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Oral Histories from Worland, WY and Washakie County



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Oral Histories

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Oral Histories from Worland, WY and Washakie County | Washakie Museum

By Julie Edholm

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Collection Overview

Title: Oral Histories from Worland, WY and Washakie CountyAdd to your cart.

Extent: 156.0 Folders

Arrangement: Names are in alphabetical order by last name. The date next to the name is the date the interview was conducted.


Volunteers associated with the Washakie Museum conducted oral history interviews with Worland residents in the 1970s and 80s who had resided in Washakie County since their youth. These were later transcribed and entered into a database and are now available electronically.

The Washakie Museum is located in Worland Wyoming. It houses artifacts, archival materials, and books that focus on the early history of the Big Horn Basin and it's people as well as it's prehistoric history.

For more information or to obtain a copy of an oral history please contact the curator at the Washakie Museum & Cultural Center at 307-347-4102 or visit us at https://www.washakiemuseum.org/

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Oral Histories],

Series 1: Oral HistoriesAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Dorothy AhrensAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Letter to Lyle and Esther Blincow

Folder 2: Herbert Ainsworth, 1990-02-14Add to your cart.

Hand written family tree. The Wilds of Wyoming by Grace Ainsworth.

Subjects: First organ in the Big Horn Basin, First sewing machine in the Big Horn Basin, Governor Richard's daughter's murder, Seventh Day Adventists, Spring Creek Raid.

People: Dayton Albee, Lucy Ann Bishop, Edith Mae Brink, Herb Brink, Bull's, Cogdill's, Clayton Cruise, Governor Richards, Neil Greet, George McClellan, Luke Wheeler, Dan Wilson.

Places: Big Trails, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Owl Creek Mountains.

Folder 3: Pearl Alcott/Marsh (Wilson), 1987-10-13Add to your cart.

Camp Worland booklet, Newsaper articles, The Romance of a Pearl.

Subjects: 1907 Worland fire, Creation of Washakie County, Honeymoon pranks, Lists of firsts in Worland, Washakie Days, Worland's early history.

People: Eddie Conant, H.T. Emmett, Ludlow, C.F. Robertson (1st mayor of Worland), Frank Thomas, Wamhoff.

Places: Camp Worland, Fifteen Mile Creek, Hanover Canal.

Businesses: Emmer Products Company, The Worland Grit (newspaper).

Clubs/Organizations: Worland Women's Club.

Folder 4: Golden Allred, 1988-04-25Add to your cart.

Wyoming wildlife article, On the Beaverline with Golden Allred, a Ten Sleep trapper. Newspaper articles.

Subjects: Entertainment, Dancing, Gardening problems-deer, Medical care, Mountain lions, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Severe weather, Trapping.

People: Breedon's, Brubaker's, Dr. Basil, Harold's, Shriver's, Tiekjo Thaxton.

Teachers: Doma Thaxton, Florence Harvard, Nellie Carr, Florence Shriver.

Places: Badlands, Kirby Creek, Nowood River, Old Maid's Gulch, Otter Creek, Otter Creek Canyon, Otter Creek Grazing Association, Otter Creek School, Princess Dance Hall, Spring Creek, Ten Sleep, Ten Sleep Mercantile, Valley Motel, Yellowtail Dam.

Folder 5: Rachel Allred, 1988-07-27Add to your cart.


Subjects: Diptheria, Teacher's salaries, Teaching school, Worland School District.

People: Dr. John Roberts.

Places: Bain School, Eastside Elementary, Gebo, Lander, Northside School, Spring Creek School, Ten Sleep, Westside Elementary, Wind River Indian Reservation.

Businesses: Western Motors.

Clubs/Organizations: Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts.

Folder 6: Jim (John Brown) Argeris, 1989-04-10Add to your cart.

Copies of legal documents, contracts, and licenses-certificate of naturalization, legal name change, hunting and fishing license, boxing contract, bill of sale. Newspaper articles.

Subjects: Boxing, Cabin building, Greek food, Head Start program, War bond effort.

People: Adam Schneider (boxer), Alex Schneider (boxer).

Places: Cheyenne, Greece, Greek Orthodox Church, John Brown's Pool Hall, Mileski Buildilng, Princess Dance Hall, Salt Lake City, Seghetti Skating RInk, Stockman's Cafe/Bar, Ten Sleep, Worland Cafe.

Businesses: Argeris Shoes.

Folder 7: Anne Mary Bader (McCarthy)Add to your cart.

Newspaper article and a biography by Marcella Chamberlin

Place names: Grass Creek, Nowood River, Ten Sleep, Ten Sleep Mercantile.

Folder 8: Eileen Barnett, 1989-03-08Add to your cart.

Obituary and newspaper articles

Subjects: Highway Patrol, World War II.

People: Leland Gossett, Leo Rhodes.

Places: Basin, Kane, Manderson, Nowood River, Rairden, Ruble School, Thermopolis, Worland.

Clubs/Organizations: B & PW (Business & Professional Women)

Folder 9: Percy & Crystal Beach, 1987-11-23Add to your cart.

Places: Boy's Reform School, Emmett Building.

Businesses: Burlington Railroad

Folder 10: Julius Henry  & Elizabeth Berkenkamp, 1989-06Add to your cart.


Subjects: German POW Camp, World War II.

Places: China, Germany, Washington, Wisconsin, Zion's Lutheran Church.

Folder 11: John & Mollie Bihr, 1973-09-16Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles, biography

Subjects: 1964 Fire-Worland Machine Co., Car dealerships, Carey Act, Gasoline Service Station, Homesteading, Sheep feeding, Sugar beets, Ten Sleep and No Rest, Ten Sleep Raid, Washakie County formation, Washakie Days.

People: Allemand, Fred Bragg, Herb Brink, Dr. Foster (1st doctor), Joe Emge, Roy Glenn, Governor Carey, Governor Emerson, Leonard Haynes, Healy, McClellan, John Voss, Wonstenberg.

Places: Basin, Big Horn Canal, Buffalo Basin, Deep Creek Ranch, Durkee School House, Fritz Ditch, Fort Washakie, Grass Creek, Hyattville, Lost Cabin, Nebraska, Nowood River, Rairden Bridge, Schuster Flats, Ten Sleep, Wostenberg School.

Businesses: Brick Factory, Durkee School District, Emer Mill, Farmers Lumber Yard, Holly Sugar Company, International Harvester Company, Jordan Mill, Mercantile Store, Noble and Bragg Outfit, Nowood Store, Rupp Store, Worland Machine Co., Worland Cafe, Worland Power Plant.

Clubs/Organizations: Worland Alfalfa Club

Folder 12: Cecil Black, 1973-10-01Add to your cart.

Subjects: 1970 drought, Farming, Irrigation ditches, Spring Creek Raid, Sugar beets, Town-moving across ice, World War I.

Places: 15-mile Ranch, Big Horn Canal.

Businesses: Hake Hardware

Folder 13: Ethel & Dorothy (Hinkle) Bonine, 1988-05-25Add to your cart.

Play programs-Bunch of Fun and Why Smith Left Home. Biographyof the life of Aara J. Knisely.

Subjects: Corn Show Follies, Dances, High School.

People: Governor Nellie Ross, Lady Bird Johnson.

Teachers: Mr. Ferry, Mrs. Ferry, Mis Idse, Miss McClymont, Miss Nay, Miss Wilson, Mrs. Pearl Wilson.

