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MS 444 - Maynard Rifle Collection of Robert Holter


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MS 444 - Maynard Rifle Collection of Robert Holter | McCracken Research Library

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 444 - Maynard Rifle Collection of Robert HolterAdd to your cart.

Extent: 2.0 Boxes

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

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Box MS444.01Add to your cart.
Series 1: BookletsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.01: Carbine Manual, 1837Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.02: The Maynard System of Priming for Fire-Arms, 1852Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.03: The Maynard Rifle - Loading Instructions, Testimonials, 1859Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.04: The Maynard Rifle - Maynard Catalog, 1860Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.05: The Maynard Rifle: Maynard Breech-Loading and Self-Priming Rifle and Shot Gun, 1860Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.06: Maynard's Patent, Breech-Loading Rifles, 1870Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.07: Maynard's Patent Breech-Loading Rifles and Firearms, 1870sAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.08: Maynard's Patent, Breech-Loading Rifles, 1872Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.09: The Maynard, 1880Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.10: The Maynard, 1881Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.11: The Maynard, 1883Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.12: The Maynard, 1885Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.13: The Maynard Rifle - Its History and Development, 1886Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.14: The Maynard RIfle - Its History and Development, 1886Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.15: The Maynard & Supplement, 1888Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.16: The 1890 Catalogue, Maynard Rifle with Interchangeable Barrels, 1890Add to your cart.
Series 2: BrochuresAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.17: Maynard's Patent Breech-Loading Rifles, 1865Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.18: Maynard's Patent Breech-Loading Rifles Price List, 1868Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.19: Maynard's Patent Breech-Loading Rifles and Shotguns, 1871Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.20: Maynard's Patent Breech Loading Rifles, 1871Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.21: Maynard's Patent Breech Loading Rifles, 1871Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.22: Maynard's Patent Central Fire Breech Loading Rifles, 1873Add to your cart.
Series 3: CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.23: Dr. Georg Priestel, Maynard Shotgun Letters and Photos, 2001Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.24: William P. McFarland, 1858-1880Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.25: Thomas Howell Cobb, William P. McFarland, H.K. Daneuhor, Edward Maynard, 1859-1861Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.26: Re: Maynard Primer System - Andrew Lustyik, Robert M. Holter, Edward M. Maynard, 1845-1983Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.27: To W. H. Smith from Massachusetts Arms Co., 1880s?Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.28: To Dr. Edward Maynard from W.P. McFarland, 1857-05-01Add to your cart.
May 1, 1857
Folder MS444.1.29: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1858-05-19Add to your cart.
May 19, 1858
Folder MS444.1.30: To Dr. Edward Maynard from W.P. McFarland, 1858-05-24Add to your cart.
May 24, 1858
Folder MS444.1.31: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1858-07-14Add to your cart.
July 14, 1858
Folder MS444.1.32: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1858-09-10Add to your cart.
September 10, 1858
Folder MS444.1.33: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1858-10-29Add to your cart.
October 29, 1858
Folder MS444.1.34: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1860-01-06Add to your cart.
January 1, 1860
Folder MS444.1.35: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1860-08-27Add to your cart.
August 27, 1860
Folder MS444.1.36: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1861-07-26Add to your cart.
July 26, 1861
Folder MS444.1.37: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1862-02-24Add to your cart.
February 24, 1862
Folder MS444.1.38: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1862-06-01Add to your cart.
June 1, 1862
Folder MS444.1.39: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1862-09-28Add to your cart.
September 28, 1862
Folder MS444.1.40: To Dr. Edward Maynard from William P. McFarland, 1866-02-18Add to your cart.
February 18, 1866
Folder MS444.1.41: To Edward Maynard from W.P. McFarland, 1869-01-21Add to your cart.
January 21, 1869
Folder MS444.1.42: To Dr. E. Maynard from W.P. McFarland, 1869-02-18Add to your cart.
February 18, 1869
Folder MS444.1.43: To Dr. E. Maynard from W.P. McFarland, 1873-09-09Add to your cart.
September 9, 1873
Folder MS444.1.44: To Dr. E. Maynard from W.P. McFarland, 1873-09-19Add to your cart.
September 19, 1873
Folder MS444.1.45: To Dr. E. Maynard from W.P. McFarland, 1873-12-05Add to your cart.
December 5, 1873
Folder MS444.1.46: To Dr. E. Maynard from W.P. McFarland, 1875-02-20Add to your cart.
February 20, 1875
Folder MS444.1.47: William P. McFarland Letters - PhotocopiesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.48: To Dr. Maynard from McFarland - Photocopies and transcriptionsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.49: To R. Frank from T.W. Carter, Massachusetts Arms Co., 1873-10-28Add to your cart.
October 28, 1873
Folder MS444.1.50: To Sharps Rifle Co. from W.P. McFarland, Massachusetts Arms Co., 1879-06-30Add to your cart.
June 30, 1879
Folder MS444.1.51: To Bob Crump from Robert M. Holter and photos of woman holding Maynard Rifle, 2008-04-28Add to your cart.
April 28, 2008
Folder MS444.1.52: To Rodney Hatch from Robert HolterAdd to your cart.
Series 4: FinancialAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.53: Maynard Arms Co. Stock Certificates and Share holders list, 1857-05-23Add to your cart.
May 23, 1857
Folder MS444.1.54: Little Sharps Rifle Co. - Blank Bill of SaleAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.55: Invoice to William E. Fitch from Massachusetts Arms Co., 1895-04-10Add to your cart.
April 10, 1895
Folder MS444.1.56: Invoice & Bill from James D. Julia, 1991Add to your cart.
November 18, 1991; December 18, 1991
Folder MS444.1.57: Statement from Massachusetts Arms Co. to Dr. Edward Maynard, 1875-07-01Add to your cart.
July 1, 1875
Series 5: PatentsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.58: Maynard Patents (Photocopies)Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.59: Maynard Patents (Photocopies), 1852 - 1864Add to your cart.

