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MS 316 - Stan Kershaw Negative Collection


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Photograph Negatives

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MS 316 - Stan Kershaw Negative Collection | McCracken Research Library

By Carol Hartung

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 316 - Stan Kershaw Negative CollectionAdd to your cart.

Primary Creator: Winchell, Terry A.

Other Creators: Kershaw, Stanley

Extent: 14.0 Boxes

Languages: English

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Photograph Negatives],

Series 1: Photograph NegativesAdd to your cart.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: P.316.1500 - P.316.1885Add to your cart.

• PN.316.1500: Yellowstone o Sylvan Lake: A bit of Sylvan Lake – Yellowstone National Park

• PN.316.1502: Unknown

• PN.316.1503: Cody, Wyo. o Buffalo Bill Museum: Copyrighted – Jan 1, 1936 (Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, Wyoming) o Good Neg.

• PN.316.1504: Cody – Buffalo Bill Museum

• PN.316.1505: Cody – Buffalo Bill Museum o Copyrighted: Jan 1, 1936 o Title: In memory of a famous American scout

• [PN.316.1507: Cody – Buffalo Bill Museum] 1507A o Cattle – Range cattle near Livingston, Montana

• [PN.316.1508: Cody – Buffalo Bill Museum] 1508A o Cattle – cattle grazing on a farm in Northern Idaho

• PN.316.1509: Shoshone Lake o Shoshone Lake and Cody Road, Wyoming

• [PN.316.1512: Cody Road] 1512B o Grand Tetons – The Grand Teton 1944

• [PN.316.1516: Cody Road] 1516A-C o [Cody Red Canyon] o [Finlay Neg.] o Grand Tetons – Church at Moose 1944 o B 8x10 4 1/8x/11 Kod F3 30s

• PN.316.1517: Cody Road (1517A) o Grand Tetons – Jenny Lake 1944 o Print in sky twice as much as foreground (GOOD)

• [PN.316.1518: Cody Road] 1518B o Grand Tetons – Jackson Lake 1944

• PN.316.1519: Cactus Near Cody (1519A) o Wax-like Cactus – Cody Road, Wyoming

• [PN.316.1520: Cody Road] 1520A-D o Bryce Canyon, Utah – Misc Views 1944

• [PN.316.1524: Sunlight Ranch 1955] 1524A-B o Zion Canyon – Misc Views 1944 o Cactus

• PN.316.1527: Shoshone Lake – Carter Mountain in Distance o Cody Road to Carter Mountain via Shoshone Lake, Wyoming

• [PN.316.1529: Shoshone Dam] 1529A-B o Sheep – Ned Frost Ranch – Mt. in background

• [PN.316.1530: Shoshone Canyon] 1530A o Horses – At ease in field near Dayton, Wyoming

• PN.316.1531: Cody – Coe Lodge

• PN.316.1533: Chas Belden Ranch o Branding Cattle

• PN.316.1534: Chas Belden Ranch o Branding Cattle

• PN.316.1536: Cody – Coe Lodge (1536, 1536F)

• PN.316.1539: Cody – Coe Lodge

• PN.316.1540: Cody – Coe Lodge

• PN.316.1543: Shoshone Dam

• [PN.316.1544: Shoshone Canyon] (1544? 35mm) o Craters of the Moon – Idaho 1944 o Joe Jetty, FBI in 2 scenes

• [PN.316.1545: Shoshone Canyon] (1545? 35mm) o Cody Road – Wapiti Ranger Station o Misc. scenes nearby 1944

• PN.316.1546: Cody – Coe Lodge

• PN.316.1547: Cody – Coe Lodge

• [PN.316.1548: Cody – Coe Lodge] (1548? 35mm) o Cody Road – Unusual sunset scene from Horse Creek picnic grnd.

• PN.316.1550: Cody – Coe Lodge o Irma Lake, Cody, Wyoming

• [PN.316.1551: Cody – Coe Lodge] (1551? 35mm) o [Charles Belden Ranch, Patchfork, Wyoming] o [Creek with mountain in distance]

• PN.316.1552 (1552, 1552A-B) o Cody – Coe Lodge

• PN.316.1553? 35mm: Mail Boxes

• PN.316.1555A: [Cody – Coe Lodge] o Bad Lands 1934

• PN.316.1556: Cody – Coe Lodge (1556, 1556A-F)

• PN.316.1559: Cody – Coe Lodge

• PN.316.1560: [Cody – Coe Lodge] 1560? 35mm

• PN.316.1561: Cody – Coe Lodge

• PN.316.1562: Cody – Coe Lodge o See EVR book negs. #1

• PN.316.1563: Cody – Coe Lodge o Panorama 1563, 1564, 1565

• PN.316.1564: Cody – Coe Lodge o Panorama 1563, 1564, 1565

• PN.316.1565: Cody – Coe Lodge o Panorama 1563, 1564, 1565

• PN.316.1567: Shoshone Dam

• PN.316.1568: Shoshone Canyon

• [PN.316.1570: Shoshone Lake – Carter Mountain in Distance] 1570? 35mm o Skies

• PN.316.1571: [Shoshone Lake] o Bad Lands, S.D.

• PN.316.1572: Shoshone Lake – Carter Mountain in the distance

• [PN.316.1573: Cody Road] 1573? 35mm o [Near 4 bear Ranch] o Sage Brush

• PN.316.1574: [Wind River Canyon, Wyo.] 1574A o Valley Ranch – Good bucking horse picture by Pete Winants (spelling?)

• PN.316.1575: Shoshone Lake o Lake Aftomom (spelling?) – Shoshone Lake, Wyoming

• PN.316.1576: Shoshone Lake

• PN.316.1578: Shoshone Canyon o STONE WALLS o Shoshone Canyon, Wyoming

• PN.316.1583: Chas Belden Ranch o Branding Cattle

• PN.316.1586: [Sunlight Ranch 1935] 1586? 35mm o New Mexico, Frijoles Canyon 1945

• PN.316.1587: Sunlight Ranch 1935 o Sunlight, Wyoming

• PN.316.1589: Chas Belden o Pitchfork, Wyo.

• PN.316.1591: [Valley Ranch, South Fork, Wyo.] 1591? 35mm o Yellowstone, Sylvan Pass 1945 o 35mm

• PN.316.1592: TE [Valley] Ranch, South Fork, Wyo.

• PN.316.1593: Valley Ranch, South Fork, Wyo.

• PN.316.1594: Cody – TE Ranch o Buffalo Bill’s Ranch House – Cody, Wyoming

• PN.316.1595: Cody – Ranch next to TE Ranch

• PN.316.1596: Valley Ranch, South Fork, Wyo.

• PN.316.1597: Valley Ranch, South Fork, Wyo.

• PN.316.1598: Valley Ranch, South Fork, Wyo.

• PN.316.1600: Cody – TE Ranch

• PN.316.1602: [Chas Belden Ranch] o [Branding Cattle] o Bad Lands, SD

• PN.316.1616: Cody Stampede ‘35

• PN.316.1617: Cody Stampede ‘35

• PN.316.1621: [Cody Stampede] o Bad Lands, SD

• PN.316.1630: Cody Stampede ‘35

• PN.316.1637: Trees [Sunlight Ranch to ‘35] 1637? 35mm o 35mm: Tamaracks, Tree bark patterns, Spruce needle patterns

• PN.316.1642: New Mexico – Taos 1945 35mm [Sunlight, Wyo., Road to ‘35] o [Big Horn Mountain Ground via from road] o Sante Fe 1944 o San Miguel Mission 1935

• PN.316.1644: New Mexico – Mission of Ranchos de Taos 1772 [Cody Road] (two 1644? 35mm)

• PN.316.1645: Cody Road o The Magic of Erosion – Along Cody Road, Wyoming

• PN.316.1646: New Mexico – Camel Rock near Sante Fe [Cody Road] 1646A, 1646? 35mm

• PN.316.1647: New Mexico – Los Alamos [Cody Ranch] (two 1647? 35mm) o [HEAVY SKY – Cody Road, Wyoming] o View toward Truchas Peak from knoll N of project

• [PN.316.1649: Cody Road] 1649A-L o Fales Rodeo Aug. 1959 o Rodeo at Fales Aug. 1959

• PN.316.1655: Bob’s Engagement Am over (spelling?) [Shoshone Canyon] 1655A-B

• PN.316.1657: Horses – Taken along Cody Road, Wyo. o LOAFING

• PN.316.1659: Shoshone River – Cody Road

• No 1660 Grand Tetons – Views across Jenny Lake 1945 [Entrance to Absaroka Lodge, Cody Road] 1660A-D

• PN.316.1661A: Unknown

• PN.316.1663: Hell’s Half Acre [Cody, Wyo.] 1663A-C o [Log Cabin for Art Carter (spelling?)] o A 8x10 2 3/8+ x f11 Kod F3 15s

• PN.316.1665: Snow Scenes – Bushes around house 1944 [Mountain ?] 1665A-F

• PN.316.1669: Snow scenes – Frosted bushes on road near Couer d‘Aleur [Cody Road – Near Washout in road] 1669A-C

• PN.316.1670: Brookfield Zoo Polar Bears [Cody Road] 1670A

• PN.316.1672: Cody Road – Near washout in road

• PN.316.1673A: Unknown

• PN.316.1675A: Unknown

• PN.316.1677: Cody Road – Chinese Wall

• PN.316.1682: Brookfield Zoo Brown Bears [Shoshone River in Cody, sheep grazing]

• PN.316.1684: Wind River Canyon – Wyo.

• PN.316.1685: Lusk, Wyo. – On road short distance from Lusk

• PN.316.1686: Lusk, Wyo. – On the road a short distance from Lusk

• PN.316.1687: Lusk, Wyo. – On road near Lusk

• PN.316.1689: Lusk, Wyo. – On the road near Lusk

• PN.316.1691: Coe Lodge – Road to

• PN.316.1693: Trees – Group of Tawarade (spelling?) and other trees near Couer d‘Aluer [Coe Lodge – Road to] 1693A o [Panorama- 1692, 1693]

• PN.316.1705: Wind River Canyon 1944 [Chas Belden Ranch] 1705A

• PN.316.1706: Cody Road – Playground of the Gods 1945 Telephoto [Picnic (spelling?) Lunch on Route 2 Nebraska Blanch (spelling?) Estate of F… (spelling?)] 1706A o [Brookfield Zoo] o [Bean pit and popcorn stand]

• PN.316.1725: Sheep – grazing at Legge Ranch on North Fork 1945 [Wilmette Harbor] 1725A o [Breakwater]

• PN.316.1728: Flowers – Sage like flowers near UXU 1945 [Erickson, Oreg.] 1728A o [House]

• PN.316.1733: Ranch Scenes – Bunkhouse Feb. 1949 [Grand Tetons – Teton Park Color] [Brookfield Zoo] 1733A-F o [Reptile House] o Budd Hall, Ned Frost, George King, Reuben King and Harry Van Waggoner o 1733A 40x60 on PN.316.2 Brovira 3 min @ f11

• PN.316.1734: Frost, Ned With Bottle of Falstaff Feb 1949 [Wind River Canyon, Wyo.]

• PN.316.1737: Tree – Odd shaped tree on shore of Yellowstone near Fishing Bridge Oct. 1945 [Brookfield Zoo] 1737? 35mm o [Elephant rear (spelling?]

• PN.316.1741A: Unknown

• PN.316.1742A: Unknown

• PN.316.1743: Black Hills o Mt. Rushmore

• PN.316.1744: Trees – Aspers (spelling?) near Jackson Lake, Grand Tetons – View of mountain creek of bridge in foreground Oct. 1945 [Black Hills] 1744? 35mm o [Mt. Rushmore]

• PN.316.1745: Unknown

• PN.316.1746: Black Hills o Mt. Rushmore

• PN.316.1747: Grand Tetons – Mt. Morau thru asper trees, St. John Mt. framed by trees Oct. 1945 [Black Hills] 1747? 35mm o [Mt. Rushmore]

• PN.316.1788: Cody Road – Chimney Rock Oct. 1945 [Miss Lobz] o [March 1934] 1788, 1788A

• PN.316.1793A: Unknown

• PN.316.1799: Grand Tetons – Kuminel’s (spelling?) cabin where we stayed Oct. 1945 [Miss Lobz] o [Mar 1934]

• PN.316.1800A: Unknown

• PN.316.1810: Sheep – Ned Frost sheep grazing, Jim (spelling?) Mt. in the background Oct. 1945 [N.S.C] 1810A-E o [Golf Tournament]

• PN.316.1811: Cody Road – Fire Fighters Memorial [N.S.C.] 1811A-B o Golf Tournament

• PN.316.1812: Colorado – Cattle near Salida [N.S.C.] o [Golf Tournament]

• PN.316.1815: Colorado – Pikes Peak from Ramport Range [Kershaw S.H.] 1815A-F o [Residence 1431 Maple. Ave., Wilamette]

• PN.316.1817: Bear in Yellowstone. SHK o 1934

• PN.316.1823: Colorado – Pikes Peak from Woodland Park [Mrs. M.P. Below & baby]

• PN.316.1824: Colorado – Balanced Rock, Garden of Gods [Mrs. Below, Mother & Baby]

• PN.316.1825: Colorado – Will Rogers Shrine [Mrs. M. P. Below]

• PN.316.1826: Colorado – Royal Gorge [Below daughter & Baby] 1826A-B

• PN.316.1827: Colorado – Sangre de Cristo Range, Orchard in foreground [Mrs. Below, mother, daughter and baby] 1827A-B

• PN.316.1828: Colorado – Spanish Peaks [Mrs. Below & baby] 1828A-B

• PN.316.1831: Colorado – Entrance to Garden of the Gods [Mrs. Below, Mother & Baby]

• PN.316.1835: Colorado – Farm near Mt. Blanca [Cameron, W.H.] o [Playing Golf]

• PN.316.1838: Colorado – Sangre de Cristo Range, Pastoral Foreground [W.H. Cameron]

• PN.316.1839: Colorado – Sangre de Cristo Range, Desert Foreground [W.H. Cameron]

• PN.316.1840: Colorado – Mt. Elbert [W.H. Cameron]

• PN.316.1842: Colorado – Leadville [Cameron, W.H.]

• PN.316.1854: Colorado – Mt. Aineeton (spelling?) [W.H. Cameron] 1854A-C

• PN.316.1855: Colorado – Cherry Blossoms [Mrs. W.H. Cameron] 1855A-C o Orchard owned by R.R. Dickson, R2 Box 49, Fort Collins, Colo

• PN.316.1858: Colorado – Artesian Wells in San Louis Valley [Cameron, W.H.] 1858? 35mm o [Positive of photo liked best. 1933]

• PN.316.1865: Colorado – Bronze of Will Rogers at Will Rogers Shrine [Jeane Cameron] 1865? 35mm

• PN.316.1872: Horses – White horse taken in Colo. [Margaret Cameron] 1872? 35mm

• PN.316.1873: Colorado – Balanced Rock in Garden of the Gods. 5/46 35mm [Margaret Cameron] 1873? 35mm

• PN.316.1876: Doelling Harry

• PN.316.1877: Doelling Harry

• PN.316.1881: Test of Alfred Kochler, Double A mastigmat (spelling?) [Grigware RT (spelling?)] 1881A-F o [Copy of painting of Ozarks] o A: sharp and clean o B: “          ’          ” o C:“          ’ fairly clean  o D: o E:“          ’ “              ” o F:“          ’ “              ”

• PN.316.1883: E.T. Grigware (1883A-B) o North Fork afar Aug 1956, near Big Game Campground o Vermont painting

• PN.316.1885: Lower Falls of Yellowstone Color 1956 [E.T. Grigware] 1885A-H o [Snow scene]

Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: P.316.1891 - P.316.2198Add to your cart.

