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MS 052 - William Pierce Collection - Heart Mountain Geology


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MS 052 - William Pierce Collection - Heart Mountain Geology | McCracken Research Library

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 052 - William Pierce Collection - Heart Mountain GeologyAdd to your cart.

Primary Creator: Pierce, William

Extent: 19.0 Boxes

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Preferred Citation: William Pierce Heart Mountain Geology Collection, MS 52, McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West

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Series 1: Correspondence, Subject Files, Etc.Add to your cart.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.01.01: American Association of Petroleum Geologists - Denver, April 24-27, 1961Add to your cart.
Request for United States Geological Survey authorization to attend American Association of Petroleum Geologists 1961 meeting to confer with geologists on radioactive waste disposal.
Folder MS52.01.02: Absaroka Filed Conference, 1965Add to your cart.
List of participants, conference outline, correspondence with Willard H. Parsons about participating
Folder MS52.01.03: Absaroka Conference- YBRA, 1962Add to your cart.
Structure and Origin of Volcanic Rocks: List of participants; itinerary; list of YBRA members 1961-1962; correspndence with Willard H. Parsons
Folder MS52.01.04: Absaroka Conference- YBRA, 1962Add to your cart.
Structure & Origin of Volcanic Rocks: Yellowstone-Beartooth-Bighorn region guide map - 1937; Morphology of the Beartooth Uplift map - 1934; Geology of the Shoshone Canyon Area map - 1932; geologic course notes.
Folder MS52.01.05: Absaroka Field Conference, 1963; 1964Add to your cart.
Course itinerary; Geology of an area north of Cooke City, MT map; correspondence with Willard H. Parsons.
Folder MS52.01.06: AGI Visiting Scientist Lectures: Correspondence, February 10-20, 1969Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.01.07: Argon, Sam L., 1969Add to your cart.
Correspondence about Pierce's 1969 lecture at Rutgers.
Folder MS52.01.08: Alt, DavidAdd to your cart.
Correspondence on the hypothesis that an asteroid impact could have triggered the earthquake which initiated movement on the Heart Mountain fault; book chapter on the same idea.
Folder MS52.01.09: Anspach employment and correspondence, 1966Add to your cart.
Correspondence on David Anspach's employment as Pierce's camp hand during 1966 field season.
Folder MS52.01.10: Baker, David W.Add to your cart.
Correspondence outlining an itinerary for Baker's field trip to show Heart Mountain geology to field camp students.
Folder MS52.01.11: W.C. BarnesAdd to your cart.
Correspondence on Barnes' employment as a field assistant; and on Reef Creek fault.
Folder MS52.01.12: Berger, PhillipAdd to your cart.
Correspondence about the mechanics of fault-related folds - Berger's PhD topic. Includes three articles.
Folder MS52.01.13: Bombolakis, E.G. (Mike)Add to your cart.
Correspondence on thrust fault mechanics; grant proposal; three articles by Bombolakis.
Folder MS52.01.14: Bombolakis, E.G., 1969; 1985Add to your cart.
Correspondence on Hauge's 1985 GSA paper and its "denunciation" of Pierce's work; 1969 visit to Boston College.
Folder MS52.01.15: Big ChingchangAdd to your cart.
Correspondence with Director of Geological Survey of Taiwan.
Folder MS52.01.16: Browne, Don G., 1985Add to your cart.
Correspondence on Hague's dissertation and 1985 GSA paper.
Folder MS52.01.17: Burchfiel, B. ClarkAdd to your cart.
Correspondence on decollement style faults which detach within thick dolostones; one article: "A new type of decollement thrusting."
Folder MS52.01.18: Project Plans - 954180 A & B, 1956-1966Add to your cart.
Includes correspondence on possible fault parallel to the Beartooth frontal fault; also discussion of interruption of mapping projects for WWII; covers 1956-1966.
Folder MS52.01.19: Project Description Cody 1° & 2° QuadAdd to your cart.
Work plans and accomp. 953000863: United States Geological Survey correspondence on mapping Cody Quad.
Folder MS52.01.20: Cody 20 Quad, - FY 1977, 1977Add to your cart.
Project #9540-00863: United States Geological Survey correspondence on field mapping Cody 20 Quad
Folder MS52.01.21: Cody 20 Quad FY 1976, 1976Add to your cart.
Project #9530-19530 (Central Envir. Misc. Proj. No.): United States Geological Survey correspondence and correspondence with David Schroeder on a PhD topic.
Folder MS52.01.22: Chang, Stanley S.L. Correspondence, 1975-1980Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.01.23: Chinese Petr. Corp. - S. Yang - J.T. Chou, also John Liou Stanford UnivAdd to your cart.
Offer from National Sciences Council, Republic of China for Pierce to be a research consultant (offer declined).
Folder MS52.01.24: Clarey, TimothyAdd to your cart.