#8,957 - May 1852

#15,141 - June 1856

#16,691 - February 1857

#22,565 - January 1859

#22,922 - February 1859

#23,102 - March 1859

#25,663 - October 1859

#25,664 - October 1859

#26,364 - December 1859

#27,554 - March 1860

#27,731 - April 1860

#30,537 - October 1860

#31,898 - April 1861

#39,823 - September 1863

#40,111 - September 1863

#40,112 - September 1863

#42,388 - April 1864

#43,696 - August 1864

#45,420 - December 1864

Folder MS444.1.60: Maynard Patents (Photocopies), 1865 - 1886Add to your cart.

#47,863 - May 1865

#48,966 - July 1865

#48,966 - July 1865

#49,130 - August 1865

#56,967 - August 1866

#59,044 - October 1866

#61,225 - June 1867

#83,194 - October 1868

#86,173 - January 1869

#86,556 - February 1869

#135,928 - Feburary 1873

#343,471 - June 1886

Series 6: PhotographsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.61: Slides and PhotosAdd to your cart.
Rifles, Medals, Maynard's headstone (monument), Trophy, 4 men standing outside by building, 6 men posing with rifles, cartridges, The Maynard Mansion, Group of men posing (6 w/ rifles), 2 cards in front of 2 houses & large buildings up on a hill, Harry Pope & 4 men behind him as he leans over a desk with piles of papers, Harry Pope with cigarette in his mouth writing something, Harry Pope talking to military man, 5 men posing with rifles, Man watching as Harry Pope writes, Harry Pope smoking as he reads, Harry Pope & unidentified young man, Harry Pope at Manhattan Club (Murry St.) in Doob's Reloading area, Harry Pope (Photo taken by Morrie Doob in Manhattan Club), Harry Pope (Photo at Ossing NY circa 1937) cars in background, Pope posing with 5 men holding rifles (Identified as ? H.M. Pope, Arthur Hubalek, Paul Landrock, Lucian Cary & Arthur Smith), 8 men (6 with rifles) identified as Don Baker, Len Miller, Arthur Hubalek, Jr., H.M. Pope, Paul Lahm, Paul Landrock & Larry Corsa", 5 men and 1 boy - the men identified as William P. Schweitzer, Charles Smith, Harry Pope, Arthur Smith, & Sam Perkins); Envelope from M. Goodwin "Photos of H.M. Pope, The great barrel maker"; Letter to Max Goodwin from Warren Greatbatch (handwritten); CD Disc "Pope & Schuetzen, San Francisco Call Newspaper Articles"; Photos & Negatives - Gun Kit, Bullet, Rifles; Photos - Rifle & Medal to "Doctori Eduardo Maynard Americano"; Photos of rifle
Folder MS444.1.62: Max Goodwin PhotosAdd to your cart.
Rifles & Accessories, Medal of Maynards
Folder MS444.1.63: Max Goodwin PhotosAdd to your cart.
Maynard's home, Washington D.C. (Photos 1990s), Photocopy of Edward Maynard, Sketch of Maynard by his son, The Maynard Masnion, Photo of Maynard's tombstone, Rifles, Reproduction of Maynard's Seal of the American Society of Dental Surgeons, Photocopies of patented parts and inventions sketches & rifles
Folder MS444.1.64: Black and White photo of large building, David Stewart's deringer & single shot pistolsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.65: Color photocopy of gun stocksAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.66: Color photos of gun shell cartridgesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.67: Black & White photos of Dr. Edward Maynard & photo of medal "Illis Quorum Meruete Labores" & negativesAdd to your cart.
Series 7: ResearchAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.68: Letters - Maynard, McFarland, Craio, Foley, Pardo, Klaas, Mason, Mayuadier, Aquilino, Fox, Stewart, Smith, etc.Add to your cart.
