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MS 243 - James Bama Collection



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MS 243 - James Bama Collection | McCracken Research Library

By Samantha L. Harper

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 243 - James Bama CollectionAdd to your cart.

Primary Creator: Bama, James

Extent: 13.0 Boxes

Languages: English


James Bama is a prominent illustrator and artist of the American West.  He was one of the best known magazine and book illustrators in the country, with many Doc Savage book covers as examples of his work.  After nearly 22 years as an illustrator in New York City, Bama moved to Wyoming in 1968.  This collection comes from his studio and includes correspondence, research articles, photographs, negatives, gallery catalogs, magazines and books containing Bama’s illustrations.

Collection Historical Note

James Elliott Bama (April 28, 1926 – Present), James was born to Benjamin Bama and Selma Sarah Abrams Bama in Washington Heights of New York City in 1926.

James’ father Benjamin Bama was born in 1891 in Minsk, Russia.  Benjamin emigrated to the U.S. in 1905 and worked as a salesman.  Benjamin married Selma Sarah Abrams on June 25, 1922 and became a naturalized citizen in 1924.  Benjamin passed away unexpectedly in October 1940, when Jim was 14 years old, and is buried in the Mount Carmel Cemetery, in Glendale, Queens County, New York.

James’ mother Selma or Sarah Abrams Bama was born in New York in 1896 or 1897.  She worked as a sales lady prior to her marriage, at which point she became a home maker.  Selma passed away on November 17, 1944, when Jim was 18 years old, and is buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, in Glendale, Queens County, New York.

James developed a love of art early in his life.  He graduated from the New York City High School of Music and Arts in May 1944.  He enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps on June 13, 1944 at Fort Dix, New Jersey.  While in the Army Air Corps he worked as a mechanic, mural painter, and physical training instructor.  After the war he then attended the Art Students League for three years.  Starting in 1951 he worked as an illustrator at New York’s Charles E. Cooper Studios for 15 years.  In Jim’s 22 year career as a commercial artist and illustrator he produced works for paperback book covers, movie posters, illustrations, and model kit boxes.  He also worked as an illustrator for the New York Giants football team, the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Football Hall of Fame, and the U.S. Air Force.

In 1964 James married Lynne Klepfer, an Art Historian with a degree from New York University.  In 1966 the couple visited friends in the West, and in 1968 moved to Wapiti, Wyoming just outside of Cody.  James began painting contemporary Western subjects during this time, and quit illustration as a profession in 1971.  It was also at this time that he began fine art painting in earnest, and began selling his works through the Coe Kerr Gallery in New York.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Photographs],

Series 1: PhotographsAdd to your cart.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Bob Adams, October 1972 (P.243.00609 to P.243.00656)Add to your cart.
P.243.00609, P.243.00610, P.243.00611, P.243.00612, P.243.00613, P.243.00614, P.243.00615, P.243.00616, P.243.00617, P.243.00618, P.243.00619, P.243.00620, P.243.00621, P.243.00622, P.243.00623, P.243.00624, P.243.00625, P.243.00626, P.243.00627, P.243.00628, P.243.00629, P.243.00630, P.243.00631, P.243.00632, P.243.00633, P.243.00634, P.243.00635, P.243.00636, P.243.00637, P.243.00638, P.243.00639 , P.243.00640, P.243.00641, P.243.00642, P.243.00643, P.243.00644, P.243.00645, P.243.00646, P.243.00647, P.243.00648, P.243.00649, P.243.00650, P.243.00651, P.243.00652, P.243.00653, P.243.00654, P.243.00655, P.243.00656
Folder 2: Bob Adams, Summer 1981 (P.243.00657 to P.243.00716)Add to your cart.
P.243.00657, P.243.00658, P.243.00659, P.243.00660, P.243.00661, P.243.00662, P.243.00663, P.243.00664, P.243.00665, P.243.00666, P.243.00667, P.243.00668, P.243.00669, P.243.00670, P.243.00671, P.243.00672, P.243.00673, P.243.00674, P.243.00675, P.243.00676, P.243.00677, P.243.00678, P.243.00679, P.243.00680, P.243.00681, P.243.00682, P.243.00683, P.243.00684, P.243.00685, P.243.00686, P.243.00687, P.243.00688, P.243.00689, P.243.00690, P.243.00691, P.243.00692, P.243.00693, P.243.00694, P.243.00695, P.243.00696, P.243.00697, P.243.00698, P.243.00699, P.243.00700, P.243.00701, P.243.00702, P.243.00703, P.243.00704, P.243.00705, P.243.00706, P.243.00707, P.243.00708, P.243.00709, P.243.00710, P.243.00711, P.243.00712, P.243.00713, P.243.00714, P.243.00715, P.243.00716
Folder 3: (Jim) J.H. Amsbury May 11, 1985 (P.243.00717 to P.243.00788)Add to your cart.
P.243.00717, P.243.00718, P.243.00719, P.243.00720, P.243.00721, P.243.00722, P.243.00723, P.243.00724, P.243.00725, P.243.00726, P.243.00727, P.243.00728, P.243.00729, P.243.00730, P.243.00731, P.243.00732, P.243.00733, P.243.00734, P.243.00735, P.243.00736, P.243.00737, P.243.00738, P.243.00739, P.243.00740, P.243.00741, P.243.00742, P.243.00743, P.243.00744, P.243.00745, P.243.00746, P.243.00747, P.243.00748, P.243.00749, P.243.00750, P.243.00751, P.243.00752, P.243.00753, P.243.00754, P.243.00755, P.243.00756, P.243.00757, P.243.00758, P.243.00759, P.243.00760, P.243.00761, P.243.00762, P.243.00763, P.243.00764, P.243.00765, P.243.00766, P.243.00767, P.243.00768, P.243.00769, P.243.00770, P.243.00771, P.243.00772, P.243.00773, P.243.00774, P.243.00775, P.243.00776, P.243.00777, P.243.00778, P.243.00779, P.243.00780, P.243.00781, P.243.00782, P.243.00783, P.243.00784, P.243.00785, P.243.00786, P.243.00787, P.243.00788
Folder 4: Pete Anderson July 1975 (P.243.00789 to P.243.00812)Add to your cart.
P.243.00789, P.243.00790, P.243.00791, P.243.00792, P.243.00793, P.243.00794, P.243.00795, P.243.00796, P.243.00797, P.243.00798, P.243.00799, P.243.00800, P.243.00801, P.243.00802, P.243.00803, P.243.00804, P.243.00805, P.243.00806, P.243.00807, P.243.00808, P.243.00809, P.243.00810, P.243.00811, P.243.00812
Folder 5: John Androezzi June-July 1982 (Andreozzi)? (P.243.00813 to P.243.00824)Add to your cart.
P.243.00813, P.243.00814, P.243.00815, P.243.00816, P.243.00817, P.243.00818, P.243.00819, P.243.00820, P.243.00821, P.243.00822, P.243.00823, P.243.00824
Folder 6: John Androezzi Summer 1982 (Andreozzi)? (P.243.00825 to P.243.00860)Add to your cart.
P.243.00825, P.243.00826, P.243.00827, P.243.00828, P.243.00829, P.243.00830, P.243.00831, P.243.00832, P.243.00833, P.243.00834, P.243.00835, P.243.00836, P.243.00837, P.243.00838, P.243.00839, P.243.00840, P.243.00841, P.243.00842, P.243.00843, P.243.00844, P.243.00845, P.243.00846, P.243.00847, P.243.00848, P.243.00849, P.243.00850, P.243.00851, P.243.00852, P.243.00853, P.243.00854, P.243.00855, P.243.00856, P.243.00857, P.243.00858, P.243.00859, P.243.00860
Folder 7: Sam Arthur May 1987 Frank McKenzie (P.243.00861 to P.243.00920)Add to your cart.
P.243.00861, P.243.00862, P.243.00863, P.243.00864, P.243.00865, P.243.00866, P.243.00867, P.243.00868, P.243.00869, P.243.00870, P.243.00871, P.243.00872, P.243.00873, P.243.00874, P.243.00875, P.243.00876, P.243.00877, P.243.00878, P.243.00879, P.243.00880, P.243.00881, P.243.00882, P.243.00883, P.243.00884, P.243.00885, P.243.00886, P.243.00887, P.243.00888, P.243.00889, P.243.00890, P.243.00891, P.243.00892, P.243.00893, P.243.00894, P.243.00895, P.243.00896, P.243.00897, P.243.00898, P.243.00899, P.243.00900, P.243.00901, P.243.00902, P.243.00903, P.243.00904, P.243.00905, P.243.00906, P.243.00907, P.243.00908, P.243.00909, P.243.00910, P.243.00911, P.243.00912, P.243.00913, P.243.00914, P.243.00915, P.243.00916, P.243.00917, P.243.00918, P.243.00919, P.243.00920
Folder 8: Ron Baker March 1988 (P.243.00921 to P.243.00992)Add to your cart.
P.243.00921, P.243.00922, P.243.00923, P.243.00924, P.243.00925, P.243.00926, P.243.00927, P.243.00928, P.243.00929, P.243.00930, P.243.00931, P.243.00932, P.243.00933, P.243.00934, P.243.00935, P.243.00936, P.243.00937, P.243.00938, P.243.00939, P.243.00940, P.243.00941, P.243.00942, P.243.00943, P.243.00944, P.243.00945, P.243.00946, P.243.00947, P.243.00948, P.243.00949, P.243.00950, P.243.00951, P.243.00952, P.243.00953, P.243.00954, P.243.00955, P.243.00956, P.243.00957, P.243.00958, P.243.00959, P.243.00960, P.243.00961, P.243.00962, P.243.00963, P.243.00964, P.243.00965, P.243.00966, P.243.00967, P.243.00968, P.243.00969, P.243.00970, P.243.00971, P.243.00972, P.243.00973, P.243.00974, P.243.00975, P.243.00976, P.243.00977, P.243.00978, P.243.00979, P.243.00980, P.243.00981, P.243.00982, P.243.00983, P.243.00984, P.243.00985, P.243.00986, P.243.00987, P.243.00988, P.243.00989, P.243.00990, P.243.00991, P.243.00992
Folder 9: Carrie Fogwell Ballentyne Fall 1981 (P.243.00993 to P.243.01050)Add to your cart.
P.243.00993, P.243.00994, P.243.00995, P.243.00996, P.243.00997, P.243.00998, P.243.00999, P.243.01000, P.243.01001, P.243.01002, P.243.01003, P.243.01004, P.243.01005, P.243.01006, P.243.01007, P.243.01008, P.243.01009, P.243.01010, P.243.01011, P.243.01012, P.243.01013, P.243.01014, P.243.01015, P.243.01016, P.243.01017, P.243.01018, P.243.01019, P.243.01020, P.243.01021, P.243.01022, P.243.01023, P.243.01024, P.243.01025, P.243.01026, P.243.01027, P.243.01028, P.243.01029, P.243.01030, P.243.01031, P.243.01032, P.243.01033, P.243.01034, P.243.01035, P.243.01036, P.243.01037, P.243.01038, P.243.01039, P.243.01040, P.243.01041, P.243.01042, P.243.01043, P.243.01044, P.243.01045, P.243.01046, P.243.01047, P.243.01048, P.243.01049, P.243.01050
Folder 10: Carrie & Jessie Ballentyne Fall 1983 (P.243.01051 to P.243.01121)Add to your cart.
P.243.01051, P.243.01052, P.243.01053, P.243.01054, P.243.01055, P.243.01056, P.243.01057, P.243.01058, P.243.01059, P.243.01060, P.243.01061, P.243.01062, P.243.01063, P.243.01064, P.243.01065, P.243.01066, P.243.01067, P.243.01068, P.243.01069, P.243.01070, P.243.01071, P.243.01072, P.243.01073, P.243.01074, P.243.01075, P.243.01076, P.243.01077, P.243.01078, P.243.01079, P.243.01080, P.243.01081, P.243.01082, P.243.01083, P.243.01084, P.243.01085, P.243.01086, P.243.01087, P.243.01088, P.243.01089, P.243.01090, P.243.01091, P.243.01092, P.243.01093, P.243.01094, P.243.01095, P.243.01096, P.243.01097, P.243.01098, P.243.01099, P.243.01100, P.243.01101, P.243.01102, P.243.01103, P.243.01104, P.243.01105, P.243.01106, P.243.01107, P.243.01108, P.243.01109, P.243.01110, P.243.01111, P.243.01112, P.243.01113, P.243.01114, P.243.01115, P.243.01116, P.243.01117, P.243.01118, P.243.01119, P.243.01120, P.243.01121
Folder 11: Jess Ballentyne May 1982 (P.243.01122 to P.243.01193)Add to your cart.
P.243.01122, P.243.01123, P.243.01124, P.243.01125, P.243.01126, P.243.01127, P.243.01128, P.243.01129, P.243.01130, P.243.01131, P.243.01132, P.243.01133, P.243.01134, P.243.01135, P.243.01136, P.243.01137, P.243.01138, P.243.01139, P.243.01140, P.243.01141, P.243.01142, P.243.01143, P.243.01144, P.243.01145, P.243.01146, P.243.01147, P.243.01148, P.243.01149, P.243.01150, P.243.01151, P.243.01152, P.243.01153, P.243.01154, P.243.01155, P.243.01156, P.243.01157, P.243.01158, P.243.01159, P.243.01160, P.243.01161, P.243.01162, P.243.01163, P.243.01164, P.243.01165, P.243.01166, P.243.01167, P.243.01168, P.243.01169, P.243.01170, P.243.01171, P.243.01172, P.243.01173, P.243.01174, P.243.01175, P.243.01176, P.243.01177, P.243.01178, P.243.01179, P.243.01180, P.243.01181, P.243.01182, P.243.01183, P.243.01184, P.243.01185, P.243.01186, P.243.01187, P.243.01188, P.243.01189, P.243.01190, P.243.01191, P.243.01192, P.243.01193
Folder 12: Jess Ballentyne February 1984 (P.243.01194 to P.243.01253)Add to your cart.
P.243.01194, P.243.01195, P.243.01196, P.243.01197, P.243.01198, P.243.01199, P.243.01200, P.243.01201, P.243.01202, P.243.01203, P.243.01204, P.243.01205, P.243.01206, P.243.01207, P.243.01208, P.243.01209, P.243.01210, P.243.01211, P.243.01212, P.243.01213, P.243.01214, P.243.01215, P.243.01216, P.243.01217, P.243.01218, P.243.01219, P.243.01220, P.243.01221, P.243.01222, P.243.01223, P.243.01224, P.243.01225, P.243.01226, P.243.01227, P.243.01228, P.243.01229, P.243.01230, P.243.01231, P.243.01232, P.243.01233, P.243.01234, P.243.01235, P.243.01236, P.243.01237, P.243.01238, P.243.01239, P.243.01240, P.243.01241, P.243.01242, P.243.01243, P.243.01244, P.243.01245, P.243.01246, P.243.01247, P.243.01248, P.243.01249, P.243.01250, P.243.01251, P.243.01252, P.243.01253
Folder 13: Jessie & Verne Ballentyne March 12, 1982 (P.243.01254 to P.243.01324)Add to your cart.
P.243.01254, P.243.01255, P.243.01256, P.243.01257, P.243.01258, P.243.01259, P.243.01260, P.243.01261, P.243.01262, P.243.01263, P.243.01264, P.243.01265, P.243.01266, P.243.01267, P.243.01268, P.243.01269, P.243.01270, P.243.01271, P.243.01272, P.243.01273, P.243.01274, P.243.01275, P.243.01276, P.243.01277, P.243.01278, P.243.01279, P.243.01280, P.243.01281, P.243.01282, P.243.01283, P.243.01284, P.243.01285, P.243.01286, P.243.01287, P.243.01288, P.243.01289, P.243.01290, P.243.01291, P.243.01292, P.243.01293, P.243.01294, P.243.01295, P.243.01296, P.243.01297, P.243.01298, P.243.01299, P.243.01300, P.243.01301, P.243.01302, P.243.01303, P.243.01304, P.243.01305, P.243.01306, P.243.01307, P.243.01308, P.243.01309, P.243.01310, P.243.01311, P.243.01312, P.243.01313, P.243.01314, P.243.01315, P.243.01316, P.243.01317, P.243.01318, P.243.01319, P.243.01320, P.243.01321, P.243.01322, P.243.01323, P.243.01324
Folder 14: James Bama 1973 (P.243.01325 to P.243.01347 and PN.243.02994 to PN.243.03008 and PN.243.42318 to PN.243.42324)Add to your cart.

