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MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection


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MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection, 1851-1978 | McCracken Research Library

By Nathan Bender and Samantha L. Harper

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 098 - Willcutt Ranch Collection, 1851-1978Add to your cart.

Primary Creator: Willcutt

Extent: 13.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 01/01/1998

Collection Historical Note

Harvey Willis Willcutt, Sr. was born May 28, 1877, in Garden Grove, Iowa, the son of a farmer.  He emigrated to Montana at the age of sixteen and worked as a sheepherder in the Miles City area for the Filbricks.  It was here that Willcutt was introduced to Eliza Mae Bell, born in 1886 in Anaconda, Montana.  Her father, William Bell, had been a Hollywood actor in silent pictures, and Eliza and her two sisters lived in a convent in Miles City.  Willcutt and Eliza were married on New Year’s Eve, 1903.  Six years later, Eliza, who changed her name to Elsie, gave birth to Harvey Willis, Jr.

In that same year, 1909, Willcutt transferred to Charlie Bair’s ranch on the Crow Indian Reservation.  He moved his family to a homestead at present-day Colstrip, Montana, where coal is currently strip-mined.  Next, he served as Livestock Superintendent for the Northern Cheyenne Reservation centered in Lame Deer, Montana.

When the Superintendent moved to the Crow Reservation, he requested that Harvey also be transferred.  So, Harvey managed the ID herd for the Crow Indians, until 1912 when he was refused a request for a $100 raise.  E.L. Dana occupied the land across the Big Horn River from the Crow Tribal herd and noticed the “deep interest that Willcutt took in caring for the Indian cattle.”  Dana wasted in little time in hiring Willcutt as foreman and manager of his vast cattle interests.  Yet, for the Crows, it was said to have been “a bitter loss for the Indians” and “old members of the tribe claimed that the day Willcutt resigned, the Crow herd was doomed to failure.”

The Willcutt family lived at Eagle Springs and Ten Mile, while working for Dana.  Harvey, Jr. attended school in Hardin, where he played the piccolo and clarinet in the high school band.  Within months of graduating, however, he was involved in an argument with his history teacher, and decided that he had had enough formal education.  Harvey, Jr. wanted to be a rancher.

He began his career living in a tar-paper shack on the Spotted Rabbit Indian allotment west of Fort Smith.  Willcutt, Jr. raised honey bees and sold the honey.  His father had purchased all the necessary materials to build the hives and then informed his son, “Here it is, now you’re on your own.”  Occasionally, Harvey, Sr. would also provide groceries to his only child, but would never venture into Harvey, Jr.’s camp if he saw smoke rising from the chimney.  Instead, the elder Willcutt would leave the groceries on the hill.

One of the Dana’s ranching neighbors was Frank Heinrich’s Antler Land and Cattle Company.  Sometimes they would ford their cattle across the Big Horn River, not far from Harvey, Jr.’s place on their way to their Dry Head Ranch.  The Antler cowboys would always give young Harvey their dogie calves.  Harvey, Jr. had a milk cow that he used to feed the bum calves, and as they grew larger, he would cross the Big Horn and obtain alfalfa from the farmers for his livestock.  It was from this small herd that he sold his first railroad carload of steers.

In 1937, Harvey, Sr. purchased the Grapevine Ranch from his former employer, Dana, and soon thereafter formed a partnership with his son called HW Willcutt & Son.  Even though his father enjoyed running sheep, Willcutt, Jr. was solely interested in Hereford cattle.  After more than a decade of a successful partnership, the younger Willcutt decided to strike out on his own.

He purchased the Grapevine, which consisted of 90,000 acres, from his father, and when Willcutt, Sr. passed away three years later, in 1953, the son inherited the Woody Creek Ranch, adjoining the Grapevine.

The year that HWW & Son was dissolved, Harvey, Jr. married a young legal secretary, Juanita Owen, and adopted her son, William John, from a previous marriage.  They moved to the headquarters of the Grapevine, and a year later, Elsie Mae was born.  Juanita stopped working in the legal office and began taking part in the business operations of the ranch.  She home-schooled Billy and Elsie and cooked for the ranch hands.

The 1950s brought about many changes on the Crow Reservation.  Indian empowerment and self-determination resurfaced, and non-Indians living and owning land on the reservation were not as readily embraced as before.  The Crow Allotment Act of 1920 contained a section that limited the number of acres non-Indians could own on the Reservation, and many ranchers and farmers like the Willcutt’s were forced to concede much of their landholdings.  Different administrations in the American federal government and the Crow Tribal Council brought about tumultuous times for non-Indian ranchers and farmers on the reservation.  The larger non-Indian agriculturists formed the Reservation Leaseholders’ Association to collectively meet the challenges to their long-established presence on the Reservation.

Furthermore, ranchers and farmers like the Willcutt family were faced with increased development of the Big Horn River.  Yellowtail Dam was completed in 1965 and then a recreation area was created around the river and dam soon thereafter.  These developments brought tourism, increased bureaucracy, and more interest in the land on the reservation.  Harvey, Jr. did not readily enjoy these encroachments on his ranch, and in 1967, he sold the Grapevine and retreated to the Muddy Creek Ranch, northwest of the Grapevine and further from the Big Horn River.

Yet, this move did not allow him to escape all the new changes.  In the late 1960s, the Crow Tribal Council began giving preference to Indians who made bids on leases and land sales.  Large ranchers and farmers could not compete with this new resolution, and in turn, Willcutt lost important leases on which he depended.  Smaller ranchers like George Siemion, who was an Anglo married to a Crow, seized the opportunity to begin their cattle operation even though it was in the heart of Willcutt territory.  Willcutt attempted to answer this threat by employing Indians to win these bidding battles for leases, but it was to no avail.  He and his family were forced to accept and coexist with these new ranchers and farmers.

It was also at this time that Harvey, Jr. became ill with cancer.  He had groomed his adopted son, Billy, to take over the ranch after his death, and now it was time to let go of the reigns.  The ranch, however, seemed to die with Harvey, Jr. in 1978.  Billy and his mother did not cope well with their loss, and quarreled incessantly over the control of the ranch.  Lawyers and estate costs drained their assets until, in the mid-1980s, they sold their remaining holdings to an outside interest from Michigan.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Acquisition Source: Juanita Willcutt

Acquisition Method: Gift

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Box 1Add to your cart.
Series 1: Reservation Leases, 1946 - 1969Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.01: Grazing Leases (1949-65) on Crow Indian Reservation - allotment #3396 (Thomas Morrison - 600 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.02: Grazing Leases (1962-67) on Crow - allotment #245 (Fighter - 50 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.03: Grazing Leases (1962-67) on Crow – allotment #247 (90 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.04: Grazing Leases (1962-67) on Crow – allotment #246 (Fannie Fighter – 80 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.05: Grazing Leases (1962-67) on Crow – allotment #246 1/2 (WellKnownMare – 60 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.06: Grazing Leases (1962-67) on Crow – allotment #1774 (James Fighter – 240 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.07: Grazing Leases (1951-61) on Crow – allotment #43 (Mary Takes The Gun – 440 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.08: Grazing Leases (1963-64) on Crow – allotment #3534 (Clarence R. Spotted – 400 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.09: Grazing Leases (1950-62) on Crow – allotment #3535 (Clarence R. Spotted – 400 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.10: Grazing Leases (1949-63) on Crow – allotment #3535 (Roland Spotted – 660 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.11: Grazing Leases (1951-63) on Crow – allotment #45 (Mary Takes The Gun – 480 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.12: Grazing Leases (1949-63) on Crow – allotment #561 (Joseph Knows Ground 9/15, Gretchen Bull Weasel 3/15 – 80 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.13: Grazing Leases (1949-63) on Crow – allotment #562 (Joseph Knows Ground 9/15, Gretchen Bull Weasel 3/15 – 120 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.14: Grazing Leases (1949-63) on Crow – allotment #2857 (Joseph Knows Ground 9/15, Gretchen Bull Weasel 3/15 – 160 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.15: Grazing Leases (1950-63) on Crow – allotment #560 (Joseph Knows Ground 3/6 – 240 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.16: Grazing Leases (1946-66) on Crow – allotment #1061 (Marcia Curlew – 560 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.17: Cancellation of Lease (Effective 12-1-67) – allotment #43 (Bernard Old Coyote, Jr. – 80 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.18: Grazing Lease (1966) – allotment #43 (Bernard Old Coyote, Jr. – 80 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.19: Cancellation of Lease (Effective 12-1-67) – allotment #43 (Mary Frances Takes The Gun)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.20: Grazing Lease (1965) – allotment #43 (Frank Takes The Gun – 200 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corporation
Folder MS98.01.21: Grazing Lease (1965) – allotment #43 (John Melvin Old Coyote – 80 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp.
Folder MS98.01.22: Grazing Leases (1950-65) – allotment #239 (Bessie Holds (Dorothy, John, Ernest) 760 acresAdd to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.23: Grazing Leases (1950-65) – allotment #240 (Bessie Holds (Dorothy, John, Ernest) – 320 acresAdd to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.24: Grazing Leases (1953-65) – allotment #277 (William Wall – 80 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.25: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #555 (Paul Hill 3/6 – 112.68 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.26: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #780 (Theodore Gardner – 520 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.27: Grazing Leases (1953-65) – allotment #784 (Louella Sun Goes Slow – 80 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.28: Grazing Leases (1950-67) – allotment #814 (Chester Medicine Crow 42/54 – 112.76 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.29: Grazing Leases (1951-65) – allotment #912 (Mary Agnes Big Lake – 400 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.30: Grazing Leases (1950-65) – allotment #912 (Dorothy Holds – 400 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.31: Grazing Leases (1951-65) – allotment #924 (Daniel Old Bull (Amy, Dan, Ned, Moses) – 456.88 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.32: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #925 (Daniel Old Bull (Amy, Dan, Ned, Moses) – 480 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.33: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #929 (Esther Old Bull (Amy, Dan, Ned, Moses) – 560 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.34: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #1795 (Adeline Medicine Rock Above – 82.19 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.35: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #1796 (Adeline Medicine Rock Above – 31.85 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.36: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #1994 (Henry Big Day 4/9, William Big Day 4/9 – 241.99 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.37: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #1995 (Henry Big Day 1/3, William Big Day 1/3, Minerva Bull 1/3 – 170.23 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.38: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #2275 (Frank Ironhead 9/16 – 160 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.39: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #2948 (Mary Big Day 4/6 – 160 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.40: Grazing Leases (1950-65) – allotment #2969 (Joseph, Thomas, and Charles Wellknown (1/3) – 80 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.41: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #2970 (Joseph, Thomas, and Charles Wellknown (1/3) – 160 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.42: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #3275 (John Holds – 720 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.43: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #3276 (Dorothy Holds – 600 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.44: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #3414 (Morton Old Bull (Amy, Dan, Ned, Moses) – 700 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.45: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #3418 (Moses Old Bull – 720 acres)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.01.46: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #3417 (Peter Old Bull (Amy, Dan, Ned, Moses) – 720 acres)Add to your cart.
Item MS98.01.48: Grazing Leases (1958-65) – allotment #3570 (Edna Dust / Jaspar Sun Goes Slow) 560 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Folder MS98.01.47: Grazing Leases (1949-65) – allotment #3569 (Joseph, Thomas, Charles Wellknown – 520 acres)Add to your cart.
Assignment of Lease to Campbell Farming Corp. (1966)
Box 2Add to your cart.
Series 1: LandAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.01: Indian LeasesAdd to your cart.

Lease Payment checks to “The Eagle” (1939-40)

Hardin Tribune-Herald (May 5, 1949) – “Notices of Competency Mailed to 327 Members of Crow Indian Tribe By Super. of Res.”

Folder MS98.02.02: State Land Leases for Mill Iron Cattle Co.Add to your cart.

Receipts & Transfers (1939-60)

Memo from Dept. of State Lands of MT regarding Senate Bill 76 – “An Act to Adjudicate Claims of Existing Waters in MT” (Feb. 19,1980)

Leases of State Lands (1949-79)

Folder MS98.02.03: Sale of North EndAdd to your cart.

Agreement of Sr. to sell 70,000 acres (Bill Mills Camp, Crow’s Nest Camp, and Eagle Springs Camp) to Res R & F Coop Assoc. (Jan 1949)

List of allotment #’s, allotees, acreage, annual rental, and acquired dates (1948-49)

Folder MS98.02.04: Land ContractsAdd to your cart.
Agreement by Joseph Knows Ground to sell land to HWW (July ’53)
Folder MS98.02.05: Sale of Crow Indian LandsAdd to your cart.
Affairs of the Committee On Interior & Insular Affairs (House of Rep. – 85th Congress – 1st Session on H.R. 2381, H.R. 7255, and S. 332) – Bills to amend Act of June 4, 1920 providing for allotment of lands of the Crow Tribe (Oct. 18 and 19, 1957)
Folder MS98.02.06: Cheyenne ReservationAdd to your cart.

BIA’s Invitation For Bids on Sale of Indian Lands (Fall 1957)

BIA’s Sale of Grazing Privileges (38, 638 acres) – 3 yrs. (‘57-60)

BIA’s Sale of Grazing Privileges

Northern Cheyenne’s Tribal Council Minutes from (Feb. 18, 1957) including a petition against certain bidders by the council not to accept their bids (accepted unanimously)

HWW to Super of Cheyenne Res. Regarding proposal for grazing privileges on Unit #7 with an agreement to employ Indians, buy Indian hay, buy all cows and horses from Indians, and conform to Grazing Regulations put forth by Cheyenne (Mar. 8, 1957)

Sale of Grazing Privileges (1957-60) Units 3, 7, and 9

Folder MS98.02.07: Crow Res. Leaseholders’ Assoc. (statement of cash receipts and disbursements for 1963)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.08: Lease PaymentsAdd to your cart.

On Burnham Land Lease (1969-81)

And others (1964-65)

Folder MS98.02.09: Letters and Material on Sale of Ranch (1968)Add to your cart.
28,590 acres – inventory, etc. Agreement to sell to Campbell Farming Corp. Misc. correspondence regarding sale
Folder MS98.02.10: Land FileAdd to your cart.
Notice of Sale No. F&G 78-1 “Special Advertisement for Farming and Grazing Leases Restricted to Members of Crow Tribe Only” (Jan. 18, 1978   List of Real Property Taxes of Mill Iron Cattle Co. (1974-78)   Notes on Leases   Burnham to HWW regarding the selling of 840 acres of grass at 50 cents per acre (Apr. 7, 1964)   Hibbs to Harold G. Stanton (attorney in Hardin), regarding the three deeds affecting land in Sections 15 & 22 that HWW wants to sell for $10,000 (June 10, 1966)   HWW to Ivar Twilde regarding the proposed grasshopper spraying program and drought conditions (June 20, 1966)   Notice of Burnham’s intention to build fence between HWW and their adjoining land (Aug. 23, 1966)   Hibbs to HWW regarding the fencing and HWW’s rights (Sept. 6, 1966)   Ag. Conservation Program “Practice Specifications & Federal Cost – Shares” for MT in regard to fencing and grazing (1-1-68)   List of leases held by HWW   Hibbs to G.M. Dahms regarding property in the Pitchfork area (Sept. 14, 1970)   MT Fish and Game to HWW notifying of their nomination of the Grapevine Dome Fortifications in Big Horn County in the National Register (Oct. 15, 1971)
Folder MS98.02.11: Lease Correspondence (1968-79)Add to your cart.

Superintendent of Crow to all tribal members (1968 lease rental advice) Procedural Guidelines relating to processing of office approved farming and grazing leases (1969)

Proposed increase in processing fees for competent leases (May 1969)

“Title 25 – Indians” Chapter 1, Subchapter N, Part 151 – General Grazing Regulations (Federal Register, Vol. 34, No. 114 – June 14, 1969)

Hibbs, Sweeney & Colberg to Leo Plainfeather regarding Siemion’s violation of the lease (1971)

H, S & C to HWW regarding Leo’s problems

Mauds Collins to HWW regarding the signing of a “cancellation of lease for the Campbell Corp. again…” (1971)

Robert L. Playfair, Range Conservationist for BIA at Crow to HWW regarding HWW trespassing on the tribal land for grazing of his livestock on the Siemion lease (July, 1971)

H,S & C response to Playfair (Aug. 1971)

Crow Tribal Recreation Commission to Crow Super. regarding the fencing of tribal land on the Dry Head and Big Horn Canyons (Aug. 1971)

Range Unit Grazing Qualification Requirements for Permit Period (12-1-70 to 11-30-75)

Resolution of Crow Tribal Council to “establish procedure” for Fencing Regs on Crow (Oct. 1971)

Land Use Provisions and Brucellosis Control Stipulation

HWW to Super of Crow regarding a fence to be put up between HWW and Siemion lease

HWW to Siemion regarding the fence (Apr. 1972)

HWW to Super of Crow regarding his letter to Siemion about the fence Siemion to HWW regarding the fence and the compromises he would make since he had the smaller tract of land

Super to HWW regarding a proposed exchange for land between HWW and Siemion so a fence wouldn’t have to be built

HWW to Crow stating that it would be impossible to run in common with Siemion because of the difference in quality of livestock (June ‘72)

Super to HWW regarding HWW’s overgrazing and placing salt boxes too close to the waters (Mar. 1972)

Richard B. Boehs (Land Operations Officer) to HWW regarding predator control through use of poison (June 1972)

BIA’s “Rental Delinquencies” Memo

BIA’s “Owner Use Request for Allotments” Memo

Opinion and Order in the case of a Crow Indian suing to reclaim title, rents, and profits to 1040 acres that she sold to Antler Land Co.