Attached documentation and materials.
Folder MS444.1.69: Facts about Edward MaynardAdd to your cart.
Evidence of Maynard Arms: A Manufactory (handwritten); Interesting Facts About Maynard Rifles; List of Maynard Cartridges & Firearms in Collection of Smithsonian Institution and those with Maynard Priming System; Copies of 1887 Ad from Victorian era Magazine; 1888 Catalogue Office Massachusetts Arms Co, Supplement to Catalogue; Booklet "The Maynard Rifle"; Booklet "Maynard System of Priming"; Typed Copies of 5 letters from mass. Arms Co (From McFarland & Roy Marcot); Handwritten letter from Bob Holter; Handwritten letter from T.W. Carter to W.R. Frank; Correspondence from Leo Remiger to Bob Holter; Bill of sale from Mass. Arms Co. to Wm. E. Fitch; Outline for book (9 sections and appendix); Forward; Maynard Model Designations; The Maynard Military Carbine Model 1862 (M1862); Chapter 9- The Maynard Rifle & Carbine in the Confederate Service by Howard Michael Madaus; Photos (from magazine) of Confederate Infantryman, Hartwell S. Love, armed with a first model Maynard Rifle; Photo of 3 men, rustic tents, covered wagon with wood frame with animal skin, tails hanging & fur pelts (Bison?) o the ground; 1 photo man sitting, 1 standing holding stick from which animal tails are hung behind him more hung on the wood frame & fur pelts on ground (Bison?); Maynard model 1965; "How parts of Maynard Rifle Models Vary"
Folder MS444.1.70: Maynard Experimental Cartridges at the Smithsonian InstitutionAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.71: The Guns of History, Inc. - Government Inspectors - Maynard ModelsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.72: 1st Maynard Rifle Ever Made by the Springfield Armory in 1853 in SmithsonianAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.73: Plan of the Washington Congressional Cemetary and photos of Maynard headstoneAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.74: Color Photograph for "Black Powder News" article on Maynard 35-55 - CD-ROMAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.75: Research Documents and Manuscript Drafts on CD-ROMAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.76: McFarland's Maynards CD-ROM and Lists of Dates, Copies of Letters, etc.Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.77: Patents, Listings of Dr. Edward Maynard's & Robert Adams "Improvement in Revolving Firearms"Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.1.78: TargetsAdd to your cart.
Box MS444.02Add to your cart.
Series 7: Research (Cont.)Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.2.01: LettersAdd to your cart.

McFarland & Maynard;

To Max Goodwin from Roy Marcot, 2001;

Letter & Illustrations to Max Goodwin from Donald Amesbury;

Letter sketch of Maynard & Shooting Cards from Roy Jinks to Max Goodwin;

2 Letters and copy of article about "Maynard Cartridge "

Diagrams printed and handrawn of gun parts (Models 1859, 1865, 1873, 1882);

Letter handwritten from Patent Office (M. Ellsworth) re: granting of Edward Maynard's application for "Improvements in Printers & mode of Priming Firearms" patent;

Letter (handwritten) from H.W. Cleveland about "Death of Edward Maynard & his legacy" 13 pages

Article (copy) from Backwoodsman Nov-Dec 2001 "The Maynard...Legend, A Single Shot Lives On" by George J. Layman;

