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MS 283 - J.E. Tuell Photograph Albums



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Box MS283.01

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MS 283 - J.E. Tuell Photograph Albums | McCracken Research Library

By Nathan Bender

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 283 - J.E. Tuell Photograph AlbumsAdd to your cart.

Primary Creator: Tuell, J.E.

Extent: 1.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 01/01/1994. More info below under Accruals.


Mrs. Julia Ethel Tuell (1886-1960) lived on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, Montana from 1906 to 1912, Stroud, Oklahoma with the Sac and Fox Indians in 1913, and on the Sioux Indian Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota from 1913-1929. A photographer, her images were used by George Bird Grinnell to illustrate his books “The Cheyenne Indians” v. I & II, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1923.  Included in this collection are three photo albums dated from 1908-1918. The first two albums described are of Northern Cheyenne reservation life, and third begins on the Northern Cheyenne but ends on the Rosebud.

3¼x4 ¼ leather bound and tied album labeled “Brownie” containing 21  2x3 black & white photos.

5½ x7 album bound in black paper and tied with red cord, descriptive text for 11  4x5 hand colored photographs, Album cover label: Photographs “Among the Cheyennes”.

7½ x10 album of 169 black & white photographs & 2 magazine clippings.

Descriptive text for most of the photographs are under the photo in white pen or written on the back of the photo. Some photos in this collection can also be found in her biography “Women and Warriors of the Plains: The Pioneer Photography of Julia E. Tuell” by Dan Aadland, MacMillan, NY: 1996. The final photographs in album, (after c. #106?) are dated to when Mrs. Tuell would have been living on the Rosebud Reservation.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Accruals: Photograph of two wood caskets sitting on rocks beneath pine trees, Where Sleep the Indian Dead, March 17 2015.

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Acquisition Source: Donald Brinkman

Acquisition Method: Gift

Box and Folder Listing

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[Box MS283.01],

Box MS283.01Add to your cart.
Folder MS283.1.01: Leather bound album “Brownie”Add to your cart.

Leather bound album “Brownie” containing 21  2x3 black & white photographs.  Captions are hand written in black on bottom of photograph, shown in quotations below. Descriptive notes are given iin parentheses.

Flats near Forsyth on road to Lamedeer” (Man & woman in a wagon pulled by two horses)

“Sandstone rocks on road to Lamedeer”

“Who is it?”

(Person standing near a cabin in snow wearing a long coat & hood)

“We’re off! Twenty miles to Lamedeer”

(Covered wagon in the snow pulled by two horses, person in a long coat and a person in a hat are standing near wagon)

“Here we are! Our present house.”

(Man in a suit standing on wooden porch in front of a log cabin, a woman sitting on the sill of an open window in the cabin)

“Forest expert at work” “(Woodward)”

(Man sitting on a log in the forest wearing a Ranger hat & shirt)

“Strong Left Hand”

(Indian woman standing on wooden front porch of log cabin)

“Indian Tepee”

(Tepee on the plains, a ladder is laying horizontally against the tepee)

“Little Hawk”

(Indian man on horse in front of a tepee)

“ Willis Rowland”

(Man in a hat standing sideways, 4 people sitting on the ground under umbrellas)

“Council of Indian Chiefs July 4, 1908”

(Tepee canvas is gathered on one side, there are many people sitting inside)

“Raising the Willow Dance tepee”

(Several people standing near poles stood up in a circular form)

“Willow Dance tepee July 4, 1908”

(Two people on horseback with umbrellas in front of a large tepee, many people are gathered inside tepee)

“Indian girl in holiday attire”

(Small girl in a long dress standing near a person seated on the ground)

“Our Pet “Bob”

(Horse tied to a fence, saddled)

“To Saddle”

(Man in a hat standing next to a horse)

“Off for a gallop”

(Man in a hat on horseback)

“Isaac Walton –and-”

(Man wearing a hat holding a fishing pole over a river, below a bridge)

“his wife at Tongue River"

(Woman in a long dress standing by a river holding a fishing pole)

"Tongue River Indian Training School"

(Large three story stone building)

“Our house at Big Flats”

(Two story Victorian house with porch)

Folder MS283.1.02: Black paper bound album "Photographs Among the Cheyennes"Add to your cart.