• PN.316.1891: Colorado – Cherry Blossoms at Dickson Orchard on Terry Lake [E.T. Grigware] 1891? 35mm (3 of them) o [Portrait]

• PN.316.1892: Colorado – Mt. Princeton 5/46 35mm [E.T. Grigware] 1892? 35mm (3 of them) o [Portrait]

• PN.316.1893: Colorado – Scenes along Arkansas River, One of Sangre de Cristo Range [Grigware, Edw T.] 1893? 35mm o [Portrait]

• PN.316.1895: E.T Grigware o Making sketch at camp

• PN.316.1897: Colorado – Sangre de Cristo Range, Orchard in foreground [Hampe, Gussie] 1897? 35mm

• PN.316.1902: Colorado – Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, Incline Rwy, etc. [Hilgendorf] 1902? 35mm (3 of them) o [Copy of fish picture]

• PN.316.1903: Irelands – Group (1903A-C, 1903E-F) o Old Faithful (written on post-it note)

• PN.316.1915: Cactus – Misc views in Arizona, Spring 1955 [Kershaw] 1915? 35mm o [Christmas Cards 1932]

• PN.316.1918: Colorado – Poncha Pass 5/46 [Kershaw – Enlarging Camera] 1918? 35mm

• PN.316.1926: Kershaw, Estelle

• PN.316.1928: Yellowstone – Obsidian Cliff, July 1946 [Kershaw House] o [Interior – Fireplace]

• PN.316.1933: Yellowstone – New Geyser near Grotto, July 1946 [Kershaw – House] 1933A-C o [Winter Scenes]

• PN.316.1936: Yellowstone – Golden Gate, July 1946 [Kershaw] 1936A-C o [Garden – Summer 1932]

• PN.316.1937: Kershaw, S.H. o Group in Dining Room, Aug 1932

• PN.316.1944: Sam Allen and Family, June 26, ’55 [Kershaw] 1944A-E, 1944I-T, 1944? 35mm (7 of them) o [Christmas Cards 1934]

• PN.316.1948: S.H. Kershaw House (1948A-D) o Snow scene o Connie & Sunlly (spelling?) Wright Wedding, May 16, 1962

• PN.316.1949: S.H. Kershaw House (1949A-D) o Snow Scene o Dorothy & Eddy Sprocklin (spelling?) Wedding

• PN.316.1950: S.H. Kershaw House (1950A-F) o Snow scene o Iris Anotun (spelling?) appearance

• PN.316.1959: Kershaw – 1431 Maple (1959A-H) o Night Scene

• PN.316.1964: Yellowstone – Grotto Geyser erupting, July 1946 [Midwest Laboratories] o [Fly spray rack]

• PN.316.1965: Yellowstone – Yellowstone Lake, View from road near steamboat springs [Mid West Laboratories] o [Fly spray rack]

• PN.316.1966: Yellowstone – Beryl Geyser, July 1946 [Midwest Laboratories] o [Moth proof r rack]

• PN.316.1967: Yellowstone – Yellowstone River, July 1946 [Midwest Laboratories] o [Moth proof r rack]

• PN.316.1968: Yellowstone – White Dome Geyser, July 1946 [Midwest Hardware Co.] 1968A, 1968C o [Sprinkler]

• PN.316.1969: Yellowstone – The Needle, July 1946 [Midwest Hardware Co.] o [Sprinkler] • PN.316.1970: Yellowstone – Gibbon Falls, July 1946 [Midwest Hardware Co.] o [Sprinkler]

• PN.316.1971: Yellowstone – Electric Park, July 1946 [Midwest Hardware Co.] o [Sprinkler]

• PN.316.1972: Unknown

• PN.316.1973: Unknown

• PN.316.1974: Yellowstone – Artist Paint Pots, July 1946 [Midwest Labs.] o [Photos of Moth proof R Tests – 9Copies)]

• PN.316.1975: Yellowstone – Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace, July 1946 [Midwest Labs] o [Moth proof r. test]

• PN.316.1978: Yellowstone – Gibbon River above Gibbon Falls [Miller, Jane] o [Misc. Exp. Not Accepted]

• PN.316.1979: Yellowstone – Castle Geyser, July 1946 [Jane Miller] 1979A

• PN.316.1980: Yellowstone – Cascade of the Firehole, July 1946 [Jane Miller]

• PN.316.1981: Yellowstone – Falls of the Firehole, July 1946 [Jane Miller]

• PN.316.1982: Yellowstone – Yellowstone Falls, July 1946 [Jane Miller] 1982A-B o 8x10 1982B 1 5/8x fq Portrait Proof 15 sec D52

• PN.316.1983: Yellowstone – Yellowstone Lake from Butte Point, July 1946 [Jane Miller] 1983A-B

• PN.316.1984: Grand Tetons – Views of Grand Teton from road N of Square G [Moses Ruth & Ralph] 1984A, 1984C

• PN.316.1985: Cody Road – View of road East of Red Star Camp. [Ruth Moses]

• PN.316.1986: Yellowstone – Madison River between Madison & W. Yellowstone, July 1946 [Ruth Moses]

• PN.316.1987: Yellowstone Lake from West Thumb [Ruth Moses] 1987A-B o Geyser pool in foreground

• PN.316.1988: Yellowstone – Tower Falls, July 1946 [Ruth Moses] 1988A-B

• PN.316.1989: Yellowstone – Daisy Geyser, July 1946 [Ralph Moses] 1989A-B

• PN.316.1990: Yellowstone – Riverside Geyser, July 1946 [Ruth Moses] 1990A-D

• PN.316.1992: Yellowstone – Yellowstone Lake – E. shore, flowers on beach, July 1946 [Ruth Moses]

• PN.316.1994: Grand Tetons – Telephoto View of Grand Teton & Mt. Teewinot [Refoy] o [Copy of tin (spelling?) type for a friend]

• PN.316.1995: Grand Tetons – Mt. Teewinot & Jenny Lake Early morning [Ripley, Mrs. Chas. T.] 1995A-B o [Copy of paintings of son] o [8x10 print on Royal Brovira Mudice (spelling?)] o [7x10 “      “  “        “            “        ] o [5x7 (included frame in print)] o [2.50 ea for taking] o [8x10 prints 50¢ each] o [5x7  “        20¢ “      ]

• PN.316.1996: Grand Tetons – Mt. St. John and Jenny Lake Early Morning, July 1946 [Mrs. Chas. T Ripley] 1996A o [Copy of painting of son 9spelling?)]

• PN.316.2009: Still Lifes [Studio Studies] o Glass of water

• PN.316.2010: Still Lifes [Studio Studies] o Glass of water

• PN.316.2011: Still Life – Candle Stick, Vase & Flowers [Studio]

• PN.316.2012: Grand Tetons – Mt. Moran & Shore of Lake [Still Life] [Studio Studies] o [Boat]

• PN.316.2013: Still Life [Tests] o Ash tray & cigarette

• PN.316.2031: Grand Tetons – Jackson Lake from dam [Graud Detour] 2031A-B o [Holger Jeuseus House]

• PN.316.2032: Livermore, Robert color portrait Nov. 1956 (2032A-B) o Graud Detour o Clawmers (spelling?) Equipment

• PN.316.2034: Graud Detour (2034A-F) o Clawmers (spelling?) boat

• PN.316.2035: Grand Tetons – Grand Teton from North and of Jenny Lake [Graud Detour] 2035A-B o [Clawmers (spelling?) Boat]

• PN.316.2042: Tobey Kershaw [National Safety Council] 2042A-F o Rose o [Golf Tournament]

• PN.316.2043: Toby Kershaw [Midwest Hardware Co.] 2043.1-6 o Copy of Picture of Northfork near inlet to reservoir looking north o [Aristonic] o 1      3 sec      f22      actual o 2      3½        f13      indicated o 3      8 o 4      9 o 3 & 4 Dev. 5¾ min DK 50 cout. ag. o 1 &2  “      5    “      “    “  “      “ o 5  4 sec at f45 indicated} developed 6 min DK 50 o 6  4 sec at f35 indicated} developed 6 min DK 50

• PN.316.2045: Wishing Well Trailer Village, Littleton, Colo, May 1955 {Chicago River] [Late Mr Jr. 1934] 2045? 35mm

• PN.316.2047: Grand Tetons – Thru Trees along river North of Jenny Lake [Ralph Moses party Landscapes] 2047B o [Snow scenes, Northwestern Forest Preserve]

• PN.316.2053: Markham, Geo & Biddy, Aug 1955 [The Wisconsin Dells] 2053A-F o Transp. & Sep Negs.

• PN.316.2062: Grand Tetons – Mt. Moran from road North of Jenny Lake [Sunlight, Wyoming – SHK 1934] 2062A, 2062C o [Bridge to ranch]

• PN.316.2065: Grand Tetons – View of Mt.’s as seen from Lee’s cabin at Square G [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2065A-B o [Euterin (spelling?) of Sunlight ranch cabin]

• PN.316.2069: Animals – Cow moose & calf in Yellowstone, July 1946 35mm [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2069? 35mm o [Road down from Baldy Ridge]

• PN.316.2070: Yellowstone – Sheepeater Cliff, July 1946 35mm [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2070? 35mm o [View west from Baldy Ridge]

• PN.316.2075: Grand Tetons – Views from North end of Jenny Lake and from where road crosses river South of Jenny Lake 35mm [Mary Wells] 2075? 35mm

• PN.316.2076: Grand Tetons – Views from road to Twogates Pass 35mm [Mary Wells] 2076? 35mm

• PN.316.2077: Flowers – Columbines and thimble berries West side of Jenny Lake [Mary Wells] 2077? 35mm

• PN.316.2078: Grand Tetons – Hidden Falls West of Jenny Lake [Wheeler] 2078? 35mm o [Players in 1933 play “Apple Sauce”]

• PN.316.2079: Grand Tetons – Mts looking west over river N of Jenny Lake [W.L. Wheeler] 2079? 35mm o [Players in 1933 play]

• PN.316.2080: Yellowstone – Tower Falls 35mm, July 1946 [W.L. Wheeler] [Wells, Mary] 2080? 35mm o [House in Wilmette, Feb 1934] o [Players in 1933 play]

• PN.316.2081: Yellowstone – Castle Geyser [W.L. Wheeler] [Wells, Mary] 2081? 35mm o [Players in 1933 play]

• PN.316.2083: Yellowstone – Rustic Falls, July 1946, 35mm [Russell & Bernice Wheeler] 2083? 35mm

• PN.316.2084: Yellowstone – New Geyser near Grotto Great Fountain Geyser, July 1946, 35mm [Conulice (spelling?) Wheeler & baby] 2084? 35mm

• PN.316.2085: Yellowstone – Apollinaris Spring, July 1946, 35mm [Russell & Bernice Wheeler] 2085? 35mm

• PN.316.2086: Yellowstone – Frying Pan Spring, July 1946, 35mm [Russell, Bernice & baby Wheeler] 2086? 35mm

• PN.316.2088: Yellowstone – Lily Pad pool [Wheeler Baby] 2088? 35mm

• PN.316.2089: Colorado – Pikes Peak from Ramport Rd. 35mm, June [1935] 1946 [Wheeler Baby] 2089? 35mm

• PN.316.2091: Colorado – Garden of the Gods, Odd shaped Rode (spelling?) (Man), 35mm, June 46 [Wheeler, Russell] 2091? 35mm

• PN.316.2108: Yellowstone – Orange Spring Mound [Wilmette Harbor 1934 Dec] 2108? 35mm

• PN.316.2109: Yellowstone – Old Faithful, July 1946, 35mm [Wilmette] o [Bahi Temple]

• PN.316.2110: Yellowstone – National Bridge [Wilmette Parade, Memorial 1932] 2110? 35mm

• PN.316.2111: Yellowstone – Lake Shore at Thumb [Wilmette] 2111? 35mm o [Memorial Day Parade, 1932]

• PN.316.2112: Yellowstone – Fishing Bridge Museum, July 46, 35mm [Wilmette] 2112? 35mm o [Memorial Day parade, 1932]

• PN.316.2120: Cody Road o Ranch near Mountain View

• PN.316.2121: Cody Road o Shoshone Lake, 1934

• PN.316.2122: Sullivan, Bert [Cody Road] o Berty & Ione (spelling?) with their trailer house o [Not far west of Shoshone Lake]

• PN.316.2123: Cody Road, Wyo. o Good view somewhat west of Shoshone Lake o Picturesque Cody Country – Cody Road, Wyoming

• PN.316.2124: Cody Road – Holy City, June 1946, 35mm [Cody Road, Wyo.] 2124? 35mm o [View on way to Sylvan Pass]

• PN.316.2125: Horses – Pinto with colt, Cody road near Red Star – 35mm, July 46 [Cody Road, Wyo.] 2125? 35mm o [Sheep Herder on shore of Shoshone Lake]

• PN.316.2127: Copy of Fofer (spelling?) Ad postcard [Yellowstone – Cody Road. 1934, SHK] 2127A o 4 sec on horse o 8 “      ”  man (spelling?) o  + 51 on sign

• PN.316.2128: Unknown

• PN.316.2133: Yellowstone – Old Faithful Inn 1934, SHK

• PN.316.2134: Yellowstone – Grand Canyon

• PN.316.2135: Yellowstone o View of Canyon

• PN.316.2143: Frost, Ned, Color Separation Negs, with battle of Falstaff, Feb 1949 [Yellowstone] 2143A-E o [Old Faithful]

• PN.316.2144: Bunkhouse card game “Roped and Tied” [ Yellowstone] 2144A-E o Color Separation Negs, Circle H Ranch, Feb. 1949 o [Geyser & Hot Spring] o Highlight Densities                    Shadows                  Range                  Exp  B Printer  1.8                      .08                        1.72                      45  R “      ”  1.84                  [.38] .14                  1.70                      48  Y “      ”  1.78                  [.22] .13                  1.65                      42

• PN.316.2145: Hawkeye Ranch Postcard Negative, Feb 49 [Yellowstone] 2145A-B o From 2423-E o [Mammoth Hot Springs]

• PN.316.2146: Yellowstone o Mammoth Hot Springs

• PN.316.2147: Yellowstone o Mammoth Hot Springs

• PN.316.2148: Sunlight Ranch [Cody] 2148A o Postcard Neg – View of Valley from bench from 2929-B o [Shoshone Dam] o Set enlarger ⅛” under 2x

• PN.316.2149: Cody o Shoshone Dam

• PN.316.2150: Unknown

• PN.316.2151: Panorama of Valley including Valley & A2Z Ranch [Cody] 2151, 2151 o [Shoshone Lake just above dam] o 8x10, 2¼x f11 Kod F2 12s Print in sky & upper Right corner to total of 32s

• PN.316.2196: Rhoads, Elaine, June 1949 [Peninsula State Park, Wisc.] 2196A o [View of shore line from camp. Ed seated in foreground]

• PN.316.2197: Rhoads, Elaine, June 1949 [Peninsula Sate Park, Wisc.] 2197A-C o Separation Negs., see data sheet with Matrix Films (unmasked) o [View of Ephrian (spelling?) across bay]

• PN.316.2198: Rhoads, Elaine, June 1949 [Peninsula State Park, Wisc.] 2198A-E o Separation Negs. Masked o [View of Green Bay West of Ephrian (spelling?)]

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Folder 1: P.316.2200 - P.316.2519Add to your cart.

• PN.316.2200: Idaho – Craters of the Moon [Peninsula State Park, Wisc.] 2200A, 2200C o [Row boat at camp]

• PN.316.2203: Peninsula State Park, Wisc. (2203A-F, Print 2203) o Ed & Star o Ballinger o A 6  5x7 o B o C o D o E o F

• PN.316.2204 [2187]: Hercules Powder Co. [Peninsula State Park, Wisc.] 2204A-F o Hopper control in central Wyoming, July 1949 o Toxaphene o [View from Siren (spelling?) Tower]

• PN.316.2205: Grand Tetons – 4x5 views from Square G Ranch, July 49 [Peninsula State Park, Wisc.] 2205A, 2205C o [View of Nicolet Bay from North]

• PN.316.2206: Grand Tetons – Views from road South of Jenny Lake [Peninsula State Park, Wisc.] 2206A-C o [Nicolet Bay Shore Line]

• PN.316.2207: Hercules Powder Company [Peninsula State Park, Wisc.] 2207? 35mm o Hopper control in central Wyo. July 1949, 35mm (see also 2210) o Toxaphene o  [view of Nicolet Bay from North]

• PN.316.2210: Wyoming Spotted Horse July 49 [Sunlight Ranch] 2210? 35mm o [Good close info (spelling?) of ranch house]

• PN.316.2213: Skies: Sky over air strip at Arvada, Wyo. July 49 [Sunlight Ranch] 2213? 35mm o [View over fence back of ranch]

• PN.316.2215: Rhoads, Elaine June 1949 [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2215A-E o Separation Negs. o Willards’ Choice o [View from Baldy Ridge, Stan taking photo in foreground]

• PN.316.2220: Evening in the South Fork Country – Cody, Wyoming

• PN.316.2226: A2Z Ranch [Cody, Wyo.] 2226A-D o Riding Club group of 5 Girls, August 1948 o [View toward station (spelling?) from South Fork Road] o C 8x10 2⅜x 5¼’ (spelling?) lens f11 Kod F2 40s

• PN.316.2227: A2Z Ranch [Cody, Wyoming] 2227A-C o Large Group Boys & Girls on Horseback, August 1948 o [View toward station (spelling?) from South Fork Road] o [2226, 2227}Pan]

• PN.316.2228: Valley Ranch [Cody, Wyoming] 2228A-C, 2228? 35mm o The Grove, August 1948 o [View toward Cody from about center of art colony]

• PN.316.2229: Valley Ranch [Cody, Wyo.] 2229? 35mm o Brooks House, Aug 1948 o [View toward station (spelling?) from beach]

• PN.316.2230: Valley Ranch [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2230? 35mm o Soft Ball Game, Aug. 1948 o [View across pond in front of ranch house]

• PN.316.2231: Cooke Reed Lodge Highway o View into Canyon above timber line

• PN.316.2232: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Hairpin turn in road above timber line

• PN.316.2233: Unmarked

• PN.316.2234: Valley Ranch [Cook Red Lodge Highway] o Tennis Court, Aug 1948 o [Road around bend, few trees]

• PN.316.2235: Valley Ranch [Cook Red Lodge Highway] o Stuffed Horse (Polo Horse), Boys Playing Aug 1948 o [View toward mountain looking west]

• PN.316.2236: Valley Ranch [Cooke Red Lodge Highway] 2236? 35mm o Swimming Pool, Boys playing with boat Aug 1948 o [View of small (spelling?) lake on top of mountain]

• PN.316.2237: Valley Ranch [Cook Red Lodge Highway] o Deer in front of Cabin Aug 1948 o [Pilot and Gadex (spelling) Peaks in distance]

• PN.316.2238: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Road on top of mountain – fence in foreground

• PN.316.2239: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Looking into canyon toward lakes above timber line

• PN.316.2241: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Large Lake on top of mountain

• PN.316.2242: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Half way up east side of mountain

• PN.316.2243: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Glacier at top of mountain

• PN.316.2245: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Road at top of mountain

• PN.316.2246: Valley Ranch [J.C. Nichols] 2246? 35mm o Horses Leaving Corral Aug 48 o [Porch end of house]

• PN.316.2247: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Half way up east side of mountain

• PN.316.2248: Cooke Red Lodge Highway (2248 (envelope 2247)) o On top of mountain, Ed in foreground

• PN.316.2249: Wapiti Lodge Aug 48 [Cooke Red Lodge Highway] 2249A-D o [Half way up east side of mountain]

• PN.316.2250: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Odd view of highway at top of mountain

• PN.316.2251: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Good view of lakes in canyon top of mountain

• PN.316.2252: A2Z Ranch Aug 1948 [Cooke Red Lodge Highway] 2252? 35mm o Main Bldg. – Nice Clouds, Rider coming toward corral o [Mountain at Silver Gate]

• PN.316.2253: Cooke Red Lodge Highway (2253, 2253-2?) o Mountain at Silver Gate

• PN.316.2254: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Mountain at Silver Gate, Vertical

• PN.316.2256: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Good view of snow and rocks

• PN.316.2257: Cooke Red Lodge Highway o Snow, rocks and sky

• PN.316.2258: Yellowstone [Cooke Red Lodge Highway] 2258? 35mm o Yellowstone Lake from Butte Point July 48 o [Lake at foot of precipice looking down]

• PN.316.2264: Molesworth, Tom o Profile of horse’s head

• PN.316.2265: Molesworth, Tom o Front view of horse’s head

• PN.316.2276: Cody Inn [J.C. Nichols] 2276A-C o Exterior views July 1948 o [Picnic on porch at cors (spelling) camp]

• PN.316.2278: Cooke Coty, Montana o Three buildings at side of road

• PN.316.2279: Cooke City, Montana o View of city looking toward sun (spelling?)