Article (copy) from Gun Digest, 51st Edition, 1997, "A Maynard Talks" by Michael Petrov;

Article original draft by Max W. Goodwin "Edward Maynard, DDS, MD, MA & Gun Inventor"

Article from The American Rifleman, August 1951, "Arms and Ammo"

Article "The Maynard Breed Loading Single Shot Match Rifle, Model 1882 from N.C. Nash Collection"

Biography information about Dr. Maynard from International Dental Journal, 1891

Index card "Bell Irvin Wiley: The Life of Johnny Reb"

"Drill stock invented by Dr. Maynard"

Note "Edward Maynard would have bgeen a great artist, etc."

Outline for exhibit "Display Items Needed"

Folder MS444.2.02: Edward Maynard PatentsAdd to your cart.

#8,959 - 1852

#15,141 - 1856

#16,691 - 1857

#22,565 - 1859

#22,922 - 1859

#23,102 - 1859

#25,663 - 1859

#25,664 - 1859

#26,364 - 1859

#31,898 - 1861

#39,823 - 1863

#40,111 - 1863

#40,112 - 1863

#42,388 - 1864

#43,696 - 1864

#45,420 - 1864

#47,843 - 1865

#48,423 - 1865

#48,966 - 1865

#49,130 - 1865

#59,044 - 1866

#56,967 - 1866

#61,225 - 1867

#86,173 - 1869


#135,928 - 1873

#172,465 - 1876

#201,774 - 1878

#232,816 - 1880

#310,583 - 1885

#362,956 - 1887

Maynard Pocket Revolvers, manufactured by Mass. Arms Co. 1852-1853

Maynard Gov. Service Revolvers aka 1st Model, or Holster Model, Maynard Pkt Revolvers & Handwritten notes, Outline of the Colt Infringement lawsuit, under an injuction in reference to mfg. and sale of Wesson & Leavitt Patent revolvers, etc."

Maynard Rifles and Carbines, 1857 re: contract to mfg. Cast Steel Rifle Barrels, etc.

Article, Maynard Carbine & Rifle, First & Second Models

Patent information on "Maynard Priming Tape" and "Dr. Maynard's Access to Use of the Primer"

Joshua Stevens Patent (copy) "Improvement in Repeating Firearms" 1853 #9,929

Joshua Stevens Patent (copy) "Improvements in Repeating Fire Arms " 1855 #12,189

George W. Hadley, Employed by Mass. Arms Co (Listed as last manager of co. when it went out of business in 1898) & a list of his patents

Memos from Hohn Hamilton to James Cheevers, Subject "Revolvers for Perry's Japan Expedition"

Artist Drawing (3 color cop8ies) of Gonzales Rifle set

Sepc. Sheets

Research Material to Rovert Holter by William T. Hornaday for Holter's book on Maynard (24 pages)

Photocopy of sketch of Cuban Confederate Col. Ambrosio Jose Gonzales & Guns (He was a sales agent for the Maynard Arms Co. during 1860-1861

Articles about Gabriel Dumont

Copy of Picture, a target with bullet hoesl says "Mobile Cadets" and 2 men in uniform on either side

Memos from Edward Hull to R. Holter re: Maynard Carbine and Maynard, 2005

Memo from Charlie Pate to R. Holter Subject "Maynard Issues"

Article by Paul D. Johnson "Bullet Molds of the U.S. and C.S> Military 1820-1865

Testimonials about Maynard Rifle

2 photocopies of "38-55 Marlin Ballard #6 Scheutzen Rifle"

Diagram of Targets made with the Maynard Rifle, Mass. Arms Co.

Copy of "Maynard Family Reunion" Invitation

Note card with address of Francis Horne

Series 8: WritingsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS444.2.03: Articles and BookletsAdd to your cart.

