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MS 247 - Fred Meyer Collection



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MS 247 - Fred Meyer Collection | McCracken Research Library

By Nathan Bender

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 247 - Fred Meyer CollectionAdd to your cart.

Primary Creator: Meyer, Fred

Extent: 1.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 12/19/2003


46 black & white photographic prints of Blackfeet, Cree, Crow, and Sioux peoples taken 1902-1904 by Fred R. Meyer, a photographer from Buffalo, NY. Includes scenes of the burial of Chief Plenty Coups and of Crow tribal member Pretty Horse Right Hand; a 1902 Blackfeet medicine lodge at Browning, Montana with Chiefs Three Bears, Rocky Boy, Wolf Eagle, Old Mountain Chief, Many Guns, Little Dog and Many Tail Feathers; and images of the Pine Ridge Sioux including Chief Red Cloud, Two Moons, Crazy Horse, Chief Calico and his wife Good Dog, and Black Horn.  Also includes a few photographs of the Little Big Horn battlefield memorial.   All caption quotations are from text written by Fred Meyer on the back of the photographic prints as sent to his friend William P. Sargent.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Acquisition Source: Gift of Marcia Hider

Related Materials: Digitized materials For more information please see http://library.bbhc.org/cdm/landingpage/collection/MS247.

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Box 1Add to your cart.
Item 1: P.247.1Add to your cart.
“Old Chief Rocky Boy giving advice to his band what is going to take place for the coming next few days to come.”
Item 2: P.247.2 Add to your cart.
“A view of part of the Lodges.  Old Chief Wolf Eagle riding around the circul (sic) advising the camp what is going on for the coming day.”
Item 3: P.247.3 Add to your cart.
“This is the young virtus (sic) girl chosen to select and touch the pole. She is chosen by the old Med. women and will later in life if she carries herself right will become a Med. woman.  1902”
Item 4: P.247.4 Add to your cart.
“Here are more wagons with branches for the Sundance Med. Lodge.”
Item 5: P.247.5Add to your cart.
“Hear (sic) is the old Med. man bringing the sacred White Ash Med. poles in the rear you see all the young bucks riding at a distance to proctect (sic) the poles so no one cuts between and when they stop they (sic) riders all form a circle around to proctect (sic) the wagons.  July 1st 1902”
Item 6: P.247.6Add to your cart.
“Chief Three Bears of Black foot tribe at Browning, Mont.  This photo was taken in 1902 this shows the form of line only the Braves can help to erect the Medicine Lodge, each man holds a pole 15 feet long tyed (sic) together with the sacred Buffalo hide cut in strips to be tyed (sic) together. It takes a whole day to erect this lodge from sun rise but must be finished by sun down by all means.”
Item 7: P.247.7Add to your cart.
“This shows one of the four sides of singers or braves with poles tyed (sic) with the hide where they place under the center sun pole as they dare not touch with the naked hand untill (sic) sun down.  Oh I just wish I could have you at my side and tell you.”
Item 8: P.247.8  Add to your cart.
“A line of Black feet. I had go in line as to get all the old men together at the side you will see the Sun dance Lodge.”
Item 9: P.247.9Add to your cart.
“Many of the famous old Black feet chiefs with the Med. Lodge in the background.  Taken 1902”
Item 10: P.247.10Add to your cart.
“Thies (sic) are the old Chiefs among the Blackfeet going to open the Taboca (sic) bundle.  This is the way they go in formation to the Med. Lodge where it will be opened.”
Item 11: P.247.11Add to your cart.
“The old Med. Men going to open the Med. bundle in the Med. Lodge Black foot Reservation.”
Item 12: P.247.12Add to your cart.
“Two Black foot women at the Sun dance alter (sic) having thair (sic) babys blessed by the Sun priest.  They brought the offerings laying before them.  the priest is nude under his Elk skin robe”Printed on postcard stock.
Item 13: P.247.13Add to your cart.
“Chief Three Bears and Meny (sic) Guns.”
Item 14: P.247.14Add to your cart.
“This shows how they gather all kinds of clothes to give to the poor and Blind so they will have some things to keep them warm.  This is at the inside of the Med. lodge or sun dance lodge.  Black foot”
Item 15: P.247.15Add to your cart.
“Offerings for the poor at the Sun Dance Lodge.  Old Morning Eagle sitting watching.”  Postcard print of P.247.14.
Item 16: P.247.16Add to your cart.
“This will give you an idea how the Med. Lodge was put together as thies (sic) spaces are 20 feet apart.
Item 17: P.247.17Add to your cart.
“Here you see Old Mountain Chief has a Med. Hand drum in his hand stooping down to put some offering to the Sun pole as you see Blankets food also Med. bundles of different kinds to make them more powerful he wears a red Canadian coat with soldier buttons on.”
Item 18: P.247.18Add to your cart.
( no caption, image of the Sun pole with guns leaning on it and people in the background)