• PN.316.2280: Cooke City, Montana o Morning view looking west

• PN.316.2281: Cooke City, Montana o Rear view of corral and hotel

• PN.316.2282: Cooke City o Looking west late afternoon

• PN.316.2283: Cooke City, Montana o Two typical buildings

• PN.316.2284: Cooke Coty, Montana o Mr. Stuison’s (spelling?) cabin

• PN.316.2285: Cooke City, Montana o The swelter

• PN.316.2286: Cooke City, Montana o Mr. Stuison (spelling?) in doorway of his cabin

• PN.316.2287: Cooke City, Montana o Front of Allen Hotel

• PN.316.2288: Cooke City, Montana o Allen Hotel

• PN.316.2297: Housel, Jerry & Family [J.C. Nichols] 2297A-E o Campfire group photos October 1955 o [Panorama]

• PN.316.2303: J.C. Nichols o Wide angle view south

• PN.316.2321: Snack & Que Restaurant & Pool Room, Cody, Wyo. July 1948 [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2321A-I o 2321A – Hold back right side about half exposure o [Horses fording Sunlight Creek in middle]

• PN.316.2324A, 2324D: Unknown

• PN.316.2326: Valley Ranch [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2326A-C o Main Buildings & Entrance Aug 1948 o [Horses at ease (spelling?) in coral]

• PN.316.2335: Wyoming Furniture Co. [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2335A-B o Large Davenport, Chairs & Coffee Table, etc. Aug 1948 o [Donald, Chuck and Estelle] o Ralph Knight, 519 Cleveland Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

• PN.316.2338: Jo Hillerman, 425 B Street, Apt. C, Rock Springs, Wyo. [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2338A-D o [View from mountain, horses in foreground o Taken at Sunlight Ranch Aug 48, prints furnished in Aug 48  2. 5x7              Mounted            2338A  2. “                                ”            2238B  1. 11x14          “                                  ”

• PN.316.2341: Hawkeye Ranch Aug 28, 1948 [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2341A-B, 2341E, 2341I, 2341O-Q o Mrs. Howell Howard o 2341P 8⅓x11  2⅝x f56    [45]50s  Print in sky to 75s  Opal G o [View toward snow cap, horses in creek

• PN.316.2347: Kershaw, Whiskers Aug 48 [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2347? 35mm o [New Calo (spelling?)]

• PN.316.2354: Haying at McClellan Ranch Aug 4 ’56 [Sunlight, Wyo.] 2354A-C o 25th f/10, meter 10 cover closed, 11:15AM o [Estelle & Ed on horseback]

• PN.316.2370: Rainbow from Green Creek looking towards canyon, color May 1956 [Ireland, John and George Glazer (spelling?)] 2370A-B

• PN.316.2375: Big Creek & Grinder Peak as seen from Sand Coulee, Aug 48 [Cody, Wyoming] 2375? 35mm o [Site of Art Colony]

• PN.316.2376: Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, Wyo.

• PN.316.2377: Hawkeye Ranch, Misc. 35mm Views, Aug 48 [Buffalo Bill Museum Cody, Wyo. & Statue] 2377? 35mm

• PN.316.2379: Buffalo Bill Statue, Cody, Wyo.

• PN.316.2380: Buffalo Bill Statue, Cody, Wyo.

• PN.316.2381: Tree – Odd Shaped Juniper in Sand Coulee, Aug 48 [Cody, Wyo.] 2381? 35mm o [Site of Art Colony]

• PN.316.2383: Howard, Howell Family, Hawkeye Ranch, Aug. 48 [Kershaw] 2383-2 o [House 1431 Maple Ave, Wilmette]

• PN.316.2384: Hines, Charles & Family Aug. 48 [Kershaw house, 1431 Maple Ave, Wilmette, Ill.] o Taken at Hawkeye Ranch

• PN.316.2387: Pumpkins (2387A-C)

• PN.316.2388: Shadows (2388A-C) o Photos taken on beach at Wilmette

• PN.316.2389: Halls, Chella, Budd & Stel picnicking near Sunlight [Photo Album Diamond Bar Ranch, J.C. Nichols]

• PN.316.2390: Nameit Creek Lodge, Sign at Entrance [J.C. Nichols res. (spelling?) Highland Park] 2390? 35mm o [Breakfast Room]

• PN.316.2391 [2390]: Cattle [J.C. Nichols Res. (spelling?) Highland Park] 2391? 35mm o Feeder calves at Powell o [Living Room]

• PN.316.2418: J.C. Nichols o Portrait of Mother and Father on 57th Wedding Anniversary o 6 prints ordered 4/21/37

• PN.316.2423: Hawkeye Ranch, Misc. 4x5 views [J.C. Nichols] 2423A, 2423C, 2423E, 2423G-I o 2423E: Printin sky 3to L Times as long as it takes for rest of print (thru hole in card) o 2423A: Print in right side upper right and sky or hold back left side about half exposure o [57th wedding anniversary of Mother & Father] o [Misc. exposures not accepted or from which no prints were ordered]

• PN.316.2439: Shoshone Canyon o View from Window

• PN.316.2440: Sheep grazing o South of Buffalo, Wyo.

• PN.316.2441: Shoshone Canyon o View from Window

• PN.316.2443: Big Horn Mountain o Ten Sleep Canyon

• PN.316.2446: Big Horn Mountain o Ten Sleep Canyon

• PN.316.2449: Indian Drawing On rocks near Green Creek [J.C. Nichols, Cody, Wyo.] o [July 4th party, 1937] o MARTIANS

• PN.316.2450: Cattle – Two Dot Ranch [J.C. Nichols, Highland Park] 2450A o Cattle grazing near red grade, Aug 1954 o [View of Lake]

• PN.316.2464: Valley Ranch o View toward recreation Hall, July 1937

• PN.316.2465: Valley Ranch o Dudes on corral fence at Sunday rodeo, July 1937 o 3/30/41 – 4 – 8x10  9 o 8x10    2⅝x f11      Kod. F3    9s

• PN.316.2466: Valley Ranch o Steer rider coming out of chute at Sunday rodeo o 3/30/41 – 2 – 8x10  9

• PN.316.2467: Valley Ranch o Dudes on fence at Sunday rodeo, July 1937

• PN.316.2468: Valley Ranch o Sunday baseball, July 1937

• PN.316.2469: Valley Ranch o View from gate toward mountain, July 1937

• PN.316.2470: Valley Ranch o Ranch Bosses

• PN.316.2471: Valley Ranch o View toward mountain with sod roofed stable in foreground

• PN.316.2473: Valley Ranch o Horses coming into corral, July 1937

• PN.316.2474: Valley Ranch o Front view of Trading Port, July 1937

• PN.316.2475: Valley Ranch o Horses coming in, July 1937

• PN.316.2477: Valley Ranch o Sunday Ball game, July 1937

• PN.316.2482: Hawkeye Ranch [Valley Ranch] o Copy of wood cut effect of ranch o [Miss Zeigwood (spelling?), July 1937]

• PN.316.2484: Valley Ranch o Boy & Girl roping calf, Sunday rodeo, July 1937 o Not for Publication

• PN.316.2485: Bennet Outsen [Valley Ranch] 2485A, 2485C o [Dudes (spelling?) roping calf, July 1937]

• PN.316.2488: Valley Ranch o Tennis courts, July 1937

• PN.316.2489: Valley Ranch o Tennis courts, July 1937

• PN.316.2490: Valley Ranch o Cabin in grove, July 1937

• PN.316.2491: Valley ranch o Cabin in grove, mountain in background, July 1937

• PN.316.2492: Valley Ranch o Wide angle view of building group

• PN.316.2493: Valley Ranch o Entrance of Dining Room, July 1937

• PN.316.2494: Valley Ranch o Group of cabins in grove, July 1937

• PN.316.2495: Valley Ranch o Good view of cabin grove – mountain background, July 1937

• PN.316.24979: Valley Ranch o Large Cabin – Close up

• PN.316.2498: Valley Ranch, July 1937 o Large cabin o Interior of living room

• PN.316.2499: Valley Ranch o Interior of card room, July 1937

• PN.316.2500: Valley Ranch o View toward mountain in cabin court, July 1937

• PN.316.2501: Valley Ranch o Large cabin – good view toward mountain, July 1937

• PN.316.2502: Valley Ranch o Interior of living room, July 1937

• PN.316.2503: Valley Ranch o Good view of entrance and group of buildings, July 1937

• PN.316.2505: Valley Ranch o Flashlight of group in store, July 1937

• PN.316.2506: Valley Ranch o View of the (spelling?) original cabins, July 1937

• PN.316.2507: Valley Ranch o Large cabin, interior of bedroom, July 1937

• PN.316.2508: Valley ranch o Views of sod roofed buildings

• PN.316.2509: Valley Ranch o Interior of dining room

• PN.316.2510: A2Z Ranch o Tally ho standing on hill, July 1937

• PN.316.2511: A2Z Ranch (2511, 2511A-B, 2511? 35mm) o Tally ho being pushed up hill, July 1937

• PN.316.2512: A2Z [Valley] Ranch o Tally ho in meadow, July 1937

• PN.316.2513: A2Z [Valley] Ranch o Tally ho in meadow, July 937

• PN.316.2514: A2Z Ranch o Tally ho on hillside

• PN.316.2515: South Fork country o Mountain near valley with river in foreground (Dark foreground)

• PN.316.2516: South Fork Country o Castle Rocks on mountain near valley

• PN.316.2517: Unknown

• PN.316.2518: South Fork Country o Good mountain view this side of valley

• PN.316.2519: Animals [South Fork country] 2519? 35mm o Deer thru trees Circle H o [Castle Rock south of Diamond (?) ranch]

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• PN.316.2524: Benjamin Eshleman Co., Phila., Pa o Stage Coach #1

• PN.316.2525: Benjamin Eshleman Co., Phila., Pa. o Stage Coach #1

• PN.316.2526: Benjamin Eshleman Co., Phila., Pa. o Stage Coach #1

• PN.316.2527: Benjamin Eshleman Co., Philadelphia, Pa. o Stage Coach #1

• PN.316.2528: Benjamin Eshleman Co., Phila., Pa. o Stage Coach #1

• PN.316.2529: Benjamin Eshleman Co. o Stage Coach #2

• No.2530:  Benjamin Eshleman Co. o Stage Coach #2

• PN.316.2531: Benjamin Eshleman Co. o Stage Coach #2

• PN.316.2532: Benjamin Eshleman Co. o Stage Coach #2

• PN.316.2533: Benjamin Eshleman Co. o Stage Coach #1

• PN.316.2534: Benjamin Eshleman Co. o Stage Coach #1

• PN.316.2535: Benjamin Eshleman Co. o Stage Coach #2

• PN.316.2536: Benjamin Eshleman Co. o Stage Coach #2

• PN.316.2537: Benjamin Eshleman Co. o Stage Coach #1 photos

• PN.316.2538: Benjamin Eshleman Co. o Stage Coach #2

• PN.316.2539: Benjamin Eshleman Co o Stage Coach driven by Buffalo Bill – Copy neg

• PN.316.2551: F.W. Lincoln [1948 Christmas Card Copy Negatives] [Valley Ranch] 2551A-B o [Miss Chattilon] [Profile of Scamper]

• PN.316.2552: Valley Ranch o Boy Twirling rope

• PN.316.2553: Valley Ranch o Boy Twirling rope

• PN.316.2554: Still Lifes (2554A-B) o Boot & Spur Taken for Sunlight Calendar

• PN.316.2556: Gov. Beck o Playing Cards

• PN.316.2560: A2Z Ranch o Pitching Hay in Meadow

• PN.316.2562: A2Z Ranch o Gateway – Ranch in distance

• PN.316.2566: South Fork Country o View near [Cody] Ditch supervisor’s cabin

• PN.316.2568: Circle H. Ranch. Folder Neg. Jan 49 [South Fork Scenery] o [View of mountain near Clarence Snyder’s Ranch, Pitching hay in foreground]

• PN.316.2569: South Fork Scenery o Looking up road toward Valley Ranch

• PN.316.2600 [2561]: A2Z Ranch o Old original ranch house

• PN.316.2601 [2559]: A2Z Ranch o View West toward mountain between trees

• PN.316.2608: Animals – Elk in Shoshone Forest 1948-49 (2608? 35mm)

• PN.316.2611: Still Life of ivory totem pole for Roy Coleman [Sunlight Ranch] 2611A-D o [Edwards try fishing]

• PN.316.2615: Elk at Circle H Ranch (2615? 35mm)

• PN.316.2616: Deer along Northfork – 1948-49 [Sunlight Ranch] o [Ball on beam (spelling?)]

• PN.316.2618: Cattle Skull • PN.316.2620: Flowers o Mariposa Lillies

• PN.316.2621: Valley Ranch o Horse4s Coming in past store

• PN.316.2633: R.W. Allen in KT uniform, June 21st 1955 [Valley Ranch] 2633A-F o [Mr. (spelling?) Crotty (spelling?)]

• PN.316.2640: Valley Ranch o Trap shooting o Mr. Brooks about to shoot

• PN.316.2642: Valley Ranch o Trap Shooting o Mr. Brooks about to shoot

• PN.316.2645: Elephant Head Lodge (2645A) o Copy neg for 8x10 ’52 calendar

• PN.316.2646: Valley Ranch o Rear view of two ladies talking – showing dude styles

• PN.316.2648: Valley Ranch o Mr. Larom on horseback

• PN.316.2649: Valley Ranch o Pack horses waiting to go out

• PN.316.2650: Valley Ranch o One of the corral bosses saddling up

• PN.316.2652: Valley Ranch o Perry Snyder packing for pack trip

• PN.316.2653: Valley Ranch o Perry Snyder and Jim McDeorit (spelling?) packing for pack trip

• PN.316.2654: Hameit Creek Lodge o Adah & Perry in front of fireplace Dec. 1951

• PN.316.2655: Valley Ranch o Horses coming into corral

• PN.316.2656: Valley Ranch o Corral scure (spelling?) – waiting for pack train to go out

• PN.316.2657: Valley Ranch o Merril saddling up for one of the boys

• PN.316.2660: Valley Ranch o View toward corral store in foreground

• PN.316.2661: Valley o Group in corral – Larom in left foreground

• PN.316.2662: Valley Ranch o Mr. Larom standing at gate

• PN.316.2663: Valley Ranch o Mr. Larom standing with horse and dog

• PN.316.2664: Valley ranch o Mr. Larom sitting on gate

• PN.316.2665: Valley ranch o Mr. Larom standing with horse and dog

• PN.316.2666: Valley Ranch o Mr. Larom standing at gate with Dariet (spelling?)

• PN.316.2690: Sunset over canyon as seen from house

• PN.316.2692 [2444]: Cody Road o Henry Ford Rock

• PN.316.2692: Cody Road o Near turn out to Daca Jones (spelling?)

• PN.316.2693: Milward Simpson (spelling?) (2693A) o Reproduction of photo of mother

• PN.316.2694: Milward Simpson (spelling?) (2694A) o Office Library

• PN.316.2695: Milward Simpson o Office

• PN.316.2701: Cody Road (2701A-C) o Panorama near Henry Ford rock

• PN.316.2703: Cody Road o View of river near Henry Ford Rock Formation – Looking West

• PN.316.2704: Cody Road (2704G) o Vertical view of river near Henry Ford rock – Looking east

• PN.316.2705: Cody Road (2705A-B) o Looking up river between trees – near Henry Ford rock

• PN.316.2706: Cody Road (2706A) o Artistic mail box near Ned Frost ranch

• PN.316.2708: Cody Road o Bridge near green lantern

• PN.316.2709: Cody Road o Galiway to Shoshone National Forest

• PN.316.2710: Cody Road o View west across river near Trail Shop

• PN.316.2713: Cody Road (2713A) o View between aspen near Shaw and Green cabins

• PN.316.2715: Yellowstone (2715A) o Winter scene – Yellowstone Lake from Fishing Bridge Camp

• PN.316.2717: Yellowstone o Snow scene west of Sylvan Lake

• PN.316.2718: Yellowstone( 2718A-C) o Snow Scene – View of roads – Trees either side

• PN.316.2720: Yellowstone (2720A) o Good view of the [falls] Yellowstone Falls

• No 2722: Yellowstone (2722A) o Snow scene [in woods] on way to West Yellowstone

• PN.316.2729: Yellowstone (2729A, 2729C-E) o Fire Hole River – Good Snow Scene

• PN.316.2732: Yellowstone (2732A) o Yellowstone River near Dragon Mouth Geyser

• PN.316.2733: Yellowstone (2733A) o Yellowstone River – General view toward Mt. Washburn, snow scene

• PN.316.2734: Oliver Steadman [Yellowstone] 2734A-J o Family Group photos October 26, 1954 o [Dragon Mouth Geyser]

• PN.316.2735: Yellowstone (2735A) o Snow covered trees just off road near Canyon Junction

• PN.316.2736: Yellowstone o Punch bowl geyser

• PN.316.2764: Ellis, George & Family, Aug 1955 (2764A-O)

• PN.316.2766: Grand Teton from Square G Ranch, July 1949 (2766A-C) o Sep. Negs.