Discussion of Clarey's idea that Heart Mountain fault is a single component of a multi-tiered, thin-skinned thrust system with Clarey's abstract.
Folder MS52.01.25: John H. Clark-Correspondence, 1962Add to your cart.
Employment paperwork for 1962 field assistant, maintained friendly correspondence several years.
Folder MS52.01.26: Cody-Field Conference-Wyo. Geol. Assoc.-Slide Talk Notes for Slide Talk on Heart Mountain, 1990Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.01.27: Trip to Colstrip Paperwork for TripAdd to your cart.
Folder MS52.01.28: Collins, EllenAdd to your cart.
Plant ecologist for The Nature Conservancy; includes a copy of her paper on Sawtooth fen-palsa.
Folder MS52.01.29: Denson, NormAdd to your cart.
Correspondence on heavy mineral analysis and its application to Eocene stratigraphy; some personal correspondence also. Includes an inscribed copy of a paper by Denson on Tertiary Sedimentary rocks of the Middle Rocky Mountains.
Folder MS52.01.30: Director, United States Geological SurveyAdd to your cart.
Correspondence about Pierce's length of service with United States Geological Survey; he did not receive a 50-year award and pointed it out. The official United States Geological Survey records indicated 43 years of service, but did not include all the years of work he did for them after "retirement."
Folder MS52.01.31: Dorf, Erling, 1934-1984Add to your cart.
Fifty-one years worth of correspondence (1933 to 1984); controversy on Yellowstone National Park petrified forest paper by Fritz; letter sent for Dorf 's 75th birthday; Dorf's death announcement.
Folder MS52.01.32: DeSitter, TripAdd to your cart.
Brief correspondence on DeSitter coming from the Netherlands to see the Heart Mountain fault area.
Folder MS52.01.33: Forest ServiceAdd to your cart.
The Forest Service requested data from Pierce for a hydrologic study of Swamp Lake on the Clarks Fork.
Folder MS52.01.34: Fuels Branch History, 1977Add to your cart.
Pierce was asked to review history reports on the United States Geological Survey Fuels Branch; includes the reports.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.02.01: Gallagher Memorial for the American MineralogistAdd to your cart.
Pierce wrote the memorial; includes David Gallagher's work records from United States Geological Survey and Citation for Distinguished Service for United States Geological Survey.
Folder MS52.02.02: Garrison, Robert E.Add to your cart.
University of California Santa Cruz - Discussion of how clastic dikes are injected.
Folder MS52.02.03: Gingerich and TorresAdd to your cart.
Correspondence on Heart Moountain fault zone.  Copy of Torres' article on Eocene stratigraphy.
Folder MS52.02.04: Greenberg, RedgeAdd to your cart.
PhD candidate requested information on Heart Mountain so he can start a research project on it; Pierce points out he has worked on it 35 years and wonders if there is enough left unsolved to provide a dissertation topic.
Folder MS52.02.05: Gries, RobbieAdd to your cart.
Correspondence about directions of compression indicated by structures near Cody.  Includes four inscribed articles by R. Gries.
Folder MS52.02.06: Dzutynski, StanAdd to your cart.
Stan visited from Poland in 1958.  The United States Geological Survey, with State Department approval, showed him geology all over the country.  Pierce showed him the Heart Mountain area.  Includes correspondence arranging the trip.
Folder MS52.02.07: Horton, JackAdd to your cart.
Brief correspondence with Assistant Secretary of the Interior Jack Horton about a field trip Pierce ran from Red Lodge to Cooke City and Sunlight Basin.  Horton had a broken ankle and Pierce photographed him pointing to an outcrop with his crutch.
Folder MS52.02.08: Hsu, KenAdd to your cart.
Detailed correspondence with Hsu in Zurich discussing the mechanics of large landslides with comparison of Heart Mountain to European examples.  Manuscript of Hsu's paper on mechanics of overthrust faulting and landslides.
Folder MS52.02.09: 23rd International Congress - Prague, August 1968Add to your cart.
Pierce was due a refund on excursion costs.  Before he could get to the specified bank in Prague, "the Russian invasion prevented my going to the bank."  Includes a note to members of the International Geological Congress from scientists of the Mathematical Institute of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences requesting "give the evidence of all you have seen here to all the world."
Folder MS52.02.10: 23rd International Congress - Prague, August 1968Add to your cart.
Paperwork arranging trip to Prague to present paper on Tectonic Denudation. (He never got to give the paper before the invasion).
Folder MS52.02.11: Izett, Glen A.Add to your cart.
Request for Mr. Izett to examine a thin section of tuff from Jim Smith Creek to determine if it was emplaced depositionally or by faulting.
Folder MS52.02.12: T.A. JaggersAdd to your cart.
Xeroxes of Jaggers field notes from 1893: Dead Creek traverse & to head of Rattlesnake Creek - 9 pages; SW Devil's Slide - 7 pages; Crandall & Ishawooa Quads - 11 pages. (See also Pierce file 3/15).