Item 19: P.247.19Add to your cart.
“Here is Old Many Tail Feathers telling a story about Little Dog who stands with his back listening to the story also Three Bears alongside of  Little Dog.  An Indian will never tell his own story.”
Item 20: P.247.20Add to your cart.
“Blackfoot Medicine or Sun Dance Lodge. Browning. Starting of Medicine Pipe dance (pipe bundle). 1902”
Item 21: P.247.21Add to your cart.
“This shows the singers and drummers at the big dance among the Blackfeet whare (sic) they have a big Med. Lodge.
Item 22: P.247.22Add to your cart.
“Plenty Coose (sic) funeral six of the last Crow Chiefs carried him.  F.M.”
Item 23: P.247.23Add to your cart.
”Takin (sic) Plenty Coose (sic) from the Church for Burial  F.M.”
Item 24: P.247.24Add to your cart.
“Pretty Horse wife  Crow tribe has a fine Elk tooth dress.”
Item 25: P.247.25Add to your cart.
“Crow Indians buried in the trees.  Thair (sic) are 3 buried here.”
Item 26: P.247.26Add to your cart.
“Tis (sic) is the same Horn shell dress it belonged to old Chief Calico Squaw.  her name was Good Dog.  Her brother was a big tall Sioux took a proment (sic) part of the Wounded Knee Fight his name was Goose Face  looked very much like Kicking Bear.  Could not talk any English  I have stopped at his camp also Calico many times and always was wonderful to me.  The boy on picture is Calico son Frank Calico, he died while at Carlile (sic) school.  Place Pine Ridge Holley Mission year 1902.”
Item 27: P.247.27Add to your cart.
“This picture showes (sic) you the old Med. woman sitting in center of  background the two women leaning over giving the old Med. woman the blessed meat of the Buffalo as she has been fasting for 3 days  no water or any thing to eat when she will be led out by the younger virtures (sic) young (?) squaw and led to the alter (sic) of the Sun dance lodge was taken in 1903 Browning Mont.”
Item 28: P.247.28Add to your cart.
“This is the Home of old Chief Calico on Pine Ridge Reservation at the Mission.  He always lived in the Log House in winter and in summer in the Teepe.  His wife is wearing the shell dress also the German Silver disk belt her name is Good Dog 68 years old and has gone thru a lot of hard doings. She also Chief Calico have both passed away.  I took this picture in 1902.”
Item 29: P.247.29Add to your cart.
(no caption, image is of mostly white men standing in a field involved in a discussion, printed on postcard stock)
Item 30: P.247.30Add to your cart.
“Old Crasey (sic) Horse came to call on old Two Moons and make friends again as they used to have it out many times in the early days.”  Printed on postcard stock.
Item 31: P.247.31Add to your cart.
“This picture I took of old Chief Red Cloud in his tent in 1902.” Printed on postcard stock.
Item 32: P.247.32Add to your cart.
“This is my old Pal Chief Black Horn (?) Sioux Chief since Red Cloud passed out  he is a fine type of Sioux  a full blood.”
Item 33: P.247.33Add to your cart.
(no caption, view of men and women apparently singing with hand drum)
Item 34: P.247.34Add to your cart.
“Will tell you the story when I see you about this picture.”
Item 35: P.247.35Add to your cart.
“This is a picture of my dear old friend Pretty Antelope is buried on stillts (sic) away up on top of a hill near Pryor.  You can see our rig on the far end.”
Item 36: P.247.36Add to your cart.
(no caption, looks like probably Fred Meyer posing with same Indian men as he did in P.247.34).
Item 37: P.247.37Add to your cart.
“A Cree camp watching a big medicine bundle being opened.”
Item 38: P.247.38Add to your cart.
“I am sending this Photo to show you how this Indian used the long strands of hair paisted (sic) with Gum or Glue from the sap of the sacred white ash.  They only used this hair decoration at the Sundance in the early days.  The one I have is a real old one very rare theis days.”
Item 39: P.247.39Add to your cart.
“This is the Big House at St Xavier Mont whare (sic) the Crows hold all thair (sic) big councel (sic) meetings and whare (sic) only sacred drums are used.”
Item 40: P.247.40Add to your cart.
“Right Hand Pretty Horse and Squaw & child.  Crow 1902.”
Item 41: P.247.41Add to your cart.
“Another view of Custer grave at the top of the hill at Crow.”
Item 42: P.247.42Add to your cart.
“This is the location whare (sic) Custer had it out in 1876 with Gall and the rest of the Souix whare (sic) I marked the cross is whare (sic) Custer fell.  The log house you see at the side is whare (sic) an old Indian lives that raises the flag every sun rise.”
Item 43: P.247.43Add to your cart.
(no caption, shows the Custer grave area from a distance)
Item 44: P.247.44Add to your cart.
“Gen Geo. Custar (sic) grave or monument at whare (sic) he was killed at Crow agency in 1876 also a number of stones where his comards (sic) fell.”
Item 45: P.247.45Add to your cart.
“Blackfeet 1904”  8x10 print, embossed with “F.R. Meyer/Buffalo, N.Y.”
Item 46: P.247.46Add to your cart.
(no caption, image is of a group of Indians on horseback with teepees in background, printed on an 8x10 manila card stock)

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