5 ½ x7 bound black paper photograph album containing 11 hand colored photographs. Cover labeled “Photographs Among the Cheyennes” including a small hand drawn illustration of a tepee and pipe. Signature on the back cover “J.E. Tuell, Lamedeer, Mont.” using a white pen. Descriptive text by photographs written in black pen. Photograph #7 is missing from the album. Photographs cited below are found in “Women and Warriors of the Plains” “The Pioneer Photography of Julia E. Tuell” by Dan Aadland, MACMILLAN, New York, NY; 1996

“A Tongue River Camp” “Cheyenne Indians”

(Tepees, tent & wagons in a draw below the hills)

“Two Moons” Chief of the Cheyenne Indians, and one who led part of the tribe in General Custer’s massacre- June 25, 1876”

(copy of this photo: Aadland page 112)

“Gen. Custer’s battleground, The cross marks the exact spot where the Gen. fell. The Little-Big-Horn can be seen in the distance. Tom Custer’s tombstone is in the foreground.”

(Wooden cross and stone grave markers on the prairie. Aadland page 114)

“Drying beef on poles, Cheyenne"

“A Cheyenne Indian Maiden”

(Aadland page 42)

“A medicine man’s home. The small circular structure is known as a medicine lodge in which several enter & sweat from heated stones. A prayer is then offered to the buffalo head”

(Two Indian women in front of a tepee, wearing long dresses & shawls.Between them stands an Indian man in pants and a headdress)

"Missing Photo—“A typical Cheyenne Medicine Man among the tribe of Cheyennes ‘Red Cherries’”

(possibly Aadland page 144?)

“The native home”

(A tepee & several tents on the prairie surrounded by hills, one Indian standing & several people sitting, Aadland page 81)

“The young papoose is carried in such sacks until the age of 3 months. Many are solid beads and very costly”

“The medicine dress. The red beads are berries dried and suppose to hold great charms”

(Young Indian boy in a headdress and 5 strands of beads around his neck)

“Indian children at play” “(Cheyennes)”

(four Indian children in the water of a stream and two sitting on the bank near a tepee) (Aadland page 102, and cover of American Indian Magazine 1919)

“A camp on the Lamedeer”

(several tents & tepees near a river with hills in the background.)

Folder MS283.1.03: Grey fabric bound albumAdd to your cart.

7 ½ x10 photo album containing 169 black & white photographs of various sizes, 2 magazine clippings. Photograph descriptions are given under photo on the black paper or on the back of the photograph. Two notebook sheets with hand written descriptive text for Sun Dance photographs 6-14. Photographs cited below are found in “Women and Warriors of the Plains, The Pioneer Photography of Julia E. Tuell” by Dan Aadland; MacMillan, New York, NY 1996

5x7 “Lamedeer Indian Agency 1911” “Cheyenne”

1) Magazine clipping; caption (The Shoshoni Sundance- Some of the dancers in costume); “Part of ‘Cheyenne' Sun Dance is like the picture shown here”

2) Magazine clipping; caption (“Little Son” Cheyenne chief who was one of General Nelson Mile’s scouts during Indian uprisings, attended the recent Indian conferences at Carlisle); “Little Son Cheyenne chief I knew him personally.”

3) 3x5 photograph postcard; “Chief ‘Two Moons’ Cheyenne”, (Aadland page 111)

4) 3x5 photograph postcard; “Chief ‘American Horse’ Cheyenne”

Picture grouping labeled:“Sun Dance Lamedeer 1911”

5) 2x3 “Head-men’s lodge for two days and nights at beginning of Sun-dance ceremony. In this lodge is the painting & designing of great medicine buffalo head. (tepee to left of card)”

6) 2x3 “Building of lodge known as dog-soldiers tepee. This is occupied by men known as dog soldiers who participate in sun-dance. During morning of 3rd day they enter camp adorned with willows.”

7) 2x3 “Wives of head-men of sun-dance bearing head on toward Sun-dance structure. The head is placed on the ground to allow tribe to make offerings unto the head, that they may be blessed before decorating “great pole”

8) 2x3 “Tribe offering calico bits of willows & etc unto buffalo head. By the placing of offerings on to head, it is supposed to be blessed. Head lies under article heaped in foreground. In front of head-men’s wives. To end of line, head-men can be seen seated.

9) 2x3 “The preparing of the “Great-pole.” Head-men in act of painting same. Reading from left to right are: “Rock-roads,” “Shaved-head,” and “Red-Bead.” The man seated is known as “Bull-Tongue” a southern Cheyenne who was instructor in Sun-dance ceremony. The men first greased their hands with-fat from the meat then sprinkled their powdered paint upon their hands, to moisten same.