Places: Antler Ranch (TA Ranch), Kane, Lovell, Meeteetse.

Businesses: Big Horn Chevrolet, Carl Dir's Sporting Goods Store, Chevy Garage, Farmers Lumber Yard, Great Western Sugar Co., Stockgrowers Bank, The Outdoorsman, Washakie Trading Co.

Clubs/Organizations: 4-H, Junior Woman's Club, Senior Woman's Club.

Folder 14: H. Leonoard & Ethel Bonine, 1989-04-12Add to your cart.

Genealogy, biograpy of Harry LaRue Bonine, newspaper articles.

Subjects: Boxing, Clothing, Dancing, Garages, Holly Farms, Hospital, Movie theater, Pool halls, Prohibition, Prostitution, School bus, Shops on Main street, Washakie Days.

People: John Brown

Businesses: Bess Dailey's Gift Shop, Brookins, Chevrolet Garage, Dorman Hotel, Farmer's Lumberyard, Goodmont Motors, Harness Shop, Holly Sugar Co., Ida's Place, Kerby Theater, Louie's Quick Lunch, Marshall Wells, Read Drug Store, Rupp's, Russell's Hardware, Schultz's Drug Store, Style Shop, The Outdoorsman, The Smart Shop, Washakie Trading Co., Wild Bear Garage, Worland Garage.

Folder 15: Kenneth & Ruth Bower, 1989-03-22Add to your cart.

Notes from the first Colter club meeting, newspaper articles.

Subjects: Canals, Farming, Home cures, Irrigation, The Depression, Threshing, Water rights.

People: Luther Albertson, Karl & Carrie Ley.

Places: Belle Fourche River, Big Horn Canal, Bluff Canal, Boysen Reservoir, Hanover Canal, Lower Hanover Canal.

Businesses: Holly Sugar, Lincoln Land Company, Petters & Company, Wyoming Sugar Company.

Clubs/Organizations: Colter Club.

Folder 16: Bob Brome, 1989-08-29Add to your cart.

Big Horn Canal Association Annual Report Oct. 31, 1944-October 31, 1945, newspaper articles, business card, letters.

Subjects: Alfalfa, Carey Act, Community colleges, He Wore a Stetson by Vera Saban, Johnson County Way, Law practice, Lawyer-New York, Librarian, Masons, Mining Claims, Politics, Sheep, Ten Sleep Raid.

People: Babbitts, Gilbert Kennedy, Carl & Carrie Lay (Lei), Bear George McClellan, Judge Metz, Teddy Roosevelt, Myron Tolman, R.B. West.

Places: Basin, Big Horn Canal, Brome Draw, Dead Indian Hill-Cody, Hidden Dome, Little Leigh Creek, Nowood, Rairden, Ten Sleep, Upper Ten Sleep Meadows.

Businesses: Alfalfa Farms Co., Big Horn Canal Assoc., Big Horn Irrigation Co, Bragg & Noble Outfit, McKinney Oil & Drilling Co., Ohio Oil Co./Marathon, Peters Milling Co., Texaco Bulk Plant, Worland Garage.

Folder 17: Morgan Brown, 1989-12-12Add to your cart.

Story, postcard, photos, family histories, biograpy of Edward Davis.

Subjects: Civil War, Mining, Spring Creek Raid, Square dancing, Trucking.

People: Johnny Buckmaster, Paul Frison, Bob Goodrich, Bounce Hellmer, Archie Jacobs, Judge Merz, Albert Wortham.

Places: Big Trails, Brown Ranch, Gebo, Hammer Creek, Hyattville, McClellan Ranch, Otter Creek, Renner Ranch/Coon Creek, Smth Ranch, Yellowstone.

Clubs/Organizations: Circle 8, Jaycees, Square Dance Club.

Folder 18: Dee & Opal Brubaker, 1988Add to your cart.

Colter Club recorded history, poem, biography/play

Subjects: Sheep herder, Sheep wagon.

Clubs/Organizations: Colter Club

Folder 19: Doreen Bryant, 1988-06-21Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles

Subjects: Bees

People: Beatle's

Businesses: Bryant Honey, Sioux Bee Honey, Thrift Shop.

Clubs/Organizations: Coconut Dancing Club, Episcopal Church.

Folder 20: Hattie BurnstadAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Biography, Days of Remembrance, photos, correspondence.

Subjects: Schools, Teaching

Folder 21: Dorothy Faure Bush, 1988-10-1Add to your cart.

Subjects: Corn, Show, Flu Epidemic, Homesteading, Plane crash, Rocky Mountain Tick Fever, Sheep herding, Sheep wagon.

People: Mr. Cutter, H.T. Emmett, Mrs. Ferry, Governor Emerson, Dr. Dana Carter, Dr. Gage, Dr. Gray, Dr. Jewel.

Teachers: Pauline Haven, Irene Knowles.

Places: Bear Creek, Box Elder Creek, Box Elder Ranch, Lake Helen, Nowood, Orchard Ranch, Trout Creek.

Businesses: Big Trails School House, Elk Theater, Emmett School, Fred Bragg Outfit, Ten Sleep School, Washakie Trading Co., Worland High School.

Clubs/Organizations: State Corn Convention, Ten Sleep School Board, Wyoming School Board Association.

Folder 22: Clint Carneal, 1989-05-17Add to your cart.

Subjects: Boxing, Coal, Ku Klux Klan, Prostitution.

People: John (John Brown) Argeris

Places: Gebo, Kirby.

Businesses: Sinclair Service Station

Folder 23: Margaret Chastain, 1987-05Add to your cart.

Record of family births

Subjects: Flu Epidemic, Justice of the Peace

People: Governor Richards, George McClellan.

Teachers: Mrs. Benson, Lillian Grout Egbert, Mazie Harbison Egbert, France Lacky.

Places: Lost Cabin, Mahogany Butte Ranch, Nowood.

Businesses: Big Trails School, Red Bank Ranch, Red Bank Telephone Co., Noble & Bragg Outfit, Washakie Trading Co., Worland Mercantile Co.

Folder 24: Clayton Curtis, 1989-04-25Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles

Subjects: First white woman in the Basin, Optometrist, Pilot, Plane crash, Seventh Day Adventist, Teachers.

People: Frank, Marion & Ray Ainsworth, Codgills, Pop Emmett, Tim Paris, Clarence Waln, Martah James Bull Waln, Frank Watson.

Places: Garland

Businesses: Big Trails, Emmett School, Greet School, Worland Airport.

Folder 25: Edward DavisAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Biography of Edward Davis by Margaret Brown Davis

Folder 26: Lester "Smilo" Davis, 1988-03-25Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles

Subjects: Cattle-mountain grazing, Dances, Depression, Taylor Grazing Act, Ten Sleep Raid, Well drilling.

People: Dixon, Paul Frison, Nysley's, Leo Rhodes, Hank Smith, Tolman's.

Places: Canyon Creek, Mann Schoolhouse, Nowood, Owl Creek, Rice Ranch.

Businesses: Davis Livestock Corp., Gebo Mine, Ten Sleep School.

Clubs/Organizations: Ten Sleep Soil Conservation District

Folder 27: Jim Denny, 1988-02-03Add to your cart.


Subjects: Car dealerships/garages, CCC, Emer Mill, Fire department, Holly Sugar Company, House, Prohibition, Plumber, Water works, World War II.

People: Doc Gray

Places: Emmett School

Folder 28: Inez Denton, 1973-10-2Add to your cart.

