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MS 466 - Herbert Schinderman Collection


Administrative Information

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Box 1

Harper's Weekly, Illustrations, April 7, 1877, pg. 264, "General Miles's Winter Campaign Against the Indians"

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MS 466 - Herbert Schinderman Collection | McCracken Research Library

By Samantha L. Harper

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 466 - Herbert Schinderman CollectionAdd to your cart.

Primary Creator: Schinderman, Herbert

Extent: 1.0 Boxes

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Box 1],
[Folder OS 1: Harper's Weekly, Illustrations, April 7, 1877, pg. 264, "General Miles's Winter Campaign Against the Indians", 1877-04-07],

Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Brochures - Molesworth FurnitureAdd to your cart.
Series 1: PhotographsAdd to your cart.
Folder 2: Molesworth FurnitureAdd to your cart.




















Folder 3: Photocopies of Molesworth Furniture PhotographsAdd to your cart.
Folder 4: Black Hills, Yellowstone National Park, Cooke City and Red Lodge, Montana, 1935Add to your cart.
P.466.020 P.466.021 P.466.022 P.466.023 P.466.024 P.466.025 P.466.026 P.466.027 P.466.028 P.466.029 P.466.030 P.466.031 P.466.032 P.466.033 P.466.034 P.466.035 P.466.036 P.466.037 P.466.038 P.466.039 P.466.040 P.466.041 P.466.042 P.466.043 P.466.044 P.466.045 P.466.046 P.466.047 P.466.048 P.466.049 P.466.050 P.466.051 P.466.052 P.466.053 P.466.054 P.466.055 P.466.056 P.466.057 P.466.058 P.466.059 P.466.060 P.466.061 P.466.062 P.466.063 P.466.064 P.466.065 P.466.066 P.466.067 P.466.068 P.466.069 P.466.070 P.466.071 P.466.072 P.466.073 P.466.074 P.466.075 P.466.076 P.466.077 P.466.078 P.466.079 P.466.080 P.466.081 P.466.082 P.466.083 P.466.084 P.466.085 P.466.086 P.466.087 P.466.088 P.466.089 P.466.090 P.466.091 P.466.092 P.466.093 P.466.094 P.466.095 P.466.096 P.466.097 P.466.098 P.466.099 P.466.100 P.466.101 P.466.102 P.466.103 P.466.104 P.466.105 P.466.106 P.466.107 P.466.108 P.466.109 P.466.110 P.466.111 P.466.112 P.466.113 P.466.114 P.466.115 P.466.116 P.466.117 P.466.118 P.466.119 P.466.120 P.466.121 P.466.122 P.466.123 P.466.124 P.466.125 P.466.126 P.466.127 P.466.128 P.466.129 P.466.130 P.466.131 P.466.132 P.466.133 P.466.134 P.466.135 P.466.136 P.466.137 P.466.138 P.466.139 P.466.140 P.466.141 P.466.142 P.466.143 P.466.144 P.466.145 P.466.146 P.466.147 P.466.148 P.466.149 P.466.150 P.466.151 P.466.152 P.466.153 P.466.154 P.466.155 P.466.156 P.466.157 P.466.158 P.466.159 P.466.160 P.466.161 P.466.162 P.466.163 P.466.164 P.466.165 P.466.166 P.466.167 P.466.168 P.466.169 P.466.170 P.466.171 P.466.172 P.466.173
Folder 5: Lolo National Forest, U.S. Forest Service, 1925-1926Add to your cart.
P.466.174 P.466.175 P.466.176 P.466.177 P.466.178 P.466.179 P.466.180 P.466.181 P.466.182 P.466.183 P.466.184 P.466.185 P.466.186 P.466.187 P.466.188 P.466.189 P.466.190 P.466.191 P.466.192 P.466.193 P.466.194 P.466.195 P.466.196 P.466.197 P.466.198 P.466.199 P.466.200 P.466.201 P.466.202 P.466.203 P.466.204 P.466.205 P.466.206 P.466.207 P.466.208 P.466.209 P.466.210 P.466.211 P.466.212 P.466.213 P.466.214 P.466.215 P.466.216