Crow Recreation Commission to HWW regarding invitation to HWW to be a member of the Crow Tribal Management Corp.

Stanton, Hovland and Torske to HWW asking to lease back range on the Mountain Ranch (Apr. 27, 1972)

Maude Collins to HWW regarding payment for land

Lease contract for land use provisions

Solicitation for aid to help the Native American Rights Fund to provide legal defense for Indians

Solicitation for funds for the Indian community

Crowley, Kilbourne, Haughey, Hanson & Gallagher to Hibbs, Sweeney & Colberg regarding the case Conroy et al v Short et al which was a challenge of the order of a bid sale, etc. (Oct. 23, 1975) along with an itemized statement of the lawyer fees (which Campbell Corp. is asking for help in expenses because it is for the benefit of all Crow  Res. leasees) & Hibbs to HWW, etc.

Oliver Hill to HWW regarding HWW’s use of right-of-way in exchange for one beef a year (Tom Hill)

Proposition to sell 640 acre tract on the Falls Down - $210/acre or $134,400 (Apr. 1976)

Thomas Hill to “Billy” regarding the butchering of a cow

HWW to Senator Lee Metcalf regarding spot lighting at night and cattle being shot (May 1977)

Hibbs, Sweeney & Colberg to HWW regarding investment and leases for  the Little Mountain Land Co. (Sept. 1977) – handling of leases

BIA to HWW regarding Fire Cache List

Galusha, Higgins & Galusha (CPA’s) to HWW regarding lease arrangements when negotiating and renewing leases (1978)

Animal Damage Control to HWW regarding the resumption of aerial hunting on the Crow (Apr. 1977)

Fire Call Telephone Directory for Crow

“Indians want reservation traders licensed,” newspaper article

Note regarding Indian land bid and leases

Folder MS98.02.12: Order to Indian (1969)Add to your cart.
“Orders Given to Indians”
Folder MS98.02.13: Lease Check Register – CopiesAdd to your cart.

Records of Lease Payments (8/77 to 1/78, 12/74 to 4/75, 1/74 to 9/74)

Outstanding Checks List

Records of Lease Payments (1969-73)

Folder MS98.02.14: Lease Advertising & Bidding from CrowAdd to your cart.

Schedule of Lands To Be Sold (handwriting on #1712 (Ursula Bad Horse) in regard to HWW splitting the lease with Scott M.I. (?))

Invitation, Bid and Award in Sale of Indian Lands

Affidavit of Bidder

Instructions to Bidders (Terms and Conditions)

Announcement for Supervised Land Sale No. 79-1 (Oct. 11, 1979)

Notice of Sale No. F&G 75-2 “Advertisement for Farming and Grazing Leases” (bids received until Dec. 3. 1975) – allotments 360, 287, and 79 circled by HWW and #’s 2787, 360, and 79 check-marked by HWW (?)

Folder MS98.02.15: File on Campbell, Scott, and Willcutt AgreementAdd to your cart.

Letter from Fed. Land Bank Assoc. of Billings to Bill Willcutt approving loan for $320, 000 (Apr. 21, 1978)

Correspondence between Hibbs and Kronmiller (Lawyer) regarding land transaction to Scott from Mill Iron to Campbell Farming Corp. (Sept. 1978)

List of townships

Covenant Concerning Land Titles regarding exchange of land

Pasturing Agreement by HWW (Apr. 1, 1978)

Agreement for the Pasturing of Cattle

Folder MS98.02.16: Deeds (1924-1981)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.17: Abstracts of the Record Title in Townships 4 & 5 in Big Horn County, MT (land along Muddy Creek)Add to your cart.
Series 2: Land and BuildingsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.18: Land & Bldgs Correspondence (1949-56 inclusive)Add to your cart.

Applications for a patent-in-fee

Petition For Partition of Inherited Indian Land

Home Designs

Records of wells drilled (1956), etc.

Fencing between HWW and Kuchera

Allotment records (BIA and Crow)

Tschirgi Land Deed (Antler Co.) – 1955

Livestock scales

Sales of Crow land

Sale of Hardin town lots

L.C. Lippert (Super. of IA at Crow) to HWW about sale of I land

Agreements for sale (120.81 acres = $2,900 & 89.41 acres = $1,600) – 1952

Approvals of allotment sale


Agreements to sale (Crow to HWW) – 1952

Notice for sale of Crow land (1952)

Edna Birdintheground to Jr. offering allotment

Bids for patent-in-fees (1952)

Notice for sale of Crow land (1953)

Bill of sale to HWW from Knows Ground family

Offer to Milo Collins for land (1954)

House construction discussion (Osness & Drake Architects – Billings)

Burke to HWW regarding title passing of patent-in-fee (May 1954)

Notices of unsuccessful bids

Fencing with Tschirgi

Inventory at Woody Creek Ranch

Folder MS98.02.19: Land & Buildings Correspondence (1957-65)Add to your cart.

Gill Place – Willcutt interest in buying

        irrigation pump

        Pacific Power & Light Co. (increase size of substation on property)

          State Highway choosing route (Big Horn – Bozeman Trail Highway – ’64)

          Map and lawyer correspondence

          Letter from Henry Old Coyote (Office of Solicitor, Dept. of Interior) to Mr. Hyden, Associate Solicitor

          Fencing – Ko-Dek Land Co.

            Mortgage of O.E. Lee & Co. (1953) – (2)

            Dana Ranch – Willcutt interest in buying it (1963)

            Estate of Louis R. Fousek

            Mountain States Telephone – proposed buried cable and map

            Correspondence on passing of deed from Crow to Willcutt (’64)

              “reposed” title of land – Crow Act of 1920

              State highway (Yellowtail Dam – Billings – Crow I.R. – Edgar)

              Objection by Willcutt lawyers – “isolate from water many thousands of acres of grazing land…”

                Acquisition of George Scotts land being leased by Willcutt’s (80 acres – ’63)

                Offer by C.B. Brown to sell “a lot of land” (1962)

                Reappraisals of deeded land

                Contract to sell real estate owned by Willcutts to Clarence Keeler

                Agreement to develop cabin sites on Big Horn Canyon where Yellowtail Reservoir will be (1961)

                Insurance claim response regarding pump (40 miles south of Hardin on Big Horn River)

                Invitation, Bid & Award (Sale of Indian Lands – 1961)

                        allotment #2001 (480 acres - $6,723.00)

                        Appraisals of farm improvements

                        List of land holdings (1961)

                                    deeded = 13,316.80 acres

                                    state leases = 2,692.19 acres

                                    Indian office leases = 14,800.89 acres

                                    Indian competent leases = 33,466.29 acres

                                    deeded land belonging to individuals other than W’s = 3,152.07

                                    TOTAL = 67, 428.24 acres

                        Request for “Quit Claim Deed” by Ed Kopac’s lawyers

                        Cancellation of Insurance Policy

                        Letter informing of decision not to build new house by HWW

                        Letter accompanying 3 deeds to Crow land purchased for $3,036.50

                                    allotment #’s 786 (120 acres), 2968 (160), 2969 (80) – 1961  etc…

                        Invitation, Bid & Award (Sale of Indian Lands – 1960)

                                    allotment #’s 783, 785 (360 acres - $3,620 acres) and allotments already mentioned

                        Private letter responding to bid by W’s for land

                        Invitation, Bid & Award (Sale of I lands) – 1960

                                    allotment #3373 (477.80 acres - $7,211.50)

                        Invitation, Bid & Award (Sale of I lands) – 1959

                                    allotment #364 (140 acres - $1,128.00)

                        Invitation, Bid & Award (Sale of I lands) – 1959

                                    allotment #316 (318.70 acres - $3,552.00)

                        Letter from W lawyers concerning interest in buying allotment #’s 1790, 2275, 2568 from Chester Medicine Crow (1958)

                        Response of J.J. Sullivan to W proposition on buying land

                                    offer of $4,500 for 280 acres

                        Offer by HWW, Jr. to Richard F. Burla for 320 acres across Woody Creek

                        Ed Kopac to HWW concerning Woody Creek shared pasturage

                        Response from Burla – declining offer

                        Response from Sullivan  - declining offer

                        Response to M.H. Tschirgi regarding the financing of acreage (8,000) in 1957 land trade

                        Offer to Tschirgi for land SW of allotment #1069

                        Response to HWW’s letter reprimanding Kuchera Furniture & Appliance Co. for taking shovel and leaving gate open

                        Letter from HWW to Kuchera

                        Offer by Kuchera to sell barley

                        Minutes from meeting for control of grasshoppers (May 1957)

                        Map of Ranchers in:  Township 5 South 29 East

                                                            Township 6 South 30

                                                            Township 5 South 30 East

                        Letter accompanying deed of Josephine Three Irons to HWW

                        Letter to Ray Prine about working/labor for summer

                        Letter/Contract of Release of Pacific Power & Light Co. for damage caused by dozer blading (1955)

                        Statements of Consumer Capital Credits Allocation (1962-65)

Folder MS98.02.20: Land & Bldgs.Add to your cart.
Buildings R.L. Stratford & Co. – building (1967) Census of Ag. (1969-74) County Taxes & Assessments (1966-81) Crow Res. Leaseholders Assoc. & Assessment Hardin Irrigation Unit: “What it is and what it means to the landowner and the Crow Tribe” (Mar. 1966)   BIA Crow Agency Branch of Land Operations Pictorial Highlights (1969)   Memo: “Effects of Proposed Changes in Crow Competent Leasing Practices” (Mar. 5, 1973)   Copy of Complaint in case of Phoebe Wilson Dillon v. Leaseholders on Crow Reservation (filed July 20, 1970) in which the plaintiff seeks relief for claims to title to her allotment… primarily against Antler Land Co. / Tschirgi   Assoc. Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements (1969, 65, 64, 62)   Billings Gazette (Sunday, June 23, 1963) front page article regarding land title on Crow Reservation   Letter from Chairman of Assoc. to members regarding their future   Resolution No. 229 of Crow Tribal Council, requesting the amendment and modification of the Crow Competency Act
Folder MS98.02.21: Big Horn (Jan. 1951) – electricityAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.22: Gravel Contract  Between Jr. and Chester Ramp , Mar. 1954Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.23: Blueprints of Ranch House and School (never built), 1954Add to your cart.
Planned in order to prevent move into town
Folder MS98.02.24: Pattern for Fish Pole Rack & Cupboard (built at Grapevine for garage)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.25: Remodeling of Willcutt Ranch House (1969) & other improvementsAdd to your cart.

estimates @    $7,976.19 (stone work)

                        $6,257.91 (electrical)

                        $3,589.00 (plumbing/heating – 1969)

                      $7,968.53 (plumbing/heating – 1968)

                      $7,500.00 (flooring, cabinets, etc)

                      $386.00 (paint/wallpaper)

                      $1,000.00 (TV, cable, antennae)

                      over $10,000 (lumber – 1968)

                      over $10,000 (lumber – 1969)

Folder MS98.02.26: Building Correspondence , 1968-69Add to your cart.
Building Contract – estimated $138,000 (all ranch buildings)    ranch house - $52,000    cook house, bunk house, chicken house, barn - $86,000
Folder MS98.02.27: LooseAdd to your cart.
HWW’s Ranch Expenditures (1967-69) House construction, etc.
Folder MS98.02.28: Landscaping Contracts for Willcutt Home, 1969-1974Add to your cart.
A Planning Prospectus completed by Theodore J. Wirth & Assoc. (Billings, MT) Blackford Sprinkler & Irrigation George P. Matz Landscaping Control for landscape development (June 1969)
Folder MS98.02.29: Corral at Muddy Creek (drawn by HWW)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.30: Weighing Devices (scales and corrals)Add to your cart.
Licenses and Regulations.
Folder MS98.02.31: Lawsuit:  Mill Iron Cattle Co. v Northwestern National Insurance Group, 1981-1982Add to your cart.
Judgment in favor of the plaintiff (Mill Iron) for $14,800 for claims for water damage to Willcutt home
Folder MS98.02.32: Pictures used in Insurance Lawsuit (ranch house water damage)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.33: MT Power, Pacific P & L sub-station, Winter 1965 - Spring/Summer 1966Add to your cart.
Conveyance of right-of-way easements
Folder MS98.02.34: Mountain Bell Installment-Construction Agreement (not fulfilled), 1973 - 1980Add to your cart.
Telephone correspondence
Folder MS98.02.35: R.E.A. Poser Contract (re-locating power line), 1975Add to your cart.

Agreements for Purchase of Power (‘56-92) and related correspondence

By-Laws of Big Horn County Electric Coop, Inc.

Folder MS98.02.36: Store License , 1976 - 1981Add to your cart.
Series 3: Machinery, Equipment and VehiclesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.02.37: Machinery and Equipment Correspondence, 1951 - 1965Add to your cart.

Pump brochures

Model D4-60 Caterpillar


Tractors (John Deere 1956 70D)

Well units

Bale loader

Folder MS98.02.38: Cars, Machinery, and EquipmentAdd to your cart.

Gateway Wholesale Supplies 


Automobiles and farm equipment 


Farm and Ranch / Automobiles

Folder MS98.02.39: Cars, 1952 - 1964Add to your cart.
Motor Vehicle Assessment Lists
Folder MS98.02.40: Correspondence relating to purchase of vehicles and equipmentAdd to your cart.

Retail Orders for Motor Vehicles and Receipts (1969-81, 19 pcs.) 

Purchase Orders, Invoices, etc. for other equipment/machinery  

       Invoice for 8 plat reproductions by Billings Blue Print Company Machinery Purchase Order for used Cat 212 Patrol 1956 Model  

       Bill Copy from Pearsons, Inc. for Cattle Chute Headgate; attached instruction sheet and ad pamphlet  

       Libby Dam Builders to HWW: cover letter to purchase of D5 Cat;  attached invoice of purchase of D5 Cat

        Industrial Cab Co. invoice and two postage slips for Fully Enclosed Cab for a Caterpillar D5 Hyd

        Toledo Scale to Harvey Willcutt: cover letter for purchase of 9x22 Motor Truck Scale; message from Toledo Scales and Hydraulic Jack Repair that strikes in Toledo OH are delaying delivery  

         Purchaser’s Order, Caterpillar Co., for 1 Model 76

Murray Mallory Equipment Co.

         Mallory Equipment Co. to Willcutt: note from Glen C. Mallory offering finder’s fee for new customers; ad for Mallory holding pens, gates and corrals

         Mallory Equipment Co. promotional letter offering “special deals,” Photo of corralled cattle attached; ad for JET HOIST    

        Mallory Equipment Co. message to HWW, response and carbon copy attached

        Big M (Mallory Equipment Co.) Purchase Order by HWW, with attached letter of thanks from Glen C. Mallory instructing HWW to give cheque to the truck driver.  

        Mallory Equipment Co. price list and item descriptions 

Selover Buick, Inc.  

          Owner’s ID Card of a Jeep vehicle issued by Selover Buick, 1969  

          Owner’s Service Policy for Jeep Vehicle issued by Selover Buick

Instruction/Operator’s Manuals  

         Homelite Super XL chainsaw, from Yellowtail Constructors  

         Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Engine, including warranty  

         Allis Chalmer’s Homesteader Wheel Tractor 


          2 Atlas Tire Registration & Warranty Cards

          Warranty for 1975 Chevy Truck; spare keys attached  

          Warranty for 1971 Chevy Truck   

          Sears Radial Tire 40,000-mile guarantee Warranty for John Deere series 70 tractor w/ attached letter from  Service Manager of John Deere 

Promotional Materials  

          Ad for Reading Apple Parer

           Pamphlet for Powder River Cattle Handling Equipment, including promotional letter addressed to “boxholder” and postage-paid reply card  

            IN-SINK-ERATOR ad pamphlet  

            Promotional material for FARM Nut & Bolt Shop 

Government Correspondence

             Special Inspection, State of MT Dept of Agriculture, Division of Weights & Measures; (testing accuracy of HWW’s scales)

              Dept of Agriculture, Division of Weights & Measures: Scale Inspection Report 

Misc. Equipment Correspondence

              Signed Statement Verifying ownership of items from an office in the Hested Building in Hardin, MT, Oct 15 1969               Memo of equipment sold to Little Horn State Bank  

               3 Key Plugs for a Cadillac in small blue & white envelope

                Sterling G Withers to Mrs. Harvey Willcutt; response to inquiry about sale of cherry stoners  

                Tractor & Equipment Co. to Harvey Willcutt: confirmation of  Account #, name, and address

Box 3Add to your cart.
Series 1: HWW Sr.Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.01: Misc.  "The Early Days with Dana", 1919 - 1939Add to your cart.

W.E. Warner to E.L. Dana regarding the financing of HWW to buy the Grapevine Ranch (Apr. 8, 1939) 

Dana Cattle Co. to HWW, manager of the The Dana Cattle Co. regarding HWW’s raise ($3,000 to $4,000/year) “in consideration of your good services.” (Dec. 31, 1921)  

Dana to HWW regarding court case and sale of Grapevine (Dec. 1938) 

Dana to HWW regarding Dana’s sale of his interest in the E.L. Dana Livestock Co. and relations with Charles Miller (Mar. 7, 1937) 

Yellowtail to HWW – telegram regarding Miler inability to raise money for the Dana unit… (Mar. 31, 1938) 

Thayer Stevens to HWW in regards to finding HWW a suitable ranch to buy (Dec. 1938) 

Memo discussing Tschirgi/HWW leasing of land (1937-39) 

CH Asbury, Super of Crow Res. to W.M. Spear (Lodge Grass, MT) giving permission to “shoot wild, unbranded ponies on your range.” (Nov. 15, 1919) 

Asbury to HWW (cover letter for above letter) giving same permission 

Map of land along North Shore River 

The Montana Stockgrower (Aug. 15, 1954)  Containing E.L. Dana’s autobiography 

The Montana Stockgrower (Sept. 15, 1954)  Containing the conclusion of E.L. Dana’s story

Folder MS98.03.02: HWW & SonAdd to your cart.