Subjects: Dancing, Flu Epidemic, Grocery Stores, Prohibition.

People: Hank's

Businesses: Denton's, Hank's Department Store

Folder 29: Truman & Ethel DurfeyAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Biograpy and family tree

Folder 30: Elizabeth Dye, 1989-02Add to your cart.


People: George Smith

Places: Bonneville, Buffalo Creek, Copper Mountain, Shoshoni, Warren School

Folder 31: Elva Ecton, 1985-11Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles, Program of art exhibition, Resumes of artwork, Invitation to art reception, Tribute to Elva.

Subjects: Art, Church camp, Theater.

Places: Meadowlark Lake

Businesses: Holly Sugar

Clubs/Organizations: Friends of the Washakie County Museum, Helens Fellowship, Newcomer's Club, Worland Artists, Worland Community Players, Worland Methodist Church, Worland Soroptimist Club, Wyoming Artists Association.

Folder 32: Dorothy Evert, 1989-04-25Add to your cart.

Subjects: Dances, Rollerskating.

People: Pulliam

Places: Emmett School

Businesses: Pulliam Company, Pure Oil, Washakie Abstract Co.

Folder 33: Harry & Elsie Faure, 1988-09-18Add to your cart.

Biography of Mary Ettie Carrier Wortham, The Wilbur (Webb) Worthams of Worland Wyoming.

Subjects: Card playing, Depression, Normal Training.

People: Dr. Gray, Dr. Groshart.

Places: Big Horn Canal, Bluff Ditch, Gooseberry, Hanover Canal, Lower Hanover Canal, Nieber School, Worland High School.

Businesses: First National Bank, Sinclair Station, St. Alban's Epsicopal Thrift Shop, Washakie Abstract Co., WPA

Clubs/Organizations: American Legion Auxiliary, B & PW, Bedoura Nile Club, DOES, POW WOW, St. Alban's Episcopal Church.

Folder 34: Rose & Mary Pelligren Faure, 1990-02-14Add to your cart.

Subjects: France, Sheep, Ten Sleep Raid.

People: Frank Bower, Dr. Gage, Dr. Gray, Father Enders.

Places: Durkee, Nowood.

Folder 35: Mary Tully FehlbertAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.


Folder 36: Pearl & Bertha Foreman, 1985-03-08Add to your cart.


People: Neiber's

Places: Bridger Trail, Gooseberry, Hanover Dam, Neiber, South Flat.

Folder 37: Hedy Francke, 1988-01-27Add to your cart.
Subjects: Canning, Electricity, Washing, World War II.
Folder 38: Mabel French, 1973-10-10Add to your cart.

Subjects: Curing meat, Hally's Comet, Prospecting, Typhoid.

Places: Hanover Canal, Rairden.

Clubs/Organizations: Methodist Church, Priscilla Circle, South Flat Club, War Mothers.

Folder 39: Paul Frison, 1997-10-27Add to your cart.

Poem, Obituary, origin of Crazy Woman Creek, bibliograpy

Subjects: Band/Orchestra, Dances, Wolves.

Places: Birdseye Pass, Broken Back, Lost Cabin, Nowood, Sand Creek Divide, Shell Creek, Ten Sleep Canyon, Ten Sleep School.

Businesses: Emory Hotel, Flagstaff Hotel, Gordon & Frison Sheep Co., Ten Sleep Mercantile.

Clubs/Organizations: Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

Folder 40: Henry & Edith Fritzler, 1973-10-04Add to your cart.

Subjects: Fire fighting, High school girls basketball, Hospitals, Machine shop fire, Service station, School buses, Sugar beets, Sugar Factory, Wild Bear Garage Fire.

People: Dr. Anderson, Dr. Gray.

Places: Emmett School, Gebo.

Businesses: Junctions Service, Wild Bear Garage, Worland Machine Co., Wyoming Sugar Co.

Clubs/Organizations: Chamber of Commerce

Folder 41: Dr. John & Dorothy Froyd, 1990-01-04Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles

Subjects: Doctors, Hospital.

People: Dr. Anderson, Dr. Engleman, Dr. Gray, Dr. Groshart.

Clubs/Organizations: Hospital Auxiliary

Folder 42: Juanita Garcia, 1989-09-13Add to your cart.


Subjects: Box car living, Railroad.

Folder 43: Mr. and Mrs. GayAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Biographical information

Folder 44: Tom & Christiana Gee, 1989-03-22Add to your cart.

Postcard and letters, newspaper article

Subjects: Community theater, Hell and High Water, Polygamy, Realtors.

People: Margaret Chastain, Lucky Dorman, Pop Emmett, Dad Worland.

Businesses: Best Western Settler's Inn, Geis Trucking, Hotel Washakie, Worland Grit.

Clubs/Organizations: Chamber of Commerce, Community Players, Country Club, Girl Scouts, Kiwanis, St. Alban's Church, Wyoming Travel Commission.

Folder 45: Clay GibbonsAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Newspaper articles, story of the Hole-in-the-Wall Country, "The Woman in Blue"

Folder 46: Alice Gonzales, 1987Add to your cart.


Subjects: Beet picking, Carnival, Christmas, Dancing, School days.

Folder 47: Margaret Goodwin, 1987-12-09Add to your cart.

Diary written by M.J. Goodwin

Subjects: Automobiles, Delco, The Depression.

People: Pop Emmett, Dr. Foster, Dr. Gray.

Places: Deer Haven, Emmett School, Lower Hanover Canal, Uupper Hanover Canal.

Businesses: Holly Sugar Factory, Washakie Joe's

Folder 48: Richard Gorst, 1989-05-30Add to your cart.

Essay on the Gorst Family

Subjects: Delco, The Depression, German POW's, Japanese Internment Camps, Jones Costigan Bill, Ku Klux Klan, Politics, Prohibition, Prostitution, Sheep, Sring Creek Raid, Sugar beet growers, Turkeys, Washakie Days.

People: Barney Koontzwas, George Bear McClellan, Morris Sheesley, Henry Tully.

Places: Big Trails, Cottonwood Pass, Nowood Road, Red Bank Ranch.

Businesses: Clay Veal's Barbershop, Holly Sugar, Stockgrower's Bank, Washakie Trading Co.

Clubs/Organizations: East Side Club, Eastern Star Methodist Ladies Aid, Wyoming Farm Bureau.

Folder 49: June Doyle Gossens, 1999-06-15Add to your cart.

Subjects: First white woman in the Basin

People: Hank Carstenson, Georgia Harold, Leithead's.

Places: Bader Schoolhouse, Hammer Creek, Lower Nowood, Mann Schoolhouse, Otter Creek, Otter Creek Schoolhouse.

Clubs/Organizations: Friendly Circle Club, Nowood Pond Club.

Folder 50: Abner Gray, 1987-12-22Add to your cart.

*Note* Georgia St. Clair, Abner's daughter, is the one being interviewed.

Newspaper articles, biography of Grandfather Gray, biography of Mercy Etta Pratt Gray, photo.

Subjects: Dancing, Flu Epidemic, Hospital, Medicine, The Depression.

People: Dr. Anderson.

Teachers: Miss Hummel, Ina Wessel.

Places: Museum

Clubs/Organizations: Eastern Star, Historical Society, Ladies Aid, Masonic Order, Rotary Club, Shrine, Worland Artists.

Folder 51: Clara Green, 1986-09Add to your cart.