Folder MS52.02.13: Jayne, Kenneth R. - Assistant, 1972Add to your cart.
Employment correspondence; discussion of clastic dikes.
Folder MS52.02.14: Jepsen, Glenn L.Add to your cart.
Discussion of low-angle faults mapped by Pierce on Clark Quad's west boundary; plus other brief correspondence.
Folder MS52.02.15: Judson, SheldonAdd to your cart.
Includes a letter in honor of Judson's retirement after 33 years at Princeton's Department of Geological and Geophysical Sciences and correspondence on Princeton Univ Conference Aug 25 - 27, 1974.
Folder MS52.02.16: Kehle, Ralph O.Add to your cart.
Correspondence discussing the length of time required to move the Heart Mountain block 30 miles: Kehle asks if "catastrophic" means a few hundred to 1,000 years; Pierce suggests a few hours for emplacement.
Folder MS52.02.17: Kellogg, KarlAdd to your cart.
Correspondence which negates fault movement due to high pore pressure for Heart Mountain fault, and supports earthquake oscillations combined with gravity as the mechanism of movement on Heart Mountain fault.
Folder MS52.02.18: Krill, AllanAdd to your cart.
Correspondence with a Yale geologist whose senior thesis at Univ of Calif was on the Heart Mountain calcibreccia. One of his advisors suggested that perhaps there was a thin zone of interbedded evaporite and dolomite at the break point which provided lubrication for movement on the fault. Pierce counters emphatically that the zone is well-exposed where it is not faulted and has no evidence for evaporites. Krill refers to Pierce's heart problems in 1976 and wishes him improved health.
Folder MS52.02.19: Pilot Peak Project, Fiscal Year 1972Add to your cart.
Purchase orders for renting saddle horses for field work.  Budget forms.  Memo to use Br. Tech Support No. 953000.
Folder MS52.02.20: Pilot Pak Project, Fiscal Year 1971Add to your cart.
United States Geological Survey expense account forms, monthly report and travel authorizations for Project No. 953010.
Folder MS52.02.21: Field Assistants - Jacobson and Puffer, 1964-1965Add to your cart.
Employment paperwork for two field assistants.
Folder MS52.02.22: GSA Houston and International Saline ConferenceAdd to your cart.
Conference program with abstracts and meeting notices.
Folder MS52.02.23: Cordilleran GSA Hawaii, March 27 - April 6, 1972Add to your cart.
Registration packets and travel authorization.
Folder MS52.02.24: GSA Cordilleran Meeting - Riverside, California, March 25, 1970Add to your cart.
Travel voucher, plane ticket stub, receipts, travel authorization.  Memo requesting side trip to see Blackhawk Slide to assist Pierce in arguments against Hsu's air cushion landslide mechanism for the Heart Mountain fault.
Folder MS52.02.25: Rocky Mountain GSA - Salt Lake City, Utah, May 7 - 10, 1969Add to your cart.
Abstract for GSA talk: Tectonic denudation and related features of the Heart Mountain fault, northwestern Wyoming. Meeting call for papers, road log, cross-section of Central Wasatch Front.
Folder MS52.02.26: Memo from Office of Environmental Geology, 1977Add to your cart.
"Definition of authority and responsibility of program managers."
Folder MS52.02.27: Paul Williams - Chief of the Center for Environmental GeologyAdd to your cart.
Memo to Williams from Willis Nelson describing how Hal Prostka released data prematurely and without authorization from the North Absaroka Wilderness Report.
Folder MS52.02.28: Rappel - Rocky Mountain Environmental Branch, November 15, 1971Add to your cart.
Correspondence with the Chief of the Branch of Rocky Mountain Environmental Geology, including memo of November 15, 1971 where Pierce describes his retirement plans.
Folder MS52.02.29: North Rocky Mountain Branch, 1965-1970Add to your cart.
Correspondence with North Rocky Mountain Branch Chief, including transmittal letter for the Cody GQ, and reviews of Witkind's paper on laccoliths.
Folder MS52.02.30: Northern Rocky Mountain Branch, 1960 - 1964Add to your cart.
Transmittal letter for Deep Lake and Clark GQs stating the field mapping was done before the war; correspondence to get Bob Laney transferred off Pierce's project to a project with more Precambrian focus.
Folder MS52.02.31: North Rockies Representative at Menlo ParkAdd to your cart.
Menlo Park office correspondence.
Box 3Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.03.01: Heart Mountain - Wyoming Detachment Lineations, 1991Add to your cart.
Contains copies of thin section photos; includes copy of article which the photos appeared in: Pierce, W.G., Nelson, W., Tokarski, A., Piekarska, 1991, Heart Mountain, Wyoming, detachment lineations: Are they in microbreccia or in volcanic tuff?: Geol. Soc. Amer. Bull. 103:1133-1145.