P.243.01325, P.243.01326, P.243.01327, P.243.01328, P.243.01329, P.243.01330, P.243.01331, P.243.01332, P.243.01333, P.243.01334, P.243.01335, P.243.01336, P.243.01337, P.243.01338, P.243.01339, P.243.01340, P.243.01341, P.243.01342, P.243.01343, P.243.01344, P.243.01345, P.243.01346, P.243.01347

Negatives from Box 1- Folder 1/14 PN.243.02994, PN.243.02995, PN.243.02996, PN.243.02997, PN.243.02998, PN.243.02999, PN.243.03000, PN.243.03001, PN.243.03002, PN.243.03003, PN.243.03004, PN.243.03005, PN.243.03006, PN.243.03007, PN.243.03008, P.243.42317, PN.243.42318, PN.243.42319, PN.243.42320, PN.243.42321, PN.243.42322, PN.243.42323, PN.243.42324,

Folder 15: Lynne Bama March 1972 (P.243.01348 to P.243.01371)Add to your cart.
P.243.01348, P.243.01349, P.243.01350, P.243.01351, P.243.01352, P.243.01353, P.243.01354, P.243.01355, P.243.01356, P.243.01357, P.243.01358, P.243.01359, P.243.01360, P.243.01361, P.243.01362, P.243.01363, P.243.01364, P.243.01365, P.243.01366, P.243.01367, P.243.01368, P.243.01369, P.243.01370, P.243.01371
Folder 16: Lynne Bama (Some only proofs and some with only negatives) (PN.243.01372 to PN.243.01382, P.243.01383 to P.243.1389, P.243.01459 to P.243.01494)Add to your cart.

Lynne Bama (Negatives only) October 10, 1966?

PN.243.01372, PN.243.01373, PN.243.01374, PN.243.01375, PN.243.01376, PN.243.01377, PN.243.01378, PN.243.01379, PN.243.01380, PN.243.01381, PN.243.01382

Lynne Bama November 1971

P.243.01383, P.243.01384, P.243.01385, P.243.01386, PN.243.01387, PN.243.01388, PN.243.01389

Lynne Bama November 1971 (Jim Bama)

P.243.01459, P.243.01460, P.243.01461, P.243.01462

Lynne Bama January 1974, Old Trail Town

P.243.01463, P.243.01464, P.243.01465, P.243.01466, P.243.01467, P.243.01468, P.243.01469, P.243.01470

P.243.01471, P.243.01472, P.243.01473, P.243.01474, P.243.01475, P.243.01476, P.243.01477, P.243.01478, P.243.01479, P.243.01480, P.243.01481, P.243.01482, P.243.01483, P.243.01484, P.243.01485, P.243.01486, P.243.01487, P.243.01488, P.243.01489, P.243.01490, P.243.01491, P.243.01492, P.243.01493, P.243.01494