Places: Gooseberry

Folder 52: Fred GreetAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.


Folder 53: Mattie Groshart, 1987-11Add to your cart.


Subjects: Fire of 1906

People: Harry Bonine, Mr. Muirhead

Places: Wostenberg School

Folder 54: Pearl Marie Wood Hake, 1989-03-29Add to your cart.

Obituary of Colonel Sam Wood, correspondence

Subjects: Cooking, First woman pilot in Wyoming, Home remedies, Sawmill.

People: Lec Welch, McQuarry.

Places: Big Horn Lodge, Deer Haven, Meadowlark Lake.

Businesses: Bureau of Public Roads, Forest Service.

Folder 55: Ray Hake, 1989-03-29Add to your cart.

Correspondence, photos

Subjects: Bars, Baseball, Insurance, Real Estate.

People: Frank Watson

Places: Nowater Creek

Businesses: Farmer's State Bank, First National Bank, Hake Agency, Shultz's Drug.

Clubs/Organizations: Junior League Baseball

Folder 56: Emma & Clara South Hampton, 1987-11-12Add to your cart.

History of Ina Wessel & C.H.Hampton family, C.H. Hampton family history, newspaper articles, photos.

Subjects: Appendix, Telephone, Washakie Days.

People: Dad Worland, Dr. Gage, Dr. Miller, Muirheads, Van Werts.

Businesses: Hampton & South, Stockgrower's Bank, Washakie Hotel, Wild Bear Garage.

Folder 57: Thomas Hanly, 1989-08-30Add to your cart.

Subjects: Blizzard, Housing, Hydrologist, Riverton Project, Road conditions, Samplers, Sediment.

People: Ray Bower, Dick Hake, Clare Roberts.

Places: Big Horn River, Boysen Dam, Five Mile Creek, Ocean Lake, Powder River Pass, Shell Creek Road.

Businesses: Bureau of Reclamation, USGS.

Clubs/Organizations: Boy Scouts of America

Folder 58: Virginia Harkins, 1991Add to your cart.


Places: Hanover Canal

Businesses: Washakie Hotel

Folder 59: Mary Jannette Pettijohn HarvardAdd to your cart.

Harvard family timeline, biographies of the following members: Sidney & Mary J. Harvard, Clarence & Florence Waln, Frank & Eliza Brown, Clyde and Florence Harvard.

Subjects: Indian raids

People: Bob Waln

Places: Badwater Creek, Mahogany Butte, Nowood, Spring Creek.

Folder 60: Dan & Martha & Edith Healy, 1988-05-12Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles, obitutary of Daniel S. Healy, surveys, memoriam of Sampson Healy, Healy family story, Grandpa's Sheep Trail by Brian Healy, Range Management, Excerpt from Catherine Howell Pemberton's history about Edith Healy.

Subjects: Banking, The Depression, Garbage, Household hired help, Quarantine, Radio, Saturday nights, Schools, Sheep.

People: Dave Dickie, Paul Frison, Muirheads.

Places: Carter Hotel, Edith Healy Little House, Emmett School, Girl Scout House, LU Ranch, Plaza Hotel, Red Desert.

Businesses: First National Bank, Healy Brothers, LU Sheep Co., Marquis Music Store, Ten Sleep Mercantile, Van's Food Market, Washakie Livestock Loan Co., Worland Machine Co.

Clubs/Organizations: Girl Scouts, Museum

Folder 61: Frances Hecht, 1988-02Add to your cart.

Funeral program, obituary

Subjects: Cooking, Dance pavilion, The Depression, Emigrant train, Farming, Hair-pigtails/braids, Hospital, House building, Laundry, School games, Teaching school, Television, Typhoid Fever, World War I-rations, Women's Lib.

People: Dr. Anderson, Dr. Gray, Harry Voss.

Places: Coutler School, Lower Hanover Dam, South Flat School, Upper Hanover Canal, Watson Building.

Businesses: Cook Hotel

Clubs/Organizations: 4-H, Garden Club, South Flat Ladies Club.

Folder 62: George & Florence HilgendorfAdd to your cart.


Subjects: Circus/Carnival, School cook, Ice house, Water meter.

People: Wostenberg

Places: Northside School

Businesses: Babbit & Walters, John Wessel's Blacksmith Shop, Worland Creamery, Wyoming Pure Seed Co.

Clubs/Organizations: Women's Benefit Association

Folder 63: Dorothy & Ethel Bonine Hinkle, 1988-05-25Add to your cart.

Biography of Aara J. Knisely, newspaper articles

Subjects: Corn Show Follies, Dances, High School.

People: Governor Nellie Ross, Lady Bird Johnson.

Teachers: Mr. Ferry, Mrs. Ferry, Miss Idse, Miss McClymont, Miss Nay, Miss Wilson, Mrs. Pearl Wilson.

Places: Antler Ranch (TA Ranch), Kane, Lovell, Meeeteetse.

Businesses: Big Horn Chevrolet, Carl Dir's Sporting Goods Store, Chevy Garage, Farmers Lumber Yard, Great Western Sugar Co., Stockgrowers Bank, The Outdoorsman, Washakie Trading Co.

Clubs/Organizations: 4-H, Junior Woman's Club, Senior Woman's Club.

Folder 64: Robert Hinkle, 1988-03-25Add to your cart.

Subjects: Bank moratorium, Beets, Cattle, Chevrolet/Ford, Cowboying, Farming, Interest rates, Sheep, Sugar beet campaign.

People: Rollin Bower, Vernon Bower, Lloyd Coleman, Groutman.

Names: Charlie Bain's place, Cody, Gebo, Grass Creek.

Businesses: Hughes Tool

Folder 65: Paul Horel, 1996-05-31Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles

Subjects: Butchering, Cattle business, Gardening, Haul water, Ice skating, Laundry, Meals, Paris Green-insecticide, Recreation, Street paving, Taylor Grazing Act 1934, Unions, Women's lib.

Places: Bonanza, Big Horn Canal, Bluff Canal, Colter School, Gebo, Lawson Canal.

Businesses: Dorman Hotel, REA.

Clubs/Organizations: Grace Lutheran, St. Luke's Lutheran Church.

Folder 66: Edward C. Horsley M.D., 1990-01-24Add to your cart.

Subjects: Drugs, Hospital, Medicine, Nurses.

People: Dr Anderson, Dr. Engleman.

Folder 67: Irma Howard, 1988-02-26Add to your cart.

Subjects: Ten Sleep Raid

People: Dr. Gage, Dr. Gray.

Places: Canyon Creek, Nowood.

Businesses: Institute

Clubs/Organizations: 4-H, Alter Guild, Cub Scouts, Extension Clubs, PTA, St. Alban's Episcopal Church

Folder 68: Bob HowellAdd to your cart.

History by Helen Howell, Mrs. Ashby Howell Pioneer Worland Woman and Humorous Stories of her First Years in Wyoming as School Teacher and Lady Homesteader

Subjects: Cabins, Clubhouses, Cooking, Gas lamps, Ku Klux Klan, Outhouses, Prohibition, School pranks

People: E.Y. Booker, Bill Culbertson, Pop Emmett, Kelly, Westcott.

Places: Big Horn Canal, Black Cat-Manderson, Dad Worland's Dugout.

Businesses: Heidelberg Bar, Kelley's Bar

Folder 69: Jack Howell, 1989-02-01Add to your cart.

