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MS 279 - Motion Picture Still Photograph Collection

Collection Overview

Title: MS 279 - Motion Picture Still Photograph Collection

Extent: 1.0 Boxes

Administrative Information

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Box and Folder Listing

Box MS279.01Add to your cart.
Folder MS279.1.01: “The Big Trail” 8  8x10 black and white copy prints 13 photo copies of the prints which have descriptive text written on the back including the information  “The Big Trail”, Jackson Hole, Wyoming; 1931. The date on the back of the photo copies is given as 1931; the movie “The Big Trail” was released in October of 1930.Add to your cart.

P.279.1.1 Jack

P.279.1.2 Copy of P.279.1.1

P.279.1.3 Reduced copy of P.279.1.1

P.279.2.1 Building Sundance Lodge

P.279.2.2 Copy of P.279.2.1

P.279.2.3 Reduced copy of P.279.2.1

P.279.3.1 Jackie and I (Bonnie)

P.279.3.2 Copy of P.279.3.1

P.279.3.3 Reduced copy of P.279.3.1

P.279.4.1 Yellow Calf, White Horse and two other Indians

P.279.4.2 Copy of P.279.4.1

P.279.4.3 Reduced copy of P.279.4.1

P.279.5.1 Jack Pagent, Jack D. and Bonnie

P.279.5.2 Copy of P.279.5.1

P.279.5.3 Reduced copy of P.279.5.1

P. Would you know me here

P. Duplicate of P.

P.279.6.2 Copy of P.

P.279.7.1 Bonnie Anderson Ramsey

P.279.7.2 Copy of P.279.7.2

P.279.8.1 Jack 1931

P.279.8.2 Copy of P.279.8.1

Folder MS279.1.02: “Northwest Stampede”Add to your cart.

P.279.9 Rodeo Scene

P.279.10 Bull Rider #50

P.279.11 Cattle Roundup

P.279.12 A Racing Covered Wagon

Folder MS279.1.03: FF 3: “Annie Oakley”Add to your cart.

P.279.13 Annie Oakley

P.279.14 Buffalo Bill and the Wild West Show Ensemble

Folder MS279.1.04: “Winners of the West”Add to your cart.
P.279.15 Stage Coach
Folder MS279.1.05: “Trail of the Vigilantes”Add to your cart.
P.279.16 Rescuing a Bogged Calf
Folder MS279.1.06: “Son of Roaring Dan”Add to your cart.
P.279.17 On a Bucking Horse”
Folder MS279.1.07: “Dawn Trail”Add to your cart.
P.279.18 Cattle Roundup
Folder MS279.1.08: “Smoky”Add to your cart.
P.279.19 Riding a Bucking Horse
Folder MS279.1.09: “The Texas Ranger”Add to your cart.
P.279.20 Cattle Roundup
Folder MS279.1.10: “The Mysterious Rider”Add to your cart.
P.279.21 Cattle Roundup
Folder MS279.1.11: Miscellaneous Photographs from Un-named Motion PicturesAdd to your cart.

P.279.22 Cattle Drive

P.279.23 Cattle Drive in a Town

P.279.24 Cattle Drive

P.279.25 Photographer Shooting a Large Group of Cattle

P.279.26 A Staged Bar Fight

P.279.27 Buffalo Bill and the Queen

P.279.28 Cattle Roundup

P.279.29 Cattle Roundup

Folder MS279.1.12: “Winneton-Part 1”Add to your cart.
P.279.30 Pierre Brice