10) 2x3 “The raising of the great-pole after all tribe’s offerings have been blessed. Men in act of raising same are those who were known as dog soldiers.”

11) 2x3 “The pole after raised & in center of Sun-dance structure.

12) 2x3 “Interior of the Sun-dance structure camp-fire can be seen in foreground. View taken at south-end of structure representing lightning men. Chief White-Bull’s design from the district of the Tongue River.”

13) 2x3 “View of Alter”

14) 2x3 "A group of Indian girls viewing the dance” (line of girls on horseback)

Picture grouping labeled: "Annual Dance 1911 Cheyenne”

15) 2x3 “Greeting tepee open on one side for medicine men”

16) 2x3 “Wolf making the round of the camp anyone absent on this occasion is considered dead to the tribe for the year.” (side view of Indian man with a wolf pelt on his head slightly bent at the waist), (Aadland page 169)

17) 2x3 “Participant in the dance” (Indian with a blanket on their shoulders, standing near a tepee)

18) 2x3 “Medicine men” (a group of Indian men sitting under a tepee: the canvas is partially gathered up on one side)

19) 2x3 “Squaw, 2 runners painted yellow, wolf and Bear” (five Indians sitting under tepee)

20) 2x3 “dressed to represent different animals in view of above tepee” ( Indians dressed in fur pelts of animals gathered near tepee)

21) 2x3 “another view” (Indian people dressed as animals including wolf)

22) 2x3 “Wolf and Bear” (Indian men wearing wolf and bear fur pelts including heads)

23) 2x3 “They gather like this and perform four times. After which they all rush in a body to the creek followed by the medicine men”

24) 2x3 no text (people in fur pelts running)

Picture grouping labeled: Cheyenne Reservation 1910”

25) 2x3 “Mrs. Grinnell myself” (Two women in long skirts and hats, standing near a tepee)

26) 2x3 no text (women in long dresses with open umbrellas standing in front of a tepee, other tepees and people in the background)

27) 2x3 no text (under the edge of a tent, the back of a man wearing a hat, near him are an open umbrella and blankets)

28) 2x3 no text ( wagon sitting near tepees and tents)

29) 2x3 “Little Hawk” (Indian on horseback in front of a tepee)

30) 2x3 “Ironhand” (back of an Indian man sitting a few feet from a smoking campfire)

31) 2x3 “Mr. John Eddy. Agent taking a picture of a squaw” (Older woman with a blanket on her head and shoulders sitting on the ground holding a young child)

32) 2x3 no text (Indian men hold out a blanket)

33) 2x3 “A pretty view” (a river valley and hills with a few scattered trees)

Picture grouping labeled:Ration Day

34) 2x3 “commissary dept” (several wagons lined up near a log building, Indians standing & sitting near the buildings open door)

35) 2x3 “ another view commissary dept” (wagons & horses, dogs & people waiting)

36) 2x3 “Slaughter pen” (many people are standing next to a log building & a very tall fence made of log bark slats)

37) 2x3 “Back of slaughter house where meat is weighed and issued” (covered wagons & box wagons near a log building)

38) 2x3 “slaughter pen” (tall wood bark slat fence)

39) 2x3 “Where meat is issued” (woman with her head and shoulders covered by blanket near log building & slat fence)

40) 2x3 “A group of cattle to be slaughtered” (cows on a prairie hill side)

41) 2x3 “Little Son with two tongues” (An Indian on a path carrying an object in each hand)

42) 2x3 “View for the tops of hill near the Indian graves” (rolling hills covered with trees)

43) 2x3 “Indian graves on hill top” (rock piles and hanging blankets surrounded by brush,<span style="margin: 0px;">  </span>terraced on a hill side) (Aadland pages 70 &71)

44) 2x3 “Graves Another view” ( rock piles and hanging blankets, a woman in the background)

45) 2x3 “Tree in the beauty of graves Mrs. Davis Mrs. Dady” (two women sitting on a rocky hill side)

46) 2x3 “Beautiful rock formation” (hillside topped with weather sculptured rocks)

47) 2x3 “Another View of same” (weather sculptured rocks)

48) 2x3 “Round-up 1911 A road to Indian saw mill” (cattle in a valley)