Folder MS52.03.02: Retirement of Field Notebooks and Pierce Bibliography, 1935 - 1988Add to your cart.
Transmittal letter to field records librarian for 41 field notebooks covering 1935-1988.  Also a bibliography of 87 Pierce publications.
Folder MS52.03.03: Citation for distinguished serviceAdd to your cart.
Glowing half page description of his accomplishments.
Folder MS52.03.04: Heart Mountain Article - From Science and Earth History, 1987Add to your cart.
The Evolution/ Creation Controversy by Arthur N. Strahler.  Also includes a letter from Strahler.
Folder MS52.03.05: Fuels Branch Pacific AreaAdd to your cart.
Letter to Robert B. Dewey and one to George Pipiringos discussing the Heart Mountain Fault mechanism.
Folder MS52.03.06: Wilbur K. WardAdd to your cart.
File of paperwork saved to illustrate the morass of red tape involved in hiring a scientific aid at United States Geological Survey.
Folder MS52.03.07: Heart Mountain Thrust Blocks, 1950Add to your cart.
Single abstract: Pierce, W.G., 1950, Source and movement of the Heart Mountain thrust blocks, Park County, Wyoming: Geological Society of America Bulletin.  61 (12): 1493-1494.
Folder MS52.03.08: Lamar River - Cathedral Cliffs FormationAdd to your cart.
One black and white photo with caption.
Folder MS52.03.09: South Fork Diagram (Photo with overlay)Add to your cart.
Panorama showing Sheep Mountain with overlay of geology.
Folder MS52.03.10: Heart Mountain Newspaper Article (photocopy), August 25, 1981Add to your cart.
Big Horn Basin Times
Folder MS52.03.11: Shoshone Anticline, 1939Add to your cart.
Discussion of rocks and structures in the Cody region.  Discusses oil potential of Shoshone Anticline.  Includes map of Shoshone Anticline.
Folder MS52.03.12: Dinosaurs, Comets, and Nemesis, July 20, 1984Add to your cart.
Text of lecture by Walter Alvarez.
Folder MS52.03.13: Don Browne - Hague ManuscriptAdd to your cart.
Don Browne found Hague's 100+ year old manuscript on Yellowstone.  He sent Pierce two chapters dealing with the Absarokas.  This folder contains pages 1-100 of the chapter The Absaroka Range and Eocene and Miocene Igneous Rocks.
Folder MS52.03.14: Don Browne - Hague ManuscriptAdd to your cart.
This folder contains pages 101-161 of the chapter The Absaroka Range and Eocene and Miocene Igneous Rocks.
Folder MS52.03.15: Petrography of the Absaroka Range by T.A. Jaggar, Jr. (Photocopy)Add to your cart.
Chapter from the Hague manuscript.
Folder MS52.03.16: 44th Reunion "Bauxite Boys" with letterAdd to your cart.
Photo of group with annotated overlay.
Folder MS52.03.17: International Geographical Congress - Lisenbee, Alvis, 1989Add to your cart.
Correspondence on a proposed field trip for the 28th International Congress "Transect of the Northern Rockies".  Pierce was to be a co-leader.  The trip was not run due to lack of interest.
Folder MS52.03.18: Blackstone Manuscript, February 15, 1985Add to your cart.
Copy of Blackstone Manuscript and copies with review of it and his manuscript.  South Fork detachment fault and thrust plate.
Folder MS52.03.19: Lewis, D.W.Add to your cart.
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zeland.  One letter requesting information on Lewis' mechanism for clastic limestone dikes.
Folder MS52.03.20: J.D. Love, 1957 - 1970Add to your cart.
Correspondence covering 1957-1970. Pierce's comments on Geologic block diagram and structural history of the Teton region by Love, et al. Discussions of the age of the Wiggins Formation and age of fossils on Carter Mountain. Note & map on temperature differences in Fremont and Superior wells.
Folder MS52.03.21: J.D. LoveAdd to your cart.
Correspondence from 1971-1990. Pierce's recommendation for Love as an adjunct professor at University of Wyoming. Discussion of the source of hot springs and sulfur near Cedar Mountain.
Folder MS52.03.22: Correspondence with Colin C. McAnenyAdd to your cart.
Former field assistant.
Folder MS52.03.23: McGilvery, Dr. R.W.Add to your cart.
Correspondence, and excerpts from McGilvery's biochemistry text.
Box 4Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.04.01: Matson Award Committee - American Association of Petroleum Geologists - San Francisco, 1962Add to your cart.
Pierce took the place of one committee member who was hospitalized, then took the vice-chairmanship of the committee when another member was hospitalized.
Folder MS52.04.02: Maxwell, John C., 1962 - 1990Add to your cart.
Correspondence.  Maxwell reviewed two of Pierce's papers.
Folder MS52.04.03: Acoustic FluidizationAdd to your cart.