Folder 17: Sue Bedient April 7, 1979 (P.243.01390 to P.243.01422)Add to your cart.
P.243.01390, P.243.01391, P.243.01392, P.243.01393, P.243.01394, P.243.01395, P.243.01396, P.243.01397, P.243.01398, P.243.01399, P.243.01400, P.243.01401, P.243.01402, P.243.01402, P.243.01403, P.243.01404, P.243.01405, P.243.01406, P.243.01407, P.243.01408, P.243.01409, P.243.01410, P.243.01411, P.243.01412, P.243.01413, P.243.01414, P.243.01415, P.243.01416, P.243.01417, P.243.01418, P.243.01419, P.243.01420, P.243.01421, P.243.01422
Folder 18: Kimbell Bench, Spring 1985 (PN.243.42325 to P.243.42558)Add to your cart.
P.243.42325, P.243.42326, P.243.42327, P.243.42328, P.243.42329, P.243.42330, P.243.42331, P.243.42332, P.243.42333, P.243.42334, P.243.42335, P.243.42336, P.243.42337, P.243.42338, P.243.42339, P.243.42340, P.243.42341, P.243.42342, P.243.42343, P.243.42344, P.243.42345, P.243.42346, P.243.42347, P.243.42348, P.243.42349, P.243.42350, P.243.42351, P.243.42352, P.243.42353, P.243.42354, P.243.42355, P.243.42356, P.243.42357, P.243.42358, P.243.42359, P.243.42360, P.243.42361, P.243.42362, P.243.42363, P.243.42364, P.243.42365, P.243.42366, P.243.42367, P.243.42368, P.243.42369, P.243.42370, P.243.42371, P.243.42372, P.243.42373, P.243.42374, P.243.42375, P.243.42376, P.243.42377, P.243.42378, P.243.42379, P.243.42380, P.243.42381, P.243.42382, P.243.42383, P.243.42384, P.243.42385, P.243.42386, P.243.42387, P.243.42388, P.243.42389, P.243.42390, P.243.42391, P.243.42392, P.243.42393, P.243.42394, P.243.42395, P.243.42396, P.243.42397, P.243.42398, P.243.42399, P.243.42400, P.243.42401, P.243.42402, P.243.42403, P.243.42404, P.243.42405, P.243.42406, P.243.42407, P.243.42408, P.243.42409, P.243.42410, P.243.42411, P.243.42412, P.243.42413, P.243.42414, P.243.42415, P.243.42416, P.243.42417, P.243.42418, P.243.42419, P.243.42420, P.243.42421, P.243.42422, P.243.42423, P.243.42424, P.243.42425, P.243.42426, P.243.42427, P.243.42428, P.243.42429, P.243.42430, P.243.42431, P.243.42432, P.243.42433, P.243.42434, P.243.42435, P.243.42436, P.243.42437, P.243.42438, P.243.42439, P.243.42440, P.243.42441, P.243.42442, P.243.42443, P.243.42444, P.243.42445, P.243.42446, P.243.42447, P.243.42448, P.243.42449, P.243.42450, P.243.42451, P.243.42452, P.243.42453, P.243.42454, P.243.42455, P.243.42456, P.243.42457, P.243.42458, P.243.42459, P.243.42460, P.243.42461, P.243.42462, P.243.42463, P.243.42464, P.243.42465, P.243.42466, P.243.42467, P.243.42468, P.243.42469, P.243.42470, P.243.42471, P.243.42472, P.243.42473, P.243.42474, P.243.42475, P.243.42476, P.243.42477, P.243.42478, P.243.42479, P.243.42480, P.243.42481, P.243.42482, P.243.42483, P.243.42484, P.243.42485, P.243.42486, P.243.42487, P.243.42488, P.243.42489, P.243.42490, P.243.42491, P.243.42492, P.243.42493, P.243.42494, P.243.42495, P.243.42496, P.243.42497, P.243.42498, P.243.42499, P.243.42500, P.243.42501, P.243.42502, P.243.42503, P.243.42504, P.243.42505, P.243.42506, P.243.42507, P.243.42508, P.243.42509, P.243.42510, P.243.42511, P.243.42512, P.243.42513, P.243.42514, P.243.42515, P.243.42516, P.243.42517, P.243.42518, P.243.42519, P.243.42520, P.243.42521, P.243.42522, P.243.42523, P.243.42524, P.243.42525, P.243.42526, P.243.42527, P.243.42528, P.243.42529, P.243.42530, P.243.42531, P.243.42532, P.243.42533, P.243.42534, P.243.42535, P.243.42536, P.243.42537, P.243.42538, P.243.42539, P.243.42540, P.243.42541, P.243.42542, P.243.42543, P.243.42544, P.243.42545, P.243.42546, P.243.42547, P.243.42548, P.243.42549, P.243.42550, P.243.42551, P.243.42552, P.243.42553, P.243.42554, P.243.42555, P.243.42556, P.243.42557, P.243.42558,
Folder 19: Willie Bends, July 1972 (P.243.01423 to P.243.01434)Add to your cart.
P.243.01423, P.243.01424, P.243.01425, P.243.01426, P.243.01427, P.243.01428, P.243.01429, P.243.01430, P.243.01431, P.243.01432, P.243.01433, P.243.01434
Folder 20: Don Bennett March 1973 (P.243.01435 to P.243.01458)Add to your cart.
P.243.01435, P.243.01436, P.243.01437, P.243.01438, P.243.01439, P.243.01440, P.243.01441, P.243.01442, P.243.01443, P.243.01444, P.243.01445, P.243.01446, P.243.01447, P.243.01448, P.243.01449, P.243.01450, P.243.01451, P.243.01452, P.243.01453, P.243.01454, P.243.01455, P.243.01456, P.243.01457, P.243.01458
Folder 21: Roy Bezona March 1970 (P.243.01495 to P.243.01518)Add to your cart.
P.243.01495, P.243.01496, P.243.01497, P.243.01498, P.243.01499, P.243.01500, P.243.01501, P.243.01502, P.243.01503, P.243.01504, P.243.01505, P.243.01506, P.243.01507, P.243.01508, P.243.01509, P.243.01510, P.243.01511, P.243.01512, P.243.01513, P.243.01514, P.243.01515, P.243.01516, P.243.01517, P.243.01518
Folder 22: Roy Bezona June 20, 1970 Sheep wagon, 2nd time? (P.243.01519 to P.243.01589)Add to your cart.
P.243.01519, P.243.01520, P.243.01521, P.243.01522, P.243.01523, P.243.01524, P.243.01525, P.243.01526, P.243.01527, P.243.01528, P.243.01529, P.243.01530, P.243.01531, P.243.01532, P.243.01533, P.243.01534, P.243.01535, P.243.01536, P.243.01537, P.243.01538, P.243.01539, P.243.01540, P.243.01541, P.243.01542, P.243.01543, P.243.01544, P.243.01545, P.243.01546, P.243.01547, P.243.01548, P.243.01549, P.243.01550, P.243.01551, P.243.01552, P.243.01553, P.243.01554, P.243.01555, P.243.01556, P.243.01557, P.243.01558, P.243.01559, P.243.01560, P.243.01561, P.243.01562, P.243.01563, P.243.01564, P.243.01565, P.243.01566, P.243.01567, P.243.01568, P.243.01569, P.243.01570, P.243.01571, P.243.01572, P.243.01573, P.243.01574, P.243.01575, P.243.01576, P.243.01577
Folder 23: Roy Bezona June 20, 1970? Sheep wagon, 1st time (P.243.01578 to P.243.01589)Add to your cart.
P.243.01578, P.243.01579, P.243.01580, P.243.01581, P.243.01582, P.243.01583, P.243.01584, P.243.01585, P.243.01586, P.243.01587, P.243.01588, P.243.01589
Folder 24: Roy Bezona July 10, 1970 80th birthday (P.243.01590 to P.243.01596)Add to your cart.
P.243.01590, P.243.01591, P.243.01592, P.243.01593, P.243.01594, P.243.01595, P.243.01596
Folder 25: Roy Bezona March 1971 Bama’s home (P.243.01597 to P.243.01727)Add to your cart.
P.243.01597, P.243.01598, P.243.01599, P.243.01600, P.243.01601, P.243.01602, P.243.01603, P.243.01604, P.243.01605, P.243.01606, P.243.01607, P.243.01608, P.243.01609, P.243.01610, P.243.01611, P.243.01612, P.243.01613, P.243.01614, P.243.01615, P.243.01616, P.243.01617, P.243.01618, P.243.01619, P.243.01620, P.243.01621, P.243.01622, P.243.01623, P.243.01624, P.243.01625, P.243.01626, P.243.01627, P.243.01628, P.243.01629, P.243.01630, P.243.01631, P.243.01632, P.243.01633, P.243.01634, P.243.01635, P.243.01636, P.243.01637, P.243.01638, P.243.01639, P.243.01640, P.243.01641, P.243.01642, P.243.01643, P.243.01644, P.243.01645, P.243.01646, P.243.01647, P.243.01648, P.243.01649, P.243.01650, P.243.01651, P.243.01652, P.243.01653, P.243.01654, P.243.01656, P.243.01657, P.243.01658, P.243.01659, P.243.01660, P.243.01661, P.243.01662, P.243.01663, P.243.01664, P.243.01665, P.243.01666, P.243.01667, P.243.01668, P.243.01669, P.243.01670, P.243.01671, P.243.01672, P.243.01673, P.243.01674, P.243.01675, P.243.01676, P.243.01677, P.243.01678, P.243.01679, P.243.01680, P.243.01681, P.243.01682, P.243.01683, P.243.01684, P.243.01685, P.243.01686, P.243.01687, P.243.01688, P.243.01689, P.243.01690, P.243.01691, P.243.01692, P.243.01693, P.243.01694, P.243.01695, P.243.01696, P.243.01697, P.243.01698, P.243.01699, P.243.01700, P.243.01701, P.243.01702, P.243.01703, P.243.01704, P.243.01705, P.243.01706, P.243.01707, P.243.01708, P.243.01709, P.243.01710, P.243.01711, P.243.01712, P.243.01713, P.243.01714, P.243.01715, P.243.01716, P.243.01717, P.243.01718, P.243.01719, P.243.01720, P.243.01721, P.243.01722, P.243.01723, P.243.01724, P.243.01725, P.243.01726, P.243.01727
Folder 26: John Billings May 1990 (P.243.01728 to P.243.01787)Add to your cart.
P.243.01728, P.243.01729, P.243.01730, P.243.01731, P.243.01732, P.243.01733, P.243.01734, P.243.01735, P.243.01736, P.243.01737, P.243.01738, P.243.01739, P.243.01740, P.243.01741, P.243.01742, P.243.01743, P.243.01744, P.243.01745, P.243.01746, P.243.01747, P.243.01748, P.243.01749, P.243.01750, P.243.01751, P.243.01752, P.243.01753, P.243.01754, P.243.01755, P.243.01756, P.243.01757, P.243.01758, P.243.01759, P.243.01760, P.243.01761, P.243.01762, P.243.01763, P.243.01764, P.243.01765, P.243.01766, P.243.01767, P.243.01768, P.243.01769, P.243.01770, P.243.01771, P.243.01772, P.243.01773, P.243.01774, P.243.01775, PN.243.01776, PN.243.01777, PN.243.01778, PN.243.01779, PN.243.01780, PN.243.01781, PN.243.01782, PN.243.01783, PN.243.01784, PN.243.01785, PN.243.01786, PN.243.01787
Folder 27: Dave Birmingham Spring 1984 (P.243.01788 to P.243.01834)Add to your cart.
P.243.01788, P.243.01789, P.243.01790, P.243.01791, P.243.01792, P.243.01793, P.243.01794, P.243.01795, P.243.01796, P.243.01797, P.243.01798, P.243.01799, P.243.01800, P.243.01801, P.243.01802, P.243.01803, P.243.01804, P.243.01805, P.243.01806, P.243.01807, P.243.01808, P.243.01809, P.243.01810, P.243.01811, P.243.01812, P.243.01813, P.243.01814, P.243.01815, P.243.01816, P.243.01817, P.243.01818, P.243.01819, P.243.01820, P.243.01821, P.243.01822, P.243.01823, P.243.01824, P.243.01825, P.243.01826, P.243.01827, P.243.01828, P.243.01829, P.243.01830, P.243.01831, P.243.01832, P.243.01833, P.243.01834