Subjects: Gasline, High school football, Oil, Original town site, Sugar factory, Sugar Tramp Ball.

Places: Hidden Dome

Businesses: Howells Stores Inc., Midwest Oil Co., Pure Oil Co., Worland Mercantile Co.

Folder 70: Huffman FamilyAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.


Folder 71: Dr. Virgil Humphreys, 1988-05-18Add to your cart.

Resume, newspaper article

Subjects: Acupuncture, Brands, Brucellosis, Disease diagnosis, Horses, Llamas, Teach seminars, Tuberculosis, Veterinarian, World War II.

People: Susie Smith, Henry Weber.

Businesses: Cattle sale barn

Club/Organizations: Girl Scout Camp, Wyoming Game & Fish, Wyoming Livestock Board, Wyoming State Veterinary Advisory Committee, Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory, Wyoming Veterinary Association.

Folder 72: Eric Bendix JensenAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Biographical sketch

Folder 73: Marion Johnson, 1989-06-16Add to your cart.

Subjects: Bankruptcy, Business fire, Credit reports, Drug store, Flu, Furniture, General contractor, Medicines, Plaing cards, Rationing, Washakie Days.

People: Bill Alrich, Ray Bower, Dr. Gray, Mr. Morgan (attorney), George Muirhead (banker), Helen SNyder, Lou Spratt, Delmar Street.

Places: Emmett School

Businesses: 1st National Bank, Credit Bureau, Rationing Board, Stockgrowers State Bank.

Folder 74: JohnsonAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

A Pioneer Named Johnson

Folder 75: Mildred JonesAdd to your cart.
Subjects: Sheep wagon, Travel.
Folder 76: Ruth Kennedy, 1988-07Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles

Subjects: 1906 moving of the town across the river, Beet factory, Building of bridges and railways, Highways, Ferry, Ice jams, Immigrants from Russia and Germany, School teachers, Ten Sleep Raid.

Places: 25 Mile Creek, Big Horn River, Bluff Canal, Bonanza, Boysen Dam, Germania/Emblem, Kirby.

Clubs/Organizations: Literary Society

Folder 77: Aileen & Lloyd Kerby, 1988-10-26Add to your cart.

Subjects: Dances, Downtown businesses, Drive-in theater, Theater.

People: Dr. Anderson, Dr. Gray, Joe Hampton.

Businesses: Elk Theater Lloyd's Drive In, Veile Furniture.

Folder 78: Ben Kister, 1963-09-13Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles

People: Alex Healy, Bill Pulliam.

Clubs/Organizations: Zions Lutheran Church

Folder 79: Krei Family, 1992-05-01Add to your cart.

History of the Krei farm, autobiography of Evelyn Edwards Krei, life sketch with photo, newspaper articles

Subjects: Dancing, Farm life, Hired house girls, Pinochle, Quealy Award.

Places: Gebo

Businesses: Economy Dairy, Holly Sugar Co.

Clubs/Organizations: 4-H, Collopy Club, Methodist Church, Odd Fellows, Soil Conservation.

Folder 80: Russell & Florence Laird, 1988-08-01Add to your cart.

L.E. Laird family history, Florence Laird resume, newspaper articles, obituaries, biographies, photo

Subjects: Education, Episcopal Church, Farming, School.

People: Dr. Crowder, Dr. Gray, Ashby Howell, Dr. Reed, Frank Watson.

Places: Laird Farm

Businesses: Douglas Aircraft-California, Worland Mercantile.

Folder 81: Mae Lewis, 1988-01Add to your cart.

Subjects: Farming, First car, Horses, One room school, Planes, School teaching, Telephone.

Places: Ten Sleep

Folder 82: Julia Leyva, 1988-10Add to your cart.


Subjects: Prejudice, Sugar Beets.

Folder 83: Lungren FamilyAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Adam Lungren biography, life story of Elizabeth Deines Lungren, story of Anna Marie and Jacob Lungren.

Folder 84: George McClellanAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Newspaper articles, obituary, Bear Stories by George B. McClellan

Folder 85: Howard McClellan, 1988-04-12Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles, Oscar McClellan obituary and photo, story of finding Governor Richards daughter by Mary Rebideau Nicholson, Senator George "Bear George" McClellan's Bear Story

Subjects: Billy the Kid, Corps of Engineers, Cowboy, Murder/suicide, Ranch, Teachers, Wild Bunch, World War II.

People: "Bear George", Governor Richards daughter, Wayne Tulley.

Places: Big Trails School, Canyon Creek, Emmett building, NH Trail, Moneta.

Businesses: McClellan & McQueen

Folder 86: Theresa McKamey, 1988-09Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles

Subjects: Hospital, Medical clinic, Nurses.

People: Dr. Anderson, Dr. Avery, Dr. Engleman, Dr. Froyd, Dr. Gray, Dr. Groshart, Dr. Harmon, Dr. Horsley, Dr. McKeon, Dr. Misner.

Folder 87: Ruth McKeon, 1988-02-23Add to your cart.

I Remember When... by Ruth McKeon, 1915 Worland postcard.

Subjects: Camp tenders, Delco,The Depression, Lambing, REA, Sheep ranch, Sheep wagon.

Places: Boysen Dam, Hidden Dome, Lost Cabin, Rairden.

Businesses: Red Bank Telephone Co., Washakie Trading Co.

Folder 88: Jeff & Ruby McKibbon, 1987-12-07Add to your cart.

Lists of store owners in the 1930s, newspaper article, photo, Worland Businessman by Jeff McKibbon

Subjects: Airport, Businesses, Businessmen, Department store, Highway #16, "Jobbing", Newspaper.

People: Chris Christensen, W.A. Denton, Lucky Dorman, Ed Green, Forrest Larsen, Martin Martinson, Dan McDonald, Carl Merz, George Murihead, Louie Rorris, Earl Varney.

Places: Worland Airport

Businesses: Dorman Hotel, Golden Rule, Jon's IGA, Meadowlark Lodge, S.B.A. Board, Triangle Packing Co.

Clubs/Organizations: Alfalfa Club, Lion's Club.

Folder 89: Nora McPike, 1974Add to your cart.

George Wortham biography

Subjects: Farming, School bus, School teacher, Tornado.

Places: Gooseberry, Neiber.

Folder 90: Felix Mercado, 1994-04-07Add to your cart.

Biographical information

Subjects: Flooding, Legends, Poverty, Prejudice, Segregation, Sugar beets.

Places: Spanish School, Watson Building.

Businesses: Rickers Pharmacy

Folder 91: John & Bille Merz, 1989-03-15Add to your cart.

Subjects: Boarding house, Corn shows, Ku Klux Klan, Parties, Radio, Sugar beets, Teaching.

People: Edith Healy, Frank Watson.

Businesses: Merz Bakery, The Institute, Washakie Trading Co., Worland Hardware.

Clubs/Organizations: AAUW, Delta Kappa Gamma, Presbyterian Church.

Folder 92: Irene Metcalf, 1988-05-11Add to your cart.

Subjects: Flu-1918, High School, Mexican nationals, Operettas, School choir, World War II.

People: Margaret Chastain, Mary Gayber, Mr. Watson.

Businesses: Edwards Motor Co., Farmers State Bank, Holly Sugar, Pacific Power, Worland Machine Co.

Clubs/Organizations: Job's Daughters

Folder 93: Hilda Robertson MeyersAdd to your cart.

Subjects: School, Sugar Row.