Correspondence with Jay Melosh, including Melosh's review of Pierce's paper; Melosh's ideas on Heart Mountain fault; acoustic fluidization as a mechanism for fault movement; reprint of Melosh's article on acoustic fluidization.
Folder MS52.04.04: C.Y. MengAdd to your cart.
Correspondence, some discussion of Taiwan structural geology.  See also Chinese Petroleum Corporation.
Folder MS52.04.05: C.Y. MengAdd to your cart.
Correspondence, Pierce manuscript on structure of Taiwan's foothills.
Folder MS52.04.06: Moss, John H.Add to your cart.
Mummy Cave article, discussion of Shoshone stream terraces, Carter Mountain landslides.
Folder MS52.04.07: Murray, Raymond C., February 18, 1969Add to your cart.
Letter and brief notes on Pierce's visit to Rutgers University.
Folder MS52.04.08: Ray Mus - Cooke City, 1991Add to your cart.
Two letters from 1991, Pierce's letter expresses concern over the New World Mining Area and advocates establishment of a permanent fund to keep pollutants out of the Clarks Fork River.
Folder MS52.04.09: Nelson, Willis H., 1972 -Add to your cart.
Correspondence including 7 page letter from Pierce describing clastic dikes in detail and a 15 page letter from Nelson describing Indonesia.
Folder MS52.04.10: Northwest Community College - Powell, WyomingAdd to your cart.
Transmittal letters: Pierce sent a set of 11 United States Geological Survey Geologic Quadrangles covering the extent of Heart Mountain fault, plus 21 reprints about it to the college library. See also Reuben Bullock.
Folder MS52.04.11: Parsons, W.H.Add to your cart.
Correspondence on Parsons' summer field courses on the structures and origins of volcanic rocks. Parsons observations of Kilauea volcano eruption of 1972. See also Absaroka Field Conferences.
Folder MS52.04.12: Passport WGP, 1968Add to your cart.
Passport applications, correspondence and visas for 1968 trip to Czechoslovakia. See also 23rd International Congress, file 2/9.
Folder MS52.04.13: Pecora & HearnAdd to your cart.
Correspondence on Hearn's work on the Bearpaw Mountains.
Folder MS52.04.14: Pierce, William H., 1968 - 1971Add to your cart.
Correspondence with Pierce's son 1968-1971; including rough manuscript of "On the dynamics of overthrust faulting" and "On the geomechanics of the Heart Mountain Fault" and "Thermal Speedometer for overthrust faults;" pamphlets on geysers and steam; discussion of steam as a fault mechanism.
Folder MS52.04.15: Powell, James L. & JoanAdd to your cart.
One note.
Folder MS52.04.16: Powell Tribune, August 1981Add to your cart.
Three copies of article on Heart Mountain.
Folder MS52.04.17: Project Proposal - Mechanics of Bearpaw type faults, 1952, 1964Add to your cart.
1964 revision of 1952 proposal.
Folder MS52.04.18: Price, Raymond A.Add to your cart.
Correspondence on a field trip and Michaud's senior thesis on Heart Mountain.
Folder MS52.04.19: Princeton Conference Field Trip, August 27-28, 1974Add to your cart.
Pierce ran the post conference field trip on the Central and Northern Rocky Mountains - Correspondence, iteneraries, participant list.
Folder MS52.04.20: Prostka - Volcanic GeologyAdd to your cart.
Detailed discussions of volcanic stratigraphy including 10 pages on the area near the Heart Mountain Breakaway and discussions of Wapiti Formation, Trout Peak Trachyandesite and Absaroka Volcanics; small maps included.
Folder MS52.04.21: Ratte, JimAdd to your cart.
First draft of field trip discussion of furrows & grooves, and imbricated clasts in tuffs of the Mogollon-Datil field, NM.
Folder MS52.04.22: Registration California GeologistAdd to your cart.
Pierce's application papers, college transcripts.
Folder MS52.04.23: Rios Garcia, Professor Jose M.Add to your cart.
Brief correspondence.
Folder MS24.04.: Rohrer, W.L., 1975Add to your cart.
Correspondence on Pierce's participation in the 1975 WGA field conference; includes Generalized Geologic Map of Heart Mountain and South Fork Detachment Faults, Park County, Wyoming - marked with field trip stops; road log to go with map. Has the WGA manuscript of Pierce, 1975, Principal features of the Heart Mountain fault and the mechanism problem.
Folder MS52.04.25: Rouse, John T.Add to your cart.
Brief correspondence about Early Acid breccias.
Box 5Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.05.01: Sandberg - Devonian Data and CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.
Detailed discussions of Devonian stratigraphy in Western Montana, Correspondence to designate the Cottonwood Canyon Member of the Madison, Maps and Cross-Sections.
Folder MS52.05.02: Sandberg - Devonian Data and CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.
Detailed discussions of Devonian stratigraphy in western Montana; correspondence to designate the Cottonwood Canyon Member of the Madison; maps and cross-sections.