A.E. De Ricqles (Denver, CO) to HWW Sr. regarding livestock venture 

Jim Stanton (Crow Res.) to Sr regarding request for $100 loan from Sr. (1937) 

Maddox (Campbell Secretary) to Tschirgi and HWW regarding grazing land (Nov. 1938) 

Will Scott (Gallego, Chihuahua, Mexico) to HWW regarding sale of steers (7-30-38) 

Campbell to Tschirgi and HWW regarding the sale of grazing privileges 

Ricqles to HWW regarding business, personal affairs, other ranchers, the Depression, etc. (Dec. 30, 1936) 

E.L. Dana (Sterling, CO) to HWW regarding proposition to sell Grapevine Ranch (Jan. 1938) 

L.S. Brandt to W.E. Warren regarding leasing or selling land around Big Horn & Foster to HWW (Oct. 1938) 

John P. Hale to HWW requesting mill iron branding iron to add to his collection 

Robert Yellowtail (Super of Crow Res.) to Commissioner of IA in Washington D.C. regarding the public notice stopping promiscuous travel on the Crow Reservation (Sep. 13, 1938) 

Russell to HWW regarding trip with Commissioner on Indian leasing land (Sept. 1936) 

HWW to E.L. Dana regarding water right-of-way to land HWW recently bought (Mar. 21, 1930) 

Unemployment Compensation Commission of MT “Report…Liability” for HWW & Son (July 16, 1937) 

HWW’s Farming and Grazing Lease on Crow Res. for June 1932 (allotment #1793)

Folder MS98.03.03: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.

Solicitation for support from The Trigg-C.M. Russell Foundation, Inc. of Great Falls, MT

Billings Gazette (June 1, 1936) – “Terminates Twenty Years of Service: HW Willcutt Leaves E.L. Dana Livestock Co. to Head H.W. Willcutt & Son” 

“Harvey W. Willcutt, Sr., Was Early Day Cowboy and Prominent Stockman Here” (obituary) 

Letter from Jr. to Sr. stating that he doesn’t “care to be in the partnership any longer.” (Sept. 16, 1949)

Folder MS98.03.04: "Four Ace Lounge", April 1947Add to your cart.
[George Daniels (old owner) ---- Sr and R.O Chambers 50/50 partners ---- bought and started in April of 1947]
Folder MS98.03.05: HWW Sr., 1951Add to your cart.

Records (1951)

Letter from Morton B. Boynton to HWW Sr. (Aug. 6, 1951)

Letter to Turley’s

Agreement with Jr. about Crow land leases

Ranch & Improvements on North Side (1951)

Info regarding sale of North Side Ranch (Sept 30, 1949)

Letter from Meyer & Chapman State Bank to Sr. (3-29-51)

Letters between Sr, Roy Chambers, and Boynton (HWW’s accountant) about the store

Folder MS98.03.06: ContractsAdd to your cart.

Between Sr. and Reservation Ranchers and Farmers Coop Association to sell 70,000 acres to Crow (1950) 

Between Sr and the Turley’s for transfer of leased grazing land to Turley’s on Woody Creek (1950-51) 

Letter to Turley’s giving notice of termination to share grazing land on Woody Creek 

Between Sr and RR & F Coop Assoc. about transfer of land

Folder MS98.03.07: HWW Sr.Add to your cart.

Notes on Sr. about final days (emotions, bad nurse, etc.)

Estate (listing, depreciation schedule, insurance account, trial balance, inventories, assets/liabilities) 1951-53

Settlement of Partnership Interest

Union Oil Co. of CA (request for HWW bank for deposits)

Folder MS98.03.08: HWW Sr. EstateAdd to your cart.

Partnership Agreement (Sr. & R.O. Chambers) – 4 Ace Lounge (1947)

Creditor’s Claim in estate of Halcy Thompson

Last Will & Testament

Sheriff’s Certificate of Sale of Halcy Thompson’s lots in Hardin (’53)

Agreement (Sr. & Elsie) for Elsie to sell her half of Sr’s estate to Jr. (’54)

Case concerning estate of E.A. Woodburn (nephew of John and Sr.) in MT Supreme Court 

Inheritance Tax Determination Sheets 

Mortgage of Hardin lots 

Lester McKinney (Sr. owed him oat seeds) 

Pawlitschek to Felt & Felt regarding inventory of Sr estate 

Jr to American National Livestock Association announcing his father’s death 

Jr to Montana Cattlegrowers Association announcing father’s death 

Jr to Crow Agency thanking them for the ceremony given in honor to Sr.

Series 2: Elsie M. WillcuttAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.09: Elsie M. Willcutt - "Personal"Add to your cart.

Contract for deed of city property in Billings & other documents

Financial records, livestock records, and info on the sale of Elsie’s home in Grandview 

Hail loss claim by Elsie and other legal action documents (Nov. ’56)

Folder MS98.03.10: Elsie M. Willcutt - PersonalAdd to your cart.

Copies of checks and bills for 1961

Assessment Lists (1963)

Tax receipts (1961-63)

Sodium Poor Diet

Bills of sale for livestock

Letter to IRS regarding Elsie’s condition (Dec. 1963)

Folder MS98.03.11: Elsie M. Willcutt Estate (Elsie died April 1, 1965)Add to your cart.

Income tax returns (‘59-’60)

Order by court settling EMW’s estate (Sept. 1966)

Audit of Elsie’s estate (Mar. 1966)

SS – Tax – bank balances – etc…

Series 3: HWW Jr.Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.12: HWW Jr. CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.
Certificate of Delayed Birth Registration for Jr. (b. Oct. 5, 1909 in Rosebud, MT                     ---- Father (Sr.) = b. 1877, Newton Grove, Iowa /                      Mother (Elsie Mae Bell) = b. 1886, Anaconda, MT
Folder MS98.03.13: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1949-1956 inclusiveAdd to your cart.

Well drilling (1950)

Leo Plain Feather (debt)

Plans of new weather station on ranch (1950)

HWW to Nema Levengood regarding stolen pictures (1951)

G.C. Blucher Boot Co. (boot repairs)

HWW inquiring about receiving long-range weather reports from Irving P. Krick of Meteorological Consultant in Denver ($575/6 mo. or $1150/yr.) 

Yellowtail Dam – regarding evaporation readings (July 6, 1951) 

HWW lease of Old Bull’s land (’51) 

Dehorners from Chet Rogers (’52) 

HWW to Jane Myhre asking for help with children 

NY Life Insurance policy 

Kirk Stanley (Portland, OR) to HWW in regards to buying a wagon 

Oil and Gas Lease Agreement (1955) 

Lena R. Seig (teacher applying for W family position) – “I promise to do the best I can and will also promise to make some mistakes.  I always do that….” (Aug. 1955) 

HWW to Garold Fish regarding HWW’s financing of Fish’s home – HWW needs all his money to buy Crow land which is coming up for sale (1955) 

Yellowtail Dam (1956) – liquor license for amusement facilities – HWW wants to start a tavern near the dam, etc.

Folder MS98.03.14: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1957 - 1965Add to your cart.

Declined offer to tour Europe & Russia on Farm Tour (1958) – “declined”

Grocery List order

Ag. Stabilization & Conservation elected HWW to committee for South Hardin District (1960) 

Thank you for donation of calf to 4-H (1960) 

HWW to Robert Staffanson (Springfield Symphony Orchestra) about photographing 

Mill Iron bar application for liquor license around Yellowtail Dam 

Pictures of Jane and Gibb Swanson (Spokane, WA) 

Poncho, old horse of Willcutts, and Swansons were inquiring about his history – HWW replied the horse was sold because he was a pinto (Willcutts raised Morgan and quarter-type horses)   Blucher boot order (1965)

Folder MS98.03.15: Correspondence, 1963 - 1971Add to your cart.

Receipt for dams, horses (9 for $900), and oats

Timber cutting permit on Crow (1 lodgepole pine)

Explanation of error in branding (2)

Clothes receipts

Letter of welcome to HWW to the 12000 Club of Montana from Montana Republican State Central Committee (1968-71) 

Receipt for receiving 1st volume of Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening 

Progress Report to stockholders of Bell Western Corp. 

Offer for ranch from Margaret Hanson’s mother in Minnesota (1969) 

Response to inquisition by Ws from lawyers/geologists concerning possible petroleum drilling on Grapevine Dome or Woody Dome saying that nothing was found which would suggest success 

“NY Stock Exchange regulations require annual surprise examinations of member firms by independent accountants…” 

Billings Children’s Receiving Home Bulletin 

Thank you from James F. Battin (Congress) for contribution 

Thank you from Shattuck School in Faribault, Minn. & brochure 

Thank you from Shattuck School for help with Capital Fund (1969) 

Progress Report of Tom Bell Royalty Co. (1969) 

Response/Description on Bernard Thomas for painting mural in home 

Letter to G.C. Blucher Boot Co. in Olathe, KS for boots (etc.) 

“Iris Collection” Newsletter 

Big Horn County Republican Women’s Club Newsletter

Letter from CPA (Shillinger, Philip & Gohsman) regarding 1968 taxes “if ranch operations broke even, you will receive 160,000 on the contract, plus 36,000 interest, and the state and federal tax will be about 55,000.  So, don’t spend the whole $196,000.” (Apr. 9, ‘68) 

American National Cowbelles Newsletter (Mar. 1968) 

Brochure for 16th Annual Republican Women’s Conference (1968) 

Receipt for Caterpillar D5 Tractor ($22,151.70) – 1967 

Life Insurance Policy Dividends, etc… 

Tom Bell Royalty Co. correspondence for stockholders 

Order for a Harvester Bell – 1896 model ($30) 

Letter from Tarrey Johnson to WHH about finding missing cattle and shipping them back to HWW (Also, hunting for the “big steer”)

Letter regarding sale of land to Harold Stanton from HWW for $10,000 (Township 6 South, Range 30 East, Sections 15, 22) – 1967

Response from Tim Babcock (Gov. of MT) regarding finding a job for Jack Pawlitschek with Highway Dept (’66) & letter from HWW 

Indicated uses of cropland for 1966 – Farm No. D154 (720 acres = 20.2 acres of wheat, 335 to conserving base, etc.) 

Receipt for pesticides to spray (Bindweed) 

Reminder to validate warranty on ’67 Cadillac 

Announcement of Big Horn County Livestock Assoc. Meeting (1967) 

Yellowstone Boys Ranch update to contributors ($100) 

Alert from MT Highway Patrol regarding W’s son’s request for duplicate license (1967) 

Thank you from Republican National Finance Committee for contribution 

Letter to Richards trying to find Bill Gollings’ paintings from 1915 entitled “The Changing Times” 

Life magazine subscriber info 

Certificate of nomination to Juanita W for Precinct Committee woman by the Republican Party (Ft. Smith Precinct No. 2) 

Letter from A.R. Burnham asking for money for grass or money for fencing supplies to put up fence (1963) 

Letter from S.F. apologizing for not being able to obtain the herbal medicine from China 

AQHA Certificate of Registration for Dun stallion born May 20, 1960 (#P-147,079) – HWW from John R. Scott, Jr. in Miles City 

Letter from Chester Bentley to HWW, Jr. about failing health of mother 

Letter to Juanita from Mayo Clinic in Minnesota regarding hers and Mrs. Klemmer’s visit (1963)

Folder MS98.03.16: John Chapman Visit (New York Daily News)Add to your cart.

Austin Kibbee (Boston) to Willcutts thanking them for the visit to the ranch (June 4, 1950)

John Chapman (Pres. Of Dutch Treat Club) to HWW enclosing pictures from visit and a short note (1963)

Newspaper articles from Chapman’s visit to MT

Correspondence between Chapman and Willcutts regarding visit

Color pictures from visit

Large photos (black & white) from visit, including cover letter from Chapman and newspaper article

Folder MS98.03.17: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1966 - 1974Add to your cart.

Interest in W.J. Moss Ranch in Parkman, WY (1966)

Juanita and Elsie’s accident of 1966

Irrigation Petition

Thank you for donation to Billings Junior Women’s Club & Children Receiving Room 

1969 Cadillac recall info 

Jacqueline Deam, leader of Sundowners of Massachusetts, asking for permission to see a “real ranch in operation” (1969)  

Robert Staffanson (Asst. Director of BBHC) to Jr thanking him and expressing interest in his well-being, etc. 

“Still looking for a cook” correspondence 

Bullock’s Wilshire (L.A.) appraisal on Juanita’s Natural Ranch Mink ($2,900) 

KHDN announcement of HWW as Apr. 25, 1970’s “Outstanding Citizen”    Plus, brief autobiography by HWW in response 

Misc. catalogue orders 

Support for Senator Henry S. Hibbard (1972) 

Marlboro advertising asking for permission to come when there is “fresh snow” and after-shoot response (1972) 

Ordered boots from Paul Bond’s Western Boot Co. (Nogales, AZ) – 1st non-Blucher boots ordered (1973) 

Order for Nat King Cole & Swing Era records from Time/Life 

Permission to Marlboro for use of mill iron brand in their advertising 

National Watergate Poll (1973)    “No” to question of whether Pres. Nixon should be impeached… 

Letter to Congressman John Melcher (MT) on land-use bill and response (1973) 

GOParty contribution thank you 

Character reference to Robert Edgar Hibbs for Univ. of MT law school

Folder MS98.03.18: History etc.Add to your cart.

Hardin Tribune-Herald (Oct. 17, 1963) – “Trial of Thomas Family To Begin Monday Morning: Tragic Deaths, Leasing and Land Title Complications, Mar Story of Tschirgi Empire” 

The Montana Stockgrower (Dec. 1962 and June 1963)

  “Orphans’ Home, U. Beneficiaries: Dana Will Filed In Cascade Court” 

“Mrs. Elsie Willcutt Deserves the Medal for the Prettiest [Iris] of All” 

Picture from newspaper “Roundup Time Again” 

Pocketbook of written brands by HWW 

Article from Arizona Highways (Nov. 1941) entitled “Romance of Brands” by Oren Arnold and John P. Hale (authors of “Hot Irons” and “Heraldy of the Range”) 

Hardin Tribune-Herald (Oct. 14, 1954) – “Special ‘Get Acquainted’ Section” 

Billings Gazette (Oct. 20, 1963) – “Tragedy Spelled Tschirgi: Empire Montana Style” (Tschirgi = Antler…)

The Montana Stockgrower (Aug. 15, 1954 and Dec. 1963)

Ford News – “The V-8 at Home on the Range: Roundup Wagon Cook Yells ‘Roll Ou-u-u-t!’ From A New Horseless Chuck Wagon” (article on the Mill Iron grub truck) 

Live Stock Markets (May 1935) – “The Spirit of the Unconquerable West” (autobiography of E.L. Dana) 

Biography of Dr. W.A. Petzoldt 

John Frost (Plenty Crows) “writes story of Ceremony at which famous Indian scout honored Baptist Missionary” Billings Gazette (May 30, 1937) 

“Down the Trail for 80 Years (1865-1945) – The Contribution of Livestock to Montana’s Economy” 

Certificate for Jr. to American Natl Cattlemen’s Assoc. “$100 Club” (1964) 

Dr. W.A. Petzoldt to HWW thanking him for his contribution to the Crow Indian Mission at Lodge Grass (12-31-48)

  Henry Schmidt (Forsyth, MT) to HWW regarding the ol’ days when they worked together on the Rosebud ( U ) under “Old Man Straw” (Schmidt was the mess wagon cook) – Oct. 9, 1942 

Pictures of Jr.’s “Ap” and mess truck

Folder MS98.03.19: Al Bedooings - Billings, January 1973Add to your cart.
Masonic newsletter
Folder MS98.03.20: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.

Newspaper Clippings:       “Potentate Selected”       “Art and Farming: A Good Mix”       “Cancer Drugs: Wanted But Illegal”

Info from Vita-Zyme (Mucos Pharmaceutical)

Little Horn State Bank 60th Anniversary Open House Program (1979)

Certificate to HWW for help with Shriners Hospital (12-18-75 & 3-31-72)

Certificate to HWW for Life Membership to Royal Order of Scotland (’72) 

Payroll Sheet for Juanita L. Willcutt (1976) 

Folder from BBHC containing Certificate as a Patron to BBHC, thank you letter for contribution of $500, receipt, and stickers

Folder MS98.03.21: "1913 Map Details Early Ranch Enterprises", April 29, 1976Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.22: National Cattlemen's Assoc.  Charter Member Certificate, 1978Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.23: Sheet Music for "Wyoming on Parade" by E. H. MentzerAdd to your cart.
Inscribed personally to HWW from the composer
Folder MS98.03.24: Sheet Music for "Songs of the Gay '90s" from Cole's Universal LibraryAdd to your cart.
Series 4: HWW & Son PartnershipAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.25: Willcutt & Son Inventories and Sales , 1944 - 1949Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.03.26: HW Willcutt and SonAdd to your cart.