People: Mr. Emmett

Places: Emmett School, Spanish School, Watson Building.

Folder 94: Mildred Mills, 1988Add to your cart.

Subjects: CC Camp, Dances, Government bought animals, Moonshine, Mountain school.

Places: Big Trails, Nowood, Otter Creek, Red Bank, Spring Creek

Folder 95: George MuirheadAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.


Folder 96: Ed Newcomer, 1992-02-21Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles

Subjects: Church mission to Hawaii, Real estate

Clubs/Organizations: Friends of the Museum, Nights of Note, Washakie County Museum Board

Folder 97: DeMar & Sylvia Nielson, 1987-11Add to your cart.

Subjects: Baseball, Car mechanic, Church -- LDS, Flying, Model T's, Mountain cabin, Planes, School bus.

People: Skeeter Denton, Pop Emmett, Jim Geddes, Kelly McCloud, Myron Orter.

Places: Meadowlark Lake

Businesses: Big Horn Chevrolet, Denton Chevrolet, Holly Sugar, Washakie Trading Co.

Clubs/Organizations: Alfalfa Club, Commercial Club.

Folder 98: Nurses, 1990-02-01Add to your cart.

Nurses interviewed: Etna Feather, Elinor(Eleanor)  Feraud, Charlene Lungren, Theresa McKamey, Thelma Waln, Margaret Hyatt, Bunny Haines, Bernie Johnson, Dorothy Rillihan.

Subjects: Delivering babies, Hospital.

People: Carl & Louise Hampton

Doctors: Bob Anderson, Lyle Anderson, Avery, Engleman, Farlien, Froyd, Graham, Gray, Groshart, Hine, Horsley, Johns, Jorgenson, McKeon, Porter, Watson, Whittemore.

Hospital workers: Alana Chapman, Emily Honeycutt, Mr. Rodamer, Florence Pickett, Lois Pickett, Laura Thomas, Wilma Thomas, Katie Tidemann.

Places: Veile Building

Businesses: John Merz's Bakery, Jon's IGA, The Wagon Wheel.

Folder 99: Thelma Outland, 1988-05-18Add to your cart.

Subjects: 4-H, Basketball, Calves, Christmas tree, Church, Cooking, Country school, County Agent, Drought, Fairgrounds, Flour mill, Home economist, Homestead, Lumber camp, Quealy Award, Sawmill, Sheep camp cook, Sunday School, War work.

People: McNutts, Mrs. Minness, Mr. Shaw.

Places: Gooseberry

Businesses: Country Extension Office, Longview Sawmill Co.

Clubs/Organizations: Boy Scouts, Eastside Club, Energetic Club, Extension Club.

Folder 100: Elmer & Lillian Packer, 1987-12Add to your cart.

Subjects: Canals, Cattlemen, Cowboy life, Sheep wagon, Sheepmen, Sugar beets.

People: DaCd Worland

Places: Big Horn Canal, Hanover Canal, Owl Creek.

Businesses: J.L. Torrey Outfit, LU Sheep Outfit, Pitchfork Ranch.

Folder 101: Herb & Helen Paris, 1987-11Add to your cart.

Story-author unknown

Subjects: County commissioner, Hospital board, Library board, Quilting, School board.

People: Charles Welch, Charley Worland.

Places: Gebo, Meadowlark, Veile building.

Businesses: State Highway Department, Worland Garage.

Clubs/Organizations: 4-H, Cancer Society, Cocoanuts, Community Players, Dance Club, Eastern Star, Hospital Auxiliary, Job's Daughters, Junior Woman's Club, Lion's Club, Masons, PTA, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons).

Folder 102: Catherine Howell Pemberton, 1989-01-29Add to your cart.

Newspaper article, obituaries

Subjects: Corn show, Driving, Natural Gas, Prohibition.

People: Edith Healy

Places: Black Cat, Emory Building, Meadowlark, Nowood.

Businesses: Worland Mercantile

Folder 103: Ray & Peggy Pendergraft, 1988-10Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles, news release

Subjects: Jenkins murder

People: Butch Cassidy, Hole in the Wall Gang, Edna Richards Jenkins, Bear George McClellan, Governor Richards, Mr. Rupp, Dad Worland.

Places: Canyon Creek, Nowood River.

Businesses: Red Bank Cattle Co.

Folder 104: Picard Family, 1980-09-03Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles, The history of the Picard and Hayes families, An Earthquake, a Landslide, a Grandma by M. Dane Picard, Walking the Four Corners by M. Dane Picard, geneaology chart.

Places: Echo Canyon, Kane, Lost Cabin, Owl Creek.

Folder 105: Leah Piel, 1994-02-05Add to your cart.

Biographical information

Subjects: Blacksmith, Box Social, Boxing, CCC, Family games, Farmers, Flat irons, Hog butchering, House building, Ice house, Laundry, P.W.Os.'s, toys & games, Wedding, Weeding beets, WPA.

Places: Durkee School, Emmett Building, Kirby, Neiber, South Flat, South Flat School, Watson Building.

Folder 106: Wyoma PyleAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.


Folder 107: Luella Reesy, 1988-06-01Add to your cart.

Subjects: Piano lessons

Places: Durkee, Emmett building, Spring Creek School.

Folder 108: Bessie Rhodes, 1988-02Add to your cart.

Subjects: Boxcar, Canning, Crops, Dances, The Depression, Flu, Hail, Midwife, Milk business, Picnic, Sunday School.

People: Dr. Farlein (dentist), Dr. Gray, Mrs. Johnson.

Places: Rairden

Folder 109: Leo Rhodes, 1972Add to your cart.

Award speech, biography

Subjects: Building highway, CC Camp, County commissioner, Delco, Sidewalks, Ten Sleep City incorporated, Trucking, Water.

People: Paul Frison

Places: Bonanza, Durkee, First National Bank Building, Mileski Building, Pulliam Building.

Businesses: Ten Sleep Mercantile

Clubs/Organizations: Chamber of Commerce

Folder 110: Vena Robbins, 1987-12Add to your cart.

Pioneering Women history, Latham family history

Subjects: Bridge-cards, Community hall, Dairy, Horse round up, Oil company, Oil fields.

Places: Fifteen Mile, Grass Creek, Meeteetse.

Businesses: Standard Bulk Plant

Clubs/Organizations: 4-H, Eastern Star, Garden Club, Home Extension, Presbyterian Church.

Folder 111: Raymond Russell, 1989-07-25Add to your cart.

Obituary of Roy Russell, funeral program for Cecil Russell

Subjects: Emer grain, Electricity, Radio.

People: Professor Buttons

Places: Emmett School

Businesses: John Deere, Russell Hardware.

Folder 112: Ethel Ryan, 1999-09-14Add to your cart.

Subjects: The Depression, Japanese Internment Camp

Places: Heart Mountain Relocation Camp

Businesses: Deluxe Cleaners

Folder 113: Salzman Family, 1988-07-26Add to your cart.

Newspaper articles, history of Joseph Francis Salsman, excerpt from A Land of Promise, history prior to leaving Russia, biographical notes.

Subjects: Beets, The Depression, Draft-World War II, Schools.

People: Charlie Cogdill, Pop Emmett, Dr. Gray, Lean Salzman Ogg, Anne Salzman Piel, D.T. Pulliam.

Places: Deep Creek School, Durkee School, Gebo, South Flat School.

Businesses: Holly Sugar, P & S Machine.