• PN.316.2775: Sheep (2775A) o Grazing in front of house

• PN.316.2778 [2729]: Yellowstone (2778A) o Snow scene of Sylvan Lake

• PN.316.2782: Stan Kershaw (#456) o Picture Ranch o Good exterior of house for use in brochure

• PN.316.2789: Trimmer, Nancy (2789? 35mm (3 of them))

• PN.316.2791: Chas Webster (2791A-D) o Family Group, Christmas 1937

• PN.316.2795: Fred Richards (2795A-B)

• PN.316.2796: Animals – 4x5 Copy Negs of 35mm Deer Photos in Yellowstone (2796A-B)

• PN.316.2797: McGee, Virginia (2797A-B) o 2nd Set of negatives

• PN.316.2798: McGee, Louise (2798A)

• PN.316.2806: Boulder Basin (2806A) o Views looking into Southfork valley

• PN.316.2808: Boulder Basin (2808B-D) o Views of Castle Rocks

• PN.316.2809: Boulder Basin (2809A) o Trees & Distant Mountains

• PN.316.2810: Heart Mountain (2810A-H) o Irrigation project o Cave in tunnel

• PN.316.2812: Valley Ranch o Larry Larom o Copy of Christmas Card idea

• PN.316.2814: Heart Mountain (2814A) o Winter scene

• PN.316.2815: Shoshone Canyon (2815A) o As seen from art colony in winter

• PN.316.2816: South Fork Country o Looking west. Cot in foreground

• PN.316.2817: Sage brush in the snow • PN.316.2823: Bud Webster

• PN.316.2824: Bud Webster • PN.316.2860: Sam Allen (2860A)

• PN.316.2864: Oliver Steadman (2864A-B)

• PN.316.2865: Horses (2865A-C) o Round up at Sunlight (see also “Sunlight Ranch”)

• PN.316.2868: Shoshone Lake (2868A-E) o Otto’s fishing trip, June 1938

• PN.316.2873: Birds (2873A-B) o Cormorant Nests o Head of Shoshone Reservoir

• PN.316.2874: DeMaris (spelling?) Spring, Cody o Swimming pool

• PN.316.2875: Birds (2875A-B) o Cormorants in flight

• PN.316.2876: Cody, Wyo. o Shoshone Canyon as seen with greenwald ranch in the foreground

• PN.316.2877: Cody o Cody Canal, Head Gate

• PN.316.2878: Cody, Wyo. (2878A-B) o Shoshone Canyon as seen from art colony

• PN.316.2880: William Simpson (Willard’s Father) (2880A-F)

• PN.316.2884: Sheep o Four lambs being fed from bottles

• PN.316.2886: Lloyd Taggart (2884A-I) o Family group, July 3, 1938

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• PN.316.2892: [Bill Garlow - Name Crossed Out] (2892 A-D) o Firehole near railroad taken from bridge, [July 1938 - Crossed Out] August 1957

PN.316.2894 Two Dot Ranch – (2894 A-E) Ox Bow Canyon

PN.316.2897 Rim rock Ranch (2897 A) Misc. Views July 1938 Print of 2897A sold to Mr. Beach of Union Pacific Railroad for exclusive use so far as railroads are concerned 11/4/39

PN.316.2899 Larom, Henry (2899 A-F)   At corral with horse and on horseback July 1938

PN.316.2900 Valley Ranch (2900 A-I + 1 add)   Rodeo July 11 1938

PN.316.2901 Valley Ranch (2901A C-I K-N P-Q S)   Pack Train arrival   July 10 1938

PN.316.2902 Valley Ranch (2902 A-D F)   Dance in recreation hall   July 10 1938

PN.316.2904 A2Z Ranch (2904 B-C)   Mr. and Mrs. Gould and horses   July 1938

PN.316.2905 Snyder [Perry Snyder? 2652 on sticky note](2905 D-G)   Don and family on gate and with horses   July 49

PN.316.2906 A2Z Ranch   Dudes practicing rope twirling

PN.316.2907 Valley Ranch   Geteway

PN.316.2908 Valley Ranch   Swimming Pool   July 1938

PN.316.2909 Valley Ranch   Horses coming out of corral

PN.316.2910 Valley Ranch   Horses in corral

PN.316.2921 Cody Road (2921 A-F) Snow scenes of Jim and Trail Creek mountains Ned Frost ranch in foreground of same

PN.316.2922 Cattle   Herd being driven by cowboy Grand Tetons in background.

PN.316.2923 Bad Lands along Cody road (2923 B-G R)   Near 4 Bears ranch

PN.316.2924 Shoshone Canyon   Looking west in canyon

PN.316.2925 Cody Road   View looking east toward green lantern Wapiti Lodge

PN.316.2928 Cody Road   View west up river near Absoraka Lodge

PN.316.2930 Grand Tetons (2930 A-H)   Fall 1938

PN.316.2933 (2933 A-B) [crossed out Mrs. Milward Simpson copies of photos of mother and Father and missing pictures

PN.316.2934 Cody Wyo Shoshone Canyon (2934 A) Snow scenes from art colony

PN.316.2935 Frances Bell (2935 A-M)

PN.316.2937 (2937 A-D)Congressman and Mrs. Paul R Garvin and their cabin 1938

PN.316.2940 Cody Buffalo Bill Statue Jan 1939

PN.316.2947 Chas Beadford Ranch (2947 A) Mail box

PN.316.2949 Tom Molesworth (2949 A-C) Copy of photograph of Schreyvogel painting Made exclusively for Tom

PN.316.2950 Crandall, Hank Jackson Hole

PN.316.2951 Chas Belden and Pet Coyote January 22 1939

PN.316.2953 Geo T. Beck (2953 A-B) Copies of portrait paintings of mother and father

PN.316.2955 Ned Frost ranch (2955 A-F)

PN.316.2960 Allen and Pete Simpson (2960 A-F + 8 add) Nov 29 1938

PN.316.2964 Chas N Gentry (2964 A-L) c/o Wyoming Gas Co Basin Wyo Photos of Tammy Gentry

PN.316.2965 De Maurine Ranch (2965 A-G) Photos of bulls

PN.316.2967 Mrs Baglin (2967 A-D)

PN.316.2969 Mrs Nelson Johnson (2969 A-M) Nebby and Betty Jane Nov 26 1938

PN.316.2971 Frost Ranch [crossed out Shoshone Furniture Co Furniture Duplicate negatives] View of ranch from old Cody Road May 48

PN.316.2978 Cattle On red grade near top of Bald Ridge July 49 [crossed Edw T Grigmore copy of photograph of the thinker]

PN.316.2979 De Maurine Ranch Panorama Sun Scene

PN.316.2986 Mrs Nelson T Johnson (2986 A-C)   Betty Janes’s birthday party   Dec 10 1938

PN.316.2987 Mrs Shirley Donly (2987 A)   December 1938

PN.316.2991 Moonlight scene on the Southfork (2991 A)

PN.316.2992 Shoshone Canyon (2992 A)   Sunset view from artists colony

PN.316.2999 De Maurine Ranch (2999 A-R)   Bull calves cow and calf and bull photos   Oct 1938

PN.316.3009 Bridge near green lantern   Cody Road

PN.316.3013 Church at Moose Wyo (3013 A-B)

PN.316.3015 Kinder self (3015 A-G)[crossed out Cody road sunset view of   JimMountain] 13 may 1961

PN.316.3016 Flowers (3016 A)   Wild onions

PN.316.3019 Mrs Nelson T Johnson   Christmas card 1938

PN.316.3021 Horses (3021 A) Ned Frost’s pinto horse taken on Elk Fork

PN.316.3022 Elk Fork

PN.316.3024 Cow moose and calf Shoshone Lake

PN.316.3031 Snow scenes  (3031 A-E) Suitable for Christmas cards, etc.

PN.316.3033 Cody Road Winter scene near Trout Creek Ranch wagons approaching

PN.316.3037 [crossed out Shoshone Furniture Co furniture Jan 1939] (3037 A-D)

PN.316.3038 Lloyd Taggart family (3038 A-I) Dec 26 1938 PN.316.3040 Valley Ranch (3040? 35mm) Billy the deer in the grove 1938

PN.316.3042 Lee Donley, baby, Howard (3042 A-J + 1 add)

PN.316.3045 Headman Baby Martha (3045 G + 1 add)

PN.316.3047 Valley Ranch Larry on horseback

PN.316.3048 Valley Ranch (3048 A) Cabin in grove

PN.316.3049 Valley Ranch (3049 A) View toward recreation hall

PN.316.3050 Valley Ranch (3050 A) Crowd at corral Arrival of pack outfit

PN.316.3051 Valley Ranch )3051 A) Girls coming down trail on horseback

PN.316.3052 Valley Ranch (3052 A-B) Office and adjacent building

PN.316.3053 Valley Ranch (3053 A) Wooden horse

PN.316.3054 Valley Ranch (3054 A) Approaching entrance creek in foreground

PN.316.3055 Valley Ranch (3055 A) Unsaddling girl pack outfit

PN.316.3056 Valley Ranch (3056 A) Horses leaving corral after unsaddling pack outfit

PN.316.3057 A2Z Ranch Cabins Mountains in background

PN.316.3058 A2Z Ranch Grundall photographing dudes with ropers

PN.316.3059 A2Z Ranch (3059 A) Mr and Mrs Gould

PN.316.3060 Shoshone Canyon (3060 A) Tunnels road and river in deepest part of canyon

PN.316.3063 Lloyd Buchanan (3063 A-D) Ranch pictures Spring 1939

PN.316.3064 Lloyd Buchanan Ranch (3064? 35mm)

PN.316.3066 Powell Wyo Bank holdup by Durand Also Durand funeral March 24 1939

PN.316.3067 Durand letter (3067 A-B)

PN.316.3068 Sunsets on Shoshone Canyon (3068 A)

PN.316.3074 Nelson T Johnson (3074 A-O) Family group on picture up Northfork April 1939

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PN.316.3075 Nelson T Johnson (3075 A-H)

PN.316.3076 Shoshone Canyon (3076 A)   Winter scene from Art Colony

PN.316.3078 Cody Road   Playground of the gods Good winter view

PN.316.3080 Cody Road (3080 A)   Playground of the gods View of roads thru trees

PN.316.3083 Cody Road (3083 A-B)   Shoshone Reservoir (1) View toward Carter with reflection in lake (2)           (3) View looking west with horses rocky shore ban

PN.316.3084 Chas Bradford (3084 A-C)   Ranch photos   May 1939

PN.316.3087 Paul R Grever (3087 A-C)   Photos of Belgian horses   May 27 1939

PN.316.3088 E V Robertson Ranch (3088 A-X)   Branding photos   June 11 1939

PN.316.3090 Cody (3090 A-F)   Panaroma from out on Greybull Road

PN.316.3092 Forest Fire Green and Canyon Creeks (3092? 35mm) [crossed out July June June 1939 1st sitting] July 49

PN.316.3102 Mildred Parr (3102 A-E) Family group and photo of Geebo

PN.316.3105 Mr and Mrs Bud Webster (3105 A) May 1939

PN.316.3112 Trout Creek Ranch (3112 A C-g I K-L O) Aerial Views L C Folenwider Equitable Building Denver

PN.316.3121 Paul Grever Cabin (3121 A) Aerial View

PN.316.3122 Frost Can Road (3122 A) Aerial View

PN.316.3123 Cody (3123 A—C E-F H-V) Aerial view of town and surroundings

PN.316.3124 Cody (3124? 35mm) Aerial views of Cody and surroundings Miniature film

PN.316.3125 Shoshone Canyon (3125 A-N) Aerial views

PN.316.3129 Wapiti Ranger Station (3129 A-C) Aerial views

PN.316.3134 Cody Road (3134 A-G) Aerial views Stretch from green lantern to forest entrance

PN.316.3138 River curve at Aspen Northfork (3138 A) [crossed out flowers misc vansweed?] Pub Cody enterprise Oct 3 and 7

PN.316.3144 Sheridan (3144 A-D) Shrine Temple E T G Murals

PN.316.3147 Raymond Allen Jr. (3147 A-J) July 1939

PN.316.3158 Frost Ranch (3158? 35mm) [crossed out HF Ranch Photo of horses coming in] Snow scenes of cabins and main house Apr 1948

PN.316.3188 Valley Ranch Rodeo (3188 A-E) Aug 13 1939

PN.316.3189 Valley Ranch Gymkhana (3189 A-L N-Z AA-DD) Aug 1939

PN.316.3191 A2Z General views of ranch (3191 A D E) Aug 1939

PN.316.3193 A2Z Saddling up at saddle shed Aug 1939

PN.316.3195 A2Z View from main house toward corral (3195 O) Two girls on horseback Aug 1939

PN.316.3197 A2Z Double cabin (3197 A) Aug 1939

PN.316.3198 A2Z Al Gould on horseback (3198 A) Aug 1939

PN.316.3200 Finn Goodman (3200 A-C)

PN.316.3201 Frost Ranch (3201? 35mm) [crossed out Wort’s Lodge and fishing camp Moran Sept 1939 Photo of sign] Branding and dehorning at squeeze gate. April 48

PN.316.3204 Ishawooa Mesa Pack Trip (3204 B-G I-P)

PN.316.3210 Frost Ranch (3210? 35mm) [crossed out Dan Kirchoff Horses] Snow scenes- feeding cattle and sheep April 48

PN.316.3213 A2Z Skeleton of horse Aug 1939

PN.316.3214 Yellowstone Snow scenes (3214? 35mm) 1937 Miniature film

PN.316.3224 Mrs Wiltse December 6 1939 (A B)

PN.316.3226 E V Robertson Bulls (3226 A-D)

PN.316.3227 E V Robertson Ranch (3227 A-K M-Q) Haying-Mowing and Bucking July 8 1939

PN.316.3228 E V Robertson Ranch (3228 A-C) Stacking Hay July 9 1939

PN.316.3229 E V Robertson (3229 A-E G-N R X Z)

PN.316.3230 E V Robertson (3230 A-E) Loading calves for shipment Aug 1939

PN.316.3231 E V Robertson (3231 A-D(2)-I) Dehorning calves at Frost Ranch Nov 1939

PN.316.3232 E V Robertson (3232 A-F) Cows and calves in corrals during dehorning at Frost Ranch Nov 1939

PN.316.3233 E V Robertson (3233 A-D) Cows and calves turned out to pasture after dehorning at Frost Ranch Nov 1939

PN.316.3234 E V Robertson (3234 A-B)   Cowboys on horseback at Frost Ranch   Nov 1939

PN.316.3235 E V Robertson (3235 A-I)   Frost Ranch Views at ranch at time of dehorning of claves   Nov 1939

PN.316.3236 E V Robertson (3236 A-J)   Loading sheep for shipment

PN.316.3238 Coe Lodge Views from across lake etc   First set of negatives

PN.316.3239 Coe Lodge Views at Lodge from across Lake Taken in company with Ralph Welch Oct 4 1939

PN.316.3240 Coe Lodge Miniature negatives (3240? 35mm)   October 1939

PN.316.3241 Coe Lodge (3241 A-J)   Views at Ball Rock Dramatic sunsets trees etc   October 4 1939

PN.316.3242 E V Robertson (3242 A)   E V and Nancy Sayles up above Ferguson Ranch   Nov 1939

PN.316.3249 Nancy Dacken (3249 A-C)   November 3 1939

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PN.316.3250 Leslie Kerper (3240 A-D)   December 1 1939

PN.316.3251 Leslie Kerper (3251 A-C)   Portraits of children at horses   Nov 29 1939

PN.316.3256 McMullen (3256 A-D)[crossed out Seth Fritzler]

PN.316.3257 Libby McClelland Dec 1956 (3257 A-F)   [crossed out Bill Greever August September 3rd 1939]

PN.316.3260 Roy Campbell (3260 A-F)   Photos of baby   November 26 1939

PN.316.3263 Mabel Laird (3263 A)   (for Mrs E V Robertson)

PN.316.3264 Donforth, Donald (3264 A)   Dotty and children at Sunlight Ranch 54 copy neg of rebuilt photo   [crossed out Mrs Lawson Nov 29 39]

PN.316.3265 Al Gould (3265 A-C)   Photos of baby at ranch   August 24 39

PN.316.3267 Elizabeth Freeman (3267 A-B)   Dec 11 1939

PN.316.3268 John Mills (3268 A)   John and baby   June 1939

PN.316.3270 Lee Donley (3270 A-C)

PN.316.3271 Martha Steadman (3271 A-E)   August 31 39

PN.316.3272 Mr and Mrs F D Steadmanj [crossed out Jr] (3272 A-B)   Oliver Steadman’s mother and father

PN.316.3273 Donley and Steadman babies (3273 A-H)   August 25th 1939

PN.316.3275 E J Goppert (3275 A-E)   Jan 7 1940

PN.316.3276 Ernest Goppert Jr (3276 A-C)   November 9 1939

PN.316.3277 Marion Goppert and Ernest Jr (3277 A-B)   Playing chicks and checks Nov 9

PN.316.3278 Marion Goppert (3278 A)   November 9 1939

PN.316.3279 Animals (3279 A)   Chipmunk Estelle feeding chipmunk Service Lake   Sept 1939

PN.316.3280 Nedmond Frost (3280 A-D)   Portraits of Billy Oct 8 1939

PN.316.3281 Nedmond Frost (3281 A-E)   Portrait of Mrs Frost Oct 8 1939

PN.316.3287 Valley Ranch (3287 L 3287? 35mm)   Girls Ball Game Aug 1939

PN.316.3288 Valley Ranch (3288? 35mm)   Small gate miniature photo

PN.316.3289 Cody Road (3289 A-C) [3289 Irrigation headgate]   Views of Jim Mountain Sept 1939

PN.316.3290 Frost Ranch (3290? 35mm)   [crossed out Cody Road the Holy City Sept 1939]   Snow storm scenes of sheep and horses taken from road

PN.316.3292 Chas Bradford (3292 A)   Entrance to ranch September 1939

PN.316.3295 Snow scenes of and around house on Green Creek   [crossed out Stan Kershaw House in Cody snow scenes Jan 1940]   April 48

PN.316.3296 Goppert, Mrs E J (3296 A-B)   Copy of portrait Jan 1940

PN.316.3297 E V Robertson Ranch photos (3297 A-D)   Frost Ranch Snow scenes Jan 1940

PN.316.3298 E V Robertson Ranch photos (3298 A)   Hoodoo ranch house snow scenes Jan 1940

PN.316.3299 E V Robertson Ranch photos (3299 A-G)   Rounding up and feeding calves Jan 1940

PN.316.3300 E V Robertson Ranch photos (3300 A-B)   Haystacks Snow covered Frost Ranch Jan 1940

PN.316.3301 E V Robertson Ranch photos (3301 A)   Phil Pauley on horseback Jan 1940

PN.316.3202 E V Robertson Ranch photos (3202 A)   Bull calves in snow at Hoodoo Jan 1940