Elsie, Sr, and Jr’s statements of assets and liabilities (1951)

Payments on Indian leases (Grapevine) – Dec. 1, 1950 ($28, 428.03)

Assets and liabilities (1948-49)

HWW & Son Statement of Assets and Liabilities (1946-49)      Operations (1946-49)       Cattle Inventory (1946-49)

Elsie’s Statement of Assets and Liabilities (1946-49)       Operations (1946-49)       Cattle Inventory (1946-49)       Income Taxes

Misc. inventories, tax returns, business records, and trial balances (‘46- ’50) 

Letter from Meyer and Chapman State Bank regarding dissolution, etc. 

Info for sale of North Side Ranch (Jun 30, 1949) 

Angela Ranch info (Mar 18, 1949) 

Sr, Jr, and Elsie’s net income and taxes for 1948 

Roy Chambers Co. (Men’s Clothing and Furnishings) operations summary (Jun 23, 1949)

Folder MS98.03.27: AgreementsAdd to your cart.

Mortgages for HWW & Son and Elsie (1945, 46) with Chapman

Sales Deposit Receipt & Agreement between Willcutts and Safeway for 3 lots in Hardin for $11,500

Assignment of brand from Sr. to Jr. for mill iron

All original bills of sale in dissolution of HWW & Son (1951)

Folder MS98.03.28: HW Willcutt & Son "Deal on split of partnership"Add to your cart.
Initial statement of "Capital Acct."
Folder MS98.03.29: Dissolution of partnershipAdd to your cart.

Correspondence on Dana Lease on Crow Res. (1950)

Lockie land situation (1950)

Correspondence regarding F.Z. (Snooks) Owen’s debt to HWW

Notice of Dissolution of Partnership (between Sr. and Jr.) – Dec. ’50

P.L. 303 – 81st Congress (H.R. 2170) – Act authorizing changes in the classification of Crow Indians regarding the competency of Indians who are born to competent parents (approved Sept. 8, 1949)

Folder MS98.03.30: Dissolution of PartnershipAdd to your cart.
Notice of… Bill of Sale (Sr. to Jr.)
Folder MS98.03.31: Willcutt's "MBB File"Add to your cart.

Gift Tax Returns (Elsie M. Willcutt to HWW) ---- 1956, 55, 59, 53 ---- between $30,000 – 40,000 cash gifts 

Letter from HWW Sr. estate lawyers regarding back taxes on estate 

Letter to IRS regarding the partnership dissolution between HWW Sr. and HWW Jr. with the father saying the son “would break the whole outfit.”  3-14-57 (dissolution occurred in 1950) 

Letter from HWW Jr. to HWW Sr. regarding his reasons (father not putting Jr.’s name on leases) for wanting dissolution (9-16-49) 

Letter from Jr. to “To Whom It May Concern” regarding discussion with his father who he claimed “would do everything in his power to break me…” 

Letter from lawyer of Sr.’s estate concerning a visit from IRS agent looking into back taxes on partnership 

Contract of Dissolution between Sr. and Jr. closing 12-31-50 

HWW Sr. Estate       Cash receipts and disbursements (1953 - Mar. 30, 1954)         Statement of Income and Expenses (Jan 1 – Jun 30, 1954) 

Order by 13th Judicial District Court regarding Sr’s estate and Jr. as executor 

Jr’s cattle sales for 1954, including statement of income and expenses for 1953 

Receipt for gift from Elsie M. Willcutt to Jr. for $38,000 (Dec 15, 1955) 

Elsie M. Willcutt’s “Estate Inheritance & Gift Tax” (1955-56) 

HWW & Son’s “Trial Balance Dec. 31, 1950” ---- Assets & Liabilities 

HWW Sr. Estate (all transferred to Jr. – Jun 30, 1954) 

HWW Sr. Estate cattle inventory (Jun 30, 1954) 

Final Account & Petition for Distribution (HWW Jr. v. Nettie Thompson / Dorothy Pawlitschek) 

Sr Estate (Assets & Liabilities) 

Agreement (Elsie & Jr.) ---- Elsie sells interest in Sr’s estate to Jr. ($76,000) 

Sr. Estate (Journal Entries, Transfers, Assets & Liabilities) 

Bill for Sr.’s estate accounting ($500) 

Letter from Morton B. Boynton to Jr. concerning Jr.’s thriving business in livestock ranching (Jun 27, 1954) 

Letter from Morton B. Boynton to Jr. concerning Sr.’s estate – finishing the settlement (Jun 27, 1954) 

Assessment on Sr’s estate 

Sr’s Cattle Sales for 1953 

Jr’s Cattle Sales for 1953 

Elsie’s Cattle Sales for 1953 

Elsie’s Cash Account (Sept 30, 1953)

Box 4Add to your cart.
Series 1: EmployeesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.01: Correspondence - Employees, 1950-1961Add to your cart.

Albert J. Talbot (cook) – applying for 1950 position

Mary M. Gustin (cook)

Buster Cashen (hand) – HWW sent him money and offered a horse

Gladys Steffen (cook) – applies but has a small boy (NO)

Cashen and John Burleson (part-time)

Delmer (Corky) Bobbitt (haying in the summer)

Mary McCullum (housekeeper) let go by HWW in 1951

Dan Reardin (line camp job – “year around” - $125/month)

Billings Gazette (1951) – ad for cook ($125/mo. for 5-10 men)

Cashen – HWW sending him to Antler for the Fall roundup

Barney and Maxine Warp (hand and cook - $300/month together)

Dr. Spratt on William Mills’ condition (HWW paying med. bills – ’51)

Vera Simpson (cook)

Beulah Riffil (cook) – HWW picked her up on Sept. 15, 1951

Burleson died, etc.

Beckwith Employment Bureau (Jane Myhre for cook & looking for person to fill “cat-skinning job”) 

Ollie Kitchel (irrigation and milking cows) 

Dee Flamm (cook) – possible replacement 

Lottie Barton (cook) 

Charlie Carr (hand) – HWW wants if he can “leave other people alone” and if you are sober” 

Crystal Ford (cook) – HWW sent sarcastic letter after she left!! (’53) 

McHarg’s Employment Service – HWW looking for cook (’53) – “There is no woman boss…” 

Dr. Spratt caring for Dan Maddox (HWW guardian) 

Ray Rutherford’s estate ($153.14) – worked for HWW for years 

William Mills died in 1954 (HWW covered hospital/funeral expenses for seven years) ---- sister wrote inquiring from Tennessee 

SS Admin. regarding HWW’s 74 year-old family school teacher (1955) 

Flossie Tipke (cook) 

Dick Heller, Jr. (hand) - $200/mo. or $8/day (1956) 

teachers, cooks, etc., etc. 

Joyce Harmon (teacher) - $325/mo. 

Mr. Charles Carr (teacher) – hospital bills for severe burns (1958) 

Walter Secrest (hand) wants to use his own horses, and HWW says it is OK as long as they are “broke to a rope corral…” 

Bill Forney (handle machinery) - $300/mo. for farm and hay operations 

Wanda Whitman (cook) her letter and HWW response seeking references and a photo! 

BIA recommendation for Leo Plain Feather 

Paul Ramette’s medical records / hospital bill 

Ken Wheeler (college kid wanting summer work) – 1960 

Insurance claim on Richard Heller accident with horse (1960) 

Proposition by Junior Smith for HWW to finance ranch (NO)

Folder MS98.04.02: William A. Scruggs (Foreman for HWW and ran cattle with HWW)Add to your cart.

Payment plan to Scruggs for land

Tax statements (1954, 55, 59, 61-66)

Receipts (cattle, hospital, misc.)

Records for 1955

Folder MS98.04.03: Estate of William Scruggs (worked for HWW for 32 years)Add to your cart.

Mabel (from Las Vegas, NM) to HWW and Juanita appointing HWW as executioner of Scruggs estate (1970) 

District Court Receipt of Estate of Scruggs 

Determination of Heirship and Closing of Scruggs estate 

Estate Tax Info

Folder MS98.04.04: Employer/Employee Tax Statements , 1976Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.05: Payroll (Carpenters for farm)Add to your cart.

Richard Mielke ($3.90/hr)

Cecil Watson ($4.40/hr)

James Clawson ($4.40/hr)

John Brennan ($4.40/hr)

Michael Hutzenbiler, Jr. ($2.15/hr)

Harold Muessig ($4.90/hr)

Folder MS98.04.06: Industrial Accident Board / AuditsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.07: Correspondence - EmployeesAdd to your cart.

Tax forms 

Dept. of Labor regulations 

HWW to Chairman of Natl. Hotels Property Ltd., requesting that two of the employees come as guests to the ranch from Jamaica because of the Willcutt’s vacation to Jamaica 

Louisa Clarke to Willcutts regarding her visit to the ranch from Jamaica 

Calvin Wright to Willcutts regarding his visit to the ranch from Jamaica 

Willcutts to Louisa and Calvin regarding employment on the ranch 

Mary Jane to Juanita

Folder MS98.04.08: Occupational Injuries & Illnesses - Yearly ReportAdd to your cart.

Ag. Stabilization and Conservation Service Newsletter and Feed

Grain, Wheat, Upland Cotton, and Rice Programs (Apr. 1976)   Record Keeping Requirements Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970

Folder MS98.04.09: BondAdd to your cart.
Bond on Dorothy Holmes Pawlitschek (HWW secretary) for $5,000 and guardianship of her two daughters
Folder MS98.04.10: Workman's Compensation (Northwestern Insurance, Employer's and Employees' ClaimsAdd to your cart.

Poncho Half (5-28-81) – sprained ankle while working cattle in the corral

David Plenty Hoops (10-30-80) – caught his finger between the chute and a cow 

Thomas Manning (6-21-80) – hives from chopping weeds 

Elizabeth C. Baker (4-14-80) – she (ranch cook) was bucked off her horse 

Robert Spiker (10-4-79) – cut his thumb while trimming trees 

James Real Bird (6-2/3-79) – gate his knee and then the next day a cow kicked the same knee

Jane Waldene Patterson (10-30-78) – she (ranch cook) cut her finger while cooking 

James A. Carlat (8-14-78) – poison ivy 

J.P. Hayes (7-16-78) – flash burn to both eyes while welding with a crack in his helmet 

Marjorie L. Baldwin (1-27-78) – fell off ladder onto cooking range while cleaning 

Marty Gower (10-3-77) – horse rolled over him 

John Bailey (7-15-77) – wind blew sand into his eye (abrasion) 

George William Fox (4-27-77) – bucked off horse

Folder MS98.04.11: Workmen's Comp  (Quarterly Reports), 1963 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.12: Social Security, 1973 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.13: W-2 forms and Correspondence, 1966 - 1977Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.14: Little Mountain Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return, 1977 - 1978Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.15: Mill Iron Employer's Quarterly Gederal Tax Return, 1970 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.16: Mill Iron Employer's Unemployment Tax (State and Federal), 1979-1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.17: Mill Iron - Department of Revenue - Abandoned Property Bureau, 1973 - 1979Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.18: Little Mountain Land Co.Add to your cart.
Tax info and secretarial assignments (1974-78)
Folder MS98.04.19: Stan Lynde (creator of comic strip "Rick O'Shay" - from Lodge Grass, MT)Add to your cart.
Christmas card and newspaper clippings Comic strip with mention of Mill Iron Ranch
Series 2: LivestockAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.20: Livestock Sales, 1933 and 1938Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.21: Livestock Correpondence, 1949 - 1956Add to your cart.

Bean Robinson (Mineral Wells, TX) – wanted yearling heifers in 1950

WH Reilley (VP of Meyer and Chapman State Bank) – 1950

John Shonsey (VP of Live Stock National Bank in Omaha, NE) – bought yearlings in 1949 

Earl Weisenberger (Scott City, KS) – yearling steers 

Shonsey – bought 500 heifer calves in 1950 

Ruby E. Carlsen (Willcutt) living in Oakland 


A.M. Henderson (Omaha, Neb.) – yearling steers in 1950 

Shonsey, etc… 

Jr. to Leo Plainfeather (gift of filly) on Apr. 9, 1951 

Don Slade (c/o Valley Ranch in Cody, WY) – in April of 1951 for saddle horses ($125/head) 

Robert and George Lazear (WY Hereford Ranch in Cheyenne) – buy bulls 

W.S. Brooks (Hardin, MT) – in 1951, looking for teams and insecticide 

Emery Lufkin (Cooke City, MT) - horses 

Harry Brainard (Manhattan, MT) – bulls 

M.H. Tschirgi, Campbell Farming Corp. (Wyola, MT) – need range for cows 

Shonsey – offer (28 cents for dry cows, 26 cents for wet) to sell 

Shonsey – informing HWW of Johnson bulls from Iowa 

Lazear – yearling bulls (’52) 

Shonsey – Johnson & Johnson bulls (’52)

Lazear – informing that most bulls are spoken for (6666, Oregon) HWW orders 30 for 1953 and 30 for 1954

Truman Essex (Morehead, MT) - contract to sell Willcutt (100) cows

Mactier Bros. (Livestock Commission Co. – Omaha) – sold 52 HWW heifers Lazear – bulls (Oct. 30, 1952)

Ralph Hilyard (Cumberland, Iowa) – bulls

Essex – posts (late 1952)

Lazear – delivery and list of bulls (Feb. 1953)

Lazear – order for 1954 bulls

Essex – cows

Shonsey – calves

Lazear – 1954 bulls (HWW does not like “red necks” on the Herefords) 

Tschirgi – turning out cows on his land (850 head) 

Lazear – 1955 bulls 

United Pacific Insurance Co. – livestock lost in electric light pole holes (1954) 

Shonsey – heifer calves 

Lazear, Shonsey, Essex, etc., etc. (1955) 

Producers Livestock Marketing Assoc. (Billings Public Stockyards) – loss on steers 

Lazear (1956), Essex, etc… 

Lindley Livestock Commission Co. (1955) 

Belgrade Vet Hospital (letter about drugs to stop frothy bloating) 

Brucellosis tests (1956)    quarantine 15 out of 265 bled 

E.H. Reimann (Park City, MT) – HWW looking for a milk cow 

Essex – HWW looking for a camp cook (George Stimpson’s father-in- law) 

Shonsey – yr. heifers (16 cents – avg. 550 lbs.)    HWW ---- “…if they are not satisfactory you can give me h—l, and maybe we can do better next time.” 

Tobe Stovall (Worden, MT) – found bull with mill iron brand 

Essex (10-2-56) – HWW / Cheyenne and controversy on “preference rights for buying tribal lands – advising on coming back to Crow country 

Leo W. Wuerl to HWW telling him that he sells only “old and worn out” cows in MT while “any young stuff” is sold out of state 

Dale S. Petit (HooDoo Ranch in Cody) – bought 224 steers in 1956 

Leo W. Wuerl (Great Falls, MT) – Leo sold an HWW cow that HWW bought in 1941 and by knowing the brands, HWW remembered her when  Wuerl wrote about her in 1956! 

Essex (1956)

Folder MS98.04.22: Correpondence - feed & salt, 1949 - 1960Add to your cart.

cottonseed cake pellets (John R. Jirdon Industries – Morrill, NE)

alfalfa seed (Paul Mullen c/o Coop Grange League Federation Exchange – Buffalo, NY) 

Jirdon (yellow corn, soybean meal, N. bean meal, cottonseed, molasses, salt, and Vit-A-Way (vitamin and mineral fortifier)) 

grocery list 

“Good & Bad Grasses” 

HWW order of Mondo “grass” for “an experiment” (Mondo Grass & Nursery Co. – Biloxi, Miss.) 

Special calf feed formula (Coop Grange…) 

“Animal Fats and Proteins Make A Big Difference In Livestock Feeds” 

US Dept of Ag (seed verification service) 

Salt (Morton Salt Co.) 

HWW inquiry into “Brome grass” to Mullen & response 

USDA Prod. and Marketing Admin. Big Horn County Handbook (’50) 

Nixon & Co. (Omaha) – HWW bought feed locally from here when not going to Buffalo, NY)

Folder MS98.04.23: Livestock Tally , 1958 - 1973Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.24: CK Ranch Bull Sale Program (Hereford), 1958Add to your cart.
10 bulls / average $1,425.00
Folder MS98.04.25: Calves Purchased - Secrest (Joint venture with HWW), 1961Add to your cart.
1/2 profit = $1,517.49
Folder MS98.04.26: Calves Purchased - Owen (Joint Venture with HWW), 1961Add to your cart.
1/2 profit = $2,943.84
Folder MS98.04.27: Bills of SaleAdd to your cart.
Horses and Cattle
Folder MS98.04.28: Grazing Contracts, 1961 - 1978Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.29: Purchase Receipts, 1974 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.30: Livestock Sales Contracts, 1950 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.31: Sales Receipts, 1974 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.32: Shipping Data, 1950 - 1966Add to your cart.
Burlington route (Colorado & Southern Railway Co.)
Folder MS98.04.33: Cattle Tally, 1977 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.34: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.
“A Wish From Montana” (poem) Loan Slip for $2,914.20 between HWW to Emmett & Rena Davisson (May 11, 1962)
Folder MS98.04.35: Livestock Correspondence, 1961 - 1965Add to your cart.

