation, Bid & Award (Sale of Indian Lands – 1961)

                        allotment #2001 (480 acres - $6,723.00)

                        Appraisals of farm improvements

                        List of land holdings (1961)

                                    deeded = 13,316.80 acres

                                    state leases = 2,692.19 acres

                                    Indian office leases = 14,800.89 acres

                                    Indian competent leases = 33,466.29 acres

                                    deeded land belonging to individuals other than W’s = 3,152.07

                                    TOTAL = 67, 428.24 acres

                        Request for “Quit Claim Deed” by Ed Kopac’s lawyers

                        Cancellation of Insurance Policy

                        Letter informing of decision not to build new house by HWW

                        Letter accompanying 3 deeds to Crow land purchased for $3,036.50

                                    allotment #’s 786 (120 acres), 2968 (160), 2969 (80) – 1961  etc…

                        Invitation, Bid & Award (Sale of Indian Lands – 1960)

                                    allotment #’s 783, 785 (360 acres - $3,620 acres) and allotments already mentioned

                        Private letter responding to bid by W’s for land

                        Invitation, Bid & Award (Sale of I lands) – 1960

                                    allotment #3373 (477.80 acres - $7,211.50)

                        Invitation, Bid & Award (Sale of I lands) – 1959

                                    allotment #364 (140 acres - $1,128.00)

                        Invitation, Bid & Award (Sale of I lands) – 1959

                                    allotment #316 (318.70 acres - $3,552.00)

                        Letter from W lawyers concerning interest in buying allotment #’s 1790, 2275, 2568 from Chester Medicine Crow (1958)

                        Response of J.J. Sullivan to W proposition on buying land

                                    offer of $4,500 for 280 acres

                        Offer by HWW, Jr. to Richard F. Burla for 320 acres across Woody Creek

                        Ed Kopac to HWW concerning Woody Creek shared pasturage

                        Response from Burla – declining offer

                        Response from Sullivan  - declining offer

                        Response to M.H. Tschirgi regarding the financing of acreage (8,000) in 1957 land trade

                        Offer to Tschirgi for land SW of allotment #1069

                        Response to HWW’s letter reprimanding Kuchera Furniture & Appliance Co. for taking shovel and leaving gate open

                        Letter from HWW to Kuchera

                        Offer by Kuchera to sell barley

                        Minutes from meeting for control of grasshoppers (May 1957)

                        Map of Ranchers in:  Township 5 South 29 East

                                                            Township 6 South 30

                                                            Township 5 South 30 East

                        Letter accompanying deed of Josephine Three Irons to HWW

                        Letter to Ray Prine about working/labor for summer

                        Letter/Contract of Release of Pacific Power & Light Co. for damage caused by dozer blading (1955)

                        Statements of Consumer Capital Credits Allocation (1962-65)

Folder MS98.02.20: Land & Bldgs.Add to your cart.
Buildings R.L. Stratford & Co. – building (1967) Census of Ag. (1969-74) County Taxes & Assessments (1966-81) Crow Res. Leaseholders Assoc. & Assessment Hardin Irrigation Unit: “What it is and what it means to the landowner and the Crow Tribe” (Mar. 1966)   BIA Crow Agency Branch of Land Operations Pictorial Highlights (1969)   Memo: “Effects of Proposed Changes in Crow Competent Leasing Practices” (Mar. 5, 1973)   Copy of Complaint in case of Phoebe Wilson Dillon v. Leaseholders on Crow Reservation (filed July 20, 1970) in which the plaintiff seeks relief for claims to title to her allotment… primarily against Antler Land Co. / Tschirgi   Assoc. Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements (1969, 65, 64, 62)   Billings Gazette (Sunday, June 23, 1963) front page article regarding land title on Crow Reservation   Letter from Chairman of Assoc. to members regarding their future   Resolution No. 229 of Crow Tribal Council, requesting the amendment and modification of the Crow Competency Act
Folder MS98.02.21: Big Horn (Jan. 1951) – electricityAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.22: Gravel Contract  Between Jr. and Chester Ramp , Mar. 1954Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.23: Blueprints of Ranch House and School (never built), 1954Add to your cart.
Planned in order to prevent move into town
Folder MS98.02.24: Pattern for Fish Pole Rack & Cupboard (built at Grapevine for garage)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.25: Remodeling of Willcutt Ranch House (1969) & other improvementsAdd to your cart.

estimates @    $7,976.19 (stone work)

                        $6,257.91 (electrical)

                        $3,589.00 (plumbing/heating – 1969)

                      $7,968.53 (plumbing/heating – 1968)

                      $7,500.00 (flooring, cabinets, etc)

                      $386.00 (paint/wallpaper)

                      $1,000.00 (TV, cable, antennae)

                      over $10,000 (lumber – 1968)

                      over $10,000 (lumber – 1969)