Folder 28: Ken Blackbird September 1977 (P.243.01835 to P.243.01851)Add to your cart.
P.243.01835, P.243.01836, P.243.01837, P.243.01838, P.243.01839, P.243.01840, P.243.01841, P.243.01842, P.243.01843, P.243.01844, P.243.01845, P.243.01846, P.243.01847, P.243.01848, P.243.01849, P.243.01850, P.243.01851
Folder 29: Ken Blackbird June 4, 1977 (P.243.01852 to P.243.01879)Add to your cart.
P.243.01852, P.243.01853, P.243.01854, P.243.01855, P.243.01856, P.243.01857, P.243.01858, P.243.01859, P.243.01860, P.243.01861, P.243.01862, P.243.01863, P.243.01864, P.243.01865, P.243.01866, P.243.01867, P.243.01868, P.243.01869, P.243.01870, P.243.01871, P.243.01872, P.243.01873, P.243.01874, P.243.01875 PN.243.01876, PN.243.01877, PN.243.01878, PN.243.01879
Folder 30: Rick Blanchard October 15, 1977 (P.243.01880 to P.243.01885)Add to your cart.
P.243.01880, P.243.01881, P.243.01882, P.243.01883, P.243.01884, P.243.01885
Folder 31: Rick & Ron Blanchard July 1, 1977 (P.243.01886 to P.243.01907)Add to your cart.
P.243.01886, P.243.01887, P.243.01888, P.243.01889, P.243.01890, P.243.01891, P.243.01892, P.243.01893, P.243.01894, P.243.01895, P.243.01896, P.243.01897, P.243.01898, P.243.01899, P.243.01900, P.243.01901, P.243.01902, P.243.01903, P.243.01904, P.243.01905, P.243.01906, P.243.01907
Folder 32: Doug Blevins Nov. 1979 (P.243.01908 to P.243.01955)Add to your cart.
P.243.01908, P.243.01909, P.243.01910, P.243.01911, P.243.01912, P.243.01913, P.243.01914, P.243.01915, P.243.01916, P.243.01917, P.243.01918, P.243.01919, P.243.01920, P.243.01921, P.243.01922, P.243.01923, P.243.01924, P.243.01925, P.243.01926, P.243.01927, P.243.01928, P.243.01929, P.243.01930, P.243.01931, P.243.01932, P.243.01933, P.243.01934, P.243.01935, P.243.01936, P.243.01937, P.243.01938, P.243.01939, P.243.01940, P.243.01941, P.243.01942, P.243.01943, P.243.01944, P.243.01945, P.243.01946, P.243.01947, P.243.01948, P.243.01949, P.243.01950, P.243.01951, P.243.01952, P.243.01953, P.243.01954, P.243.01955
Folder 33: Doug Blevins Dec 1992 (P.243.01956 to P.243.02011)Add to your cart.
P.243.01956, P.243.01957, P.243.01958, P.243.01959, P.243.01960, P.243.01961, P.243.01962, P.243.01963, P.243.01964, P.243.01965, P.243.01966, P.243.01967, P.243.01968, P.243.01969, P.243.01970, P.243.01971, P.243.01972, P.243.01973, P.243.01974, P.243.01975, P.243.01976, P.243.01977, P.243.01978, P.243.01979, P.243.01980, P.243.01981, P.243.01982, P.243.01983, P.243.01984, P.243.01985, P.243.01986, P.243.01987, P.243.01988, P.243.01989, P.243.01990, P.243.01991, P.243.01992, P.243.01993, P.243.01994, P.243.01995, P.243.01996, P.243.01997, P.243.01998, P.243.01999, P.243.02000, P.243.02001, P.243.02002, P.243.02003 PN.243.02004, PN.243.02005, PN.243.02006, PN.243.02007, PN.243.02008, PN.243.02009, PN.243.02010, PN.243.02011
Folder 34: Doug Blevins Feb.1984 (P.243.02012 to P.243.02071)Add to your cart.
P.243.02012, P.243.02013, P.243.02014, P.243.02015, P.243.02016, P.243.02017, P.243.02018, P.243.02019, P.243.02020, P.243.02021, P.243.02022, P.243.02023, P.243.02024, P.243.02025, P.243.02026, P.243.02027, P.243.02028, P.243.02029, P.243.02030, P.243.02031, P.243.02032, P.243.02033, P.243.02034, P.243.02035, P.243.02036, P.243.02037, P.243.02038, P.243.02039, P.243.02040, P.243.02041, P.243.02042, P.243.02043, P.243.02044, P.243.02045, P.243.02046, P.243.02047, P.243.02048, P.243.02049, P.243.02050, P.243.02051, P.243.02052, P.243.02053, P.243.02054, P.243.02055, P.243.02056, P.243.02057, P.243.02058, P.243.02059, P.243.02060, P.243.02061, P.243.02062, P.243.02063, P.243.02064, P.243.02065, P.243.02066, P.243.02067, P.243.02068, P.243.02069, P.243.02070, P.243.02071
Folder 35: Dave & Dan Boehn July 1982 (P.243.02072 to P.243.02119)Add to your cart.
P.243.02072, P.243.02073, P.243.02074, P.243.02075, P.243.02076, P.243.02077, P.243.02078, P.243.02079, P.243.02080, P.243.02081, P.243.02082, P.243.02083, P.243.02084, P.243.02085, P.243.02086, P.243.02087, P.243.02088, P.243.02089, P.243.02090, P.243.02091, P.243.02092, P.243.02093, P.243.02094, P.243.02095, P.243.02096, P.243.02097, P.243.02098, P.243.02099, P.243.02100, P.243.02101, P.243.02102, P.243.02103, P.243.02104, P.243.02105, P.243.02106, P.243.02107, P.243.02108, P.243.02109, P.243.02110, P.243.02111, P.243.02112, P.243.02113, P.243.02114, P.243.02115, P.243.02116, P.243.02117, P.243.02118, P.243.02119
Folder 36: Vic Borges – Down Vest- June 1987 (P.243.02120 to P.243.02131)Add to your cart.
P.243.02120, P.243.02121, P.243.02122, P.243.02123, P.243.02124, P.243.02125, P.243.02126, P.243.02127, P.243.02128, P.243.02129, P.243.02130, P.243.02131
Folder 37: Vic Borges –Cowboy-June 24, 1989 (P.243.02132 to P.243.02180)Add to your cart.
P.243.02132, P.243.02133, P.243.02134, P.243.02135, P.243.02136, P.243.02137, P.243.02138, P.243.02139, P.243.02140, P.243.02141, P.243.02142, P.243.02143, P.243.02144, P.243.02145, P.243.02146, P.243.02147, P.243.02148, P.243.02149, P.243.02150, P.243.02151, P.243.02152, P.243.02153, P.243.02154, P.243.02155, P.243.02156, P.243.02157, P.243.02158, P.243.02159, P.243.02160, P.243.02161, P.243.02162, P.243.02163, P.243.02164, P.243.02165, P.243.02166, P.243.02167, P.243.02168, P.243.02169, P.243.02170, P.243.02171, P.243.02172, P.243.02173, P.243.02174, P.243.02175, P.243.02176, P.243.02177, P.243.02178, P.243.02179, P.243.02180
Folder 38: John Brearley, Aug. 1978 (P.243.02181 to P.243.02216)Add to your cart.
P.243.02181, P.243.02182, P.243.02183, P.243.02184, P.243.02185, P.243.02186, P.243.02187, P.243.02188, P.243.02189, P.243.02190, P.243.02191, P.243.02192, P.243.02193, P.243.02194, P.243.02195, P.243.02196, P.243.02197, P.243.02198, P.243.02199, P.243.02200, P.243.02201, P.243.02202, P.243.02203, P.243.02204, P.243.02205, P.243.02206, P.243.02207, P.243.02208, P.243.02209, P.243.02210, P.243.02211, P.243.02212, P.243.02213, P.243.02214, P.243.02215, P.243.02216
Folder 39: Bobby Bridger- Timber Jack Joe- July 1980 (P.243.02217 to P.243.02242)Add to your cart.
P.243.02217, P.243.02218, P.243.02219, P.243.02220, P.243.02221, P.243.02222, P.243.02223, P.243.02224, P.243.02225, P.243.02226, P.243.02227, P.243.02228, P.243.02229, P.243.02230, P.243.02231, P.243.02232, P.243.02233, P.243.02234, P.243.02235, P.243.02236, P.243.02237, P.243.02238, P.243.02239, P.243.02240, P.243.02241, P.243.02242
Folder 40: Richard Briggs-Mt. Man- August, 1980 (P.243.02243 to P.243.02325)Add to your cart.
P.243.02243, P.243.02244, P.243.02245, P.243.02246, P.243.02247, P.243.02248, P.243.02249, P.243.02250, P.243.02251, P.243.02252, P.243.02253, P.243.02254, P.243.02255, P.243.02256, P.243.02257, P.243.02258, P.243.02259, P.243.02260, P.243.02261, P.243.02262, P.243.02263, P.243.02264, P.243.02265, P.243.02266, P.243.02267, P.243.02268, P.243.02269, P.243.02270, P.243.02271, P.243.02272, P.243.02273, P.243.02274, P.243.02275, P.243.02276, P.243.02277, P.243.02278, P.243.02279, P.243.02280, P.243.02281, P.243.02282, P.243.02283, P.243.02284, P.243.02285, P.243.02286, P.243.02287, P.243.02288, P.243.02289, P.243.02290, P.243.02291, P.243.02292, P.243.02293, P.243.02294, P.243.02295, P.243.02296, P.243.02297, P.243.02298, P.243.02299, P.243.02300, P.243.02301, P.243.02302, P.243.02303, P.243.02304, P.243.02305, P.243.02306, P.243.02307, P.243.02308, P.243.02309, P.243.02310, P.243.02311, P.243.02312, P.243.02313, P.243.02314, P.243.02315, P.243.02316, P.243.02317, P.243.02318, P.243.02319, P.243.02320, P.243.02321, P.243.02322, P.243.02323, P.243.02324, P.243.02325
Folder 41: Richard Briggs-Feb, March, 1981 (P.243.02326 to P.243.02418)Add to your cart.
P.243.02326, P.243.02327, P.243.02328, P.243.02329, P.243.02330, P.243.02331, P.243.02332, P.243.02333, P.243.02334, P.243.02335, P.243.02336, P.243.02337, P.243.02338, P.243.02339, P.243.02340, P.243.02341, P.243.02342, P.243.02343, P.243.02344, P.243.02345, P.243.02346, P.243.02347, P.243.02348, P.243.02349, P.243.02350, P.243.02351, P.243.02352, P.243.02353, P.243.02354, P.243.02355, P.243.02356, P.243.02357, P.243.02358, P.243.02359, P.243.02360, P.243.02361, P.243.02362, P.243.02363, P.243.02364, P.243.02365, P.243.02366, P.243.02367, P.243.02368, P.243.02369, P.243.02370, P.243.02371, P.243.02372, P.243.02373, P.243.02374, P.243.02375, P.243.02376, P.243.02377, P.243.02378, P.243.02379, P.243.02380, P.243.02381, P.243.02382, P.243.02383, P.243.02384, P.243.02385, P.243.02386, P.243.02387, P.243.02388, P.243.02389, P.243.02390, P.243.02391, P.243.02392, P.243.02393, P.243.02394, P.243.02395, P.243.02396, P.243.02397, P.243.02398, P.243.02399, P.243.02400, P.243.02401, P.243.02402, P.243.02403, P.243.02404, P.243.02405, P.243.02406, P.243.02407, P.243.02408, P.243.02409, P.243.02410, P.243.02411, P.243.02412, P.243.02413, P.243.02414, P.243.02415, P.243.02416, P.243.02417, P.243.02418
Folder 42: Richard Briggs Fall 1981 (P.243.02478 to P.243.02585) Add to your cart.