CK Ranch (Brookville, KS) – HWW bought bulls

Lazear – HWW sent back bulls & Lazear response (1961)

Lazear – further response

CK Ranch – 15 bulls ($12,600 – 1961)

HWW to Jack Vanier (CK Ranch) – changing over from WHR to CK (1961) 

4-H to HWW – thank you for calf donation 

Shonsey – heifers (1961) – 323 head/$44, 147.10 

State of MT Livestock Sanitary Board to HWW in regards to Brucellosis (HWW’s herd is one of 64 herds out of 27,000 herds in MT which is under quarantine – 1962) 

“Movement of animals from infected herds” and letter from George Wright (Dist. Deputy State Vet) 

4-H to HWW regarding donation of calf 

Quarantine Investigation Release (1962) 

CK Ranch – bulls (1962, 64, 65) 

Clarence Bobbitt – wants yearling fillies 

HWW from Buck Weaver Ranch (Sheridan, WY) – heifers 

Kern County Land Co. – steers (2 yr.) – 1965

Folder MS98.04.36: Bills of SaleAdd to your cart.
Horses (1970-75) Cattle (1945-46)
Folder MS98.04.37: Cattle Tallys, 1947 - 1963Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.38: The Billings Gazette - "Video auctions Expand Cattle Markets", May 1, 1988Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.39: Newspaper clipping of Schedule for Burlington Route TrainAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.04.40: The Billings Gazette - "Big Sale displays Demand for Cattle", December 9, 1987Add to your cart.
Box 5Add to your cart.
Series 1: FarmAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.01: Wheat Allotments, 1949 - 1965Add to your cart.

1360 acres of farmland (including map) 1955-57 (peak) between 130-170 allotted for wheat 

1956 Ag. Conservation Program Handbook for Big Horn County

Folder MS98.05.02: Cloud Seeding Agreement, 1951Add to your cart.
“for the purpose of conducting a program of artificial nucleation and cloud modification for the purpose of increasing natural precipitation”
Folder MS98.05.03: Wheat Samples, 1954Add to your cart.
Grain inspection certificates
Folder MS98.05.04: Grain, Hay, Feed CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.

Custom Built Feeds (Culbertson, MT)

Fox Oil Co. (Hardin, MT)

MSU Ag. Experiment Station – pellets (Nov.-Dec. 1969)

Idaho Current Information Series (May 1969, Mar. ’70, May ’71)    Discussing alfalfa pollinators (i.e. Alfalfa Leafcutter Bee) 

HWW to Eddie Hope (Otter, MT) regarding the drought and grasshopper problem with his oats (Aug. 2, 1965) 

MT State Entomologist to HWW regarding weevil control in the alfalfa (June 26, 1964) 

HWW to and from John R. Jirdon Industries (Morrill, NE) regarding cottonseed pellets and protein and mineral blocks

Folder MS98.05.05: Feed Purchases, 1949 - 1967Add to your cart.
Nixon & Co.   Jirdon Industries   Campbell Farming Corp.
Folder MS98.05.06: Insurance, 1963 - 1967Add to your cart.
Grain, Hay, and Feed Insurance
Folder MS98.05.07: Wheat Allotment, 1965 - 1968Add to your cart.
aerial photos of farm range
Folder MS98.05.08: Grasshopper SprayingAdd to your cart.
MT Dept. of Ag’s “Grasshopper Adult Survey” Woodrow Ekegren (County Agent for Coop Extension Service) announcing a meeting to discuss grasshopper spraying (Feb. 25, 1974)
Folder MS98.05.09: The Billings Gazette - "Hay expected to hit $100"Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.10: Census of Agriculture , 1969 , 1971 , 1974 , 1978Add to your cart.

1978 Census of Agriculture Form, completed by Juanita Willcutt

Information Sheet 1978 Census of Agriculture

Juanita W to Director of Bureau of the Census: inability to complete   census form on time due to death of HWW

Bureau of the Census to HWW; 2 cover letters bearing instructions on filling out the census—due date, personal ID #, etc.

1974 Census of Agriculture, Official Report Form

Instruction Sheet for Form 74-A1, 1974 Census of Agriculture

MT Crop & Livestock Reporting Service—5 letters regarding accuracy In reportage during Fall Acreage and Production survey of 1974

1971 Survey of Specialized Agriculture, File Copy—3 letters and a correction slip attached; (Willcutt failed to fill out this survey out, the court letters request that he do so) 

1971 Survey of Specialized Agriculture, File Copy 

1969 Census of Agriculture 

2 copies 1969 Census of Agriculture, File Copy 

Leaflet Guide to the 1969 Census of Agriculture 

Postage-Paid Envelope addressed to Director of the Bureau of the Census

Series 2: Water / IrrigationAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.11: Irrigation Laws of MontanaAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.12: Grapevine Ranch Water rights & PumpsAdd to your cart.

Notices of Appropriation of the waters of Big Horn River (Mar. 29, ’56)

Cover letter from Hibbs to Campbell regarding 1956 appropriations

Folder MS98.05.13: Pump (Grapevine Ranch), 1965 - 1966Add to your cart.
Subcontract agreement, etc.
Folder MS98.05.14: Water Rights - Wells and SpringsAdd to your cart.

Notice of Completion of Groundwater Appropriation w/o Well (June ’61)

Culligan Water Analysis Report (July 1967)

Hibbs to Bill Willcutt regarding institute sponsored by the State Bar of MT which discussed the adjudication of water rights in MT (May 2, 1980) 

Kronmiller (attorney) to Juanita regarding Campbell Farming Corp water rights claim (July 23, 1981) 

Notice of Completion of Groundwater Appropriation w/o Well (Nov. 19, 1971) 

Notice of Water Appropriation (Aug. 30, 1941) and also newspaper article “State Can Divvy Tribal Water” 

Blank copies of “Notice of Completion” and “Declaration of Vested Groundwater Rights” 

Notice of Completion (1953-71)

Series 3: CrowAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.15: "An Indian Prayer" from St. Ignatius Mission, MTAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.16: Declaration of Allegiance to the Govt. of the US by the North American IndianAdd to your cart.
Signed Feb. 22, 1913 at Fort Wadsworth, the site of the National Indian Memorial
Folder MS98.05.17: Crow Reservation AssociationAdd to your cart.

Hearings before the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs of the Committee on Interior & Insular Affairs in House of Reps. on H.R. 2381 (Oct. 18, 1957 at Crow Agency, MT) ---- Assoc. IN SUPPORT 

(3) Memorandums on S-3698 – A bill to repeal paragraph #1 of Sec. 2 of the Act of June 4, 1920 (41 Stat. 751), and to validate “Certain Conveyances” 

Minutes of Meeting of Crow Tribal Council (May 2, 1959) 

Notice of Crow Tribal Council Meeting (Dec., July, and May) 

Letter from Wayne N. Aspinall (Chairman on Committee on Interior & Insular Affairs – House of Reps.) asking for suggestions  on the heirship land problems on Indian reservations & questionnaire 

Copy of Resolution No. 201 passed by Crow on May 2, 1959 

“Facts Concerning Sec. 2 of 1920 Allotment Act, If Repealed”

“Results of Sec. 2 of Crow Allotment Act Is Repealed & Previous Titles Validated” 

Memo of Minutes from Meeting held in Hardin on Dec. 23, 1957 

Crow Bill correspondence 

Letter from Sec. of Interior to John Shonsey of the Omaha National Bank regarding Crow Indian land sales in MT (’57) 

Break-down of disbursements of funds of Crow Res. Assoc. 

Letter from Burke, Hibbs & Sweeney to HWW regarding Crow Bill 

Letter to members of executive committee of Crow Res. Assoc. from Burke regarding Crow Bill 

Letter from James Haley (Chairman of Subcommittee on IA) to Burke regarding petition to Crow Bill (H.R. 2381) 

Letter sent to each member of the House of Interior & Insular Affairs Committee “regarding legislation for clarification of land titles in MT and urging an early hearing.” 

Letter from Leroy Anderson (Congressman of MT) to Burke regarding his actions in Congress with hearing proposal 

Sec. 2 (what the Assoc. is fighting – limits to amount of land able to have on reservation) 

Bill introduced to Congress on 1-7-57, amending Act of June 4, 1920 which provided for allotment of Crow lands 

Letter from Hardin, MT Chamber of Commerce who passed resolutions urging the passage of S-332, which is the repeal of Sect. 2 of Crow Act of 1920 

Letter and telegrams from Burke, Senator Murray and Senator Mahoney announcing the passage of S-332 (Mar. 12, ’57) 

(2) Letters from Burke to Crow Res. Assoc. regarding his meeting with Haley’s stepson 

Letter from Burke to Crow Res. Assoc. regarding Senator Charles Murray and progress of affairs in Congress 

Letter from Sen. Murray 

H.R. 2381 – amending Act of June 4, 1920 providing for allotment of lands 

Burke to Crow Res. Assoc. announcing the death of S-3698, which would have validated all previous sales of Crow land (Aug. 3, 1956) 

Burke to CRA, update correspondence on S-3698 

Letter from Edward P. Whitman (Chairman of Crow Tribe) stating that they support S-3698 as long as the Tribe retains mineral rights to concerned land, which is true – so Crow favor S-3698 

Burke to CRA, update correspondence on S-3698 stating unanimous

Burke to CRA, update stating passage of S-3698 in Senate 

Correspondence between Marshall and Mahoney (2 telegrams) – (5-22-56) 

Senator Murray to Burke informing of introduction of S-3698 – (4-23-56) 

List of landholders on Crow (acres (total=237,097.09), dues, assessment, paid amt., amt. owing, and whether they have a signed declaration) 

Burke to HWW announcing Crow Council’s passing of a resolution to validate all titles which might be affected by Sec. 2 of Act of 1920 and discussion of subsequent actions in Washington (Apr. 17, ‘56)   Copy of resolution by Crow “repealing certain provisions of Sec. 2 of Act of 1920 (Apr. 14, 1956) 

“Resolution In Regard To Land Sales on Crow Reservation” 

“Declaration of Purposes” by Crow Reservation Association 

Letter from CRA to all landowners on Crow announcing the severity of Sec. 2, asking for their membership to CRA & asking for dues of 10 cents per acre to help with lawyer fees 

List of names and acreage of landholders on Crow

Folder MS98.05.18: Crow Tribal CouncilAdd to your cart.

Newspaper articles from Billings Gazette

      “Roaming Cattle: Trouble for Everyone”

      “Small Ranchers Tell of Harassment”

       “Indians Win A Round Against Ranchers” (June 22, 1975)

       “Signs of Change”

        “Indians Question Pioneer’s ‘Virtues’” (article on HWW – June 25, 1975) 

         “Group Fights Indians’ Special Treaty Rights”

           “Intertribal Group to Attend Anti-BIA Conference”

         “Must Be New Economics”

Resolution No. 74-19, in request of IA to refuse leasing of trust lands to HWW and for other purposes (unanimously passed on April 13, 1974)

Petition to Congress “to enact a law that will make valid a lease” with 51% or more of the owners’ agreement, instead of 100% (amendment to 25 U.S.C. 380, of which is included)

BIA to HWW charging HWW with trespassing ($1/head of livestock - $9 on Sept. 9, 1975 and $25 on Aug. 28, 1975)

Frank Ironhead to Realty Officer regarding the Crow revoking his application to sell his interest in allotment #2568 (Sept. 20, 1972)

Questionnaire “to accompany negotiated sales assembly” (form filled out by buyers of Indian lands)

Realty Specialist to Frank Ironhead in response to Sept 20 letter regarding paperwork to be filled out for purchase and announcement of the cancellation of a negotiated sale to Nelvette R. Siemion (Oct. 5, 1972)

Frank Ironhead to Realty Specialist regarding his intentions with the land on the Grapevine Creek and how he intends to buy the other interests and inquisition into other land he owns

Super to Ironhead announcing the Crow’s placement of Ironhead’s application in the inactive file because the other interests do not wish to sell their part to Ironhead and instead, a couple of them agreed to sell to Siemion. (Nov. 8, 1972)

Petition of Appeal made by Frank Ironhead to Super (Nov. 15, 1972)

Asst. Area Director (BIA) to Ironhead in response to Ironhead’s petition for appeal (Dec. 22, 1972) with note from Hibbs to HWW

Subchapter L – Leasing and Permitting with note to HWW from Hibbs

Ironhead to Range Conservationist of Crow requesting a permit to graze livestock on allotment #2568 (White Buffalo) of which he owns 504/648 interest! (June 20, 1973)

Playfair (Range Conservationist) to Ironhead in response to Ironhead’s to graze stating the proper compensation to the other 3 heirs and that the allotment allows 3.5 acres per cow and each cow month of grazing should be worth $5

Realty Officer to Siemion regarding the transfer of the trust patent (#2331/80 acres) which has been recorded/filed to Siemion (Oct. 16, 1973)

Ironhead to Super objecting to the sale of part of his allotment to Siemion and what Siemion plans to do with the land even though he owns very little interest

Cecilia Half Plainfeather (owns 1/648) to Super proposing that #2568 be put up for lease to either Siemion or HWW instead of keeping it for “owner’s use” (Jan. 1974)

Hibbs to HWW proposing that Plainfeather send above letter to the Super.

Hibbs to HWW regarding Ironhead/Siemion leasing and the Crow Leasing Act

Resolution barring HWW from leasing tribal lands (Apr. 13, 1974) and accompanying letter from chairman of the tribal council (Apr. 2, 1974)

HWW’s response to Resolution (Apr. 12, 1974)

Henry Old Coyote (President of Native American Church) to HWW soliciting funds to help fight the opposition in bringing peyote from Texas, etc…

Another copy of the banning Resolution with a list attached of those “who made speeches at Council Meeting against HWW” – (John Hill, Pinky Dillon – Dewitt, Jiggs Yellowtail, Bear Don’t Walk, Robert Howe)

Cate & Lynaugh (lawyers for Siemion) to Hibbs regarding resolution against HWW in response to his alleged harassing of Siemion on White Buffalo allotment (buy out Ironhead and Plainfeather and also have HWW fix the destroyed fence) – April 19, 1974   Cate to Ironhead proposing to buy his interest in White Buffalo   Receipt of deposit made by Plainfeather for use of #2568   Siemion to HWW giving notice to “quit, vacate, and otherwise deliver up possession” of Crow land (April 29, 1974

) HWW to Siemion in response to Siemion’s claim of the land of which HWW paid for the leases until they expired on Dec. 1, 1977. HWW also warns that if Siemion tries to take possession, they will be treated as “trespassers” (May 3, 1974)

Hibbs to Cate responding to

Cate’s Apr. 19 letter (Ironhead selling to Siemion, destruction of the fence, and revoking the Resolution) – May 3, 1974   Receipt for grazing payment by Cecilia Plainfeather (1/648) on White Buffalo allotment

Cover letter for Right-of-way easement, stating among other things Bill Fox cattle = A4- = Nelvette Siemion

Fencing ordinance for the Crow Res.

Hibbs to Super regarding HWW’s road right-of-way negotiations

Hibbs to Super regarding different cattle (HWW’s and someone else’s) running in the same pasture – removed by HWW (May 1975)

Memo concerning Crow Law and Order Code

Folder MS98.05.19: Citizens' Rights Organization (Purpose: "to insure that all citizens shall achieve equal rights and bear equal responsibilities under the law"Add to your cart.

Crow Land and Order Code – “…to provide the machinery of law enforcement and administration of justice for the Crow”   Letter to members and prospective members of C.R.O. (1977) 

Hibbs, Sweeney & Colberg to White House regarding President Ford’s “…potential mistake in giving the Indians back their sovereignty….” 

H,S & C to HWW regarding US v Big Horn Low Line Canal et al (Mill Iron Cattle Co. and William J. Willcutt – unit defendants) 

Citizens’ Rights Newsletter (#2, March 1977) – purposes, goals, etc. 

Citizens’ Rights Newsletter (#3, May 1977) – Senate Joint Resolution #35 

H,S & C to clients in Tongue River & Big Horn River lawsuits (May ’77) regarding the proposed code that would extend “sweeping authority to Indian tribes to control waters in and that cross their reservations” 

H.R. 9054 – Native American Equal Opportunity Act 

C.R.O.’s “Did You Know That…” (Newsletter #4, Oct. 1977) 

Excerpt of a report on land use on the reservation, which is part of the overall self-determination plan ---- “Crow Land Use Planning Office Objectives To Be Attained By The Proposed Project” 

Receipt to C.R.O. ($600) – brochure on C.R.O.

Series 4: Yellowtail DamAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.20: US Dept of Commerce, Weather Bureau (Evaporation & Cooperative Station) record of evaporation and meteorological conditions for Yellowtail Dam project , July 1950-Aug. 1951Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.21: Yellowtail Dam ProjectAdd to your cart.

The EM – Kayan Magazine (Aug. 1963, Jun. 1965, Nov. 1965, May 1967) Each issue discusses the Yellowtail Dam construction in Big Horn Canyon, built by Morrison-Knudsen Co. (same company who publishes this magazine)

Report – “The Hardin Irrigation Unit: What it is and what it means to the landowner and the Crow Tribe” (Mar. 1966) - *In response to the completion of Yellowtail Dam

Yellowtail Unit – Missouri River Basin Project – US Dept of Interior (’60)

Copy of Hardin Tribune Herald (Dec. 31, 1964) discussing Yellowtail Dam and Recreation Area (includes map)

Railway Review (Chicago, Sept. 30, 1916) p. 436-48    Article discussing Yellowtail Dam

Copy of “Indian Resources Development Act of 1967” to provide for the economic development of the resources of individual Indians and Indian tribes

The Hardin Tribune-Herald(Oct. 12, 1961) – “Yellowtail Dam – First Year” Edition

The Billings Gazette (August 15, 1964 & July 15, 1961) – Yellowtail Dam Highlights  (Sept. 25, 1960) – “75 Years” Edition & Yellowtail Dam Highlights    (May 11, 1963) – “Forts & Trails of Old MT and WY” Edition    (May 26, 1962) – “History Makers of MT & WY” Edition Hardin Tribune-Herald (Oct. 12, 1961) – “Members of National Reclamation association many other dignitaries, to hear speeches by Udall, Dominy” (Yellowtail Dam)

Folder MS98.05.22: Yellowtail Dam – Bureau of Reclamation (Correspondence), 1961-67Add to your cart.