Folder MS52.05.03: San Diego - University of California, February 6, 1974Add to your cart.
Correspondence about Pierce's 2-6-74 lecture on Heart Mountain there.
Folder MS52.05.04: Geological Society of America - San Diego, November 5-8, 1979Add to your cart.
Reservations; abstract of Clastic dikes of Heart Mountain Fault breccia, northwest Wyoming and their significance; meeting program.
Folder MS52.05.05: Geological Society of America - San Diego, November 5-8, 1979Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.05.06: Sestini CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.
Correspondence Assisting an Italian Geologist find a job in the United States.
Folder MS52.05.07: Sharp, Robert P.Add to your cart.
Reference list and brief correspondence.
Folder MS52.05.08: Sherman, W.F. - Wyoming Highway Chief Engineer GeologyAdd to your cart.
Correspondence on geologic hazards for a road over Dead Indian Hill.
Folder MS52.05.09: Simpson, William L.Add to your cart.
Correspondence on the geologic evaluation Pierce did on the mineral resources of some of Nancy-Carroll Draper's property.
Folder MS52.05.10: Slee, K.J.Add to your cart.
Slee's business card with note saying Pierce sent him a copy of a 1991 paper. There is an iridescent stone attached to the card (opal?).
Folder MS52.05.11: Smith, Robert L.Add to your cart.
Brief correspondence about Smith's visit to see Pierce's field area.
Folder MS52.05.12: James R. Steidtmann, September 1970Add to your cart.
Chairman, Speaker Committee, University of Wyoming, Laramie.  Correspondence fore Pierce's talk at the Department of Geology.
Folder MS52.05.13: Sullivan, Stephen J.Add to your cart.
Brief correspondence with Princeton Geology senior about his senior thesis on Heart Mtn.
Folder MS52.05.14: Sundell Letters & WGA, August 1990Add to your cart.
WGA Field Conference Aug 1990 - Pierce was a centennial geologist honored by WGA. Correspondence with Kent Sundell discussing his work on Castle Rock Chaos.
Folder MS52.05.15: Suppe, JohnAdd to your cart.
Cross-sections of Taiwan structure, discussions of Suppe's thin section work on Heart Mountain Fault.
Folder MS52.05.16: Thompson, George, 1987Add to your cart.
Pierce's letter of 1987 to Dean of the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford, offering his notes, field specimens and thin sections; copy of Stanford Earth Scientist magazine.
Folder MS52.05.17: Van Bemmelen, Rein W., 1962 - 1969Add to your cart.
Brief Correspondence, exchanging reprints.
Folder MS52.05.18: Vitaliano, Charles J.Add to your cart.
Correspondence with Dorothy Vitaliano on her book Geomythology about stories of people and cows swallowed by cracks in the ground during earthquakes. General correspondence with both.
Folder MS52.05.19: Voight, BarryAdd to your cart.
Voight edited volumes Thrust Faults and Decollement and Geology and Mechanics of Rocckslides and Avalanches which Pierce had papers in. Correspondence on a proposed joint paper between Pierce and Voight.
Folder MS52.05.20: Vondra, Carl, 1990 - 1991Add to your cart.
<span style="line-height: 115%; font-family: &quot;Calibri&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; font-size: 11pt; mso-ascii-theme-font: minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;; mso-fareast-theme-font: minor-fareast; mso-hansi-theme-font: minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;; mso-bidi-theme-font: minor-bidi; mso-ansi-language: EN-US; mso-fareast-language: EN-US; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA;"><font color="#000000">Offer for Pierce to join the Citizen Ambassador Program for a trip to USSR in 1991.</font></span>
Folder MS52.05.21: Western History Research CenterAdd to your cart.
University of Wyoming - Laramie, Wyoming: correspondence on their request for Pierce's papers.
Folder MS52.05.22: Wilderness & Primitive AreasAdd to your cart.
Clippings on Washakie Wilderness in Shoshone National Forest; three page review of Beartooth Plateau Study Area for wilderness review.
Folder MS52.05.23: Wyoming News ItemsAdd to your cart.
Heart Mountain Relocation Center
Folder MS52.05.24: Wyoming Outdoor CouncilAdd to your cart.
Request for information from Pierce on uranium potential in Sunlight Basin.
Folder MS52.05.25: Wyoming Geology Association Field Conference - Registration, 1975Add to your cart.
Pierce was a field trip leader for the 1975 conference.
Box 6Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.06.01: WGA Field Conference, 1975, 1983Add to your cart.
Correspondence plus four road logs from 1975 Conference.
Folder MS52.06.02: Yellowstone Bighorn Research Association, 1988 - 1989 - 1990Add to your cart.
Meeting minutes, correspondence through 1990.
Folder MS52.06.03: Yellowstone Bighorn Research Association - Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, 1978 - 1980Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.06.04: Yellowstone Bighorn Research Association - MGS, 1986Add to your cart.