Richard Briggs, Fall 1981, Fred Renaud (sic), beaked cap, yoyageur (sic) cap, saddle, bearskin coat, etc.., buckskins.

P.243.02478, P.243.02479, P.243.02480, P.243.02481, P.243.02482, P.243.02483, P.243.02484, P.243.02485, P.243.02486, P.243.02487, P.243.02488, P.243.02489, P.243.02490, P.243.02491, P.243.02492, P.243.02493, P.243.02494, P.243.02495, P.243.02496, P.243.02497, P.243.02498, P.243.02499, P.243.02500, P.243.02501, P.243.02502, P.243.02503, P.243.02504, P.243.02505, P.243.02506, P.243.02507, P.243.02508, P.243.02509, P.243.02510, P.243.02511, P.243.02512, P.243.02513, P.243.02514, P.243.02515, P.243.02516, P.243.02517, P.243.02518, P.243.02519, P.243.02520, P.243.02521, P.243.02522, P.243.02523, P.243.02524, P.243.02525, P.243.02526, P.243.02527, P.243.02528, P.243.02529, P.243.02530, P.243.02531, P.243.02532, P.243.02533, P.243.02534, P.243.02535, P.243.02536, P.243.02537, P.243.02538, P.243.02539, P.243.02540, P.243.02541, P.243.02542, P.243.02543, P.243.02544, P.243.02545, P.243.02546, P.243.02547, P.243.02548, P.243.02549, P.243.02550, P.243.02551, P.243.02552, P.243.02553, P.243.02554, P.243.02555, P.243.02556, P.243.02557, P.243.02558, P.243.02559, P.243.02560, P.243.02561, P.243.02562, P.243.02563, P.243.02564, P.243.02565, P.243.02566, P.243.02567, P.243.02568, P.243.02569, P.243.02570, P.243.02571, P.243.02572, P.243.02573, P.243.02574, P.243.02575, P.243.02576, P.243.02577, P.243.02578, P.243.02579, P.243.02580, P.243.02581, P.243.02582, P.243.02583, P.243.02584, P.243.02585

Folder 43: Richard Briggs – Modern Trapper, Jan 7, 1984 (P.243.02586 to P.243.02657)Add to your cart.
P.243.02586, P.243.02587, P.243.02588, P.243.02589, P.243.02590, P.243.02591, P.243.02592, P.243.02593, P.243.02594, P.243.02595, P.243.02596, P.243.02597, P.243.02598, P.243.02599, P.243.02600, P.243.02601, P.243.02602, P.243.02603, P.243.02604, P.243.02605, P.243.02606, P.243.02607, P.243.02608, P.243.02609, P.243.02610, P.243.02611, P.243.02612, P.243.02613, P.243.02614, P.243.02615, P.243.02616, P.243.02617, P.243.02618, P.243.02619, P.243.02620, P.243.02621, P.243.02622, P.243.02623, P.243.02624, P.243.02625, P.243.02626, P.243.02627, P.243.02628, P.243.02629, P.243.02630, P.243.02631, P.243.02632, P.243.02633, P.243.02634, P.243.02635, P.243.02636, P.243.02637, P.243.02638, P.243.02639, P.243.02640, P.243.02641, P.243.02642, P.243.02643, P.243.02644, P.243.02645, P.243.02646, P.243.02647, P.243.02648, P.243.02649, P.243.02650, P.243.02651, P.243.02652, P.243.02653, P.243.02654, P.243.02655, P.243.02656, P.243.02657
Folder 44: Henry Bright Wings August 27, 1983 (P.243.02658 to P.243.02754)Add to your cart.
P.243.02658, P.243.02659, P.243.02660, P.243.02661, P.243.02662, P.243.02663, P.243.02664, P.243.02665, P.243.02666, P.243.02667, P.243.02668, P.243.02669, P.243.02670, P.243.02671, P.243.02672, P.243.02673, P.243.02674, P.243.02675, P.243.02676, P.243.02677, P.243.02678, P.243.02679, P.243.02680, P.243.02681, P.243.02682, P.243.02683, P.243.02684, P.243.02685, P.243.02686, P.243.02687, P.243.02688, P.243.02689, P.243.02690, P.243.02691, P.243.02692, P.243.02693, P.243.02694, P.243.02695, P.243.02696, P.243.02697, P.243.02698, P.243.02699, P.243.02700, P.243.02701, P.243.02702, P.243.02703, P.243.02704, P.243.02705, P.243.02706, P.243.02707, P.243.02708, P.243.02709, P.243.02710, P.243.02711, P.243.02712, P.243.02713, P.243.02714, P.243.02715, P.243.02716, P.243.02717, P.243.02718, P.243.02719, P.243.02720, P.243.02721, P.243.02722, P.243.02723, P.243.02724, P.243.02725, P.243.02726, P.243.02727, P.243.02728, P.243.02729, P.243.02730, P.243.02731, P.243.02732, P.243.02733, P.243.02734, P.243.02735, P.243.02736, P.243.02737, P.243.02738, P.243.02739, P.243.02740, P.243.02741, P.243.02742, P.243.02743, P.243.02744, P.243.02745, P.243.02746, P.243.02747, P.243.02748, P.243.02749, P.243.02750, P.243.02751, P.243.02752, P.243.02753, P.243.02754
Folder 45: Chris Bronny Cheyenne Indian July 14, 1995 (P.243.02755 to P.243.02812)Add to your cart.

P.243.02755, P.243.02756, P.243.02757, P.243.02758, P.243.02759, P.243.02760, P.243.02761, P.243.02762, P.243.02763, P.243.02764, P.243.02765, P.243.02766, P.243.02767, P.243.02768, P.243.02769, P.243.02770, P.243.02771, P.243.02772, P.243.02773, P.243.02774, P.243.02775, P.243.02776, P.243.02777, P.243.02778, P.243.02779, P.243.02780, P.243.02781, P.243.02782, P.243.02783, P.243.02784, P.243.02785, P.243.02786, P.243.02787, P.243.02788, P.243.02789, P.243.02790, P.243.02791, P.243.02792, P.243.02793, P.243.02794, P.243.02795, P.243.02796, P.243.02797, P.243.02798, P.243.02799, P.243.02800

PN.243.02801, PN.243.02802, PN.243.02803, PN.243.02804, PN.243.02805, PN.243.02806, PN.243.02807, PN.243.02808, PN.243.02809, PN.243.02810, PN.243.02811, PN.243.02812,