Map of proposed development

Hibbs to HWW informing HWW that “gravel is not a mineral” (1961)

Dept of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation to Hibbs regarding purchase of land, sand and gravel for Dam (1961) 

Land Purchase Contract 

Dept. of Interior, Regional Super of Irrigation to HWW regarding purchase of land “at its highest and best use” 

Land Purchase Contract (4-17-61) *Look at #8

  HWW to US Bureau of Reclamation stating Willcutts’ desire to keep the land sought by the US for mineral as it is due to its importance as a well-watered holding pasture 

Hibbs to Morrison Knudson & Co (Yellowtail) stating the importance of the land for water access to the Willcutt Ranch (1961) 

Hibbs to HWW regarding what the US will pay for the land 

Memo regarding Kathleen Sullivan Property adjacent to HWW property 

Hibbard to Hibbs regarding the appraisal of damage to HWW property after development of Yellowtail 

Hibbs to US Bureau of Reclamation regarding Willcutt Condemnation 

Modification of Lease between Sullivan’s and HWW (Jan ’62) 

HWW to Commissioner of Reclamation regarding the sale of land 

Hibbs to Bureau of Rec. regarding condemnation of HWW 

Bureau of Rec. to HWW stating their intention of narrowing the needed strip of land (Apr. 1962) 

HWW to Bureau of Rec. regarding price of land (2 letters)   Etc., etc, etc, (correspondence between HWW and Bureau of Rec.) 

Correspondence between HWW and Bureau of Rec. regarding placement of transmission line through HWW’s property and gravel pit 

Contract and Grant of Electric Transmission Line Easement (Oct. 1963) 

Correspondence regarding HWW Irrigation Pump to be installed by Bureau of Rec. and the effects of the Dam (June 30, 1965) 

Vouchers from Bureau of Rec. to HWW for damages to his property (’65) 

Affidavit by Juanita regarding title to land and cover letter by Bureau of Rec. 

Receipt to Little Horn State Bank for $29, 982 to HWW from Bureau of Rec. (June 16, 1966) 

Contract & Grant of Electric Transmission Line Easement (Apr. 23, 1966) 

Notice of Condemnation by US for 48.65 acres in Big Horn (Mar. 23, ’67) 

Bureau of Rec. to HWW giving HWW access to road across Dam to transport hay and cake for ranch (10-20-76)

Folder MS98.05.23: US Dept of Interior to HWW , Mar. 29, 1973Add to your cart.

packet of maps and draft statement of proposed

transpark road in Bighorn Canyon Natl Rec. Area (MT-WY)

Series 5: FinancesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.24: Financial Info on E.L. Dana (Mailed to HWW from Live Stock Natl. Bank)Add to your cart.

O.M. Kelly & Son (General Merchandise) sales slips (1932-33)

Credit File on Ed L. Dana of Parkman, WY (includes biography) and his co-ventures with De Ricqles of Denver.  Also, an article from newspaper on Dana’s shipment of cattle July 17, ‘17 and Aug. ’24 

Balance Sheet of E.L. and F.M. Dana (Cascade, MT) as of Nov. 30, 1937 

History of E.L. Dana Livestock Co. (Charles Miller, President and Manager) and financial information (Apr. 1937) 

Audit Reports of E.L. and F.M. Dana as of Dec. 31, 1936 through 1939 

Balance Sheet of Dana’s as of Nov. 30, 1937 

Credit File on the Dana’s (4-26-37 and 9-27-38) 

Balance Sheet of Dana’s as of Sept. 30, 1940, 1937, 1918, 1921, 1922, 1923   Responses to A.W. Pratt’s (Live Stock Natl. Bank) requests for credit info on E.L. Dana in the Fall of 1921   A.W. Pratt – “Mr. Dana is a splendid man, honorable, but not a very good business man…”   P.H. O’Neill (L.A.) – mentions disaster of venture with De Ricqles   Rosenbaum Bros. & Co. (Live Stock Commission Merchants)   David Kahn (The Bloom Shoe and Clothing Co.)   J.W. Denio Mill Co.   Diefenderfer – Dinwiddie Co.   Frank J. Heald   W.H. Spear   A.E. de Ricqles (Pres. Of American Live Stock & Loan Co.)   Sheridan Banking Co.   The Sheridan Natl. Bank   Bank of Commerce in Sheridan   “N.Q.” 

General Statement of Dana’s financial standing (1923)

Folder MS98.05.25: Gerharz, Allman & Co. (CPA)Add to your cart.
Cattle Tally (1945) Financial Statements for 1944 and 1945 Net Profit (1944) = $6,885.94 Net Profit (1945) = $37, 604.62
Folder MS98.05.26: Financial Correspondence , 1949-56 inclusiveAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.27: HWW, Jr. Financial Statement of 1951Add to your cart.
Net Profit (1951) = $62, 103.24
Folder MS98.05.28: Sr, Jr, and Elsie’s “Tax Refunds"Add to your cart.
“Overassessment” tax records – 1952 Income Taxes 1950, 51 “Deficiency” tax records – 1950 Copy of audits by IRS (1944-49)   Copy of audits by IRS (1945-48)   Copy of audits by IRS (1944-49)
Folder MS98.05.29: Depreciation Schedules , 1950-58Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.05.30: HWW Jr / Elsie M. WillcuttAdd to your cart.
Balance Sheets (Assets, Liabilities, etc) ---- 1952-58 Letter to Jr from lawyers regarding IRS audit in 1956
Folder MS98.05.31: Financial Correspondence , 1957-61Add to your cart.
Box 6Add to your cart.
Series 1: Finances cont.Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.01: Income tax Returns, 1968-1970Add to your cart.
Audits covering 1957, 58, 59, 67, 68, 69
Folder MS98.06.02: Financial correspondence , 1961- 1965Add to your cart.
Personal withdrawals for 1961 Stocks bought in Midland National Bank Bldg. in Billings (Jan. 1963) Purchase Agreement of stock in Little Horn State Bank (Apr. 29, 1963) Income tax on sale of ranch in 1963 Elsie’s medical expense statement for 1961 Cancellation of Cormier Bros. Check (Nov. 18, 1963) Financial Statement (Dec. 10, 1964)
Folder MS98.06.03: Depreciation Schedule, 1968Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.04: Financial Statements, 1971 - 1972Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.05: Little Horn State Bank "Copy of Co-signed Notes"Add to your cart.
“Continuing Guaranty” contract Notes for 1969-70 and 1974
Folder MS98.06.06: Woodard Loan, 1972 - 1973Add to your cart.
Little Horn State Bank (Hardin)   Hubert E. Woodard real estate loan ($100,000)   HWW (45/100 = $45,000)   Agreement (Mar. 22, 1972)
Folder MS98.06.07: LHSB "Notes Paid & DepositsAdd to your cart.
Mill Iron (1975-78)   Little Mountain (1975-78)   HWW Livestock (1975-78)
Folder MS98.06.08: Little Horn State Bank "Notes & Deposits", 1978 - 1983Add to your cart.
Little Mountain Acct. #100-9869 Estate Acct. #101-7446 Mill Iron Cattle Co. Acct. #100-3860
Folder MS98.06.09: Little Horn State Bank "Notes & Deposits" - Mill Iron & Little Mountain, 1978 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.10: ONB "Mortgages", 1950  - 1969Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.11: ONB "Notes Paid and Deposits", 1966 - 1967Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.12: Omaha National Bank "Correspondence", 1966 - 1978Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.13: Wilcutt, Harvey and Juanita (Monthly)Add to your cart.
Paid bills Pending Invoices HWW General Ledger (1977-78)
Folder MS98.06.14: HWW estate, 1978 - 1983Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.15: Income tax returns, 1971 - 1978Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.16: Gift tax returns, 1967 - 1976Add to your cart.
Ranch appraisal for Mill Iron Cattle Co.
Folder MS98.06.17: US Information Return, 1971 - 1976Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.18: Little Mountain Land Co., 1974 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.19: Mill Iron Cattle Co., 1969 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.20: Income Tax DataAdd to your cart.
Donation info to Salvation Army’s Gateway House – Battered Spouse Program (1983) Donation ($6,500) to Rev. Mackay (1984)
Folder MS98.06.21: Little Mountain Land Co. & Mill Iron Cattle Co. reviewed Financial Statements , as of Nov. 30, 1982 and 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.06.22: County Taxes and AssessmentsAdd to your cart.

Assessments lists for HWW estate by Big Horns County—1966, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1975, 1976 

Sharon Harlin, Assessor, to Juanita W: re/ HWW Estate Personal Property 

1981 County Tax Sheet—slip of adding paper attached 

Envelope (Harlin to JW & HWW) containing—2 Big Horn County 1976 Levies, City & School District Levies Mills and Supplemental Livestock Inventory

Dept of Revenue, Property Valuation Division: Notice of Change in Property Valuations (Mar 20 & Apr 2, 1980)

Dept of Revenue, Property Valuation Division: Notice of Change in Agricultural Land Classification & Grades (May 10, 1978) 

Pamphlet, “How are my property taxes determined” 

Hardin Herald (Nov 23, 1978) “You can forget this year’s tax” 

Big Horn County Levies, City & School District Levies (Mills) for 1972, 1977, and 1978

Dept of Revenue, Property Valuation Division: Notice of Change in Property Valuations (Apr 2, 1976) 

Hibbs, Sweeney, & Colberg to HWW (Sept 6 1973): re/ Green Belt Law 

Betty Whaley, Assessor, to HWW & JW (March 21, 1977): re/ shipping of    livestock Oct 16-18 1976

Dept of Revenue, Property Valuation Division to WJW: Notice of Change in Agricultural Land Classification & Grades (Aug 7 1978)

Dept of Revenue, Property Valuation Division to Mill Iron Cattle Co.: Notice of Change in Agricultural Land Classification & Grades (Aug 4, 1978) 

Classes & Grades for MT Agricultural Land Classifcation—1973

Supplemental Statement for Farm and Ranch Operations, issued by Dept of Revenue, 1978-80 

Assessment for 1968, 1977, 1980, 1981, plus supplemental agricultural forms 

Farm Improvements Appraisal Form 1969 

Tax Notices for Big Horn County, 1966-81 

Personal Taxes, 1966-81 

Notices of Delinquent Taxes, HWW, 1947

Folder MS98.06.23: TaxesAdd to your cart.

Assessment lists, 1959-1965

Tax Notices

Receipts of Payment

Personal Taxes

Notices of Delinquent Taxes, HWW, 1947

Folder MS98.06.24: Vehicle TaxesAdd to your cart.

Vehicle Assessment List 

Motor Vehicle License & Tax Receipt

Box 7Add to your cart.
Series 1: HWW Jr. Estate, Items from Billings Safety Deposit Box , Family History, Misc. PeriodicalsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.07.01: Estate of HWWAdd to your cart.
Reviewed Financial Statements as of Aug. 31, 1980 and 1979 (restated) Unaudited Financial Statements as of Aug. 31, 1979
Folder MS98.07.02: Mill Iron Cattle Co. and Little Mountain Land Co.Add to your cart.
Reviewed Financial Statements (Nov. 30, 1980 and 1979, 1979 and 1978)   Unaudited Financial Statements (Sept. 28, 1978 and Nov. 30, 1977)
Folder MS98.07.03: HWW & Juanita, December 31, 1977 and 1976Add to your cart.
Unaudited Financial Statements
Folder MS98.07.04: Little Mountain Land Co, Nov. 30, 1977 and 1976Add to your cart.
Unaudited Financial Statements
Folder MS98.07.05: HWW and Jaunita, Mill Iron Cattle Co., and Little Mountain Land Co., 1976Add to your cart.
Financial Statements
Folder MS98.07.06: Mill Iron and HWW/Juanita Financial Statements, 1973 through 1975Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.07.07: Tax Returns, HWW Estate, 1978 - 1983Add to your cart.

Galusha, Higgins, & Galusha to HWW Estate (19/12/79): analysis of time   Charges for Dec. 1978—Nov. 1979 

Galusha, Higgins, & Galusha bill for $1,300, paid 9/6/83 

IRS form letter to HWW estate, c/o Juanita: re/ refund check 

IRS letter confirming reception of letter from HWW estate—two notes by JW attached by staple

Form postcard from IRS to HWW estate c/o JW: re/ request for tax records

HWW Estate Tax Returns, 78-79 season to 82-83 season 

Receipts for certified mail; JW to MT Dept of Revenue 

Late Filing Penalty ($5.00), HWW Estate w/ pink slip confirming payment thereof

Little Horn State Bank to HWW Estate, declaration of agricultural interest paid to bank during 1980 

NY Life Insurance Co. to HWW Estate, declaration of interest earned on dividend reports

Folder MS98.07.08: Souvenir Program for 81st Annual Convention of MT Stockgrowers Assoc., May 22, 1965Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.07.09: "Documents taken from Safe Deposit Box in Billings"Add to your cart.

2 letters from “Dad” (Sr.) to “Mama” in Mesa, AZ (1940) 

C.C. Guinn to HWW regarding deed of Grapevine from E.L. Dana 

Mortgage of livestock by Elsie 

Credit slip for $12,000 to HWW from J.W. Chapman Inc. (Mar. 1, 1945) 

Collateral Slip for Elsie to obtain a loan

Folder MS98.07.10: HWW, Sr.Add to your cart.

Robert Yellowtail to HWW asking for assistance to pass his bill (S.1317) in the Senate and then in the House 

Affidavit of Ben Gardner of the Crow Tribe regarding his allotment #3227 and his leasing agreement with Clyde Lewis for 25 cents/acre (Apr. 12, 1949) 

Loan Slip to Mike Kuchera from HWW for $1,000 (3-29-47)

Correspondence between HWW and Gen. Thomas D. Campbell of Campbell Farming Corp. regarding the formation of a limited partnership for the grazing on “No.4” (Aug. 1947) 

Agreement between HWW and Lee Turley for sharing 9,200 acres in Unit 27 (formerly Unit 24A) on the Woody Creek in the Crow Res. (Oct. 3, 1950) 

Loan Slip to F.Z. Owen from HWW for $1,300 (2-10-48)

Folder MS98.07.11: Papers of HWW, Sr.Add to your cart.

Authorization & Power of Attorney by Sr. to Dr. Vernon W. Wolf  and Mrs. Edna B. Rainey (Aug. 8, 1952) 

Codicil to Last Will & Testament (providing $20,000 to Edna Rainey because of her “great personal sacrifices” (9-23-52) 

Employment Agreement between HWW and Rainey 


Warranty Deed to HWW from Walter O. Lee for town lot #9 in Hardin for $12,000 (Apr. 14, 1920) 

Certificate for 50 Shares in Pine Ridge Oil Co. (6-25-19) 

Certificate for 12 1/2 Shares in Pine Ridge Oil Co. (6-9-20) 

Deed to an Undivided Interest in Oil, Gas, and Other Minerals from William M. Lynde to HWW ---- 1/2 of 1% interest for $1 (Nov. 29, 1933) 

Certificate for 5 shares in Hardin Real Estate Trust to HWW (Dec. 4, 1918) 

Sr. to “Son and Mama” regarding what he wants to do with his money, the store, his livestock, and money to Rainey and the car to Everett Miller (voided 4 months later) – July 3, 1952

Folder MS98.07.12: HWW, Sr., 1940 - 1941Add to your cart.

Letter from Sr. to “Mama” (Nov. 27, 1940) 

Mortgage of 272 heifers by Elsie (Mar. 8, 1941) 

Sr. to “Mama” in Mesa, AZ (Nov. 1940)

Folder MS98.07.13: Elsie M. Willcutt, 1944Add to your cart.
Mortgage and Loan Slips from Chapman to Elsie
Folder MS98.07.14: LooseAdd to your cart.

The Record Stockman article “Campbell Canning Buys Part of Willcutt Ranch” (Oct. 26, 1967)  

The Hardin Tribune-Herald article “Services Held Here Monday for Elsie M. Willcutt” (Apr. 8, 1965) 

Las Vegas Optic article “William Scruggs Passes Away” (Mar. 31, 1970) 

Postcard/Photograph of Kendrik Hotel in Hardin, MT 

Misc. Notes

Folder MS98.07.15: Willcutt Family HistoryAdd to your cart.

“Harvey Willis Willcutt” autobiography

“The Willcutt Family” by Elsie M. Wodnik (article in Big Horn County Book – correlates with pictures from above #7 (#s in margins match #s on pictures) 

“Mill Iron Ranch History” by Mons L. Teigen, 1983 

“Campbell Farming Corp. Reunion,” July 24-5, 1999, Big Horn County Museum

Folder MS98.07.16: Zumwalt/Owen HistoryAdd to your cart.

3”x 5” b&w photo; portrait of Owen Family (parents and sons) outdoors

Photocopy of photo with note identifying subjects

8”x 10” b&w photo; portrait of Zumwalt-Owen extended family (siblings and spouses) outdoors 

Photocopy of photo with note identifying subjects 

The Zumwalt Family: An Interesting Recital of their Origin & History 

Photocopy of Hardin Tribune-Herald, Thur, Apr 23, 1953: “Pioneer Stockman of Old West Accorded Funeral Services at Church on Monday” (a factual error had been marked and explicated at length 

2nd photocopy of Hardin Tribune-Herald, Thur, Apr 23, 1953— “Pioneer Stockman of Old West Accorded Funeral Services at Church on Monday” (this copy unmarked, with different column lengths than the other) 

Photocopy of newspaper (Hardin Tribune-Herald?) photo with inset titled “Rodeo Queen & Attendants” (Rodeo Queen is Juanita Owen Turner) 

Photocopy of 3”x 5” photo of Owen family with description of subjects attached

Newspaper article, “Couple Live 61 Years in West Texas: Mr & Mrs J.R. Owens of San Saba are added to List of Pioneers”

Folder MS98.07.17: Poems and Pictures and ArticlesAdd to your cart.