Folder 6: Madison National Forest, U.S. Forest Service, 1928Add to your cart.
P.466.217 P.466.218 P.466.219 P.466.220 P.466.221 P.466.222 P.466.223 P.466.224 P.466.225 P.466.226 P.466.227 P.466.228 P.466.229 P.466.230 P.466.231 P.466.232 P.466.233 P.466.234 P.466.235 P.466.236 P.466.237 P.466.238 P.466.239 P.466.240 P.466.241 P.466.242 P.466.243 P.466.244 P.466.245 P.466.246 P.466.247 P.466.248 P.466.249 P.466.250 P.466.251 P.466.252 P.466.253 P.466.254 P.466.255 P.466.256 P.466.257 P.466.258 P.466.259
Folder 7: Madison National Forest, U.S. Forest Service, 1929Add to your cart.
P.466.260 P.466.261 P.466.262 P.466.263 P.466.264 P.466.265 P.466.266 P.466.267 P.466.268 P.466.269 P.466.270 P.466.271 P.466.272 P.466.273 P.466.274 P.466.275 P.466.276 P.466.277 P.466.278 P.466.279 P.466.280 P.466.281 P.466.282 P.466.283 P.466.284 P.466.285 P.466.286 P.466.287 P.466.288 P.466.289 P.466.290 P.466.291 P.466.292 P.466.293 P.466.294 P.466.295 P.466.296 P.466.297 P.466.298 P.466.299 P.466.300 P.466.301 P.466.302
Folder 8: Nez Perce National Forest, U.S. Forest Service, 1930Add to your cart.
P.466.303 P.466.304 P.466.305 P.466.306 P.466.307 P.466.308 P.466.309 P.466.310 P.466.311 P.466.312 P.466.313 P.466.314 P.466.315 P.466.316 P.466.317 P.466.318 P.466.319 P.466.320 P.466.321 P.466.322 P.466.323 P.466.324 P.466.325 P.466.326 P.466.327 P.466.328 P.466.329 P.466.330 P.466.331 P.466.332 P.466.333 P.466.334 P.466.335 P.466.336 P.466.337 P.466.338 P.466.339 P.466.340 P.466.341 P.466.342 P.466.343 P.466.344 P.466.345 P.466.346 P.466.347 P.466.348 P.466.349 P.466.350 P.466.351 P.466.352
Folder 9: University of Montana, Missoula, Montana, Lolo Montana LoggingAdd to your cart.
P.466.353 P.466.354 P.466.355 P.466.356 P.466.357 P.466.358 P.466.359 P.466.360 P.466.361 P.466.362 P.466.363 P.466.364 P.466.365 P.466.366 P.466.367 P.466.368 P.466.369 P.466.370 P.466.371 P.466.372 P.466.373 P.466.374 P.466.375 P.466.376 P.466.377 P.466.378 P.466.379 P.466.380 P.466.381 P.466.382 P.466.383 P.466.384 P.466.385 P.466.386 P.466.387 P.466.388 P.466.389 P.466.390 P.466.391 P.466.392 P.466.393 P.466.394 P.466.395 P.466.396 P.466.397 P.466.398 P.466.399 P.466.400 P.466.401 P.466.402 P.466.403 P.466.404 P.466.405 P.466.406 P.466.407 P.466.408 P.466.409 P.466.410 P.466.411 P.466.412 P.466.413 P.466.414 P.466.415 P.466.416 P.466.417 P.466.418 P.466.419 P.466.420 P.466.421 P.466.422 P.466.423 P.466.424 P.466.425 P.466.426 P.466.427 P.466.428 P.466.429 P.466.430 P.466.431 P.466.432 P.466.433 P.466.434 P.466.435 P.466.436 P.466.437 P.466.438 P.466.439 P.466.440 P.466.441 P.466.442 P.466.443 P.466.444 P.466.445 P.466.446 P.466.447 P.466.448 P.466.449 P.466.450 P.466.451 P.466.452 P.466.453 P.466.454 P.466.455 P.466.456 P.466.457 P.466.458 P.466.459 P.466.460 P.466.461 P.466.462 P.466.463 P.466.464 P.466.465 P.466.466 P.466.467 P.466.468 P.466.469
Folder OS 1: Harper's Weekly, Illustrations, April 7, 1877, pg. 264, "General Miles's Winter Campaign Against the Indians", 1877-04-07Add to your cart.

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