Correspondence on 50th anniversary symposium.  Geology of the Beartooth Uplift and Adjacent Areas.
Folder MS52.06.05: Billings Geological Society - Yellowstone Bighorn Research Association, 1958Add to your cart.
Field Conference - 1958 - Correspondence for Pierce's participation, includes map and cross-section.
Folder MS52.06.06: Ziony, Joseph I.Add to your cart.
Pierce's glowing recommendations for two National Science Foundation Fellowships for Ziony, Correspondence.
Folder MS52.06.07: Ziony, Joseph I., 1957 - 1958Add to your cart.
Paperwork from Ziony to be Pierce's field assistant.
Folder MS52.06.08: Geochronology, 1961Add to your cart.
Geochron Laboratories, Inc. announcement of a facility to perform potassium-argon geologic age determinations.
Folder MS52.06.09: 21st & 22nd International Geology CongressAdd to your cart.
Three congress circulars, and correspondence.
Folder MS52.06.10: Illustrations - Heart Mountain break-away fault - Northwestern WyomingAdd to your cart.
Transparencies, prints, photos and negatives from Breakaway paper.
Folder MS52.06.11: Geology Society of America - Correspondence on Breakaway Paper, 1979Add to your cart.
1 copy of manuscript of the Heart Mountain Breakaway Fault paper, submitted to GSA in 1979; correspondence with GSA; reviewers comments.
Folder MS52.06.12: Detachment Faults, 1964, 1976, 1981, 1987Add to your cart.
Encyclopedia paper 1964 (obsolete. see revised version of 1976) and updated version 1981. Published in 1987. Several copies of manuscript.
Folder MS52.06.13: Detachment Faults, 1964, 1976, 1981, 1987Add to your cart.
Encyclopedia paper 1964 (obsolete. see revised version of 1976) and updated version 1981. Published in 1987. Several copies of manuscript.
Folder MS52.06.14: Correspondence/ Bachman, 1957Add to your cart.
Correspondence from 1957 field season; request to purchase trailer.
Folder MS52.06.15: Memos to R.L. Miller or to Branch OfficeAdd to your cart.
Office Correspondence.
Folder MS52.06.16: Slides and Outline for Field Conference TalksAdd to your cart.
Folder MS52.06.17: Tectonic Denudation Geology Society of America - Salt Lake MeetingAdd to your cart.
Talk outline and slide list.
Folder MS52.06.18: Heart Mountain Thing - 45 minutes, February 13, 1969Add to your cart.
Boston College - Freshman class, need to be improved.  Talk outline and slide list.
Folder MS52.06.19: Original and Copy of 45' Talk on Heart Mountain Fault and its mechanics, May 12, 1969Add to your cart.
Given at Denver P&H Meeting.  Talk outline.
Folder MS52.06.20: Geology and Mechanics of Heart Mountain Fault, February 1969Add to your cart.
55 minute presentation to University of Indiana, Boston Geological Society, Rutgers New Brunswick, Rutgers Newark and Princeton.  Under auspices of American Geological Institute Visiting Lecturer Talk outline.
Box 7Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.07.01: Jura Tectonics - 45 minute presentation, February 1969Add to your cart.
For Boston College & Rutgers (Newark) Geol. Classes. If used again, make the 3x4 slides into 2x2 slides.
Folder MS52.07.02: HM Fault, January 13, 1970; October 7, 1970Add to your cart.
Santa Cruz - Journalism Club - Lecture Notes, and University of Wyoming Lecture.
Folder MS52.07.03: University of California Seminar Talk, December 2, 1964Add to your cart.
Talk outline and slide list.
Folder MS52.07.04: Heart Mountain Fault - A Cataclysmic Event, February 6, 1974Add to your cart.
Talk given at University of California, San Diego - Jura Tectonics talk outline.
Folder MS52.07.05: Scholten, Robert - De Jong, Kees - CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.
Correspondence re: Gravity Tectonics volume: Pierce's paper is Principle features of the Heart Mountain Fault and the mechanism problem"
Folder MS52.07.06: Final copy - "Principal Features of the Heart Mountain Fault and the Mechanism Problem", November 1971Add to your cart.
For inclusion in Volume on Gravity Tectonics.  Several manuscripts and proofs.
Folder MS52.07.07: Principal Features of the Heart Mountain Fault and the Mechanism ProblemAdd to your cart.
Several manuscripts, United States Geological Survey correspondence, reviewers comments.
Folder MS52.07.08: Principal Features of the Heart Mountain Fault and the Mechanism ProblemAdd to your cart.
Several manuscripts, United States Geological Survey correspondence, and reviewers comments.
Folder MS52.07.09: Final drafted Illustrations - "Principal Features of Heart Mountain Fault and the Mechanism Problem"Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.07.10: Principals of detachment faulting - Notes for a paperAdd to your cart.
Three pages of notes.