Clubs/Organizations: Hod Carriers Union

Folder 114: Ray Sanchez, 1989-09-24Add to your cart.


Subjects: Migrant workers, Poverty, Sugar beets.

Places: Heart Mountain Internment Camp

Clubs/Organizations: Worland Monarch Softball Team

Folder 115: Newell B. Sargent, 1989-12-01Add to your cart.

Ephemera from 95th birthday celebration, newspaper articles, museum newsletter, photos, ad, Governor's Proclamation, resume, brochure from Cathedral Home for Children

Subjects: Ball fields, Church bell, Cemetery, Foundation, Museum, Parks, Pepsi, Philanthropic work.

People: Forrest Clay, Tom Gee Sr., Les Kimsey, Jack Lyons, Howard & Elsie McClellan, Earl Varney, Viele, Mrs. Wallarl.

Places: Emmett Field, Newell Sargent Park, Pioneer Square.

Businesses: Continental Oil Co., Pepsi Cola Co., Worland Franchise

Clubs/Organizations: Masons, Newell Sargent Foundation, St. Alban's Episcopal Church.

Folder 116: Friedericka Roesch SchaibleAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.


Folder 117: Mary Jane Schmeltzer, 1995-03-07Add to your cart.

Neiber Cemetery information, newspaper articles

People: Neibers

Places: Gooseberry Creek, Neiber

Folder 118: Adam Schneider, 1989-03Add to your cart.

Subjects: Auctioneer, Boxing, School, Sugar beets.

People: Harley Bower, John Brown, Terrill Gibbons, Willie Senna.

Places: Garretson Building, South Flat School.

Businesses: Holly Sugar, Reisch Auction School.

Folder 119: Elmer & Margaret ScottAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Geneaology of Scott family, biographies, photo

Folder 120: Alberta Seaman, 1973-10-14Add to your cart.

Biography, photos

Subjects: Bicentennial, Catering, County lines, Dances, Doll collection, Fires-house & home, Hauling water, Organist, Paper goods, Piano lessons, Pioneer house, Rural school, Talent radio program, Teacher-msuic school, Ten Sleep raid, Umpires.

People: Earl Gadbury, George McGovern, Marilyn McKeon, Ruth McKeon, Court Pritchard, Homer Renner, Vesta Saban, Doug Seaman, Lloyd Seaman, Charlie Worland.

Places: Big Piney, Hyattville, Renner's sawmill.

Clubs/Organizations: American Legion Auxiliary, Historical Society, Seaman Rhythm Makers.

Folder 121: Eloise Shaw, 1988-08-01Add to your cart.
Subjects: Politics
Folder 122: Paul Shipley, 1989-05-24Add to your cart.


Subjects: Education, Pearl Harbor, Radio programs, Sawmill, School dances, World War II.

People: Lucas Lambert

Places: Gooseberry, Nowater.

Businesses: Holly Sugar, Mobil.

Clubs/Organizations: Masonic Lodge, Methodist Church.

Folder 123: Dick & Thelma Showalter, 1988-10-12Add to your cart.

Subjects: Dark room, Garbage system, Oil refinery, Photography, Truck driver, World War II.

People: Dr. Foster, Dick Gibson, Dan Healy, Minnie Watson.

Businesses: Gibson Studio, Showalter Studio, Yale Oil Company.

Folder 124: Paul E. Smith, 1989-04Add to your cart.

Newspaper article

Subjects: Baseball, Murder trial.

Clubs/Organizations: CCC camp, Worland Indians.

Folder 125: Zellie (Lavina) Smith, 1990-02-12Add to your cart.

Subjects: Delivering babies, Hospital, Nursing.

People: Dr. Anderson, Johnny Clymore, Dr. Groshart, Margaret Hyatt, Mr. Veile.

Businesses: The Wagon Wheel

Folder 126: Muriel Snyder, 1987-12-11Add to your cart.

Newspaper article, color photos.

Subjects: Artesian well, Corn harvest, Electricity, Half dugout, Midwife, Milking, Milo (grain), Mother's helper, Oil wells, Patriotism, Premature baby, Rain/hail, Sunday School, Ten Sleep Rodeo, Thyroid, Train, Water witch.

People: Milton Alexander, Paul Frison, Reg Goff, Leo Rhodes.

Places: Basin, Greybull, Hyattville, Ten Sleep.

Clubs/Organizations: Civic organizations, Methodist Church, National Guard Cavlary Training Center.

Folder 127: Helen & Pearl Snyder/Black, 1989-05-09Add to your cart.

Subjects: Country school, Dairy, Electricity, Farming, Hay raking, Recess games, School wagon, Shopping, Washakie Days.

Clubs/Organizations: Eastside Extension Club, Methodist Church.

Folder 128: Soren Sorenson, 1973-10-24Add to your cart.

Subjects: Alfalfa, Cameras, Emer grain, Hay market, Photography, School board.

People: Berkenkamp, Charlie Worland, Henry Wostenberg.

Places: Durkee School, Fritz Ditch, Germania/Emblem Bench.

Businesses: Durkee School District

Clubs/Organizations: Alfalfa Club, Lutheran Church.

Folder 129: Clara South, 1987-11-12Add to your cart.

Subjects: Appendix, Telephone, Washakie Days.

People: Dad Worland, Dr. Gage, Dr. Miller, Muirhead's, Van Wert's.

Places: 4-H Camp, Circle J Ranch, Emmett School.

Businesses: Hampton & South, Stockgrower's Bank, Washakie Hotel, Wild Bear Garage.

Folder 130: Jay (John T.) South, 1988-03-24Add to your cart.

Subjects: Baseball, Cemetery, Shingles.

People: Clyde Shierk

Clubs/Organizations: Fire Department, Legion, Worland Indians.

Folder 131: Tom Spratt, 1988-10-07Add to your cart.

Newspaper article, Wagon train camp at Lost Cabin, John Bragnard Okie

Subjects: Spring Creek Raid

People: J.B. Okie

Places: Lost Cabin

Folder 132: Kenneth St. Clair, 1988-03-01Add to your cart.

Subjects: Bee business

Places: Lost Cabin

Businesses: Holly Sugar, Worland Livestock Auction, Worland Solid Waste.

Clubs/Organizations: Farm Bureau

Folder 133: Rosa St. ClairAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Biography, newspaper article, small account of family of Frank & Rosa St. Clair.

Folder 134: Drexel Stine, 1987-02-09Add to your cart.

Subjects: Photography

People: Bob Overstreet, Rico Stine.

Businesses: Chevrolet Garage

Folder 135: Vivian McGarvin Stroud, 1999-09-08Add to your cart.

Subjects: Depression, Homesteading, Pinochle.

Places: Bluff School/Palmer School, Colter, Gebo, Kirby.

Folder 136: George Taylor, 1989-01-29Add to your cart.
Subjects: Ku Klux Klan, Spring Creek Raid.
Folder 137: Telephone operators, 1989-04-20Add to your cart.

Operators interviewed: Ruthie McKeon, Emma Hampton, and Florence Laird. Copy of The Murder of John A. Tisdale.

Subjects: Cemetery, Elks Theater fire, Flu Epidemic, Prostitution (madams), Wool growers/buyers, World War II.

People: Joe Hampton, Josephine Mileski Porter, Dr. Reed.

Places: Wyoming Industrial School

Businesses: Mountain Bell Co., Washakie Trading Co.

Folder 138: Edith Thaxton, 1987-12-11Add to your cart.