49) 2x3 “Childs grave in a tree. Mrs. Davis & myself” (Two women looking at a bundle in a tree)

50) 2x3 “Dorothy Duane Darby’s birthplace Lamedeer- Barracks used by Custer’s & Miles troops” (log cabin)

51) 2x3 “Dodo feeding chickens 1911” (Young child feeding chickens)

52) 2x3 ”Great Strong Left Hand” (Indian woman standing on the porch of a log cabin)

53) 2x3 ”Winter scene Lamedeer 1911” (snow covered hills, trees & barbed wire fences)

54) 2x3 “View of the house in which John & his family lived for 2 years in Lamedeer Indian Agency”

(a one story brick house with a porch, a small child on the sidewalk)

55) 2x3 “Julia Spaug with Donald on her back” (a woman with a baby on her back and a blanket around her shoulders)

56) 2x3 “Interior of living room Lamedeer” (couch, wicker rocking chair, oil lamp on parlor table)

57) 2x3 “ Another view” (phonograph on a table, bookcase)

58) 2x3 “Amelia & Patsy Taken near barn” (side view of a woman on a horse near a tree, the woman is facing the camera)

59) 2x3 “Patsy taken near barn” (side view of a woman on a horse near a log building, the woman is facing forward away from the camera)

60) 2x3 “Mrs. Davis & Blackie, Amelia& tu tu” (2 women wearing skirts & hats on horses, hills in the background)

61) 2x3 “ Coal Mine, Bertha-Blackie, Amelia-tu tu” (2 women wearing skirts & hats on horseback in front of a dirt wall)

62) 2x3 “Coal Mine, Bertha-Blackie ( a woman on horseback wearing a skirt & hat in front of a dirt wall)

63) 2x3 “Strong Left Hand” (an Indian woman standing on the porch of a log building)

64) 2x3 “Mr. & Mrs. Wright, Bertha, Amelia, Coal Mine” (3 women & 1 man on horseback, facing forward toward the camera, in front of a dirt wall)

65) 2x3 “John, Bertha, “Bay horse”-“Blackie” (one woman & one man on horseback facing the camera, in front of a dirt wall)

66) 2x3 “Amelia” ( woman in pants, jacket, hat, holding a pipe, standing in front of a screen door) (looks like a man)

67) 2x3 “Donald 1911” (a baby sitting on a chair outside)

68) 2x3 “Bertha, Mrs. Eddy, Mr. Eddy, outside of their first house” (2 women & one man standing on the porch of a log building)

69) 2¾x2½ ”My chickens” (chickens outside near a log building)

70) 2x3 “Hunters Hotsprings Montana Jan 1912”(the front of a building with a concrete step, a square hole in the step holds steaming water)

71) 2x3 “Hot water as it comes out of the ground” (small building, a steaming creek leading away from the building)

72) 2x3 “Another view of same” (creek of steaming water, buildings in the background)

73) 2x3 “Crazy Mountains, Hunters Montana, Mtns 16 miles away” (prairie, snow capped mountains in the background)

74) 2x3 “Mr.& Mrs. Joe Meredith, Gladys, Harry” ”I spent seven weeks on this ranch” (man & woman standing, girl & boy sitting on porch of building, horse team and wagon in background)

75) 2x3 “Meredith Homestead Belleview Ranch” (2 story rock building in front of snowy hills, a person is walking toward the camera)

76) 2x3 “Hold up, Glady ‘Dady on “Old Pete” (man on a horse holding up his arms, person wearing a holster, holding a pistol on him)

77) 2x3 “Mrs. Hardie, Taken on steps of Hunters Hotel” (woman in dress, holding a rifle standing on porch)

78) 2x3 “Amelia on Hunters Hotel steps” (woman in dress, holding a rifle, standing on porch)

79) 2¼x2¼ “Small view of round up” (cows on a hillside)

80) 2x3 “ “Shasta Springs, Shasta Limited, Bonita Calif 1912” (building with 2 men standing near a railing, waterfall coming down beside building and a waterwheel in the stream)

81) 2x3 “Another view Shasta Springs Delightfully beautiful place” (Building with railing, waterfall coming down beside building & a water wheel in the stream)

82) 2x3 “on morning train” (snowing hills)

83) 2x3 “April 30 1912 St. John’s Church Los Angeles, May & George married at noon by Governor Norris, Mr. & Mrs. George Schuele”