Folder 46: George Brown, June 1970 (P.243.02833 to P.243.02865)Add to your cart.
P.243.02833, P.243.02834, P.243.02835, P.243.02836, P.243.02837, P.243.02838, P.243.02839, P.243.02840, P.243.02841, P.243.02842, P.243.02843, P.243.02844, P.243.02845, P.243.02846, P.243.02847, P.243.02848, P.243.02849, P.243.02850, P.243.02851, P.243.02852, P.243.02853, P.243.02854, P.243.02855, P.243.02856, P.243.02857, P.243.02858, P.243.02859, P.243.02860, P.243.02861, P.243.02862, P.243.02863, P.243.02864, P.243.02865
Folder 47: George Brown, June 19, 1970 (Negatives only)(No contact sheet) (P.243.02866 to P.243.02873)Add to your cart.
PN.243.02866, PN.243.02867, PN.243.02868, PN.243.02869, PN.243.02870, PN.243.02871, PN.243.02872, PN.243.02873
Folder 48: George Brown November 1970 (P.243.02874 to P.243.02933)Add to your cart.
P.243.02874, P.243.02875, P.243.02876, P.243.02877, P.243.02878, P.243.02879, P.243.02880, P.243.02881, P.243.02882, P.243.02883, P.243.02884, P.243.02885, P.243.02886, P.243.02887, P.243.02888, P.243.02889, P.243.02890, P.243.02891, P.243.02892, P.243.02893, P.243.02894, P.243.02895, P.243.02896, P.243.02897, P.243.02898, P.243.02899, P.243.02900, P.243.02901, P.243.02902, P.243.02903, P.243.02904, P.243.02905, P.243.02906, P.243.02907, P.243.02908, P.243.02909, P.243.02910, P.243.02911, P.243.02912, P.243.02913, P.243.02914, P.243.02915, P.243.02916, P.243.02917, P.243.02918, P.243.02919, P.243.02920, P.243.02921, P.243.02922, P.243.02923, P.243.02924, P.243.02925, P.243.02926, P.243.02927, P.243.02928, P.243.02929, P.243.02930, P.243.02931, P.243.02932, P.243.02933,
Folder 49: Jack Brown Jan 1969 (P.243.02934 to P.243.02993)Add to your cart.
P.243.02934, P.243.02935, P.243.02936, P.243.02937, P.243.02938, P.243.02939, P.243.02940, P.243.02941, P.243.02942, P.243.02943, P.243.02944, P.243.02945, P.243.02946, P.243.02947, P.243.02948, P.243.02949, P.243.02950, P.243.02951, P.243.02952, P.243.02953, P.243.02954, P.243.02955, P.243.02956, P.243.02957, P.243.02958, P.243.02959, P.243.02960, P.243.02961, P.243.02962, P.243.02963, P.243.02964, P.243.02965, P.243.02966, P.243.02967, P.243.02968, P.243.02969, P.243.02970, P.243.02971, P.243.02972, P.243.02973, P.243.02974, P.243.02975, P.243.02976, P.243.02977, P.243.02978, P.243.02979, P.243.02980, P.243.02981, P.243.02982, P.243.02983, P.243.02984, P.243.02985, P.243.02986, P.243.02987, P.243.02988, P.243.02989, P.243.02990, P.243.02991, P.243.02992, P.243.02993,
Folder 50: Jack Brown December 1970 (Jack Brown, Ansen Eddy, Ray Parks, buffalo skulls, Dec. 1970) (P.243.03009 to P.243.03044)Add to your cart.
P.243.03009, P.243.03010, P.243.03011, P.243.03012, P.243.03013, P.243.03014, P.243.03015, P.243.03016, P.243.03017, P.243.03018, P.243.03019, P.243.03020, P.243.03021, P.243.03022, P.243.03023, P.243.03024, P.243.03025, P.243.03026, P.243.03027, P.243.03028, P.243.03029, P.243.03030, P.243.03031, P.243.03032, P.243.03033, P.243.03034, P.243.03035, P.243.03036, P.243.03037, P.243.03038, P.243.03039, P.243.03040, P.243.03041, P.243.03042, P.243.03043, P.243.03044,
Folder 51: Jerry Brown, Winter 1981 (P.243.03045 to P.243.03104)Add to your cart.
P.243.03045, P.243.03046, P.243.03047, P.243.03048, P.243.03049, P.243.03050, P.243.03051, P.243.03052, P.243.03053, P.243.03054, P.243.03055, P.243.03056, P.243.03057, P.243.03058, P.243.03059, P.243.03060, P.243.03061, P.243.03062, P.243.03063, P.243.03064, P.243.03065, P.243.03066, P.243.03067, P.243.03068, P.243.03069, P.243.03070, P.243.03071, P.243.03072, P.243.03073, P.243.03074, P.243.03075, P.243.03076, P.243.03077, P.243.03078, P.243.03079, P.243.03080, P.243.03081, P.243.03082, P.243.03083, P.243.03084, P.243.03085, P.243.03086, P.243.03087, P.243.03088, P.243.03089, P.243.03090, P.243.03091, P.243.03092, P.243.03093, P.243.03094, P.243.03095, P.243.03096, P.243.03097, P.243.03098, P.243.03099, P.243.03100, P.243.03101, P.243.03102, P.243.03103, P.243.03104,
Folder 52: Curtis Buckingham, March 1979 (P.243.03105 to P.243.03140)Add to your cart.
P.243.03105, P.243.03106, P.243.03107, P.243.03108, P.243.03109, P.243.03110, P.243.03111, P.243.03112, P.243.03113, P.243.03114, P.243.03115, P.243.03116, P.243.03117, P.243.03118, P.243.03119, P.243.03120, P.243.03121, P.243.03122, P.243.03123, P.243.03124, P.243.03125, P.243.03126, P.243.03127, P.243.03128, P.243.03129, P.243.03130, P.243.03131, P.243.03132, P.243.03133, P.243.03134, P.243.03135, P.243.03136, P.243.03137, P.243.03138, P.243.03139, P.243.03140,
Folder 53: Buffalo at Trout Creek, winter 1985 (no negatives) (P.243.03141 to P.243.03214)Add to your cart.
P.243.03141, P.243.03142, P.243.03143, P.243.03144, P.243.03145, P.243.03146, P.243.03147, P.243.03148, P.243.03149, P.243.03150, P.243.03151, P.243.03152, P.243.03153, P.243.03154, P.243.03155, P.243.03156, P.243.03157, P.243.03158, P.243.03159, P.243.03160, P.243.03161, P.243.03162, P.243.03163, P.243.03164, P.243.03165, P.243.03166, P.243.03167, P.243.03168, P.243.03169, P.243.03170, P.243.03171, P.243.03172, P.243.03173, P.243.03174, P.243.03175, P.243.03176, P.243.03177, P.243.03178, P.243.03179, P.243.03180, P.243.03181, P.243.03182, P.243.03183, P.243.03184, P.243.03185, P.243.03186, P.243.03187, P.243.03188, P.243.03189, P.243.03190, P.243.03191, P.243.03192, P.243.03193, P.243.03194, P.243.03195, P.243.03196, P.243.03197, P.243.03198, P.243.03199, P.243.03200, P.243.03201, P.243.03202, P.243.03203, P.243.03204, P.243.03205, P.243.03206, P.243.03207, P.243.03208, P.243.03209, P.243.03210, P.243.03211, P.243.03212, P.243.03213, P.243.03214,
Folder 54: Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, June 12-14 1996 – color (no negatives) (P.243.03215 to P.243.03261)Add to your cart.
P.243.03215, P.243.03216, P.243.03217, P.243.03218, P.243.03219, P.243.03220, P.243.03221, P.243.03222, P.243.03223, P.243.03224, P.243.03225, P.243.03226, P.243.03227, P.243.03228, P.243.03229, P.243.03230, P.243.03231, P.243.03232, P.243.03233, P.243.03234, P.243.03235, P.243.03236, P.243.03237, P.243.03238, P.243.03239, P.243.03240, P.243.03241, P.243.03242, P.243.03243, P.243.03244, P.243.03245, P.243.03246, P.243.03247, P.243.03248, P.243.03249, P.243.03250, P.243.03251, P.243.03252, P.243.03253, P.243.03254, P.243.03255, P.243.03256, P.243.03257, P.243.03258, P.243.03259, P.243.03260, P.243.03261,
Folder 55: Alice & George Bull Tail, Sept. 24, 1977 (P.243.03262 to P.243.03305)Add to your cart.

P.243.03262, P.243.03263, P.243.03264, P.243.03265, P.243.03266, P.243.03267, P.243.03268, P.243.03269, P.243.03270, P.243.03271, P.243.03272, P.243.03273, P.243.03274, P.243.03275, P.243.03276, P.243.03277, P.243.03278, P.243.03279, P.243.03280, P.243.03281, P.243.03282, P.243.03283, P.243.03284, P.243.03285, P.243.03286, P.243.03287, P.243.03288, P.243.03289, P.243.03290, P.243.03291, P.243.03292, P.243.03293, P.243.03294, P.243.03295, P.243.03296, P.243.03297, P.243.03298, P.243.03299, P.243.03300, P.243.03301, P.243.03302, P.243.03303, P.243.03304, P.243.03305,