6 lithographs drawn “on the range for the Cutter Laboratory by E.W. Thistlethwaste” 

“There’s No Place Like Home” by O. Lawrence Hawthorne 

“Ol’ Traveler and Me” by Mary Traub Malley 

“A Cowboy’s Ode to Montana” by Bob Garney 

“A Heaven in the Mountains” by Loujincy Polk 

“Don’t Quit” 

“Back in Miles City” by Loujincy Polk 

“Sunset on the Big Horns” by Loujincy Polk 

“Time Isn’t Long” by Loujincy Polk 

“Truth” by L. Polk 

“The Meanest Man In Town” by Ima Carouer 

“His Heritage” by Douglas Malloch 

“The Devil On Barnett Creek” by L. Polk 

“Montana” by Dorothy H. David 

“A Range Rider of the Yellowstone” by Lula A. Cobb (autographed) 

“Log Church Still Serves At Rosebud” (article on the St. Phillips Episcopal Church of Rosebud, MT) 

“The Round-Up Cook” by Jim Fischer 

The Montana Stockgrower’s 1933 newsletter

Folder MS98.07.18: Newspapers & MagazinesAdd to your cart.

Miles City Daily Star (May 24, 1934) – “Stockmen’s Golden Jubilee 1884-1934” Edition – 8 sections

The Billings Gazette (May 27, 1961) – “The Custer Story” Edition

The Hardin Tribune-Herald (1957) – “Golden Anniversary Edition – 50 Years of Progress”

The Billings Gazette (Jan. 8, 1958)

Rocky Mountain Empire Magazine (Dec. 12, 1948) – “Buffalo Hunt: 1948” (p. 5)

The Billings Gazette (May 26, 1962)—“History Makers of Montana & Wyoming”

The Billings Gazette (May 11, 1963)—“Forts & Trails of Old Montana & Wyoming”

Custer County Visitor’s Guide (published by the The Hardin Herald)

Harper’s Magazine (May 1949, Issue # 1186)

Psychology (Dec. 1929, Vol. XIII No.6)

The Magazine of Business (June 1928, Vol.LIII, No.6)

The Country Gentleman (Aug 1926)

Box 8Add to your cart.
Series 1: Ledgers and InsuranceAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.08.01: Box containing ledgersAdd to your cart.
Sheep a/c 1939, 40, 41 1939 1940 Journals (HWW & Son, HWW-sheep, EMW-cattle) 1942 1941 HWW & Son 1938 HWW & Son 1938-43 Sheets Prior to 1951 and 1950 to 1953 1940 to 1953 (scattered) HWW and Elsie sheets (1942-43)
Folder MS98.08.02: Ledger Book, 1944Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.08.03: Ledger for Willcutt EmployeesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.08.04: Insurance Service, Inc. (Hardin, MT), 1978 - 1981Add to your cart.
Policies, etc.
Box 9Add to your cart.
Series 1: Miscellaneous ItemsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.01: Tan-fringed Pendleton blanketAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.02: HWW's CheckbookAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.03: Shoebox of Pocketbooks, 1932, 1937 - 1969Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.04: Brown notebook with cattle tally notes, 1978 - 1981Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.05: Deck of miniature Playing CardsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.06: "Mill Iron Cattle Co." StampAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.07: Pocketbook of HWW (Including all credit cards, dirver's license, business and organizational cards, notes, numbers, etc.Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.08: Vigilante Days and Ways, 1969Add to your cart.
Mason book issued to HWW
Folder MS98.09.09: Seal Stamp for Mill Iron Cattle Co.Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.10: Fountain Pen (blue and silver)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.11: Fountain Pen (black and gold)Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.12: 2 agricultural sampler pens in leather casesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.13: Crow beaded/zippered purse labeled "Rainell White Shirt c. 1975" with explanation of its creation and beads inside the purse.Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.14: Black and white beaded bow tie labeled "Mrs. Leo Plainfeather", late 1950'sAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.15: Pair of beaded trim moccasins labeled "E. M. W."Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.16: Crow beaded gloves labeled "Sadie (Cecilia) Plainfeather - Mrs. Leo Plainfeather - late 1950's"Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.09.17: Crow beaded moccasins labeled "Rosalie, Daughter of Sam Birdintheground c. 1947"Add to your cart.
Box 10Add to your cart.
Series 1: Videos and SlidesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.10.01: Video - "Branding 1958"Add to your cart.
Bringing in the herd, taking the cavvy from the house pens, mess wagons, setting up, branding, lunch at the mess wagons, trailing the herd, driving the wagons
Folder MS98.10.02: 8 mm Film - "Branding 1958" (original)Add to your cart.
“From: Dick Heller, 2050 Martin Dr.  Medford, OR  97501”
Folder MS98.10.03: Willcutt Films - 1/2" editing copy - 60 minutes - copy of tape marked 8957 (5-22-89), 1950Add to your cart.

Start of spring branding – changing horses at noon – herd coming in – cutting the herd by brand – taking one cut to horse pasture and other to branding corral – crossing coulee – new herd – cutting – in corral – letting out some cows – making wood fire – changing horses at lunch – branding

  Cutting hay at Grapevine – side delivery rake – field of oats beyond alfalfa - ringing dinner bell – hands coming from bunkhouse to chow hall – baling hay – stacking – fields and pasture – houses – spring wheat – swathing oats – combining spring wheat

  Cavvy out for branding

  Fall shipping – Elsie on horse – camp – steers getting ready to corral – men coming back for lunch - weaning calves – about 3,000 coming into corral – trucks for shipping – bringing herd into corral for shipping

  Construction of Yellowtail Dam

  Moving cattle – wagons pulling out from back of cookhouse – shipping – inside cook tent – cavvy – branding – propane fire – turning loose – new bunch for branding – going back to camp

  Winter feeding – calves going to feedlot – feeding calves oats – late calves - artesian well #6 – going to hay – new bunch eating oats – calves drinking from well

  Mares and colts (June and July) – Kyak (stallion) – cows in Muddy Canyon – branding (1962)

Folder MS98.10.04: Edited and Unedited Order of Willcutt Films ( #'s 2 and 3) on yellow pad made by Juanita WillcuttAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.10.05: Audio cassette tape of Leo Plainfeather narrating the Willcutt Files (#'s 2 and 3) and it is transcribed on yellow pad as wellAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.10.06: "Life in Montana"  Video (Part 1, Tape 1)Add to your cart.

Juanita, Billy and Elsie playing in front lawn with dog

Trailing the herd – cutting the herd by brand – pushing the cut – camp and cavvy – lunch – bull – trailing the herd – cutting against the bluffs with cavvy in background – holding the cows and calves – making the fire – pushing the herd through the gate – branding – Elsie on horseback – Leo on horseback – lunch – branding – break – branding – trailing the herd and penning them – Elsie holding the horses and riding – branding – house and buildings and surrounding area – cavvy – Jr. picking out a horse and saddling for Billy and Elsie – sorting the herd – camp and cavvy – Jr. and kids - eating lunch – Jr. leading kids around the herd – standing outside camp and visiting – Billy and Elsie eating watermelon – distant shots of camp, cavvy, and canyon – close up of cavvy and pushing them into rope corral – changing horses – camp – cooking behind mess wagon – taking down camp – packing the wagons – hooking up the team and wagons – headin’ out – setting up again

Folder MS98.10.07: Black Slide Box (1961 & later)Add to your cart.

1961 fall shipping

1962 cavvy at branding

1962 roundup (camp and Muddy canyon)

1962 roundup wagon set up

Bill Scruggs at camp on horseback

Bill and Eric Mickelson branding

Billy and Eric branding

Elsie at Grapevine Rock Garden

Roundup cook (Cy Boldwin)

Camp and clean up

Lunch at camp, washing dishes

HWW and Juanita by the herd Cavvy

Elsie and Leonard Frost riding horseback

1962 trip with John Chapman

Folder MS98.10.08: Black Slide Box (1962 & later)Add to your cart.

Snow at Grapevine

Snow of 1964-65


1963 Round up

Wagons set up, cavvy, inside tent, branding

Burning old chicken house, flowers

1963 roundup, calf

Grapevine rock garden, wagon set up, cavvy

1962-66 Yellowtail Dam

Folder MS98.10.09: Black Slide Box (1984 & Sooner)Add to your cart.

1966 and ’69 shipping

1966 wagons pulling out and going to Gold Hill

Spring 1970 – dehorning calves – new corral at Muddy – house

1973 winter feeding, buildings/house

Muddy Canyon, deer at front of house, snow

Fall 1976 – scenes of buildings at Muddy Creek and area

Pens and houses 1

967 roundup – inside mess tent, crew, cavvy 1

978 Sunrise at Muddy (buildings) 1

980 Muddy buildings inside – Billy’s new house

Box 11Add to your cart.
Series 1: Photo BoxAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.01: Pictures of Juanita's Indian Village & inventory sheetAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.02: Photographic Scrapbook of House Belongings , Oct. 1979Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.03: Envelope containing 3 pictures of Henry Big Day , October 1973Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.04: Strip of film negatives of herd (buffalo or cattle in distance??) with teepee set up in one and cavvy, etc...Add to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.05: Box of negatives (on Grapevine and E. L. Dana)Add to your cart.

Wagon camp (5)

Wagon camp—Howard Pickard in front (2)

Wagon loaded (2)

Wagon interior (1 of chuck box, 1 of stove)

Cavvy & Camp (6)

Wagon Camp, cavvy—Grapevine (4)

Cavvy (7)


Saddling before cavvy (2)

Drive (3)

Drive—Vic (2)

Drive—Harvey (2)

Drive—Scruggs (1)

Drive—Blankenship (1)

Round-up—long shot (2)

Round-up (3)

Cutting (6)

Steer (2)

Herd crossing Grapevine, two riders

Folder MS98.11.06: Photos (Dana Outfit to Grapevine (before & after))Add to your cart.

Dana Outfit on Beauvais:  Bud Bird, Geo Burroughs, Vic Pippion, John Hammett, Sr., Jim   Lemon, Bill Scruggs, Nye Burnett, Jim Kincaid,Doc Patten, Broddie Saddler, Shorty Bliss, Jack Stovall, Jay Block,Vet Helper (and negative)

“Ready For A Fall Roundup in MT” (Dana Roundup coming from Pitchfork to HooDoo – Ole Coast and Jim Kincaid on chuck wagon and Sid Harvey on bed wagon)

Ranch House (before and after)

Jan. 1952 “Mom took about 3,000 head” 4 pictures

Willow Springs – Glenn on Pinto (Pinto was full brother to Powder (1 yr.older))

Folder MS98.11.07: Photos (Leonard Frost)Add to your cart.

Slide Area on Big Horn by Bull Elk Canyon (3)

Branding Corral by Commissory Spring (lt to rt: Billy Willcutt, Bill Scruggs, Emmett Other Medicine, ?, Will Jones, Joe Burke (riding), Rick Smith, Danny Plainfeather)

Cavvy and mess wagon and tents

Leonard Frost – Commissory Spring – Glen Swank (roan horse) – (horse wrangler) (Banjo) and HWW wagon

Glen Swank – horse wrangler on HooDoo

Bob Forney (cook), Glen Swank and Banjo (white hat) talking to ? in rope corral at Commissory Springs (circa 1964)

Pee Wee Powell going up HooDoo

Branding (lt to rt.:  Will Jones (riding), ?, Danny Plainfeather (wrestling), Dale Duncan, Emmett Other Medicine, Rick Smith)


3 packages of negatives

Wagons and cavvy on the trail

Branding (cont.)

Cavvy and wagons (setting up)

Culling the herd

Heading out (wagons, cavvy, and cowboys)

Mess wagon and cook (Bob Forney)

Folder MS98.11.08: Photograph of herd being trailed past weather station at GrapevineAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.09: Negative of Hardin Band in which Jr. playedAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.10: Envelope of "Pictures in Big Horn County Book"Add to your cart.

Jr. at Eagle Springs on the home place (1930)

Jr. with his favorite horse “Ap”

Jr. and a new set of harnesses and his 1st set of matched roan team horses

Jr. on his horse Mag Pie (saddle blanket is a pieced quilt made by his mother) – 1930

Howard Pickard was the roundup cook for Dana and later for Sr. and Jr. (1920)

Old Birdhead wagon on Muddy Creek (1936) - *note brand

Sr. by his car

Steer raised by Jr. by a bucket

Jr. at Forks of the Grapevine (1939)

Sr. and Elsie Mae in old car

Sr. (early ‘30s) on horseback

Elsie (on the right) and a friend (1940s)

Clyde Dygert (did a large amt of trucking for W’s from ‘30s-40s)

Sr. and his wool crop

Folder MS98.11.11: Envelope of NegativesAdd to your cart.
Max Big Man Teepees at Lodge Grass, MT Cattle herd with Harvey Set-Up Wagon with cavvy
Folder MS98.11.12: Two b&w photos of Bill MillerAdd to your cart.
Folder MS98.11.13: E. L. Dana Outfit, 3" x 5.25" printsAdd to your cart.

Crossing at Eagle Springs (2) 

Bill Mills cleaning dishes at Black Canyon camp, before cabin was built there

Crew in front of cabin

Pens at Eagle Springs 

Trailing herd at HooDoo 

Cowboy in front of house with dog & cat 

HWW, Sr., in front of camp 

Hands sitting on lawn (Frank Wardel, Charlie Carr, Ray Astrope, B. Bill Mills, Bill Scruggs, and B. Youst, Bob and his son) 

Side view of the house at Grapevine

  Mr Youst

Folder MS98.11.14: E. L. Dana Outfit, 2.5" x 4.25"  printsAdd to your cart.

Vic saddling Mickey with cavvy in background

Bill Mills, Bill Scruggs, and Vic Pippion against the corral (2)

Howard Pickard (cook) in front of mess tent (2)

Bill Mills with Ap in front of cavvy

Bill Mills on horseback

Overview of house & surroundings (4) 

Side view if house (2 of 6 reported accounted for) 

Branding scene (2)

Herd Grazing around camp

Unidentified horsemen

Baling Hay


Clyde Dygert truck

HWW, Sr. on horseback

Jr. riding Concho

Man & Woman in front of crowd (HWW, Sr., & Elsie?)

Folder MS98.11.15: E. L. Dana Outfit,  2.25" x 3.0" printsAdd to your cart.

Crew eating under shade tree 

Riding in the snow 


Branding (Vic…roping, Sandy…cutting, HWW…branding, Glenn(?)…heels )

Branding Scene with HWW running iron HWW on Ap, Len Barton on Limekill 

Howard Pickard loading pack-roll truck 

Buffalo Pasture Fence (all logs)

Folder MS98.11.16: E. L. Dana Outfit, 3.25" x 5.5" prints (nitrate or acetate?)Add to your cart.

Camp & cavvy, with herd in background (2)

HWW trailing herd

Buster Cashen with cavvy

Herd at Hoodoo Gap

Vic saddling horse (Mickey) in front of cavvy (at Vacation Springs)

Folder MS98.11.17: E. L. Dana Outfit, 2.75" x 4.25" printsAdd to your cart.


Dana herd crossing Big Horn going into Spotted Rabbit

Grapevine branding crew eating watermelon

1949—herds in pen with trains in background (8) [Note: 1949—Daddy &

           G. Wodnick split—Daddy kept Woody]

Mixed Steers (1230 at 11 cents)

Vic saddling Mickey at Grapevine

Bill Mills with wild horse from wild horse ranch bought from Tuffey


Folder MS98.11.18: E. L. Dana Outfit   2.25"x 4" printsAdd to your cart.

Dana's Pass Creek pens & feedlot

Dana Outfit (maybe Eagle Springs) or Tschirigi herds with pens full

Jr. saddling in front of cavvy

HWW changing from Glassy to Tijuana

Men on horseback with Pinto at Benny

Len Barton on horseback in front of herds

Folder MS98.11.19: E. L. Dana Outfit, 3.25"x 5.5" prints (standard b&w film)Add to your cart.

Day Herd at Chicken Crossing

Chicken Crossing weith herd & Bob Miller pasture on divide ("not a fencepost in sight")

Herd on the Bozeman Trail

Herd crossing Bozeman Trail into Bozeman Pasture

Beauvois behind wagon - Muddy behind cattle - Foggy Place

Herd Grazing

HWW Sr. with buffalo coat on ("never wore a cap in winter")

Buster Cashen holding gate rope around cavvy

Cowboy & horse

Hands at camp

Folder MS98.11.20: E. L. Dana Outfit, 3.3" x 5.5" printsAdd to your cart.

Mess Truck under tent

The Herd

Cavvy & Mess tent (5)

Saddling in front of cavvy (1)

Drive (1)

Folder MS98.11.21: E. L. Dana Outfit, 3.25"x 4.5" printsAdd to your cart.

Mess tent & truck, herd in background (2)

Cavvy (4)

Saddling beside empty cavvy

Cuttling (7)

Drive (3)

Herd from afar (2)

Steer, herd in background (2)

Folder MS98.11.22: E. L. Dana Outfit, 2.66" x 4.0" printsAdd to your cart.