(man in a suit & woman in a skirt & jacket with a corsage & large plume hat in front of palm trees and other types of trees)

84) 2¼x2¼ “Amelia at Monrovia Oct. 1912 Nursing Mrs. Aiken” (woman in a nurse hat & outfit in a flower garden)

85) 2¼x2¼ “Mrs. Ida Whittaker, Amelia Dady, Monrovia Oct. 1912” (2 women sitting on a step in nursing outfits)

86) 2¼x2¼ “Amelia Dady” (woman in nun’s outfit standing in a courtyard in front of tree cover hills)

87) 2¼x2¼ “Mrs. Davis” (woman sitting a porch railing in front of a bed of flowers)

88) 1½ oval “Lita” (woman wearing a large hat sitting in a flower garden)

89) 2¼ x 2¼ “ Mrs. Aiken at home Monrovia Calif 1912” (home in the hills surrounded by flowers, vines & fence)

90) 2¼ x 2¼ “view to the right of the house” (home in the distance among hills & trees)

91) 2¼ x 2¼ “Blueie “cow” (cow sitting in a wooden corral)

92) 2¼ x 2¼ “view to the left of the house includes Mr. Drumonds residence” (houses up against tree covered hills)

93) 3¼ x 5¼ “Taken Monrovia Canyon November 1912” (woman lying on her side facing the camera, on a large rock in front of a rock cliff and a waterfall)

94) 2x3 “John” (man sitting on a large rock)

95) 2x3 “Alfred Sr., Jack, Marie, Alfred Jr.” (man, young boy & 2 small children standing in front of a 2 story house)

96) Postcards

97) 5¼ x3¼ “Strong Left Hand” (portrait of an Indian woman, hair unbraided)

98) 5¼x3¼ “Strong Left Hand drying beef” (Aadland page 89)

100) 5¼x3¼ “Jerking beef, J.E. Tuell 1911”

101) 5¼x3¼ “drying meats July 1911” (person with blankets around their shoulders standing in tent doorway, meat hanging on poles near the tent)

102) 3x5 “Round up” (cows in a valley)

103) 3x5 “Willis Rowland” (man on horseback in a corral, cow roped by front & rear feet & lying on its side)

104) 3x5 “Branding Calves Mr. Willis on horse, half Indian” (In a corral branding, 2 men holding a calf at the head & tail, 1 man with a branding iron on calf, men on horseback & cows in corral)

105) 3x5 “Round up June 1911” “John & Dorothy on fence, Bertha, Donald, mother Eddy, Ironhand in wagon, Mrs. Wright on horse, Mr. Wright on fence” (round corral, several cows, people in wagons, sitting on fence & on horseback)

106) 3x5 “Ration Day” (Indian women in line in front of a log building)

107) 3x5 “Mrs. Davis, Amelia Dady” (women sitting on ground wearing Indian clothing, blankets and headdress)

108) 3x5 (tepee)

109) 3x5 (terraced rock & blanket Indian graves)

110) 3x5 “Driver; Patrick Stauntons, Brother John Dady, Mother Eddy, Bertha, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Wright, Miss Isabella F., Amelia Dady, Lawrence Robbins”

(people in a wagon drawn by a horse team)

111) 3¼ x5¼ “Eugene Fisher & wife Lena-taken after death”

(man sitting beside an Indian woman lying on her back, hair is braided, flowers below her chest)

112) tabs but no photo

113) 3¼x5¼ no text, (Woman in Indian clothing & headdress, sitting on the ground)

114) 2x3 “1915” (small building on the prairie against hills)

115) 2x3 no text (closer picture of small building on prairie)

116) 2x3 no text (another shot of small building on prairie)

117) 2x3 no text (another shot of small building on prairie)

118) 2x3 no text (close up of small building with porch)

119) 2x3 “Williams Survey” (a small dog and a pile of stones possibly for land marker, homestead)

120) 2x3 no text (woman sitting on a rock in the middle of shrubs on the plains, hill in the background)

121) 2x3 no text (woman & man standing in the middle of shrubs on the plains)

122) 2x3 “Mr. Barius marked the stake 1915” (long pole in the ground in a hillside)

123) 2x3 “1915 Williams N.E. cor. 1915 Williams Survey” (small pile of rocks near a bush)

124) 2x3 no text (small dog near three long wooden stakes in the shrubs)