PN.316.3303 E V Robertson Ranch photos (3303 A-C)   Cattle on snow covered range near Ferguson Ranch Jan 1940

PN.316.3304 (PN.316.envelope with description) (3304 A-F)

PN.316.3310 John Mills (3310 A-C)   Visit to cabin up Red Grade June 1939

PN.316.3314 Skies (3314? 35mm)   [crossed out Dr Victor Dacken Views thru west window of house]   Wyoming skies as seen from Green Creek

PN.316.3316 Cattle (3316 A)   Grazing on slope of Big Horns

PN.316.3317 Rhoads, Millard (3317 A)   Copy of architectural drawing   [crossed out Cola separation negatives from Kodachrome of Sunlight   Ranch house]

PN.316.3322 Shell Canyon Road (3322 A-N)   June 1939

PN.316.3324 Still Lifes (3324 A-C)   Bronze cowboy for Christmas card Dec 1939

PN.316.3326 Clarks sheep camp (3326 A-I)   Late afternoon photos of sheep

PN.316.3327 Paul Greever’s Ranch (3327 A-D)   Sheep, etc Sept 21 1939

PN.316.3328 Jane Bidwell Circle H Ranch (3328 A-Q)   1954   [crossed out Moose Wyo Church Sept 1939]

PN.316.3329 Christmas cards (3329 A)   Photo of covered lacquer brooch for card cover design

PN.316.3331 Grand Tetons (3331 A D-E)   General views Sept 1939

PN.316.3332 Heart Mountain (3332 A)   As seen in late afternoon from entrance to Shoshone Canyon

PN.316.3334 TK Bishop(3334 A-D)   President of Wyoming Gas Co Basin Wyo   Nov 29 1939

PN.316.3335 Ernest Goppert Jr (3335 A-G)   Dec 31 1939

PN.316.3343 Cooks Red Lodge Highway (3343 A-C)   Twin Lakes and views nearby July 1940

PN.316.3344 Pilot and Index Peaks (3344 A)   July 1940   [crossed out Cooks Red Lodge Highway]

PN.316.3345 Cooks Red Lodge Highway (3345 A-B)   Views of road near summit July 1940

PN.316.3349 H B Kinkade 6/1/1958 (3349? 35mm)   [crossed out Cody Memorial Hospital]   Feb 26 1940

PN.316.3350 Cody Memorial Hospital   March 4 1940

PN.316.3351 Husky Refinery (3351 A)   [crossed out Cody Memorial Hospital March 7 1940]

PN.316.3352 Cody Memorial Hospital (3352 A-B)   Corner stone laying March 11 1940

PN.316.3353 Cody Memorial Hospital (3353 A-E)   May 26 1940

PN.316.3354 Esther Cowgill (3354 A-J)   June 21 1940

PN.316.3355 Esther Cowgill (3355 A-I)   2nd sitting July 1940

PN.316.3357 Cody Stampede (3357 A-C E-R U-W)   July 2-3-4 ‘40

PN.316.3358 Cody Panorama of town from SE corner   Dodge in right end

PN.316.3359 Cody   View west on Sheridan Ave from east end of town

PN.316.3360 Cody Copies of photos of Cody taken about 1903   Carl Hawient (sp?) has original

PN.316.3367 PN.316.brown envelope with description (3367 A-C)

PN.316.3368 Paul Hindman (3368 A-D)   Long davenport and table   Feb 9 1940

PN.316.3369 Craters of the Moon, Idaho (3369 A-C)   May 1940

PN.316.3370 Stanley (Upper Stanley) Idaho (3370 A-C)   May 1940

PN.316.3371 Redfish Lake (Little) Idaho (3371 A-B)   May 1940

PN.316.3372 Stanley Lake, Idaho (3372 A) May 1940

PN.316.3373 Redfish Lake, Idaho (3373 A-B) May 1940

PN.316.3374 Shoshone Falls, Idaho (3374 A-B) May 1940

PN.316.3375 Thousand Springs, Idaho (3375 A-D) May 1940

PN.316.3376 Walt LeClere (3376 A-B) May 23 1940

PN.316.3377 Dyer, Kenneth E (3377 A-H) Photos of baby [crossed out at home] 1st birthday April 29 1940

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PN.316.3378 Betty and Francis Phelps (3378 A-D J-K)   July 12 1940

PN.316.3383 Bill Durnen (3383 A-E)   April 17 1940

PN.316.3390 Yellowstone (3390 A)   Yellowstone River near Dragon Mouth Geyser

PN.316.3393 Judge Owen (3393 A-C)   Hunting rattlesnakes near Red Butte   April 26 1940

PN.316.3395 Cattle grazing with snow covered mountains background (3395 A)   Near Ned Frost’s ranch   April 1940

PN.316.3396 Buffalo Bill Museum (3396 A E)   Snow scenes March 1940

PN.316.3399 South Fork country   Castle Rock Little Boulder

PN.316.3400 Shell Canyon Road (3400 A)   Hobo Rock July 1940

PN.316.3401 Skies (3401 A-B)   [crossed out Pilot and Index Peaks June 1940]   Sunset over Shoshone Canyon

PN.316.3407 Frost, Penny (3407 A)   May 48 [crossed out Boot and Bottle Club at Eagle Nest Early Spring 1939]

PN.316.3409 South Fork country (3409 A-B)   Deer grazing in pasture near Valley

PN.316.3411 Col Cody Buffalo Bill   Copy of steel engraving

PN.316.3412 E V Robertson (3412 A-M)   Sleeper Ranch docking [crossed out sheep] lambs   April 14 1940

PN.316.3413 E V Robertson (3413 A-U)   Lambing Sleeper Ranch   March 1 1940

PN.316.3414 E V Robertson (3414 A-N)   Branding calves Hoodoo   May 24 1940

PN.316.3415 Coe Lodge (3415 A-F)   Ruins after fire   March 1 1940 Photos taken March 2nd

PN.316.3416 Frost Ranch (3416 A-E 3416? 35mm)   Branding, vaccinating, castrating and spraying   May 1948 [crossed out Judge Marty and Paul Greever at Buffalo Bill Statue Feb 26 1940]

PN.316.3417 Shoshone River (3417 A-B)   Canyon in distance Taken from near bridge to depot

PN.316.3418 Mrs Henry Larom (Aunt Carrie) (3418 A)   [crossed out Redfish Lake Idaho May 1940]   July 27 1940

PN.316.3421 Holm Lodge (3421 A-B)   Tree in front of lodge with Witch’s Broom   July 1940

PN.316.3423 Valley Ranch (3423 A-D)   Lixie and Addie Keith Valley Ranch   July 1940

PN.316.3424 Valley Ranch (3424 A-C)   Princeton Geology Group   July 1940

PN.316.3425 Valley Ranch (3425 A-K)   Mrs Cobria Wright and daughter   July 1940

PN.316.3426 Valley Ranch (3426 A C-E G)   Ranch rodeo July 27 1940

PN.316.3427 Valley Ranch (3427)   Mr Willoughby ready to go fishing   July 1940

PN.316.3428 Valley Ranch (3428 B)   Dudes congregated around post office   July 1940

PN.316.3429 Valley Ranch   Dude cleaning spurs   July 1940

PN.316.3430 Valley Ranch (3430 A)   Dudes on horseback

PN.316.3431 Valley Ranch (3431 A-B)   Dude on horseback

PN.316.3436 PN.316.brown envelope with description (3436 A)

PN.316.3446 Cody Road   Unusual sky over Playground of the gods   July 1940

PN.316.3448 Sunlight (3448? 35mm)   Hall’s looking down on valley from Bald Ridge   [crossed out Rapid Creek Ranch 3 little boys on ponies Aug 1940]

PN.316.3449 Rapid Creek Ranch (3449? 35mm)   Sunday Rodeo August 1940 MINIATURES

PN.316.3451 Oil Wells (3451? 35mm)   Misc shots of oil wells in Elk Basin   [crossed out Rapid Creek Ranch View of mountains   Recreation hall in foreground]

PN.316.3452 Waldron, Howard (3452 A-H 3452? 35mm)   Portraits of children Jeanie and Mary Anne   [crossed out Rapid Creek Ranch View of stone cabin creek in foreground   Aug 1940]

PN.316.34 56 McCarthy (3456 A-D)   Circle H Ranch   Aug 54   [crossed out Rapid Creek Ranch Main home Aug 1940]

PN.316.3461 Rapid Creek Ranch (3461 A-C)   Horses coming in Aug 1940

PN.316.3465 Goodenough, D W (3465 A)   Family group at Sunlight Aug 54   [crossed out Rapid Creek Ranch Mau Basin Aug 1940]

PN.316.3466 Hayes, Alfred (3466 A-D)   Brushy Ridge Road Family groups at Sunlight Aug 54   [crossed out Rapid Creek Ranch Group of riders at main gateway Aug 1940

PN.316.3468 Nebe and Betty Jane Johnson (3468 A-W)   December 1940

PN.316.3469 HF (brand? Symbol) (3469 B-E)   Wrangling horses Horses coming in over ridge   Aug 40

PN.316.3476 Valley Ranch (3476 A)   Mrs Keith’s horse Aug 40

PN.316.3477 Valley Ranch (3477 A)   Dude taking photos from roof of shed   Aug 1940

PN.316.3478 Valley Ranch (3478 A-R)   Girl pack outfit arrival   Aug 1940

PN.316.3479 Valley Ranch   Tucker House Aug 1940

PN.316.3480 Valley Ranch (3480 A)   Group of three (2 on horseback) stopping to chat at entrance to ranch   July – Aug 1940

PN.316.3481 Valley Ranch (3481 A)   Chuck wagon tea room   Aug 1940

PN.316.3482 Valley Ranch (3482 A-B)   Dudes displaying and stringin catch of fish   Aug 1940

PN.316.3490 Sunlight Ranch (3490 A)   Riders coming in ((Danforth’s and Collis’s)   Aug 1940

PN.316.3513? Paul Hindman (3513 A C-L)   [crossed out Paul Hinman]   Furniture at Pahaska Dec 26 1940

PN.316.3514 DeMauriac, Mrs N P (3514 A-D)   Copies of old photos May 48   [crossed out Paul Hindman at Pahaska dup negatives]

PN.316.3516 Valley Ranch (3516 A-C)   Ralph Chattilon Aug 1940

PN.316.3517 E G Hirth, Sales Traveler (3517 A-C)   Denver Colo Ford Motro Co   Dec 6 1940

PN.316.3518 Valley Ranch (3518 A-C)   Mr Case, Dude Wrangler   Aug 1940

PN.316.3519 Valley Ranch (3519 A)   Mrs Roosevelt Thompson Aug 1940

PN.316.3520 Valley Ranch (3520 A)   Attie Keith on horseback in gateway   Aug 1940

PN.316.3521 Valley Ranch   Mrs Snowden and lady friend July 1940

PN.316.3522 Valley Ranch (3522 A-D)   Mr and Mrs Willoughby Aug 1940

PN.316.3523 Valley Ranch (3523 A-C)   Mrs Bowdoin and children Aug 1940

PN.316.3524 Valley Ranch (3524 A-B)   Miss Kauffman Aug 1940

PN.316.3528 Valley Ranch   Set no1 1941

PN.316.3529 Valley Ranch   Set no2 1941

PN.316.3547 HF (brand? Symbol) (3547 A-C L)   Mr and Mrs Anderson Aug 1940

PN.316.3556 Paul Greever (3556 A-E)   Race horse colt   May 23 1941

PN.316.3557 Paul Greever (3557 A-F)   Sheep and general view of ranch   Oct [crossed out Sept] 1940

PN.316.3558 Charles Parr (3558 A-D)   Dec 23 1940

PN.316.3559 Nedward Frost (3559 A-C)   Dec 1940

PN.316.3574 Gov Geo T Beck and family (3574? 35mm)   Christmas 1940 and New Year   [crossed out 1940]

PN.316.3575 Walter Nye and daughter (3575 A)   Cody stampede 1940

PN.316.3580 Mrs Glenn E Nielson (3580 A)   May 13 1941

PN.316.3581 Mrs Fred Richard (3581 A) PN.316.3582 Howard Bell (3582 A-C)   Family group and interior of house   Dec 29 1940

PN.316.3591 Frost Ranch (3591 A-B)   Views of ranch from corral   [crossed out Miss Minnie Martin November 16 1940]

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PN.316.3593 Fritzler, Bud and Family and Horse (3593 A-R 3593? 35mm)   Sept 4 1955 [crossed out Lois Barnard Nov 20 1940]

PN.316.3595 Gordon Starr (3595? 35mm)   Christmas tree shot

PN.316.3596 Gordon Starr (3596 A-G)   December 14 1940

PN.316.3597 Gordon Starr (3597 A-F 3697? 35mm)   Outdoor portraits Jan 19 1941

PN.316.3601 The Valley Ranch (3601 A)   Correspondence cards Set No. 1

PN.316.3602 The Valley Ranch (3602? 35mm)   Rodeo July 18 1937

PN.316.3603 A2Z Ranch   Mix miniature shots

PN.316.3620 Shell Canyon Road   Pretty picture spot August 1940

PN.316.3615 Elk (3615 A-D 3615? 35mm)   In Federal Elk Refuge Jackson Wyo Feb 1941

PN.316.3616 Wind River Canyon (3616 A 3616? 35mm)   4 x 5 negs Feb 25 1941

PN.316.3617 Shell Canyon (3617 A-B)   Views of main part of canyon Oct 1940

PN.316.3618 Shell Canyon Road (3618 A)   View of Shell Falls August 1940

PN.316.3619 Pulpit or chimney   Shell Highway Oct 1940

PN.316.3621 Glacier National Park (3621 A-M)   Sept 1940

PN.316.3622 Glacier National Park (3622 A-B)   Going to the Sun Highway and Nat Reynolds   Oct 1940

PN.316.3623 Glacier National Park (3623 A-D)   St. Mary Lake [crossed out Red Eagle]   Oct 1940   Hold back sky a little in upper left corner

PN.316.3624 Glacier National Park (3624 A-B)   Upper Two Medicine lake Oct 1940

PN.316.3625 Glacier National Park (3625 A-C)   McDonald Lake October 1940

PN.316.3626 Yellowstone National Park (3626 A-B)   Soda Butte and Soda Butte Mountain Sept 1940

PN.316.3627 Yellowstone (3627 A)   The Needle near Tower Falls Aug 1940

PN.316.3629 Devils Tower, Wyo (3629 A-J)   Misc. Views Oct 1940

PN.316.3631 Fort Rosebud Lake, Montana (3631 A-J)   Sept 1940   Views of Lake and creek

PN.316.3632 Fort Rosebud Lake, Montana (3632 A-C)   Views of Bear Tooth Rocks Sept 1940

PN.316.3633 Fort Rosebud Lake, Montana (3633 A)   Oct 1940

PN.316.3634 Wind River Canyon (3634 A-D)   January 30th 1941

PN.316.3635 Black Hills (3635 A-B)   Mt. Rushmore Oct 1940

PN.316.3636 Pend Oreille Lake, Idaho (3636 A-B)   October 1940

PN.316.3638 Pilot and Index Peaks (3638 A-D)   Cooke Red Lodge Highway

PN.316.3639 George town Lake Montana (3639 A)   October 1940

PN.316.3640 Gallatin Highway (3640 A)

PN.316.3641 Twogwoten Pass Wyo (3641 A-E 3641? 35mm)   Snow scenes Feb 1941

PN.316.3642 Flathead Lake Montana (3642 A)   Oct 1940

PN.316.3643 Kootenoi Falls Montana (3643 A)   October 1940

PN.316.3644 Pilot and Index Peaks (3644 A)   From point near junction with sunlight Road   [crossed out Cooke Red Lodge Highway]

PN.316.3645 Trees (3645 A)   Aspens near Glacier Park Oct 1940

PN.316.3646 Trees (3646 A)   Striking tree group in McDonald lake campground Glacier N.P.   Oct 1940

PN.316.3647 Cattle (3647 A-C)   Photo taken from Mile High drive in the Big Horns   Oct 1940   3647 A used for Casper N Bank 8 x 8 print

PN.316.3648 Cody Stampede   July 1937

PN.316.3652 Snow Scenes   Frost and snow on sage etc. around the horse

PN.316.3659 Cody Road (3659 A)   Views of river near Horse Creek picnic ground   June 1940   [crossed out North Fork Country]

PN.316.3662 Conoco Service Station Cody (3662 A)   Ladies washroom June 1941

PN.316.3664 Skies (3664 A)   Cloud scene near Bozeman Montana

PN.316.3666 Buffalo Bill Statue (3666 A-I)   Views taken for Cody Trading Company

PN.316.3667 Milward Simpson   Reception on arrival in Cody after Senatorial campaign Fall 1940

PN.316.3668 Meng (3668 A-J)   Pres for Christmas card Aug 1957   [crossed out E T Grigware miniature negatives

PN.316.3673 Skies (3673 A)   Unusual face shaped clouds over HF (brand?)   Aug 1940

PN.316.3674 Yellowstone (3674 A)   Basalt cliffs near Twin Falls Aug 1940

PN.316.3675 Mail Boxes (3675 A)   Wigwam box Flathead Lake Oct 1940

PN.316.3677 Grand Tetons 3677 A-E)   July 1941

PN.316.3678 Gaines (3678 A-B)   Carriage dog puppies July 1941

PN.316.3680 Yellowstone (3680 A C)   Sylvan Lake 1940

PN.316.3681 Yellowstone   Looking back down Cody Road near Sylvan Pass 1940

PN.316.3682 Snow Scenes (3682 A-C)   Around house in heavy April snows 1941

PN.316.3684 Snow Scenes (3684? 35mm)   [crossed out Dearborn, Ned May 1943]

PN.316.3686 Coeur D’Alene Lake Idaho (3686 A-B)   [crossed out Skies good morning sky Kearney Nebraska]

PN.316.3687 Pend Oreille Lake Idaho (3687 A-E)   1944   [crossed out Grand Tetons View from picnic grounds]

PN.316.3688 Flowers Wild Hollyhocks (3688? 35mm)   Cody Road Creek near Tunnell Cabins   [crossed out Des Moines Iowa Capital Bldg]

PN.316.3689 Cody Road Laughing Pig (3689? 35 mm)   View of River near Holm Lodge [crossed out Chicago Water scenes along lake front near Edgewater Beach]

PN.316.3690 Trees (3690? 35mm)   Odd shaped juniper up North Fork Ranch near Frost Ranch North Fork (on sticky note Jim Mongomery’s place?)   [crossed out Boats Lincoln Belmont Harbor Chicago]

PN.316.3691 Skies (3691? 35mm)   Sun rays over Rattlesnake Montana   [crossed out Chicago Garfield Park Flower Show 1943]

PN.316.3697 Little Redfish Lake Idaho (3697 A)   B and W negative of part of 35 mm transparency

PN.316.3712 Grand Tetons (3712? 35mm)   July 1941

PN.316.3714 Yellowstone   Soda Butte June 1942

PN.316.3715 Yellowstone (3715? 35mm)   Old Faithful June 1946

PN.316.3716 Yellowstone (3716? 35mm)   Falls of the Yellowstone Old Faithful and other falls   1942

PN.316.3717 Yellowstone (3717 A)   Yellowstone Lake June 1942

PN.316.3718 Yellowstone (3718 A-C)   Falls of the Yellowstone

PN.316.3721 Pilot and Index Peaks (3721? 35mm)

PN.316.3728 Osborne, John ((3728 A-B)   On picnic up sunlight Creek August 49   [crossed out Shell Canyon Wyo]

PN.316.3729 Kershaw, Stan   House on Green Creek View toward Jim Mt House on fire   Also, view toward Ptarmigan from road to Circle N Ranch

PN.316.3733 Wyoming Wind River Canyon (3733? 35mm) [crossed out Devils Tower winter scenes]

PN.316.3734 Snow Scenes (3734? 35mm)   Sage in Wind River Canyon Fences and Hills along Meeteetse Highway   [crossed out distant view]

PN.316.3738 Grasshoppers (3738 A-E)   Close-up Studio Shot [crossed out Sunlight View of Valley from Bench, horse and cowboy in foreground June 1942]

PN.316.3739 Kershaw, Stan (3739 A)   House on Green Creek Front entrance   [crossed out Sunlight View of Sunlight Peak June 1942

PN.316.3740 Grasshoppers (3740 A-G)   Grain fields backgrounds for posters   [crossed out View toward Shoshone Reservoir]

PN.316.3747 Elk (3747? 35mm)   Herd of elk in Yellowstone Oct 1949 [crossed out Red Eagle Lake Glacier National Park One transparency (4x5) This transparency taken at sunrise for striking color effect.  Dark foreground due to shadows cast by mountains in back of camera.  Center portion has good pictorial quality.  Suggest eliminating much of foreground and sky, and, of course, some of each scene.]