Cowhands on horseback in front of tent

Sandy & HWW, Jr. with herd

Branding crew eating watermelon

Bob Burns breaking a young horse (no bit)

Folder MS98.11.23: E. L. Dana Outfit,  3"x3" printsAdd to your cart.

2 cowboys under mess tent

Mess tent going home

Powder & mother

Hands eating under camp tent (including Buster Cashen and Hank Kammersel)

Folder MS98.11.24: E. L. Dana Outfit, 2.66"x5.5" printsAdd to your cart.

E. L. Dana cavvy

E. L. Dana Crew

Cavvy in pens with caves behind and picket fence in foreground

Folder MS98.11.25: E. L. Dana Outfit, miscellaneous sized printsAdd to your cart.

Dehorning in corrals at Grapevine (Roy Astrope, HW, and Bill Sctuggs)

Will Jones (off camera) holding bucking horse

Dana outfit in front of camp

Portrait of A. E. de Ricqules

1936 Dana outfit trailing cavvy

Will James Place, Pryor Mountains

Fisherman (HWW) with catch

Bill Scruggs & HWW ,Jr., working stock through the chute

Women standing in front of tree

Grapevine creek - across creek, above the chickenhouse

Bill, Sandy, & HWW walking from wagon.

Folder MS98.11.26: E. L. Dana Outfit, postcard photosAdd to your cart.

Baby (HWW, Jr. circa 1910) standing on wicker chair in sailor's uniform

(2) Indian in Full Dress

Main St., Rosebud, MT, (looking West)

George Snittinger shaking hands with Bill Mills

Folder MS98.11.27: Photos missing from original E. L. Dana Outfit (FF13) listingAdd to your cart.

HWW Jr with baby

Emaciated steers in pen w/ train in background

Building a fire for branding

Elsie with grandchildren

Herd moving into pens

5 camp pictures using truck

Loading the pack wagon

Hands in front of camp

Connecting team and wagon

Loaded pack truck

Folder MS98.11.28: Sheep at Eagle Springs (negatives)Add to your cart.

Stacked wool sacks

Flock near pens

Flock on hillside


HWW in barn with dogs

HWW standing on fence with rope

Pushing the flock

HWW standing in front of flock

HWW standing in front of wool sacks

Flock in pens

Folder MS98.11.29: Grapevine & Miscellaneous (pictures and negatives )Add to your cart.

Hands sitting on lawn

Mild cow and steers


Hands outside of bunkhouse

Overhead picture of home and farm

Pushing herd into pens

HWW at 1st Grapevine Ranch in 1938-9

Holding herd in front of camp (Grapevine or Blankenship)

Branding (1945)

Cavvy behind wagon with bedrolls laid out in front (negative)

Herding cows (negative)

Branding (negative)

Folder MS98.11.30: Cavvy, chicken house, wagonsAdd to your cart.

Trailing cavvy

Wagons to roundup

Chickenhouse with riders on hill behind

Folder MS98.11.31: Cavvy, wagon setup, etc.Add to your cart.


Wagons - camp set up and teepees

Little Elsie and Billy on horseback

Saddling horses

Folder MS98.11.32: Big Horn Canyon, rodeo, Crow & misc. (angel box)Add to your cart.

Side view of home and buildings

Overview looking from home to pasture

Big Horn Canyon

Family picnic (?)

Pack train into the canyon

Big Horn River and Canyon

Postcard (Biddy to Elsie) of cooks and dog in Hardin

Postcard of cook and Biddy in front of Reo Café in Hardin

Cyclone and fire on farm (Christmas card from Ed Kopac)


Herd in pens getting ready for branding

Indian baby

Big Horn Canyon with stock trail across on the other side

Dunking cattle in insecticide

Big Horn Canyon

Flowers around house

Cattle in pens (winter)

Big Horn Canyon (looking toward Lovell, WY)

Working the gate on train car

Log fence (for cattle above Big Horn)

Big Horn Rover from down in the Canyon

“Another Year Brings Greetings From the Ransiers – 1939”

Herd on hillside

Man in tree with wooden box and woman beside tree

Teepee set up in canyon

Ms. Forbes and EMW by house

Side view of house and buildings


(2) HWW on paint horse with dogs in front of house

EMW in front of house

Woman on horseback holding another horse

Elsie and ? by a tree

Elsie next to ? shop

Elsie with flowers

Women on bridge with day’s catch

HWW with flowers

People standing around wagon full of shingles (?)

Ewa Lea Hicks to HWW (postcard of “MT Man-Hunters of the 1870s”

from 1944)

EMW with Irises

EMW with cut flowers

“The Old Stage Coach M.C. Round Up ‘03”

EMW and HWW standing by tree

Jr. in 6th grade in Hardin, MT

HWW Jr. as a boy on paint horse

Jr. with kittens

Jr. (circa 4 yrs. old)

Jr. as a young man

Jr. as a baby

Man with rope around Ap horse

Man on sidewalk of city

Elsie’s flower garden

Couchella Valley Date Garden

(2) Jr. and Leona Bray as little kids

Big Horn Canyon with River

Cavvy and camp

(2) Big Horn Canyon (looking toward Lovell, WY)

Indian girls crouched and looking at the ground

Public school in Rosebud, MT

2 boys sitting on rotating gate

HWW cutting

Rattlesnake eating a bird

“Ap” horse – saddled

Enormous hay stack

Color picture of man on horseback

Trailing herd

From bottom of Big Horn Canyon


Horses standing in pen by barn

Silhouette of rider and another person standing

Picture from near river looking up to rock wall

Christmas card from Col. Tony Baron with his picture on front, standing by entrance to Little Big Horn Battlefield on 91st birthday in ’41

Sr. with ? standing between cars

Bulldogging a steer in Miles City Round Up (1913)

On The Hurricane Deck of a Bronc – Miles City Round Up (1913)

2 men talking in and near a car

Woman standing “All Ready For The Dishes”

(2) Canyon Wall

(2) Overview of Canyon

Stockyards in Miles City, MT

Cows in pen

Scene along Big Horn Canyon showing mouth of Black Canyon

Rider with pack mule

“Riding a Bad One” – Miles City Round Up (1913)

“Rope Spinning” – Miles City Round Up (1913)

  HWW homestead near Colstrip (c. 1910)

“Roping and Tying” – Miles City Round Up (1913)

Leona Bray on playhorse with baby HWW Jr. sitting on grass

Group of kids standing/sitting in yard

Sr on lawn of Ash St., Billings

“Bird-in-the-ground riding the spinning bronco” – Miles City Round Up

Beehive boxes

Group of people (Postcard to HWW, Hardin “Do you know these?”)

50th Anniversary of Custer Battle, HWW Sr. in foreground

HWW holding up flowers

2 Hereford bulls fighting

HWW when he was cow boss of Cheyenne Indian herd

Folder MS98.11.33: Livestock, bear, house, women & miscellaneous (white box)Add to your cart.

Herd of Mexican steers in field

Men sitting under mess tent by the wagon

Cavvy, mess tent and wagon, and bed tent

Holding the herd while making the cuts

Cook under mess tent with wagon in the background

(2) Roundup in the distance

Picking out horses from the cavvy


Cat and dog staring on the roof

Building or house in town

(6) Elsie standing amongst her flowers

HWW Sr. and Jr. and EMW

Flower garden

Elsie and friend standing by a tree

Girl lying by the flowers

HWW with the flowers

Cook and cowboy standing by mess tent and wagon

Lunch at the mess tent with the horses saddled

(5) Grapevine Ranch headquarters in 1944

Bear cub drinking from bottle in a pen

(2) Home in town

Color of Billy and Elsie with dog sitting on the steps

(2) Color of Billy and Elsie working at a table

Color of Billy on the bicycle pulling the dog in the wagon

(3) Rounding up cows and calves

The herd

Cavvy and mess tent

Crew outside of mess tent

Cavvy and bed tent

(2) Trailing the herd


Sr. on horseback

Sr. with the herd


Cowboys on horseback in corral

Holding the herd

Cavvy and tents

3 cowboys fooling around for the camera

Team of horses hooked buckboard wagon

Hands on horseback (2 with bedrolls and 1 pointing) in trees

Hooking up the team

Cowboy with dog jumping up on him

Taking horse and cow on Yellowstone ferry with woman holding umbrella

and man following in canoe

Cleaning dishes outside tent (picture)

Cleaning dishes outside tent (negative)

Boy on horseback with woman looking on

Cowboy and Indian talking by the bed wagon

Setting up the mess wagon

Man driving the hay wagon

Man with team and wagon

Folder MS98.11.34: Black leather scrapbook (Jr. loading pack horses with salt & misc.)Add to your cart.

Morton salt strapped on the back of a pack horse

Jr. tying a diamond hitch to hold salt on pack horse

Ray Astrope and Jr. eating

Sr. holding tamed, saddled wild horse (note the brand – C/5)

Cutting out the brands

Howard Pickard (cook) sitting against the mess truck


Saddling the horses

Jr. with an Ap (hobbled)

Fording the herd across the river

Crew sitting/standing around the mess truck (lt to rt: Jess Schwend,

Emmett Davisson, Cold Iron George, Bill Mills, Glen Swank, Vic

Pipion, Bill H., Dick Mader, Robin Iron, Sandy Rutherford, Finley,

Jr., Lee Turley)

Crew sitting next to pack wagon (lt to rt: Finley, Johnny Burlison, John

Hammett, ?, Jess Schwend, Bill Mills, Fred Burkes)

Heifers in pen waiting to be shipped by train

Mexican steers in pen

Folder MS98.11.35: Ranching, livestock & misc. (white sack with photos and negatives)Add to your cart.

Negative: Branding with wood fire in the foreground

Negative: Billy or Elsie in stroller with 2 adults

Negative: Billy or Elsie in stroller with one adult

Saddling (missing)

Negative: Jr., Juanita, EMW, Billy, and Elsie standing outside building

Negative: Herd on the farm fields

Jr standing in front of men loading the bed wagon

(2) Loading the bed wagon

Loading the mess wagon

Wagon and team loaded and ready to go

Construction of house

The herd

Eating lunch in the shade of a tree

Women (EMW, ?, ?) standing on the lawn

Building a barn

EMW sitting in a chair on the lawn

Jr. on horseback

Man carrying wood

Cowboy standing on a bluff overlooking river

Mess tent set up outside Hardin for the rodeo

Sandy R., Marvin Stedman, Vic Pipion, and Shorty Bliss standing in front of the herd

Bill Mills and Sr. passing the bottle

Eating under the mess tent by the wagon

(5) Hereford sow and piglets

Hanging cow carcass on front end of tractor


Steers on the road near Grapevine

Headquarters of Grapevine

Hereford pigs in pasture

Girl on lawn with dog

Steers in shipping pen with train in background

Cows in pen

(4) Mares and colts


Two men sitting under the mess tent

Cows and calves

Cavvy running in the field

(2) Pouring cement foundation

Trailing herd behind Grapevine headquarters

Pushing herd into pens

Shipping with train in background

Cows in pen

Crow Pow Wow

Bed wagon rolling across the field

Howard Pickard cooking on back of wagon

Cowboy in overalls on horseback

(2) Construction of building

Man lying on the ground by camp tent with feet on spring mattress

(3) Grapevine flooding

Holding the herd

The herd

Weened calves separated from mothers in the corrals

Fixing fence with the herd in pens waiting to be branded


Calves eating hay

(2) House

(2) Cows bawling for their calves

Hooking up teams to wagons in front of Grapevine

Counting cows through the gate

Juanita, Jr., and EMW

Building bridge over the Grapevine

Laying foundation

(4) Grapevine headquarters

Valley near Grapevine

(3) Fields near Grapevine

(4) Grapevine headquarters

Trailing herd into corrals

(9) Trailing herd


Milk cow with bulls

“Brig” on a street in St. Paul, Minn. (postcard to Willcutts)

(5) Feeding calves in the winter

Women (Mrs. Dana, EMW, and cook) on bridge with fish catch

Mrs. Dana, EMW, and Grace Shaw (cook) on bridge with children

Jr. with kittens at Eagle Springs

(4) Aerial of Willcutt Ranch (in color)

Panorama of Big Horn River and surrounding area (where they would ford the herd)

Folder MS98.11.36: "North Side" (1949) - (yellow envelope)Add to your cart.

Sandy Creek – Sr. after split with Jr. (sold to Bill Nefse) – corrals at Woody (pics include Millers, Mr. Rainey (“schemed to get Sr.’s estate”)

(6) Group photos of Millers, Rainey’s and others

Flooded dock or bridge at Sandy Creek

(11) Headquarters of Sandy Creek with hay wagons, corrals, and buildings

  (5) Corrals at Woody Creek (2 contain Sr., Juanita, and Elsie)

  Dry tank full of water or lake

  Team-tied steer being branded with buildings in background

Folder MS98.11.37: Miscellaneous negative (yellow envelope)Add to your cart.

(2) Man and woman on horseback

(12) EMW and her flowers around the house

(2) Billy in the flowers

Cutting the herd (perhaps culling)

(5) Fording the herd across the Big Horn

(2) HWW fly fishing

Fisherman by the river

(2) Trailing the herd

Chasing a cow

Doctoring (?) an animal (?)

(3) Cliffs of Big Horn or Black Canyon

Girl (Juanita ?) with “32” sweater on sitting on the doorway steps

Bee boxes

(8) Trailing the herd

(3) Cavvy

Hands sitting by the mess tent

Hands on horseback

Folder MS98.11.38: Len King, Hubby Woodard, and G.Bruckner (J Diamon Bar) photographs from old scrapbookAdd to your cart.

Man trailing the herd

Eagle Springs (?) headquarters with caves in bluffs on one side and picket fence

(2) Scattered snow on rolling pastures


Howard Pickard (cook for Dana then Sr. then Jr.) sitting by wagon (c. ’42)

Sr. and Jr. on horseback with pack train about to descend into canyon

Buffalo descending the canyon trail to the river

Dipping cows at Spear Siding

Grapevine headquarters

Sr. on horseback

(3) Aerial and Sideviews of Hardin by the Big Horn River

Shipping out Mexican steers

Branding herd at Woody (*holding herd on horseback – no fences)

Heifers in corral

Ferry on the Yellowstone

Herd grazing in Bozeman pasture with Limekill in background

Branding at Foggy Place (Doc Logan “good hand”/roping, Shorty Bliss “always wore Cal. Pants”/vaccine, Glen, Jim Kincaid/knife, Boddy Sadder, George Buster/iron, ?

E.L. Dana wagon camp on Grapevine

Trailing herd up Hoodoo Gap (lt to rt: George Buster, HWW, Vic Pipion – bulls from Lazear’s Wyoming Hereford Ranch

Trailing herd near Buster Creek slope (“maybe coming from Dryhead on Rotten Creek)

Dryhead – Old Phelps Place

Cavvy, wagons, and hands headed through Buster Creek (picture looking toward wild horse divide)

Counting cows and calves through gate out of Gold Hill and into Willow Springs (F- horse, Len Barton and HWW)

Cows and calves lying in the field

Dana roundup between Pitchfork and Dryhead in the Dryhead (1936)

Saddling from the cavvy around forks of Grapevine looking toward the battlegrounds (Vic Pipion, Bill Scruggs, and Claybark (buckskin horse)

Sandy R., Marvin Stedman, Vic Pipion, and Shorty Bliss standing in front of herd

(8) rodeo scenes

Calves lying in the grass

(4) EMW and Sr. at home with the flowers

(4) Man and woman at their home

(10) Indians (and Chief) with the Army on horseback

(14) Eagle Springs (misc. of home, pens, herd, cowboys (Sr. included), and cavvy)

(24) HWW Jr. growing up

(18) HWW Sr. and EMW (misc. home, family, friends, snows, hunting)

(4) Dana roundup (“3,000 head ready to work”)

(7) Ranch work (misc. saddling, roundup, camp in winter)

(6) Big Horn Canyon (misc. fishing, pack train, and hands)

(7) Ranchwork (misc. shipping on train, camp wagon set-up and take-down, and branding)

(5) Branding

(7) Roundup (misc. camp, cavvy, crew, and herd)

(8) Home, family, friends, and deer hunting

(4) Fish catch and pack train

(4) HWW Sr. and E.L. Dana

(5) Fording cavvy and herd across the river

(7) Animals (misc. of Sr., bear rummaging through cans, Yellowstone Falls, dog licking lamb, bighorn sheep, moose, and Hereford calf)

(3) Fording the herd across the river

(2) Lamedeer/Rosebud (on one photo “Mimi tied Daddy to clothesline on Rosebud below Lamedeer – gone now”

(2) Mill Iron herd


(2) Trailing herd through valley

Jr. on "Ap" in pen going through herd

Bringing herd down out of Bull Pasture of Krone’s to Mountain Pocket

Bringing herd by Limekill across from Grapevine

Jr. on Tijuana cutting steers in the fall (fence in background is between Bozeman Coulee Pasture and Spotted Rabbit Pasture)

Trailing herd on the heights of Lodge Grass Creek of E.L. Dana Ranch at Chicken Crossing


E.L. Dana wagon camp (Westside) – bed wagon (Youst), mess wagon

(Ollie Coast, Shorty Wolf, Alvin Shafer, Johnny Shreeves, Bill Scruggs, Jim Lemon, ?, Vic Pipion, Bert Elliot, Irish, Walt Swank, Jack Stovall (Jay’s uncle), George Buster, Harley Falwell, ?, ?

(3) Dana herd at mouth of Big Horn Canyon (2-2,500 head)

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