Folder MS52.07.11: University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) lecture, November 21, 1978Add to your cart.
Talk outline, slide list, correspondence.
Folder MS52.07.12: Some features indicating tectonic denudation by the Heart Mountain Fault by William G. Pierce and Willis H. Nelson, August 1986Add to your cart.

Manuscript 21 pages; Illustrations figures 1-11 with list of figure titles

Published in Aug 1986 in Montana Geol. Soc. Guidebook

Also copy of deleted figures and extra copies

Folder MS52.07.13: Illustrations for "Some Features Indicating Tectonic Denudation..."Add to your cart.
Fourteen photos on mounting board.
Folder MS52.07.14: European Correspondence, 1963Add to your cart.
Correspondence with European geologists regarding Pierce's nine month leave from UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY on an NSF grant to study emplacement mechanism for decollement-type fault masses.
Folder MS52.07.15: Early Personal PapersAdd to your cart.
UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY letters hiring Pierce and promoting him.
Folder MS52.07.16: Press Releases prepared by W.G. Pierce, 1935 - 1942Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.07.17: Water Supply - Heart Mountain DivisionAdd to your cart.
Shoshone Irrigation Project: Pierce's letters requesting information on area water wells and other correspondence related to the water resources of the area.
Folder MS52.07.18: Mineral Resources (Fuel)Add to your cart.
Reports on Upper Colorado, Bonneville & Lahontan Basins Coal, asphalt, oil shale, petroleum (includes 2 maps).
Box 8Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.08.01: California Manganese, 1941 - 1942Add to your cart.
Onion-skin manuscript, correspondence, includes maps.
Folder MS52.08.02: California Manganese, 1941 - 1942Add to your cart.
54 page double spaced manuscript, with corrections: "Geology and manganese deposits of the Ladd-Buckeye area, near Tracy, California."
Folder MS52.08.03: Geology - Miscellaneous Papers, 1945Add to your cart.
Discussion of stratigraphy of Cloverly vs. Morrison; description of Kerlyin Oil cores on the South Fork Thrust; photos of the Nugget at Alcova; list of geologic branch personnel in 1945.
Folder MS52.08.04: Meeting in Washington, April 6-7-8, 1960Add to your cart.
Atomic waste disposal: discussion of UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY work for U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Includes "Rock salt deposits in the United States as possible storage sites for radioactive waste material" by Pierce and E.I. Rich.
Folder MS52.08.05: Handbook on Geology & Hydrology in Nuclear Energy, 1960Add to your cart.
Handbook outline and United States Geological Survey (USGS) correspondence about it.
Folder MS52.08.06: Official Correspondence - Wyoming, 1929 - 1930, 1935Add to your cart.
Expense estimates, authorization for field work.
Folder MS52.08.07: Official - Wyoming, 1937Add to your cart.
Kansas Geological Survey 11th Field Conference.  Pierce was invited to attend, United States Geological Survey (USGS) approved.
Folder MS52.08.08: California, 1941Add to your cart.
Strategic mineral investigation of California manganese, correspondence, and notes.
Folder MS52.08.09: Personal, 1941Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.08.10: Correspondence, 1945Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.08.11: Correspondence, 1945Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.08.12: Cobalt & Manganese Localities, Letters, Maps, 1941 - 1942Add to your cart.
Southeast United States
Folder MS52.08.13: Cobalt - Correspondence, 1943Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.08.14: Cobalt - ReportsAdd to your cart.
40 page onionskin manuscript "Cobalt bearing manganese deposits of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee," hand written notes.
Folder MS52.08.15: South Fork MaterialAdd to your cart.
Ten well logs and Devils Tooth topographic sheet with the wells posted; spliced topographic sheet with trace of South Fork fault hand drawn.
Box 9Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.09.01: Radioactive Waste Disposal in Salt, 1957 - 1958Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.09.02: Radioactive Waste Disposal - Salt, 1957 - 1958Add to your cart.
Project plans & progress.  Includes maps and cross section near Gunnison, Utah.
Folder MS52.09.03: Waesche Correspondence, 1958Add to your cart.
Atomic waste disposal in deep aquifers - memos.
Folder MS52.09.04: Deep Well Disposal, 1958 - 1959Add to your cart.
Correspondence and memos.
Folder MS52.09.05: Carlsbad - Dallas - Ponca City - Well Fracturing Conference, 1959Add to your cart.
Pierce attended a well fracturing and injection demonstration.  Memos and notes.
Folder MS52.09.06: Fiscal and Administrative - Waste Disposal, 1958 - 1959Add to your cart.
Memos discussing funding required to draft illustrations and print the report on atomic waste disposal in salt.
Folder MS52.09.07: Waste Disposal - Fiscal Year, 1960Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.09.08: Radioactive Waste Disposal #2-995310, 1961 - 1962Add to your cart.
Box 21Add to your cart.
Folder MS52.09.01: Reports, 1958Add to your cart.

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