PN.316.3748 Sunlight (3748? 35mm)   Val on horseback Aug 49 [crossed out Glacier National Park Going to the Sun Mountain One 4x5 transparency.  Just a good straight forward view of this famous mountain. I would crop left top and bottom]

PN.316.3749 Circle H Ranch (3749? 35mm)   Views from porch and around corral Sept 49   [crossed out East Rosebud Lake Montana color]   Stan Kershaw Cody Wyo

PN.316.3750 Casper National Bank (3750 (2) )   Interior View Oct 49   [crossed out Montana Flathead Lake The 4x5 transparencies Three]

PN.316.3751 Sheep (3751 A-B (2) C-T)   Taken from Casper National Bank Oct 49   [crossed out Montana Kootenai Falls One 4x5 transparency]

PN.316.3752 Oil Well (3752 B-I)   Taken for Casper National Bank Oct 49   [crossed out Montana Georgetown Lake One 4x5 transparency

PN.316.3754 Oil Well Shoshone Dam Twin Falls Idaho  Taken for Casper National Bank Oct 1949

PN.316.3758 Grand Tetons (3758? 35mm)   North end of Jenny Lake and stream entering lake Sept 49   [crossed out Idaho Nancy Lake One 4x5 transparency

PN.316.3759 Moose   Cow Moose and calf Pelican Creek Meadow Sept 49 [crossed out Gastroliths Transparency reproduced on cover of December National History Magazine]

PN.316.3762 Nameit Creek Lodge (3762 A-C E-H)   Interiors and Exteriors 1949 and 50   [crossed out Grand Tetons Wyo Jackson Lake

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PN.316.3764 Grand Tetons (3764)   The Grand Teton from road South of Jenny Lake   [crossed Flowers Alpine forget-me-nots Bald Ridge]

PN.316.3765 PN.316.brown envelope with description (3765A)

PN.316.3766 Grand Tetons (3766 A-B)   From Square G Ranch Sept 49   [crossed out flowers Indian Paint Brush Bald Ridge]

PN.316.3767 Grand Tetons (3767 A)   The Tetons from across stream N of Jenny Lake [crossed out Flowers Field near Jackson Hole Wyo.  Thistle and Indian Paint Brush

PN.316.3768 PN.316.brown envelope with description (3768 A)

PN.316.3772 Skys (3762? 35mm)   Over Lake Michigan Chicago 1944 [crossed out Taken]

PN.316.3773 Yellowstone Lake (3773 A-C)   From few miles N of Thumb   [crossed out Grand Tetons St. John Mt. and Jenny Lake Oct 1945

PN.316.3778 Nameit Creek Lodge   Portrait of Dog TEKA Oct 49   [crossed out Grand Tetons Panorama of Signal Mt. Oct 1945]

PN.316.3780 Grand Tetons (3780 A-C)   Panorama from Signal Mt Separation Negs. Sept 49   [crossed out Mt Teewinot and Jenny lake Oct 1945]

PN.316.3781 Grand Tetons (3781 A-C)   Looking into sunlit Aspens.  N end of Jackson lake Sep Negs.   [crossed out Mt. Moran and Jackson Lake thru Aspens.]

PN.316.3782 Cody   Arrival of Burlington Train  Burlington Day June 20th 1946   [crossed out EVR Bork #31  EVR and Nancy Sayles  Looking for sheep   Herd]

PN.316.3823 Hampe, Gussie (3823? 35mm)   Portrait Sep 18 1947

PN.316.3823 (dup #) Snow scenes   Trees in Yellowstone

PN.316.3924 Snow scenes (3824? 35mm)   Snow on trees and bushes Green Creek Winter 1946-7

PN.316.3827 Grand Tetons (3827? 35mm)   Church at Moose

PN.316.3829 Cody Road (3829 A-D)   Palisades Oct 1947

PN.316.3833 Photo Murals   Copy of pamphlet cover illustration showing use of photo murals.

PN.316.3834 Yellowstone (3834 A-C)   3 misc. geysers

PN.316.3835 Animals (3835 A)   Deer Copy of retouched print from 1736  (Use 2796)

PN.316.3836 Kershaw, Stan (3836 A)   House on Green Creek  Wide angle view from NE.

PN.316.3841 McClellon, Brad and Mike (3841 A-N)   Oct 1947

PN.316.3844 Housel, Jerry (3844 A-J)   Photos taken at cabin for 1954 Christmas Card.   [crossed out Green Creek  Pretty spot in creek Oct 1947]

PN.316.3846 Skies (3846? 35mm)   Over Yellowstone River Sep 1947

PN.316.3852 Jim Mountain (3852? 35mm)   Misc. views from house

PN.316.3854 Wapiti Peak (3854? 35mm)   Telephoto view at Wapiti

PN.316.3858 Cody Road   Cody Peak

PN.316.3870 Wapiti Ridge – Elk Fork side (3870? 35mm)   6 View Panorama taken when on hunting trip with Ned Frost Oct 1947

PN.316.3871 McClellon, Frank (3871? 35mm)   35 mm Snow scene of Ranch Nov 1947

PN.316.3873 Snow scene (3873? 35mm)   Panorama from signal Peaks to Shoshone Canyon Nov 1947

PN.316.3879 Lincoln, F. W.  Deer Park, Greenwich, Conn. (3879 B-C) 3879A Group on horseback.  Print in right hand side i.e. if  exposure is 30 sec.  Print in right side an additional 40 sec. [crossed out Family groups taken at Hawkeye Ranch  Test  SS Plenachrome  Artificial Light Agfa 17]

PN.316.3884 Animals (3884 A) Deer [crossed out in Yellowstone] along North Fork.  Enlarged from [crossed out 1736] 2616.

PN.316.3885 Stenner, Dr. A. J. (Arch) (3885 A-B)   Copies of small 1915 photo of Dr. Stenner on horse “Charlie”

PN.316.3886 King, George and family (3886 A-E)   Around fireplace Nov 1949

PN.316.3887 Donley and Steadman (3887 A-G)   Family group Mar [crossed out Feb] 1950

PN.316.3888 Donley and Steadman (3888 A-C)   Children group Mar 1950   A – Perfect Dodge Sky on portrait proof   C – Print in sky

PN.316.3889 Donley, Lee (3889 A-F)   Photo of Lynn Mar 1950

PN.316.3890 Donley Children (3890 A-D)   Mar 1950

PN.316.3891 Steadman children (3891 A-C)   Mar 1950

PN.316.3892 Steadman, Shirley (3892 A-G)   Mar 1950

PN.316.3893 Donley and Steadman family (3893? 35mm)   Arriving at studio  Also, Lee Donley children

PN.316.3894 McGee, Melvin (3894 A-J)   Outdoor portraits of Fred and John October 30 1954   [crossed out Kershaw, Stet Mar 1950]

PN.316.3895 The Casper National Bank job (3895 A)   Casper Wyo

PN.316.3898 Ranch Scenes Bunk House 2 brown envelopes 1st envel. B & W Negs. From Ektachromes of “Jobbed” and “Home on the Range” 2nd envel. Lamprecht, Hal. Neen’s Beauty Shop May 1950 (3898 A-F) [crossed out Casper National Bank Interior showing photo murals]

PN.316.3900 Grand Tetons Fall Scene (3900 A-B)   Aspens against blue mountains N end of Jackson Lake Sept 49 Sep Negs.

PN.316.3902 Grand Tetons Fall Scene (3902 A-C)   Grand Teton Telephoto from road S of Jenny Lake Sept 49 Sep. Neg.

PN.316.3903 Grand Tetons Fall Scene (3903 A-C) Snake River and Mt Moran from road toward Twogatee Pass Sept 49 Sep. Negs.

PN.316.3904 Grand Tetons Fall Scene (#(04 A-C)   From Square G Colorful Sept 49 Sep. Negs.

PN.316.3905 Sep. Negs. ((3905 A) [crossed out Grand Tetons Fall Scene Sept 49 Cody Road and Mt Moran Twogatee Hwy in Fore.]

PN.316.3906 Grand Tetons Fall Scene (3906 A-C)   Looking S over Jackson Lake.  Aspens for frame. Sept 49 Sep. Negs.

PN.316.3907 Joseph M Blake (3907 A-C)   Unmasked Sep. Negs.

PN.316.3908 Joseph M Blake (3908 A-D)   Masked Sep. Negs.

PN.316.3909 Blake, Joseph M 720 Peoples Bank Bldg. Canton Ohio (3909 A-E)   Portrait with strong green background Oct 49   Separation Negatives

PN.316.3910 Tom Bishop (3910 A-E)   Standing portrait Mar 1950 Sep. Negs. And Data

PN.316.3911 Tom Bishop (3911 A-E)   Best Portrait Seated

PN.316.3912 Tom Bishop (3912 A-E)   Portrait Seated. His choice presumably for business use.  Mar 1950

PN.316.3913 I’m again to town to see my honey. (3913 A-B)   Sep. negs.

PN.316.3915 Majo Ranch (3915 A-C)   Dove Shipp on Morgan Stallion July 1950

PN.316.3916 Majo Ranch (3916 A-G)   Interiors July 1950

PN.316.3917 Majo Ranch (3917)   Wading pools for children July 1950

PN.316.3918 Majo Ranch (3918 A-C)   Corral and riders

PN.316.3919 Majo Ranch (3919 A-E)   Panorama of N Pasture July 1950

PN.316.3920 Majo Ranch (3920 A-C)   Views of Gateway and Valley July 1950

PN.316.3921 Majo Ranch (3921 A-M O-Q 3921? 35mm)   Views of Ranch Buildings July 1950

PN.316.3929 Wapiti Lodge (3929 A-D F-L)   Aug 1950

PN.316.3930 Trees (3930? 35mm)   Eucaliptes Trees at Ranch Sante Fe, California

PN.316.3931 Chiricahao National Monument Arizona (3931 A-I 3931? 35mm)   Apr 1950

PN.316.3932 Painted Cliffs Arizona (3932 A)   Near NM Border Apr 1950

PN.316.3933 Arizona (3933? 35mm)   Date Palm Groves in and around Indio.

PN.316.3934 Salt River Canyon Arizona (3934 A-B)   Apr 1950

PN.316.3935 Painted Desert Arizona (3935 A)   Apr 1950 [crossed out Donley]

PN.316.3939 Meng, Walter (3939 A C-J LM)   Circle H Ranch July 1950

PN.316.3941 Walter Meng’s (3941 A-E)   On horseback on mountain July 1950 Separations

PN.316.3945 Nameit Creek Lodge [crossed out Ranch] (3945 A-D)   Negatives of Lodge name.

PN.316.3946 Nameit Creek Lodge (3946 A-N)   Ada and Patty on horseback ride Also snow scene of Lodge Mar 1950

PN.316.3947 Sowerwine children on horseback (3947A-B)   Nov 1950

PN.316.3948 The Sowerwine, E.O. (3948 B-F)   On hillside with sleds. A For Christmas card

PN.316.3949 Sowerwine children (3949 A-C)   Separation negatives

PN.316.3950 Mrs. Kenneth Davis with horse (3950 B-C E-U)   [crossed out E V R Book? #15 Frost Ranch]

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PN.316.3951 Kenneth Davis (3951 A-O)   1st sitting Dec 1950

PN.316.3952 Kenneth Davis (3952 A-E)   2nd sitting At home Dec 1950

PN.316.3953 Ann McCandless on horseback (3953 A-E)   Sunlight Ranch Aug 1950   [crossed out E V R Book #6 Bulls]

PN.316.3954 Gen. and Mrs. Frank P. Lahm (3954 A-F)   Circle H Oct 1950   [crossed out E V R Book #1 Erma Lake]

PN.316.3955 Goff Creek Lodge (3955 A-I)   [crossed out E V R Book #14 Topping cattle   Driving yearlings onto scales]

PN.316.3957 Walter Rosenberry and Girls (3957 A(3)-B(2)-C(2) E(2)-F(2)-G(2)-H- K-L(2)-M-Z AA A

PN.316.3961 Stan Kershaw Mail Box 1950 and 1952 Also photos taken after auto hit it June 2nd 1952 [crossed out Print in the sky nearly twice as much as foreground depending on how much tone you need for color job.]

PN.316.3962 Highway scene near Wolf Creek Pass (3962 A)   Apr 1950

PN.316.3964 Zion Canyon Utah (3964 A-C 3964? 35mm)   Apr 1950

PN.316.3965 Hedda Von Goelsen (3965 A C-D)   Sunlight Ranch August 50

PN.316.3966 Mr and Mrs Donald Baker (3966 A-D)   Sunlight Ranch Aug50

PN.316.3972 Buffalo Bill Scout Camp   Group of girls July 1950   [crossed out E V R Book #8 Cattle at branding. Cowboys in foreground.

PN.316.3973 Jerry Gibbons (3973 A-D)   Sunlight Ranch Aug 50   [crossed out E V R Book #25 Sheep at Shoshone River]

PN.316.3975 Craters of the Moon Idaho (3975? 35mm)   Spring 1950 35mm

PN.316.3976 Flowers (3976 A)   Close up of Poppies 1950   [crossed out EVR Book #9 Roping and Branding]

PN.316.3977 South Fork Country   Castle Rock near Valley Trees in foregroung

PN.316.3983 Red Canyon Utah (3983? 35mm)   Apr 1950

PN.316.3984 Tall cactus along highway California (3984? 35mm)   Apr 1950

PN.316.3988 Bryce Canyon Utah (3988? 35mm)   1950

PN.316.3989 Sheep (3989? 35mm)   String of sheep on ranch in Powell 1950

PN.316.3991 Cody Road (3991? 35mm)   Good view of River west from Eagle Creek bridge Fall 1950

PN.316.3992 Idaho Falls Idaho (3992? 35mm)   Falls in river near Idaho Falls

PN.316.3993 New Mexico (3993? 35mm)   Indian dwellings along hwy in Northern NM 1950

PN.316.3994 Salt River Canyon Arizona (3994? 35mm)   Odd shaped rock near East Border 1950

PN.316.3995 Coolidge Dam Arizona (3995? 35mm)   1950

PN.316.3996 Saguaro Cache (3996? 35mm)   Near Coolidge Dam Arizona 1950

PN.316.3997 Cody Road   Views of East entrance to Yellowstone Fall 1950

PN.316.4000 Kenneth Davis Family (4000 A-K M)   Children around Christmas Tree and family at fireplace 1950

PN.316.4001 Deer Creek Ranch Valley Wyo (4001 A-J L P R 4001? (2) 35mm)

PN.316.4002 Kenneth Davis (4002)   Marilyn in ballet costume Christmas 1950

PN.316.4004 Elephant Head Lodge (4004 A-L N-V)   Nov 1950

PN.316.4005 Nameit Creek Lodge (4005 A-L)   Interiors March 1951

PN.316.4006 Gordon Broderick (4006 A-C)   The Gordon Broderick Family March 1951

PN.316.4007 T. O. Cowgill (4007 A-D) The Cowgill Family The T. O. Cowgills The Brodericks and the The Warren Cowgills March 1951

PN.316.4008 Warren Cowgill (4008 A-B)   Warren and family March 1951

PN.316.4009 T. O. Cowgill (4009 A-B)   Mr and Mrs Cowgill March 1951

PN.316.4010 Warren Cowgill (4010 A-G)   Family group taken at their home March 1951

PN.316.4011 Donald Baker and family (4011 A-B)   Mr and Mrs Baker on horseback   Separation negs