PN.243.42559, PN.243.42560, PN.243.42561, PN.243.42562,

Folder 56: Mr. & Mrs. Bunn May 1972 (Negatives only) (P.243.03306 to P.243.03309)Add to your cart.
PN.243.03306, PN.243.03307, PN.243.03308, PN.243.03309,
Folder 57: Webb Bunn, May 1972 (P.243.03310 to P.243.03357)Add to your cart.
P.243.03310, P.243.03311, P.243.03312, P.243.03313, P.243.03314, P.243.03315, P.243.03316, P.243.03317, P.243.03318, P.243.03319, P.243.03320, P.243.03321, P.243.03322, P.243.03323, P.243.03324, P.243.03325, P.243.03326, P.243.03327, P.243.03328, P.243.03329, P.243.03330, P.243.03331, P.243.03332, P.243.03333, P.243.03334, P.243.03335, P.243.03336, P.243.03337, P.243.03338, P.243.03339, P.243.03340, P.243.03341, P.243.03342, P.243.03343, P.243.03344, P.243.03345, P.243.03346, P.243.03347, P.243.03348, P.243.03349, P.243.03350, P.243.03351, P.243.03352, P.243.03353, P.243.03354, P.243.03355, P.243.03356, P.243.03357,
Folder 58: Greg Bybee Circle H Ranch, February 1985 (P.243.03358 to P.243.03460)Add to your cart.
P.243.03358, P.243.03359, P.243.03360, P.243.03361, P.243.03362, P.243.03363, P.243.03364, P.243.03365, P.243.03366, P.243.03367, P.243.03368, P.243.03369, P.243.03370, P.243.03371, P.243.03372, P.243.03373, P.243.03374, P.243.03375, P.243.03376, P.243.03377, P.243.03378, P.243.03379, P.243.03380, P.243.03381, P.243.03382, P.243.03383, P.243.03384, P.243.03385, P.243.03386, P.243.03387, P.243.03388, P.243.03389, P.243.03390, P.243.03391, P.243.03392, P.243.03393, P.243.03394, P.243.03395, P.243.03396, P.243.03397, P.243.03398, P.243.03399, P.243.03400, P.243.03401, P.243.03402, P.243.03403, P.243.03404, P.243.03405, P.243.03406, P.243.03407, P.243.03408, P.243.03409, P.243.03410, P.243.03411, P.243.03412, P.243.03413, P.243.03414, P.243.03415, P.243.03416, P.243.03417, P.243.03418, P.243.03419, P.243.03420, P.243.03421, P.243.03422, P.243.03423, P.243.03424, P.243.03425, P.243.03426, P.243.03427, P.243.03428, P.243.03429, P.243.03430, P.243.03431, P.243.03432, P.243.03433, P.243.03434, P.243.03435, P.243.03436, P.243.03437, P.243.03438, P.243.03439, P.243.03440, P.243.03441, P.243.03442, P.243.03443, P.243.03444, P.243.03445, P.243.03446, P.243.03447, P.243.03448, P.243.03449, P.243.03450, P.243.03451, P.243.03452, P.243.03453, P.243.03454, P.243.03455, P.243.03456, P.243.03457, P.243.03458, P.243.03459, P.243.03460,
Folder 59: Elmer Carlson, February 1977 (P.243.03461 to P.243.03496)Add to your cart.
P.243.03461, P.243.03462, P.243.03463, P.243.03464, P.243.03465, P.243.03466, P.243.03467, P.243.03468, P.243.03469, P.243.03470, P.243.03471, P.243.03472, P.243.03473, P.243.03474, P.243.03475, P.243.03476, P.243.03477, P.243.03478, P.243.03479, P.243.03480, P.243.03481, P.243.03482, P.243.03483, P.243.03484, P.243.03485, P.243.03486, P.243.03487, P.243.03488, P.243.03489, P.243.03490, P.243.03491, P.243.03492, P.243.03493, P.243.03494, P.243.03495, P.243.03496,
Folder 60: Elmer Carlson, January 1981 (P.243.03497 to P.243.03529)Add to your cart.
P.243.03497, P.243.03498, P.243.03499, P.243.03500, P.243.03501, P.243.03502, P.243.03503, P.243.03504, P.243.03505, P.243.03506, P.243.03507, P.243.03508, P.243.03509, P.243.03510, P.243.03511, P.243.03512, P.243.03513, P.243.03514, P.243.03515, P.243.03516, P.243.03517, P.243.03518, P.243.03519, P.243.03520, P.243.03521, P.243.03522, P.243.03523, P.243.03524, P.243.03525, P.243.03526, P.243.03527, P.243.03528, P.243.03529,
Folder 61: Jim Cavedu, August 1982 (P.243.03530 to P.243.03576)Add to your cart.
P.243.03530, P.243.03531, P.243.03532, P.243.03533, P.243.03534, P.243.03535, P.243.03536, P.243.03537, P.243.03538, P.243.03539, P.243.03540, P.243.03541, P.243.03542, P.243.03543, P.243.03544, P.243.03545, P.243.03546, P.243.03547, P.243.03548, P.243.03549, P.243.03550, P.243.03551, P.243.03552, P.243.03553, P.243.03554, P.243.03555, P.243.03556, P.243.03557, P.243.03558, P.243.03559, P.243.03560, P.243.03561, P.243.03562, P.243.03563, P.243.03564, P.243.03565, P.243.03566, P.243.03567, P.243.03568, P.243.03569, P.243.03570, P.243.03571, P.243.03572, P.243.03573, P.243.03574, P.243.03575, P.243.03576,
Folder 62: Ken Claybaugh, spring 1984, Rancher, Rodeo Pick up man (P.243.03577 to P.243.03671)Add to your cart.
P.243.03577, P.243.03578, P.243.03579, P.243.03580, P.243.03581, P.243.03582, P.243.03583, P.243.03584, P.243.03585, P.243.03586, P.243.03587, P.243.03588, P.243.03589, P.243.03590, P.243.03591, P.243.03592, P.243.03593, P.243.03594, P.243.03595, P.243.03596, P.243.03597, P.243.03598, P.243.03599, P.243.03600, P.243.03601, P.243.03602, P.243.03603, P.243.03604, P.243.03605, P.243.03606, P.243.03607, P.243.03608, P.243.03609, P.243.03610, P.243.03611, P.243.03612, P.243.03613, P.243.03614, P.243.03615, P.243.03616, P.243.03617, P.243.03618, P.243.03619, P.243.03620, P.243.03621, P.243.03622, P.243.03623, P.243.03624, P.243.03625, P.243.03626, P.243.03627, P.243.03628, P.243.03629, P.243.03630, P.243.03631, P.243.03632, P.243.03633, P.243.03634, P.243.03635, P.243.03636, P.243.03637, P.243.03638, P.243.03639, P.243.03640, P.243.03641, P.243.03642, P.243.03643, P.243.03644, P.243.03645, P.243.03646, P.243.03647, P.243.03648, P.243.03649, P.243.03650, P.243.03651, P.243.03652, P.243.03653, P.243.03654, P.243.03655, P.243.03656, P.243.03657, P.243.03658, P.243.03659, P.243.03660, P.243.03661, P.243.03662, P.243.03663, P.243.03664, P.243.03665, P.243.03666, P.243.03667, P.243.03668, P.243.03669, P.243.03670, P.243.03671,
Folder 63: Dick Cole, Ross Keltner, June 1980 (P.243.03672 to P.243.03731)Add to your cart.
P.243.03672, P.243.03673, P.243.03674, P.243.03675, P.243.03676, P.243.03677, P.243.03678, P.243.03679, P.243.03680, P.243.03681, P.243.03682, P.243.03683, P.243.03684, P.243.03685, P.243.03686, P.243.03687, P.243.03688, P.243.03689, P.243.03690, P.243.03691, P.243.03692, P.243.03693, P.243.03694, P.243.03695, P.243.03696, P.243.03697, P.243.03698, P.243.03699, P.243.03700, P.243.03701, P.243.03702, P.243.03703, P.243.03704, P.243.03705, P.243.03706, P.243.03707, P.243.03708, P.243.03709, P.243.03710, P.243.03711, P.243.03712, P.243.03713, P.243.03714, P.243.03715, P.243.03716, P.243.03717, P.243.03718, P.243.03719, P.243.03720, P.243.03721, P.243.03722, P.243.03723, P.243.03724, P.243.03725, P.243.03726, P.243.03727, P.243.03728, P.243.03729, P.243.03730, P.243.03731,
Folder 64: Dick Cole in snow, Feb. 1982 (P.243.03732 to P.243.03779)Add to your cart.
P.243.03732, P.243.03733, P.243.03734, P.243.03735, P.243.03736, P.243.03737, P.243.03738, P.243.03739, P.243.03740, P.243.03741, P.243.03742, P.243.03743, P.243.03744, P.243.03745, P.243.03746, P.243.03747, P.243.03748, P.243.03749, P.243.03750, P.243.03751, P.243.03752, P.243.03753, P.243.03754, P.243.03755, P.243.03756, P.243.03757, P.243.03758, P.243.03759, P.243.03760, P.243.03761, P.243.03762, P.243.03763, P.243.03764, P.243.03765, P.243.03766, P.243.03767, P.243.03768, P.243.03769, P.243.03770, P.243.03771, P.243.03772, P.243.03773, P.243.03774, P.243.03775, P.243.03776, P.243.03777, P.243.03778, P.243.03779,
Folder 65: Joe Cole, Hungry, Wayne Ringler, grey dog, Fall-Winter 1981 (P.243.03780 to P.243.03850)Add to your cart.
P.243.03780, P.243.03781, P.243.03782, P.243.03783, P.243.03784, P.243.03785, P.243.03786, P.243.03787, P.243.03788, P.243.03789, P.243.03790, P.243.03791, P.243.03792, P.243.03793, P.243.03794, P.243.03795, P.243.03796, P.243.03797, P.243.03798, P.243.03799, P.243.03800, P.243.03801, P.243.03802, P.243.03803, P.243.03804, P.243.03805, P.243.03806, P.243.03807, P.243.03808, P.243.03809, P.243.03810, P.243.03811, P.243.03812, P.243.03813, P.243.03814, P.243.03815, P.243.03816, P.243.03817, P.243.03818, P.243.03819, P.243.03820, P.243.03821, P.243.03822, P.243.03823, P.243.03824, P.243.03825, P.243.03826, P.243.03827, P.243.03828, P.243.03829, P.243.03830, P.243.03831, P.243.03832, P.243.03833, P.243.03834, P.243.03835, P.243.03836, P.243.03837, P.243.03838, P.243.03839, P.243.03840, P.243.03841, P.243.03842, P.243.03843, P.243.03844, P.243.03845, P.243.03846, P.243.03847, P.243.03848, P.243.03849, P.243.03850,
Folder 66: Ben Cooper, Fall and Feb. 1981 (P.243.03851 to P.243.03910)Add to your cart.
P.243.03851, P.243.03852, P.243.03853, P.243.03854, P.243.03855, P.243.03856, P.243.03857, P.243.03858, P.243.03859, P.243.03860, P.243.03861, P.243.03862, P.243.03863, P.243.03864, P.243.03865, P.243.03866, P.243.03867, P.243.03868, P.243.03869, P.243.03870, P.243.03871, P.243.03872, P.243.03873, P.243.03874, P.243.03875, P.243.03876, P.243.03877, P.243.03878, P.243.03879, P.243.03880, P.243.03881, P.243.03882, P.243.03883, P.243.03884, P.243.03885, P.243.03886, P.243.03887, P.243.03888, P.243.03889, P.243.03890, P.243.03891, P.243.03892, P.243.03893, P.243.03894, P.243.03895, P.243.03896, P.243.03897, P.243.03898, P.243.03899, P.243.03900, P.243.03901, P.243.03902, P.243.03903, P.243.03904, P.243.03905, P.243.03906, P.243.03907, P.243.03908, P.243.03909, P.243.03910,