Photographs, handwritten additions by Edtih.

Subjects: Circle J, Ranch life, Spring Creek Raid.

People: Johnny Buckmaster, Milo Burke, Chatfield's, Ben Helmer, Faye Moses, Roy Shriver, Lige Thaxton.

Places: Double H Ranch, Hazelton, Old Mann Schoolhouse, Otter Creek, Nowood, Spring Creek, Wigwam.

Businesses: Hazelton Hotel, Highway Department.

Clubs/Organizations: Methodist Church

Folder 139: Tom TieTack, 1986-11Add to your cart.
Folder 140: Dean TolmanAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Tales of a sheepherder-Banker by Dean Tolman, family history, newspaper article.

Folder 141: Ethel Townsend, 1980-01Add to your cart.

The Lineage of "Libbie" Lurinda Lewis, Life Story of Elizabeth Norton Lewis, outline of life for the Wyoming Council on Aging, tale by Ethel M. Townsend.

Subjects: Early life in the 1900s in Worland

Places: Nowood, Paint Rock.

Folder 142: Carl "Jack" Turner, 1987-11-17Add to your cart.

Lists of biographical dates, newspaper articles, photo, poetry booklet.

Subjects: Bomber crash site, Bulls-prize winning, Cattle, Cowboy life, Homesteading, Road building, Taylor Grazing Act, Wild horses.

People: George Muirhead, Kid Nichols, Small's, Earl Varney.

Places: Bomber Mountain, Bonanza, Hyattville, Manderson.

Clubs/Organizations: Big Horn Hereford Association, Hereford Rangers Association, Purebred Registered Cattle Business, Tri-State Hereford Association, Worland Garden Club.

Folder 143: Bonnie & Shiloh Tuttle, 1994-02-08Add to your cart.

Wyoming State Museum release, biographical information.

Subjects: Christmas, Discipline, Family, Pets, School, Teenagers.

Folder 144: Harry Ujifusa Sr., 1988-02-16Add to your cart.

Photos, email communications, sketch of life, newspaper articles, invitation to birthday celebration, Japanese characters, genealogy in Japanese.

Subjects: Japanese Traditions, World War II.

Places: Durkee School, Heart Mountain Internment Camp, Rairden.

Clubs/Organizations: Buddhist Church, Worland Indians (baseball team).

Folder 145: Harold & Mabele Van Buskirk, 1976-07-15Add to your cart.

Subjects: Butcher, Bridge, Cattle-slaughter, Dances, Electricity, Horse racing, Meat Market, Spring Creek Raid, Ten Sleep Raid.

People: Chatfield's

Places: Crosby, Gebo, Grass Creek, Kirby, Nowood, Spring Creek.

Businesses: Triangle Meat Packing, Van's Candy & Tobacco Service, Van's Food Market.

Folder 146: Earl & Jessie Varney, 1992-09-11Add to your cart.

Information on Jessie Wilson Varney, newspaper articles, list of family items for display at museum.

Subjects: Brick laying/stone work, Cars, House of ill fame, Pharmacist, Piano, World War I.

People: George Murihead

Places: Ford Garage, Gebo Mine, Thermopolis.

Businesses: Golden Rule, J.C. Penney.

Folder 147: Harry & Ella Voss, 1988-11-11Add to your cart.

Subjects: Airplanes, Bootleg whiskey, Canals, Carbide lights, Dancing, Ditches, Homesteading-Desert Right, Prohibition, School bus, Sugar beets, Taylor Grazing Act, Tractors.

People: Charlie Hanner, Hart brothers, Governor Richards, C.F. Robertson.

Places: Black Mountain, Crosby, Emmett School, Halstead Canal, Hanover Canal, Neiber, Nowood River, Pitchfork Ranch.

Businesses: Bureau of Land Management, Lincoln Land Co.

Folder 148: Washakie County Canals, 1989-03-21Add to your cart.

People: Charlie Hanner, Hart brothers, Governor Richards, C.F. Robertson, Harry Voss.

Places: Big Horn River, Halstead Canal, Hanover Canal, Hart Ditch, Neiber, Nowood River, Pitchfork Ranch.

Businesses: Bureau of Land Management, Lincoln Land Co.

Folder 149: Joe & Maria Weber, 1905-05-26Add to your cart.

Subjects: Russia/Germany, World War I, World War II.

People: Alex Healy, Ben Kister.

Folder 150: Ina Wessel, 1987-09Add to your cart.

C.H. Hampton family history, Jordan L. Smith family at Mahogany Butte, Empire Magazine article, list of items that were displayed in musuem, biography of Cyrus Huston Hampton.

Subjects: Beets, Brothel, Saloon, School.

People: Dr. Gray, Miss Washakie, Dad Worland, Sadie Worland.

Places: Mahogany Butte Ranch, Neiber, Red Bank.

Businesses: County Clerk, Nelson/Hampton Saloon.

Clubs/Organizations: Republican Women's Club

Folder 151: Carl Williams, 1988-02-04Add to your cart.

Subjects: Farming, High School Normal Training, Horses, Murders, Spring Creek Raid, Stockyard, Sugan (cowboy bedroll).

People: John Bigfoot, Frank Canton, Bear George McClellan, Orchard's, Johnny Tisdale, Virgil Thompson.

Places: Big Trails Ranch, Deep Creek Ranch, Double H Ranch, Gebo, Neiber, Nowood, Rairden, Red Bank School, R.M. Ranch, Ten Sleep.

Businesses: McGarvin-Moberly, Soil Conservation.

Folder 152: George & Roberta Wood, 1988-02-22Add to your cart.

Subjects: Bees Dances, Depression, Gypsies, Horses, Mountain Lions, Radio, Road building, Sculpture, Telephone, World War II.

People: George McClellan

Places: Big Trails, Deep Creek, Durkee, Gooseberry, Nowood Ranch, Washakie Ten.

Clubs/Organizations: LDS church

Folder 153: Worland Hospital, 1988-09Add to your cart.

Subjects: Hospital

People: List of 36 people associated with the hospital over the year:

Dr. Anderson, Dr. Avery, Edna Clymore, Sally Culbertson, Dr. Engleman, Ruth Fare, Margie Fassler, Eleanor Feraud, Dr. Froyd, Blanche Glenn, Dr. Gray, Dr. Groshart, Harriet Groshart, Bunny Haines, Dr. Harmon, Beth Harper, Dr. Horsley, Loretta Hyatt, Margaret Hyatt, Bernie Johnson, Charlene Lungren, Dr. McKeon, Dr. Misner, Margaret Morgaridge, Fran Pinegar, Dr. Porter, Ida Porter, Mrs. Putnam, Lou Rennock, Lila Riechert, Lavena Smith, Meg Stark, Ron Swartzendruber, Jackie Thompson, Kate Tideman, Beverly Wilson.

Folder 154: Wortham FamilyAdd to your cart.

NO ORAL HISTORY.  Personal papers collected during the Oral History Project.

Biography of Mary Ettie Carrier Wortham, biography of Wilbur (Webb) Wortham, biography of George W. Wortham.

Folder 155: Pauline Yost, 1981-07-30Add to your cart.

Subjects: Archaelogy, Arrowheads, Sheepherder.

People: George Frison, Mr. & Mrs. Tolman.

Places: Canyon Creek, Chatfield V, Onion Gulch, Rome Hill.

Clubs/Organizations: Girl Scouts

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