PN.316.4012 Donald Baker and Family (4012 A-F)   Adrianne 1950   Separation negs

PN.316.4013 Donald Baker and family (4013 A-F)   Adrianne   Separation negs

PN.316.4016 Ed Althoff (4016? 35mm)   Cabin on Green Creek

PN.316.4017 Elephant Head Lodge (4017 A)   Copy of layout for postcard Exteriors Jan 1951

PN.316.4019 Circle H Ranch (4019? 35mm)   Copy neg. for brochure 1951

PN.316.4020 Nowlan, Bill and Mrs and Connie and Linda (4020 A-M)   June 16 1951 Christmas card

PN.316.4021 Finley Goodman (4021 A)   Copy neg with tobacco tin background removed   Print requires considerable penciling   This was not the pose Mrs Goodman wanted

PN.316.4022 Simpson, Milwood L. (4022 A)   Copy of photo of grandparents on fathers side

PN.316.4023 Elephant Head Lodge (4023? 35mm)   Horse pictures Aug 51

PN.316.4024 Elephant Head Lodge (4024 A-C)   Riders starting out Aug 51

PN.316.4025 Elephant Head Lodge (4025 B)   Interior of lobby or lounge Aug 51

PN.316.4026 Elephant Head Lodge (4026 A)   Group at corral fence Aug 51

PN.316.4026 Jerry Housel (4026? 35mm)   Jerry, Elaine, Bobby and Johnny Oct 4 1953

PN.316.4027 Elephant Head Lodge (4027 A-B)   Interior of double cabin near corrals Aug 51

PN.316.4028 Elephant Head Lodge (4028 B)   Vernice, Pat, Harry and Pat on office porch Aug 51

PN.316.4029 Elephant Head Lodge (4029 A)   Harry fishing in river Aug 51

PN.316.4036 Nameit Creek Lodge (4036? 35mm)   Colt, New building, views S of Lodge July 1951

PN.316.4037 Allan Elston (4037 A-C E)   Portraits of Circle H July 1951

PN.316.4038 Elston, Allan Vaughan (4038 A-E)   Direct color portraits Circle H Ranch July 1951

PN.316.4039 Walter Rosenberry (4039? 35mm)   Group photos Also Triple R Ranch sign Aug 5 1951

PN.316.4040 Husky Oil Company (4040 A-C)   Separation negs of copy of Husky dig painting

PN.316.4045 Yellowstone National Park (4045? 35mm)   Twin Geysers near

PN.316.4046 Yellowstone (4046? 35mm)   Yellowstone Falls and canyon from Artists’ Point July 51

PN.316.4047 Yellowstone (4047? 35mm)   Gibbon Falls June 15 1951  35mm telephoto

PN.316.4048 Yellowstone   Old Faithful June 15 1951  35mm

PN.316.4049 Animals (4049? 35mm)   Elk in the velvet Yellowstone Elk Park  June 15 1951  35 mm telephoto

PN.316.4050 Animals (4050? 35mm)   Bear in Yellowstone Profile July 51

PN.316.4051 Beartooth Butte and Beartooth Lake   July 1951

PN.316.4053 Elephant Head Lodge   Copy of layout for postcard Interiors 1950-51

PN.316.4054 Nameit Creek Lodge (4054 A-C 4054? 35mm)   Man fishing in river July 1951

PN.316.4055 Nameit Creek Lodge   Layout of Lodge views for [crossed out poster] adv. Card 1950-51

PN.316.4056 Circle H Ranch (4056 A-D)   Pretty view of Big Creek (PN.316.people)

PN.316.4057 Cody Road   Snow scenes on Wapiti Peak  Name on Montana side

PN.316.4058 Powell (4058 A C-J)   Beets being irrigated

PN.316.4059 Powell (4059 D-E)   Sheep

PN.316.4060 Powell (4060 A-K)   Feeder calves

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PN.316.4061 Powell (4061 A C-G I-L O Q-T V X BB)   Plowing, leveling Harrowing, etc.

PN.316.4062 Powell   Heart Mountain  lake in foreground

PN.316.4063 Powell (4063 A)   Power lines at Heart Mountain Project

PN.316.4064 Powell (4064 A)   Elevators and bean warehouses, etc.

PN.316.4065 Powell   Harvesting grain

PN.316.4066 Powell (4066 A)   Bees

PN.316.4067 Powell (4067 A-B)   Beet harvesting

PN.316.4068 Powell   Park County Fair

PN.316.4069 Powell (4069 A-C)   Snow scenes

PN.316.4070 Powell (4070 A-C)   Harvesting peas

PN.316.4071 Powell (4071 A-D)   Fields in crop

PN.316.4072 Powell (4072 A-F)   Irrigation ditches, dams, flumes, etc.

PN.316.4073 Powell (4073 B E-F H O S-T)   Harvesting beans

PN.316.4074 Joan Correll (4074 A-G)   Oct [crossed out Nov] 1951   Sep. negs.

PN.316.4075 Nancy Bond (4075 A-F)   Color portrait Oct [crossed out Nov] 1951 sep. negs.

PN.316.4076 Nancy Bond (4076 A-G)   (Mrs Lahm’s niece) Oct 1951

PN.316.4077 Elephant Head Lodge (4077 A-B)   1952 5 x 7 calendar copy neg.

PN.316.4078 Elephant Head Lodge   Pat fishing in river Lango? Looking on Oct 1951 35mm

PN.316.4079 Elephant Head Lodge (4079 A-B 4079? 35mm)   Pat Onston fishing with Boyer looking on Lango?

PN.316.4080 Elephant Head Lodge (4080? 35mm)   Elephant Head Rock taken with telephoto

PN.316.4081 Elephant Head Lodge (4081? 35mm)   Mail box 3 mm

PN.316.4083 Nameit Creek Lodge   Snow scenes of Acla ?, Patty and Teka and of Lodge Oct 1951

PN.316.4084 Rosenberry, Walter (4084? 35mm) Group photo taken at square dance (Triple R Ranch) Also square dance skits Aug 20th 51 PN.316.4093 Yellowstone (4093 A-E)   Sylvan Lake Oct 1951

PN.316.4095 Elston, Allan Vaughan (4095 A-F)   Separation negs. Of fishing picture Mr. Elston greasing fly.

PN.316.4096 Housel, Jerry and family (4096 A-J)   August 27th 51

PN.316.4097 Goodman, Finley (4097 A)   Copy neg of old photo (This is the pose chosen by Mrs Goodmanj)

PN.316.4098 Wyoming, DuBois (4098 A-F)   Red Cliffs by DuBois

PN.316.4099 Cody Road North Fork (4099 B-C E-G)   The Palisades Oct 1951

PN.316.4100 Cody Road North Fork (4100 A)   River at bend East of Wapiti Ranger Station

PN.316.4101 Cody Road North Fork   Laughing Pig Oct 1951

PN.316.4106 Cody Road Big Creek and Grinder Peak from near Royal Ranch   [crossed out Jim Mountain]

PN.316.4109 Union Pacific Coal Co Rock Springs (4109 A-N 4109 A-H J M 4109   A-C 4109 B-C)   Cutting, drilling, timbering, loading, shooting, mobile loaders, conveyor,   etc., at Stansbury Mine Feb 1952

PN.316.4112 J. D. Fitzstephens children Lea and Michael (4112 A-F)   Outdoor Photos April 6 1952

PN.316.4113 J. D. Fitzstephens children Lea and Michael (4113 A-B 4113? 35mm)   Playing Ball April 6 1952

PN.316.4114 J. D. Fitzstephens family (4114 A)

PN.316.4115 Michael Fitzstephens )4115 A-B)   April 6 1952

PN.316.4116 Lee Fitzstephens (4116 A-C)   April 6 1952

PN.316.4117 Else Hansen Children (4117 A-F)   May 4 1952

PN.316.4118 Elephant Head Lodge (4118 A-D)   Riding party of 11 crossing river Aug 1952

PN.316.4119 Elephant Head Lodge (4119 A-B)   Riding party of 11 on trail near river Aug 1952

PN.316.4120 Elephant Head Lodge (4120 A)   Riders coming toward corral Aug 1952

PN.316.4121 Elephant Head Lodge (4121 A)   Group at corral fence Aug 52

PN.316.4122 Elephant Head Lodge (4122 A)   Guests in dining room Aug 31 1952

PN.316.4123 E. E. Fritz and children Elephant Head Lodge (4123 A)   2162 Menominee River [crossed out Road] Pkwy Aug 52   Wawatosa 13 Wisconsin

PN.316.4124 J. H. Haizlip and family Elephant Head Lodge (4124 A)   910 N Prairie Ave Joliet Illinois Aug [crossed out 31] 52

PN.316.4126 J. M. Richards and family (4126 A-I 4126? 35mm)   c/o A. R. Wheaton 623 E 13th St Casper Nov 2 1952

PN.316.4128 Bobby and Jerry Lane Housel (4128 B-F)   At the church and at home Oct 1952

PN.316.4129 Farm scenes Riverton Wyo (4129 B-P)   For First National Bank of Riverton Oct 52

PN.316.4130 Elephant Head Lodge (4130 A-B 4130? 35mm)   Pat and Patty on horseback  Elephant Head in background Aug 1952

PN.316.4131 Elephant Head Lodge   Vernice, Pat and Patty on rear porch Aug 1952

PN.316.4132 Elephant Head Lodge   Layout of Exteriors for Adv. Card 1952

PN.316.4133 Mrs Walter Meng Rolling Hills Calif (4133 A-B) Copy of daughter’s Portrait (Mrs Meng reported having tried to find studio and get print from original neg. but neither success) July 1952

PN.316.4134 Walter Meng and Doddie (4134 A-E)   At creek and around corrals July 1952

PN.316.4135 Meng, Walter Rolling Hills Cal. (4135 B)   Camp fire scenes July 1952

PN.316.4136 Meng, Walter Rolling Hills Cal ( (6) 4136? 35mm)   Dinky July 1952

PN.316.4137 Walter Meng and Dr Silveria   On porch at cabin at Circle H July 1952

PN.316.4138 Dr and Mrs Silveria Wilmington Cal (4138 A-G  (3) 4138 ? 35mm)   Outdoor portraits July 1952   Dr Joseph Silveria 203 West Denni Wilmington Cal

PN.316.4139 Silveria Carol and Joyce (4139 A-C)   On horseback July 1952

PN.316.4140 Silveria Carol and Joyce (4140 A-F)   On horseback in gateway July 1952 Separation negs.

PN.316.4141 Silveria, Carroll and Joyce (4141 A-F)   Sitting on fence – Horses nearby July 1952 Separation negs.

PN.316.4142 Silveria, Carroll and Joyce (4142 A-F)   On horseback on top of mountain July 1952   Separation negs.

PN.316.4143 Mary Barlow, 1034 Belmont Ave Chicago c/o Olsen’s (4143 A-C)   Photos with horse at Circle H July 1952

PN.316.4144 Kenneth Bailey and family – Keith (4144 A-H 4144? 35mm)

PN.316.4145 Dorothy Blackwell, 917 N. Narbison Ave Indianapolis 19, Ind. (4145 A-F) Photos with horse at Circle H July 1952

PN.316.4146 Harry Lutz and family (4146 A-D)   Aug 1952

PN.316.4147 Johnny’s first birthday (4147 A-I)   Sept 23 52

PN.316.4149 Bishop, Bus and Helen (4149 A-B)   Standing on lawn Oct 8 52

PN.316.4150 Bishop, Helen (4150 A-B)   Seated Writing Oct 8 52

PN.316.4151 Helen Bishop (4151 A-F)   Portrait Color Separation negs.

PN.316.4152 Bus Bishop (4152 A-F)   Portrait color Separation negs.

PN.316.4153 Bishop, Bus (4153 A-G)   Oct 8 52

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PN.316.4169 Faye Bare (4169 A-F)   ¾ Face Portrait Nov 1952 Sep. negs.

PN.316.4174 First National Bank of Powell (4174 A-B 4174? 35mm)   Photos taken for proposed 1953 calendar (40th Anniversary)   (One) photo of bank with PN.316.4174 on back

PN.316.4175 Casper national Bank (4175 A-C)   Proposed 1953 calendar

PN.316.4180 Elephant Head Lodge (4180 A)   Close up at sign Sep 52

PN.316.4181 Faye Bare (4181 A-L)

PN.316.4184 Jack and Jane Braton (4184 B D)   Majo Ranch

PN.316.4186 Kennecott Copper Co. (4186 A-I)   Bingham Canyon General Views of mine and towns

PN.316.4187 PN.316.brown envelope with descriptions (4187 A-D)

PN.316.4189 Kennecott Copper Co (4189? 35mm)   Bingham Canyon Ore and dump trains

PN.316.4190 Kennecott Copper Co. (4190 A-E)   Bingham Canyon Tracks and Bridges, Track moving and maintenance.   Also Trolley towers, Poles, etc.

PN.316.4191 Kennecott Copper Co. (4191 A)   Bingham Canyon Bulldozers, Grading and pushing down rock.

PN.316.4192 Kennecott Copper Co (4192 A-G 4192? 35mm)   Bingham Canyon Misc. subjects

PN.316.4194 Oliver Steadman (4194 A-F)   Group photos of children Sept 1953

PN.316.4195 Janette and Loftin Mann (4195? 35mm)   Aug 1952

PN.316.4197 Husky Oil Co (4197? 35mm)   Messrs McArthur and Lee July 21 53

PN.316.4198 Husky Oil Company (4198 A-D)   Messrs. Nielson, McArthur and Lee Group

PN.316.4200 Mrs. Robert B. Jones (4200 A F-H K-L)

PN.316.4205 John Bereman (4205 A-M)   Photos of children July 1953

PN.316.4207 Neil Damon (4207 A-H)   Photos of children Sept 1953

PN.316.4211 J. H. Shepard (4211 A-C E-J)   Family group and children Oct 11 1953

PN.316.4215 Animals (4215? 35mm)   Deer in Jenny Lake Woods.

PN.316.4216 Estelle Kershaw

PN.316.4218 Circle H Ranch [water damaged hard to read] (4218 A-N 4218? 35mm)   Bringing in cattle also shots around corrals Jan-May 30  1954

PN.316.4223 Nameit Creek Lodge [water damaged hard to read] (4223 A-B)   Interior of remodeled cabin 1954

PN.316.4224 Mickelson, James (4224 A-B) Copy negs from which 1954 Christmas cards were printed

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Twenty eight negatives that are for Postcards and note papers from Valley Ranch

1. Valley Ranch  People on horseback outside ranch

2. Valley Ranch Ranch house

3. Valley Ranch mountain scene

4. Valley Ranch People on horseback by mountains

5. Valley Ranch Mountain scene with fence in foreground

6. Valley Ranch People sitting on rail watching horse riding activity

7. Valley Ranch Corral scene with people

8. Valley Ranch People on horseback on trail

9. Valley Ranch Corral scene men roping cattle

10. Valley Ranch Ranch house

11. Valley Ranch Two men roping steer in corral

12. Valley Ranch Two men in corral with ropes and steer

13. Valley Ranch Deer in woods by ranch house

14. Valley Ranch Interior of living room?

15. Valley Ranch Men outside ranch buildings

16. Valley Ranch Man being bucked off steer?

17. Valley Ranch Men by horses

18. Valley Ranch Men playing guitar, banjo, etc. in house

19. Valley Ranch Horses outside ranch building

20. Valley Ranch Looking outside from fence onto ranch buildings

21. Valley Ranch Outside view of ranch building

22. Valley Ranch Men sitting on fence rail looking into corral

23. Valley Ranch Looking outside fence onto mountains

24. Valley Ranch Looking outside fence onto mountains

25. Valley Ranch Looking outside fence onto ranch buildings

26. Valley Ranch People on fence rail looking into corral

27. Valley Ranch Mountain scene

28. Valley Ranch Mountain valley scene

Ninety two 4 x 5 prints [corresponding numbers on back] [actually more than 92]

1. 4066 Powell – Bees

2. 4024 E. H. Lodge 51

3. 1546 Coe Lodge

4. 1546 Coe Lodge

5. 1556 Coe Lodge

6. 1556 Coe Lodge

7. 4071` Powell – Crops

8. 4073 Powell – Beans

9. 1616 Stampede 1935

10 3527 Valley Ranch

11. 3213 A2Z Aug 1939

12. 3235 Frost Ranch 1939

13. 2921 Ned Frost Ranch

14.1948 Hawkeye Ranch

15. 3234 Frost Ranch 1939

16. 3193 A2Z Aug 1939

17. 2901 Valley Ranch 1938

18. 3603 A2Z

19. 2903 A2Z 1938

20. 3426 Valley Ranch 1940

21. 2226 [People and horses outside by building and mountain]

22. 2227 A2Z 1948

23. 2903 A2Z 1938

24. 2600 A2Z Original Ranch House

25. 2903 A2Z 1938

26. 3057 A2Z

27. 3058 A2Z Crandall Photographing

28. 3204 Ishawooa Mesa 39

29. 2377 Hawkeye Ranch 1948

30. 3879 Hawkeye Ranch F. W. Lincoln

31. 2423 Hawkeye Ranch

32. 3204 Ishawooa Mesa 39

33. 3242 E. V. Robertson and Henry Sayles up above Ferguson Ranch        Nov 1939

34. 2383 Hawkeye Ranch Howell 48

35. 2383 Hawkeye Ranch Howell 48

36. 4073 Powell Beans

37. 4061 Powell

38. 4061 Powell

39. 4061 Powell

40. 4061 Powell

41. 4061 Powell

42. 4060 Powell

43. 4061 Powell

44. 4011 Baker 1950

45. 2509 Valley Ranch

46. 3841 McClellan 47

47. 4087 Square dance 3R Ranch

48. 2227 A2Z 1948

49. 3134 Green Lantern to forest

50. 3424 Valley Ranch 1940

51. 2795 Fred Richards

52. 3084 Chas. Bradford Ranch May 39

53. 4064 Powell

54. 3064 Lloyd Buchanan Ranch

55. 3893 Donley Steadman Mar 1950

56. 2865 Sunlight ranch

57. 3407 Penny Frost May 48

58. 4121 E. H. Lodge 52

59. 2423 Hawkeye Ranch

60. 2384 Hawkeye Ranch Charles Hines

61. 2383 Hawkeye Ranch Howell 48

62. 2383 Hawkeye Ranch Howell 48

63. 2341` Hawkeye Ranch 1948

64. 2341 Hawkeye Ranch 1948

65. 2341 Hawkeye Ranch 1948

66. 2383 Hawkeye Ranch Howell 48

67. 3191 A2Z 1939

68. 3191 A2Z 1939

69. 3195 A2Z Aug 1939

70. 3328 Bidwell Circle H 54

71. no number A2Z Al Gould Aug 1939

72. 4184 Jack Braton Majo Ranch

73. 2196 Rhoads 49

74. 2383 Hawkeye Ranch Howell 48

75. 2384 Hawkeye Ranch Charles Hines Aug 48

76. 3950 Davis

77. 3263 Mabel Laird

78. 2710 West across river near trail shop

79. 4060 Powell

80. no number Vern Molesworth Sept 10, 1939

81. 1505 B. B. Museum

82. 4022 Milward L Simpson copy grandparent on father’s side

83. 3105 Bud Webster May 1939

84. 2933 Mrs. Milward Simpson copies of mother and father

85. 2933 Mrs. Milward Simpson copies of mother and father

86. 2693 Milward Simpson copy of mother

87. 3383 Bill Durnen April 17 1940

88. 3195 A2Z Aug 1939

89. 3921 Majo Ranch 1950

90. 4135 Walter Meng July 1952

91. 3955 G. C. Lodge

92. 3886 George King

93. 3916 Majo Ranch 1950

94. 2377 Hawkeye Ranch 1948

95. 3939 Meng Circle H 1950

96. 2384 Hawkeye Ranch Charles Hines

97. 2383 Hawkeye Ranch Howard Howell Aug 48

98. 2384 Hawkeye Ranch Hines

99. 2341 Hawkeye Ranch 1948

100. 2383 Hawkeye Ranch 44

Unnumbered negatives – group 1

Two people and dog by horses

Man by machine in field

Man feeding cattle by fence

Cattle in field with building in background

Sheep with trees and building in background

Tractor with disc in field

Two men on tractor in field

Tractor in field

Man on tractor working in field Corral scene

Several people on fence by train cars

Three men standing behind fish? drying on line?