Folder MS98.02.26: Building Correspondence , 1968-69Add to your cart.
Building Contract – estimated $138,000 (all ranch buildings)    ranch house - $52,000    cook house, bunk house, chicken house, barn - $86,000
Folder MS98.02.27: LooseAdd to your cart.
HWW’s Ranch Expenditures (1967-69) House construction, etc.
Folder MS98.02.28: Landscaping Contracts for Willcutt Home, 1969-1974Add to your cart.
A Planning Prospectus completed by Theodore J. Wirth & Assoc. (Billings, MT) Blackford Sprinkler & Irrigation George P. Matz Landscaping Control for landscape development (June 1969)
Folder MS98.02.29: Corral at Muddy Creek (drawn by HWW)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.30: Weighing Devices (scales and corrals)Add to your cart.
Licenses and Regulations.
Folder MS98.02.31: Lawsuit:  Mill Iron Cattle Co. v Northwestern National Insurance Group, 1981-1982Add to your cart.
Judgment in favor of the plaintiff (Mill Iron) for $14,800 for claims for water damage to Willcutt home
Folder MS98.02.32: Pictures used in Insurance Lawsuit (ranch house water damage)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.33: MT Power, Pacific P & L sub-station, Winter 1965 - Spring/Summer 1966Add to your cart.
Conveyance of right-of-way easements
Folder MS98.02.34: Mountain Bell Installment-Construction Agreement (not fulfilled), 1973 - 1980Add to your cart.
Telephone correspondence
Folder MS98.02.35: R.E.A. Poser Contract (re-locating power line), 1975Add to your cart.

Agreements for Purchase of Power (‘56-92) and related correspondence

By-Laws of Big Horn County Electric Coop, Inc.

Folder MS98.02.36: Store License , 1976 - 1981Add to your cart.
Series 3: Machinery, Equipment and VehiclesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.37: Machinery and Equipment Correspondence, 1951 - 1965Add to your cart.

Pump brochures

Model D4-60 Caterpillar


Tractors (John Deere 1956 70D)

Well units

Bale loader

Folder MS98.02.38: Cars, Machinery, and EquipmentAdd to your cart.

Gateway Wholesale Supplies 


Automobiles and farm equipment 


Farm and Ranch / Automobiles

Folder MS98.02.39: Cars, 1952 - 1964Add to your cart.
Motor Vehicle Assessment Lists
Folder MS98.02.40: Correspondence relating to purchase of vehicles and equipmentAdd to your cart.

Retail Orders for Motor Vehicles and Receipts (1969-81, 19 pcs.) 

Purchase Orders, Invoices, etc. for other equipment/machinery  

       Invoice for 8 plat reproductions by Billings Blue Print Company Machinery Purchase Order for used Cat 212 Patrol 1956 Model  

       Bill Copy from Pearsons, Inc. for Cattle Chute Headgate; attached instruction sheet and ad pamphlet  

       Libby Dam Builders to HWW: cover letter to purchase of D5 Cat;  attached invoice of purchase of D5 Cat

        Industrial Cab Co. invoice and two postage slips for Fully Enclosed Cab for a Caterpillar D5 Hyd

        Toledo Scale to Harvey Willcutt: cover letter for purchase of 9x22 Motor Truck Scale; message from Toledo Scales and Hydraulic Jack Repair that strikes in Toledo OH are delaying delivery  

         Purchaser’s Order, Caterpillar Co., for 1 Model 76

Murray Mallory Equipment Co.

         Mallory Equipment Co. to Willcutt: note from Glen C. Mallory offering finder’s fee for new customers; ad for Mallory holding pens, gates and corrals

         Mallory Equipment Co. promotional letter offering “special deals,” Photo of corralled cattle attached; ad for JET HOIST    

        Mallory Equipment Co. message to HWW, response and carbon copy attached

        Big M (Mallory Equipment Co.) Purchase Order by HWW, with attached letter of thanks from Glen C. Mallory instructing HWW to give cheque to the truck driver.  

        Mallory Equipment Co. price list and item descriptions 

Selover Buick, Inc.  

          Owner’s ID Card of a Jeep vehicle issued by Selover Buick, 1969  

          Owner’s Service Policy for Jeep Vehicle issued by Selover Buick

Instruction/Operator’s Manuals  

         Homelite Super XL chainsaw, from Yellowtail Constructors  

         Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Engine, including warranty  

         Allis Chalmer’s Homesteader Wheel Tractor 


          2 Atlas Tire Registration & Warranty Cards

          Warranty for 1975 Chevy Truck; spare keys attached  

          Warranty for 1971 Chevy Truck   

          Sears Radial Tire 40,000-mile guarantee Warranty for John Deere series 70 tractor w/ attached letter from  Service Manager of John Deere 

Promotional Materials  

          Ad for Reading Apple Parer

           Pamphlet for Powder River Cattle Handling Equipment, including promotional letter addressed to “boxholder” and postage-paid reply card  

            IN-SINK-ERATOR ad pamphlet  

            Promotional material for FARM Nut & Bolt Shop 

Government Correspondence

             Special Inspection, State of MT Dept of Agriculture, Division of Weights & Measures; (testing accuracy of HWW’s scales)

              Dept of Agriculture, Division of Weights & Measures: Scale Inspection Report 

Misc. Equipment Correspondence

              Signed Statement Verifying ownership of items from an office in the Hested Building in Hardin, MT, Oct 15 1969               Memo of equipment sold to Little Horn State Bank  

               3 Key Plugs for a Cadillac in small blue & white envelope

                Sterling G Withers to Mrs. Harvey Willcutt; response to inquiry about sale of cherry stoners  

                Tractor & Equipment Co. to Harvey Willcutt: confirmation of  Account #, name, and address

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