125) 2x3 “Dec 1916” (2<span style="margin: 0px;">  </span>x markings written on the photo, shrubs on the hillside)

126) 2x3 “Near my house” (tree and shrubs on a hillside)

127) 2x3 “1916” (woman standing among tree & shrubs)

128) 2x3 “Smith survey” (wooden long pole marker among shrubs on plains)

129) 2x3 “snippy as a kitten 1915, my only companion” “snippy killed by coyotes 1916, “kitty” her kitten” (silhouette of a cat standing in an open window)

130) 2x3 no text (woman, holding a hat, standing by a fence)

131) 2x3 “1916 Wm Barius” (man standing on the plains, small building in the background)

132) 2x3 “R.M. Tibbets plowing” (man on a plow behind two teams of horses)

133) 2x3 “July 12 1916” (woman by gate, bending over facing toward the camera)

134) 2x3 “1916 “Molly & Peggy” (2 women each holding a bucket, a small dog stands by them, in front of house with porch)

135) 2x3 “1916” (woman on a ladder leaning on a small building, a small dog and a woman are on the ground near the ladder)

136) 2x3 “1918” (man on farm implement pulled by a team of horses, near a house)

137) 2x3 “July” (man on a farm implement pulled by a team of horses)

138) 2x3 “spring on claim 1918” (a creek on a rocky hillside)

139) 2x3 “spring on claim 1918” (a different view of creek, a bucket beside the creek)

140) 2x3 no text (woman with a rake over her shoulder standing, another woman sitting in the dirt with a dog in her lap, shrub plains)

141) 2x3 “July, Billy, Mrs. M?, mom, Dorothy, Molly” (people standing in a chest high bush)

142) 2x3 “July 1917, Mrs.?, Billy, Molly, J? (3 people standing & one sitting in a wheel barrow)

143) 2x3 no text (4 people standing on the rungs of a ladder that is leaning on a house)

144) 2x3 no text (woman sitting in a rocking chair on a porch with a small dark colored dog is sitting beside her)

145) 2x3 no text (back of a woman in a blouse & skirt, standing)

146) 2x3 no text (porch of house a small light colored dog is near the steps)

147) 2x3 no text (woman & dog sitting on a rock near a bush)

148) 2x3 no text (field crop)

149) 2½x4½ no text (man standing holding a pick & hay fork, cigar in his mouth)

150) (remains of photo torn out)

151) 2½x4½ “Peggy Dady” (woman sitting on porch steps with a smalllight colored dog)

152) 2½x4½ “George Schuele” (man pointing with one arm holding a rifle vertically with the other arm)

153) 2½x4½ “George climbing the mountain” (person off in the distance toward the top of a hillside, x is marked near him on the photo)

154) 2½x4½ “Farmer Schuele” ( man sitting on wooden porch step, cigar in his mouth, tattered flag on porch post)

155) (remains of a photo that has been torn out, a house)

156) 4¼x3 no text (3 women sitting at a table with linen table cloth, outside having coffee/tea)

157) 4¼x3 no text (woman in pants standing on step of automobile, 2 people are sitting in the automobile)

158) 4¼x3 no text (1 man & 2 women standing & one person in a wheelbarrow cart)

159) 4¼x3 no text (3 people standing in the doorway of a small house & a man off to the right)

160) 4¼x3 no text (woman standing near another woman sitting in wheelbarrow cart)

161) 4¼x3 no text (partial view of high way, plains & hills)

162) 4¼x3 no text (man in coveralls with a calf standing in front of a small house)

163) 4¼x3 no text (woman in front of a small house)

164) 2x3 no text (older man, woman & dog standing in front of a goat pen)

165) 2x3 “Thelma Dean, Anna (Krutzel)?, ? Gorman”(3 women sitting outside at a table with table cloth, eating)

166) 2x3 no text (goat in front of brush & wood pile)

167) 2x3 no text (older woman sitting in front of a goat pen & wood pile)

168) 2x3 no text (2 women in pants standing & a woman sitting in a wheelbarrow cart)

169) 5¼x3¼ Commercial Postcard “Big Bear Boys Camp-Big Bear Lake Cal., Wright eu Pierce –Photos”

170) 2½x4 “BBBC 1924” (cabin in the woods with two American flags on the porch)

York, NY; 1996

Folder MS283.1.04: Julia E Tuell Photographs Album, Where Sleep the Indian DeadAdd to your cart.

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