River scene

Scene with house in background

Two people sitting on porch of log house

Mountain scene with horse in foreground

House with mountain in background

Mountain scene

Men standing by fence

Two horses standing by corral

Cattle in field

Tractor pulling machine in field

People sitting by cars in front of house

Field scene

Man leading a steer?

Shoreline scene

Sheep in field

Buildings with tree in background [no. 4024 on old envelope]

2 outbuildings with mountain in background

Field with mountains in background

Three men beside car/pickup on slope

Large corral scene

Field with mountains in background scene

Two men beside pickup beside sheep wagon

Two people with two horses

Two men by campfire

Two people by campfire cooking

Man in corral with sheep

Two people by trees with campfire

Sheep wagon between trees

Lady with sheep and two lambs

Mountain scene

Mountain scene

Four people sitting on ground

Windmill by building

Man in corral

Mountain scene

Man unloading hay from truck onto wagon

Cattle in feeder eating

Cattle in and out of feeder eating

Men with cattle crossing bridge

Woman? On horseback

Woman portrait

Two people on horseback coming through gate

Structure on post Horses by corral [no. 4121 on old envelope]

Horses? With mountains in background

Unnumbered negatives Group 2

Cabin scene [no 3421 N on neg.] [negative damaged, stuck to glycene envelope

Three people on horses coming through gate [The Valley Ranch Valley Wyoming printed Set 1 written on neg.]

Two men on tractor and machine behind tractor in field

Machines in field

Man in field with small piles

Two large sheds by hay?


Ditches in field

Field scene

Six people in front of fireplace at Christmastime?

House with mountains in background

Two people on horseback coming through gate

Trees and mountain scene

Road with trees and mountains in background

Large ditch in field scene

Three mailboxes along road

Field with buildings in background

Field with buildings in background

Rimrock Ranch Cody Wyoming Person on horseback trying to lasso boy running [bottom written ‘Hope we can lasso you into spending some time with us’]

Ditch in field

Road over bridge scene

Mountain scene

Man portrait with

Woman portrait

Chapel building

Man on horseback statue?


Two boys sitting in front of fireplace

Man with cattle along fence

Six people portrait

Scene with trees and buildings

Mountain scene

Mountain scene

Four people listening to guitar player inside

Man walking in field

Tractor and truck in field

Mountain scene

Streamside? Scene

Two people on horseback coming through gate [no. 3939 on old envelope]

1st National Bank building in a town?

Man portrait

Woman’s portrait

Woman sitting with two men behind standing

Sheep in field

Woman sitting with man standing behind on rocks

Cattle along fence eating

Woman on horseback

Woman and man sitting in house

Group of people posing for photo in house

Woman portrait

Man on tractor in field Man on tractor in field

Field with mountain in background scene

Man on tractor pulling disc in field

Man on tractor with man on machine behind in field

Tractor and machine in field

Man on tractor in field

Tractor in hayfield

Field scene

Man on tractor pulling machine in field

Two people on horseback

Buildings and field scene

Lake with mountains in background scene [no1556 on old envelope]

Log cabin [no 1556 on old envelope]

House [no 1546 on old envelope]

Road amongst trees scene

People with flags

Man’s portrait

Unnumbered negatives Group 3

Furniture cFritjopson 1950

Furniture dresser and mirror cFritjopson 1950

Furniture bar and stool cFritjopson 1950

Furniture table and chairs [sticky note Hineman]

Interior of room with furniture

Interior of room with mural, shelves with books and table and lamp

Interior of room with mural and tables and lamp

Interior of living room with furniture and rugs

Color neg. of wood box with brand and saddle on sides

Color neg. of interior of room with furniture

Interior view of living room

Interior view of room with sofa, chair and animal mounts on wall    #72 on original envelope

Outside view of brick structures among trees #244 on orig. envelope

Outside view of brick structures among trees #243 on orig envelope

Interior view of room with table and chairs

Interior view of room with desk and chairs #156 on orig envelope

Interior view of room with furniture and mural on walls #155 on orig    Envelope

Exhibit of two people oin horseback next to man standing #484 on orig    Envelope

Photo? of men sitting  Interior view of living room

Interior view of living room  Interior view of bedroom

Four men standing in room #336 and correct don’t flop on neg

Photo? of five men sitting

Woman in braids sitting on railing outside on porch

Christmas card Merry Christmas from the Snyders of Sunlight Ranch #80    On orig envelope

Street scene with Diamond Lumber and Hardware building on right

Buffalo Bill “Scout” statue

Mountain scene

Letter to Mr. Blackburn #390 on orig envelope

Two young boys sitting at table playing game #94 on orig envelope

Mt. Rushmore #386 on orig envelope

Interior view of room with mural on wall

Interior view of living room Book 3 on neg #240 on orig envelope

Interior view of living room

Men on horseback herding cattle past bridge #227 on orig envelope

Interior view of bedroom

Interior of living room #359 on orig envelope

Interior view of bedroom #358 on oriog envelope

Interior view of living room #357 on orig envelope

Interior view of living room #349 on orig envelope

Interior of room with table #154 on orig envelope

Man sitting in room holding bottle #149 on orig envelope

Interior of room with furniture and mural on wall #153 on orig envelope

Man shooting rifle with people watching #O on oriog envelope

Truck parked alongside road #474 on orig envelope

Christmas card Greetings from the Larry Laroms The Valley Ranch    Valley Wyoming

Two Indians on horseback in parade? With flag #43 on orig envelope

Church among trees #20 on orig envelope

Road scene #19 on orig envelope

Scene with buildings in foreground hills in background #16 on orig    Envelope

Scene with buildings and mountains in background #14 on orig envelope

Buffalo Bill’s “Scout” statue #7 on orig envelope

Scene with buildings and hills in background

Man standing in front of wall #103 on orig envel;ope

Card? The Casper National Bank #82 on orig envelope

Color neg Woman standing next to horse behind railing #69 on orig    envelope

Color neg Man sitting listening to another man playing guitar #122 on    Orig envelope

One man sitting another man standing outside doorway #111 on    Orig envelope

Six people sitting on hill with trees and mountains in background

Horses running on track #170 on orig envelope

Horse? Skeleton on top of log structure

People by chutes for rodeo event? Numbers on their backs #OOO on    Orig envelope

Person sitting on chair on porch #432 on orig envelope

Two people sitting on wagon #487 on orig envelope

Woman sitting on railing #483 on orig envelope

Woman holding lamb #216 on orig envelope

Herd of animals with buildings in background #219 on orig envelope

Scene with road and covered bridge #306 on orig envelope

Man on haystack on truck #193 on orig envelope

Woman standing next to horse behind railing #482 on orig envelope

Four people waving on porch AAA sign above #353 on orig envelope

Scene of house with trees #354 on orig envelope

Scene with road and Lodge sign on left #345 on orig envelope

Two people sitting by large fireplace #342 on orig envelope

Scene of house among trees mountains in background #340 on orig    Envelope

Scene of front of log house #339 on orig envelope

Scene of house with porch among trees with footbridge in front #3389 on    Orig Envelope

Man and woman standing outside door of house

Deep pit?  #301 on orig envelope

Collage of photos cabin and rooms and people on horseback #73 on    Orig envelope

Card? Circle H Ranch Wapiti Wyoming #79 on orig envelope

Three men [one with pipe] standing by railing #221 on orig envelope

Scene of trucks in field #189 on orig envelope

Petroglyphs #157 on orig envelope

Collage of photos and drawings #75 on orig envelope

Road and mountain scene with truck on side of road #308 on orig    Envelope

Road scene #371 on orig envelope

Road scene #379 on orig envelope

Woman sitting against tree #85 on orig envelope

Man sitting by tree #88 on orig envelope

Man in river with dog on shore #117 on orig envelope

Field scene with house on right #311 on orig envelope

House and coralls in foreground mountains in background #312 on

Orig envelope  Corrals in foreground scene #310 on orig envelope

House corrals and mountain scene #309 on orig envelope

Mountains scene with road in foreground #294 on orig envelope

Road scene buildings on right with elec. poles on left #172 on orig envelope

Scene with dam #173 on orig envelope

Dam looking onto part of reservoir? #174 on orig envelope

Field with buildings in background #175 on orig envelope

Man standing in field with shovel #185 on orig envelope

Tractor with plow? In field #187 on orig envelope

Spillway under road #176 on orig envelope

Herding animals over bridge #226 on orig envelope

Flock of sheep #225 on orig envelope

Men on horseback herding sheep #224 on orig envelope

Two men by corral #223 on orig envelope

Field with buildings in center #222 on orig envelope

Two men herding sheep #218 on orig envelope

Sheep eating from feeder #217 on orig envelope

Man standing in front of building #214 on orig envelope

House scene #199 on orig envelope

House among #197 on orig envelope

Man on haystack with machine next to it #196 on orig envelope

Man by haystack? #195 on orig envelope

Man on haystack with pitchfork #194 on orig envelope

Hay wagon and truck #192 on orig envelope

Truck being loaded from combine? #190 on orig envelope

Tractor loading hay? Into wagon #191 on orig envelope

Field with truck and machine behind #188 on orig envelope

Field with tractor pulling machine #187 on orig envelope

Field scene #382 on orig envelope

Lake scene #381 on orig envelope

Log structure #433 on orig envelope

Horses by corral #435 on orig envelope

Two men with cowboy hats on #118 on orig envelope

Two men in suits #161 A on original envelopes

People standing in front of large building #161 B on orig envelope

Front of Floan Groceries building #162 A on orig envelope

Town scene cars in front of large building #162 B on orig envelope

People standing in front of building #167 A on orig envelope

Cars and people in front of building #167 B on orig envelope

Cars and people in front of building #166 A on orig envelope

Cars and people in front of building #166 B on orig envelope

Bullet hole? In bank window #163 A on orig envelope

Two people with tellar? In building #163 B on orig envelope

Neg. of large window #164 A on orig envel;ope

Blinds over window with bullet holes? #164 B on orig envelope

People and cars in front of building #160 [1 of 2] on orig envelope

People and cars in front of building #160 [2 of 2] on orig envelope

Street scene with cars #168 A on orig envelope

Street scene with cars #168 B on orig envelope

Horse with saddle and bridal #2265 on neg

Horse with bridal [part of photo #2265

Man kneeling with howling dog? #101 A on orig envelope

Man kneeling with howling dog? #101 B on orig envelope

Separated section #37

Christmas card from the Johnsons? #83 on orig envelope

Photo murals for unique wall decorations # 84 on orig envelope

Men and women holding hands in circle indoors #116 on orig envelope

Woman sitting on ground outside #OO on orig envelope

Woman standing by horse #115 on orig envelope

Children sitting chairs inside #114 on orig envelope

People in front of fireplace at Christmas? #112 on orig envelope

Two girls in bathing suits on diving board? #104 on orig envelope

Two men and boy around campfire #107 on orig envelope

People posing for picture in costumes? #108 on orig envelope

Man in hat standing other people in background #102 on orig envelope

Family? of six posing for picture #100 on orig envelope

Elderly man in suit and hat sitting #95 on orig envelope

Man standing next to dog #87 on orig envelope

Man on horseback riding among trees and hills #86 on orig envelope

Card Greetings from Jane and nel;son Johnson #81 on orig envelope

Christmas card House scene #78 on orig envelope

Christmas card 6 people by fence #76 on orig envelope

Four photo collage of scenes and people #74 on orig envelope

Interior bedroom scene in log house #3955 on orig envelope

Interior rest room scene #62 on orig envelope

Tractor and combine? in field #186 on orig envelope

Looking up at oil derrick? #259 on orig envelope

Oil? derrick and rig #257 on orig envelope

Man standing by piles of? In log structure #253 on orig envelope

Man standing by conveyor or rocks? In log structure #254 on orig    Envelope

Man by large machine in log structure #255 on orig envelope

Metal ore bucket? #242 on orig envelope

Goff Creek Lodge building scene #356 on orig envelope

People sitting around tables in log building #355 on orig envelope

River scene #283 on orig envelope

Bare tree with mountain in background #284 on orig envelope

Stone cat? In fire debris? #241 on orig envelope

Interior of long halway with windows and furniture #239 on orig    Envel;ope

Hanging swing on log porch #237 on orig envelope

Outside view of house with porch #236 on orig envelope

Man with sheep in corrals #231 on orig envelope

Nameit sign with two people on horseback #337 on orig envelope

Woman sitting on fence with horse beside #334 on orig envelope

Person on horseback #333 on orig envelope

Circle H Ranch Wapiti Wyo card #329 on orig envelope

Three people standing behind line of hanging fish #416 on orig    Envelope

Man in hat with fishing pole #415 on orig envelope

Lake scene #413 on orig envelope

Two guys in camp alongside a lake #414 on orig envelope

Road with fence and gate mountains in background #412 on orig envelope

Road with gate to house #410 on orig envelope

Scene with trees and mountains in background #399 on orig envelope

Fence with gate scene #384 on orig envelope

Outside view of people sitting in semicircle #489 on orig envelope

View with house and mountains in background #316 on orig envelope    D-76 on neg.

Cattle with riders in back #488 on orig envelope

Three women on fence #481 on orig envelope

Two people by table inside #148 on orig envelope

Five men in room of log house #146 A on orig envelope

Five men in room of log house #146 B on orig envelope

View of house among trees #234 on orig envelope

Lake scene with house on hillside in background #233 on orig envelope

Man with Falstaff sign showing to four men sitting around table #151    On orig envelope

Portrait of W. F. Cody ‘Buffalo Bill’ #1 on orig envelope

Four dogs outside of building #368 on orig envelope

Stone pillars to entrance of Shoshone Forest #369 on orig envelope

Highway road scene among trees #375 on orig envelope

Man standing by horse and fence #462 on orig envelope

Portrait of man in hat #99 on orig envelope

Man standing by horse #134 on orig envelope

Man on horseback in field #133 on orig envelope

Two people on horseback in field #135 on orig envelope

Photo of man, woman and child with dog outdoors #136 on orig envelope    C on neg.

Man fishing on bank of river #137 on orig envelope

Ranch house with fence and gate in foreground #451 on orig envelope

Person on horseback #139 on orig envelope

View of field with mountains in background #28 on orig envelope

View of field with mountains in background #281 on orig envelope

View of valley between hills #280 on orig envelope

Two men sitting outside front door of log building #140 on orig envelope

Woman on horseback #142 on orig envelope

Three people with three horses #144 on orig envelope

People on horseback herding animals down road #279 on orig envelope

Bull by fence #159 on orig envelope

Man standing by car outside of First National Bank building #165 on    Orig envelope

View of First National Bank building #169 on orig envelope

View of outside entrance of First National Bank building #171 on    Orig envelope

View of valley and hills #278 on orig envelope

Man working on sign outside of mine entrance #256 on orig envelope

Men working with machinery in building #258 on orig envelope

View of field and depression with stone columns rising #273 on orig    Envelope

Looking up from inside of derrick #260 on orig envelope

Row of cabins? #319 on orig envelope

Scene with road and buildings on right #317 on orig envelope

Scene of corrals among trees #315 on orig envelope

Scene of pasture #313 on orig envelope

Three men by building, one bending over bucket #497 on orig envelope

Moose among trees #364 on orig envelope

People and horses by corral fence #132 on orig envelope

Man leading horse up hill #131 on orig envelope

Two people inside doorway of log building #128 on orig envelope

Two people on horseback

Woman standing with horse in field

Group of people posing in front of log building #120 on orig envelope

35 mm negs. Unnumbered

Nineteen [19] folders unmarked







#372 A-C

#12 A-C


#129 A-C


#403 A-E

#91 A-D

#138 A-D

#53 A-E

#376 A-D

#397 A-E

#401 A-F

#252 A-F

#476 A-F

#362 A-F

#365 A-F

#52 A-G

#391 A-H

#367 A-I

#9 A-H


#323 A-I

#55 A-I

#54 A-I


#56 A-I

Photograph of woman with horse in front of log building

Photograph of interior of room with furniture of log house

Postcard of Ketchum Kamp Hotel, Ketchum Idaho from Mary Elkington    To Martha Campbell

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