Article - "Nomenclature and Definitions"

Booklet - "The Cartridges of Edward Maynard by Richard D. King and Richard A. King"

Article - "Reproduction Brass Maynard Rifle Loading Tool"

Handwritten Notes

Article - "The First FIfty Years (1866-1916) Columbia Hospital For Women an Lying-In Asylum".  The American Journal of Nursing, February 1934

Consumer Price Index

Article - "Arms and Ammo"

Article - "Texas Maynard"

Handwritten list of shareholders of Maynard Arms Co., Dissolved in 1862

Folder MS444.2.04: "Edward Maynard, Prince of Dentists" by Ben A. Williamowsky, 1946-02Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.2.05: "The Cartridges of Edward Maynard: An Illustrated Guide" by Richard A. King, 1982Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.2.06: "The Maynard Rifle & Carbine in the Confederate Service" by Howard Michael Madaus, 1985-04Add to your cart.
The American Society of Arms Collectors at Natchez, Mississippi
Folder MS444.2.07: "Vol. 1 - Dr. Edward Maynard, The Man, His Patents, His Firearms, His Cartridges" by George H. MurphyAdd to your cart.

Letter from George Hoyem to Richard King

Maynard's 1866 & 1867 Patent Cartridges by John A. Belton

The Maynard Model 1873 Cartridge by John A. Belton

Article (copy) from American Rifleman

Article "Maynard" by Lt. Col. B.R. Lewis from The American Rifleman

Letter from Armory Publications

Letter from William Gessner re: Maynard Cartridges

Handwritten notes & slide of Edward Maynard Cartridges Logo

Folder MS444.2.08: Vol. 1 - Folder 2 of 2Add to your cart.

Article - "American Combustible Ammunition" by Paul Klatt (from American Rifleman)

Article - "The Maynard Stopper Cartridge" by John A. Belton

Memo from Paul Klatt regarding cartridges

Letter from George Blakeslee to Richard King

Letter from Max W. Goodwin to Richard King

12 Maynard Patents from 1856-1869 for Improvement in Cartridges (copies)

Letter from George Blakeslee to Richard King

Typed and Handwritten notes

From John P. Blake "Maynard Cartridges"

Letter, sketches and photos of cartridges from George Blakeslee to Richard King

Folder MS444.2.09: Vol. 2 - American Dental Association Records of Dr. Maynard & ObituaryAdd to your cart.

Who was who in America Historical Vol. 1607 - 1896

A Reproduction of Maynard's Seal of the American Society of Dental Surgeons

B&W Glossy photo of the sketch Maynard's son drew of him

Article - American Dental Association "100 Years of Dental Progress"

Article - American Dental Association "The Civil War: Three Dentists Who Made A Difference"

Folder MS444.2.10: Vol. 3 - "The Cartridges of Dr. Edward Maynard" by Richard D. King & Richard A. King, 1982Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.2.11: Vol. 4 - Maynard Articles & LettersAdd to your cart.
King, Burton, Descovich, etc. Re: Rifles, Carbines, & Cartridges
Folder MS444.2.12: Leo Reminger Material on Edward Maynard, William Putnam McFarland, and the Maynard RifleAdd to your cart.

Chapter One - Dr. Edward Maynard: "The Man Behind It All" by H.W.S. Cleveland appeared in the May 7, 1891 issues of Forrest & Stream.

Chapter Two - William Putnam McFarland.  Ken Descovich wrote article for The Gun Report which was titled "William P. McFarland and the Maynard Rifle"

Folder MS444.2.13: "Digest of U.S. Patents Relating To Breech Loading and Magazine Small Arms, 1836-1873" by V.D. Stockbridge, 1963Add to your cart.
Box MS444.03Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.3.01: Massachusetts Arms Co. Ledger (typed copy)Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.3.02: Correspondence - photocopies, 1852-1867Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.3.03: Handwritten Letter from Headquarters 8th Dept, San Antonio TX re: "42 muskets w/ maynard's lock attached for the purpose of testing" and handwritten instruction on priming system, 1845-1854Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.3.04: Correspondence and Records of Massachusetts Arms Co., 1850-1852Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.3.05: Original Patent for Improvement in Percussion Primers and Gun Stocks, 1854-05-16Add to your cart.
Folder MS444.3.06: Breech Loading Rifles - Maynard's Patent, Creedmoor, Central Fire, Mid Range, Etc.Add to your cart.
Box OS 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Article - "Cartridge Corner" by Stu Miller, Shooting Times, 1960-03Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Brochure - Price List for Maynard Rifles, Shotguns, Etc., 1877Add to your cart.
Folder 3: Pamphlet - The Maynard Creedmoor Rifle Prices and Testimonials, 1878Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Price List, 1879Add to your cart.
Folder 5: Maynard Rifleman TargetAdd to your cart.

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