Folder 67: Martin and Marty Coast, Sept. 7, 1976 (P.243.03911 to P.243.03934)Add to your cart.
P.243.03911, P.243.03912, P.243.03913, P.243.03914, P.243.03915, P.243.03916, P.243.03917, P.243.03918, P.243.03919, P.243.03920, P.243.03921, P.243.03922, P.243.03923, P.243.03924, P.243.03925, P.243.03926, P.243.03927, P.243.03928, P.243.03929, P.243.03930, P.243.03931, P.243.03932, P.243.03933, P.243.03934,
Folder 68: Jodie Crawford, tack room, June 1980 (P.243.03935 to P.243.03981)Add to your cart.
P.243.03935, P.243.03936, P.243.03937, P.243.03938, P.243.03939, P.243.03940, P.243.03941, P.243.03942, P.243.03943, P.243.03944, P.243.03945, P.243.03946, P.243.03947, P.243.03948, P.243.03949, P.243.03950, P.243.03951, P.243.03952, P.243.03953, P.243.03954, P.243.03955, P.243.03956, P.243.03957, P.243.03958, P.243.03959, P.243.03960, P.243.03961, P.243.03962, P.243.03963, P.243.03964, P.243.03965, P.243.03966, P.243.03967, P.243.03968, P.243.03969, P.243.03970, P.243.03971, P.243.03972, P.243.03973, P.243.03974, P.243.03975, P.243.03976, P.243.03977, P.243.03978, P.243.03979, P.243.03980, P.243.03981, PN.243.42563, PN.243.42564, PN.243.42565, PN.243.42566,
Folder 69: Jodie Crawford, Sept. 1980, Rodeo (P.243.03982 to P.243.04018)Add to your cart.
P.243.03982, P.243.03983, P.243.03984, P.243.03985, P.243.03986, P.243.03987, P.243.03988, P.243.03989, P.243.03990, P.243.03991, P.243.03992, P.243.03993, P.243.03994, P.243.03995, P.243.03996, P.243.03997, P.243.03998, P.243.03999, P.243.04000, P.243.04001, P.243.04002, P.243.04003, P.243.04004, P.243.04005, P.243.04006, P.243.04007, P.243.04008, P.243.04009, P.243.04010, P.243.04011, P.243.04012, P.243.04013, P.243.04014, P.243.04015, P.243.04016, P.243.04017, P.243.04018,
Folder 70: Jodie Crawford July 1981 (P.243.04019 to P.243.04052)Add to your cart.
P.243.04019, P.243.04020, P.243.04021, P.243.04022, P.243.04023, P.243.04024, P.243.04025, P.243.04026, P.243.04027, P.243.04028, P.243.04029, P.243.04030, P.243.04031, P.243.04032, P.243.04033, P.243.04034, P.243.04035, P.243.04036, P.243.04037, P.243.04038, P.243.04039, P.243.04040, P.243.04041, P.243.04042, P.243.04043, P.243.04044, P.243.04045, P.243.04046, P.243.04047, P.243.04048, P.243.04049, P.243.04050, P.243.04051, P.243.04052,
Folder 71: Ray Cremeens, summer 1982 (P.243.04053 to P.243.04089)Add to your cart.
P.243.04053, P.243.04054, P.243.04055, P.243.04056, P.243.04057, P.243.04058, P.243.04059, P.243.04060, P.243.04061, P.243.04062, P.243.04063, P.243.04064, P.243.04065, P.243.04066, P.243.04067, P.243.04068, P.243.04069, P.243.04070, P.243.04071, P.243.04072, P.243.04073, P.243.04074, P.243.04075, P.243.04076, P.243.04077, P.243.04078, P.243.04079, P.243.04080, P.243.04081, P.243.04082, P.243.04083, P.243.04084, P.243.04085, P.243.04086, P.243.04087, P.243.04088, P.243.04089,
Folder 72: Sleeper Ranch Shearing, April, 1976, Dave Davenport, Leo King, Graciano Graduno, Jim De Bock (P.243.04090 to P.243.04145)Add to your cart.
P.243.04090, P.243.04091, P.243.04092, P.243.04093, P.243.04094, P.243.04095, P.243.04096, P.243.04097, P.243.04098, P.243.04099, P.243.04100, P.243.04101, P.243.04102, P.243.04103, P.243.04104, P.243.04105, P.243.04106, P.243.04107, P.243.04108, P.243.04109, P.243.04110, P.243.04111, P.243.04112, P.243.04113, P.243.04114, P.243.04115, P.243.04116, P.243.04117, P.243.04118, P.243.04119, P.243.04120, P.243.04121, P.243.04122, P.243.04123, P.243.04124, P.243.04125, P.243.04126, P.243.04127, P.243.04128, P.243.04129, P.243.04130, P.243.04131, P.243.04132, P.243.04133, P.243.04134, P.243.04135, P.243.04136, P.243.04137, P.243.04138, P.243.04139, P.243.04140, P.243.04141, P.243.04142, P.243.04143, P.243.04144, P.243.04145,
Folder 73: David & Mark Davilla June 1972 (P.243.04146 to P.243.04169)Add to your cart.
P.243.04146, P.243.04147, P.243.04148, P.243.04149, P.243.04150, P.243.04151, P.243.04152, P.243.04153, P.243.04154, P.243.04155, P.243.04156, P.243.04157, P.243.04158, P.243.04159, P.243.04160, P.243.04161, P.243.04162, P.243.04163, P.243.04164, P.243.04165, P.243.04166, P.243.04167, P.243.04168, P.243.04169,
Folder 74: John & Dave Davilla, June 1973 (P.243.04170 to P.243.04217)Add to your cart.
P.243.04170, P.243.04171, P.243.04172, P.243.04173, P.243.04174, P.243.04175, P.243.04176, P.243.04177, P.243.04178, P.243.04179, P.243.04180, P.243.04181, P.243.04182, P.243.04183, P.243.04184, P.243.04185, P.243.04186, P.243.04187, P.243.04188, P.243.04189, P.243.04190, P.243.04191, P.243.04192, P.243.04193, P.243.04194, P.243.04195, P.243.04196, P.243.04197, P.243.04198, P.243.04199, P.243.04200, P.243.04201, P.243.04202, P.243.04203, P.243.04204, P.243.04205, P.243.04206, P.243.04207, P.243.04208, P.243.04209, P.243.04210, P.243.04211, P.243.04212, P.243.04213, P.243.04214, P.243.04215, P.243.04216, P.243.04217,
Folder 75: Jim Davis, Aug. 1979 (P.243.04218 to P.243.04253)Add to your cart.
P.243.04218, P.243.04219, P.243.04220, P.243.04221, P.243.04222, P.243.04223, P.243.04224, P.243.04225, P.243.04226, P.243.04227, P.243.04228, P.243.04229, P.243.04230, P.243.04231, P.243.04232, P.243.04233, P.243.04234, P.243.04235, P.243.04236, P.243.04237, P.243.04238, P.243.04239, P.243.04240, P.243.04241, P.243.04242, P.243.04243, P.243.04244, P.243.04245, P.243.04246, P.243.04247, P.243.04248, P.243.04249, P.243.04250, P.243.04251, P.243.04252, P.243.04253,
Folder 76: Arnold Decastro, July 1979 (P.243.04254 to P.243.04265)Add to your cart.
P.243.04254, P.243.04255, P.243.04256, P.243.04257, P.243.04258, P.243.04259, P.243.04260, P.243.04261, P.243.04262, P.243.04263, P.243.04264, P.243.04265,
Folder 77: Clifton De Sersa, Aug. 11, 1985, Great Grandson of Black Elk (P.243.04266 to P.243.04353)Add to your cart.
P.243.04266, P.243.04267, P.243.04268, P.243.04269, P.243.04270, P.243.04271, P.243.04272, P.243.04273, P.243.04274, P.243.04275, P.243.04276, P.243.04277, P.243.04278, P.243.04279, P.243.04280, P.243.04281, P.243.04282, P.243.04283, P.243.04284, P.243.04285, P.243.04286, P.243.04287, P.243.04288, P.243.04289, P.243.04290, P.243.04291, P.243.04292, P.243.04293, P.243.04294, P.243.04295, P.243.04296, P.243.04297, P.243.04298, P.243.04299, P.243.04300, P.243.04301, P.243.04302, P.243.04303, P.243.04304, P.243.04305, P.243.04306, P.243.04307, P.243.04308, P.243.04309, P.243.04310, P.243.04311, P.243.04312, P.243.04313, P.243.04314, P.243.04315, P.243.04316, P.243.04317, P.243.04318, P.243.04319, P.243.04320, P.243.04321, P.243.04322, P.243.04323, P.243.04324, P.243.04325, P.243.04326, P.243.04327, P.243.04328, P.243.04329, P.243.04330, P.243.04331, P.243.04332, P.243.04333, P.243.04334, P.243.04335, P.243.04336, P.243.04337, P.243.04338, P.243.04339, P.243.04340, P.243.04341, P.243.04342, P.243.04343, P.243.04344, P.243.04345, P.243.04346, P.243.04347, P.243.04348, P.243.04349, P.243.04350, P.243.04351, P.243.04352, P.243.04353,
Folder 78: Cat and Dan Deuter, Aug. 1982 (P.243.04354 to P.243.04497)Add to your cart.
P.243.04354, P.243.04355, P.243.04356, P.243.04357, P.243.04358, P.243.04359, P.243.04360, P.243.04361, P.243.04362, P.243.04363, P.243.04364, P.243.04365, P.243.04366, P.243.04367, P.243.04368, P.243.04369, P.243.04370, P.243.04371, P.243.04372, P.243.04373, P.243.04374, P.243.04375, P.243.04376, P.243.04377, P.243.04378, P.243.04379, P.243.04380, P.243.04381, P.243.04382, P.243.04383, P.243.04384, P.243.04385, P.243.04386, P.243.04387, P.243.04388, P.243.04389, P.243.04390, P.243.04391, P.243.04392, P.243.04393, P.243.04394, P.243.04395, P.243.04396, P.243.04397, P.243.04398, P.243.04399, P.243.04400, P.243.04401, P.243.04402, P.243.04403, P.243.04404, P.243.04405, P.243.04406, P.243.04407, P.243.04408, P.243.04409, P.243.04410, P.243.04411, P.243.04412, P.243.04413, P.243.04414, P.243.04415, P.243.04416, P.243.04417, P.243.04418, P.243.04419, P.243.04420, P.243.04421, P.243.04422, P.243.04423, P.243.04424, P.243.04425, P.243.04426, P.243.04427, P.243.04428, P.243.04429, P.243.04430, P.243.04431, P.243.04432, P.243.04433, P.243.04434, P.243.04435, P.243.04436, P.243.04437, P.243.04438, P.243.04439, P.243.04440, P.243.04441, P.243.04442, P.243.04443, P.243.04444, P.243.04445, P.243.04446, P.243.04447, P.243.04448, P.243.04449, P.243.04450, P.243.04451, P.243.04452, P.243.04453, P.243.04454, P.243.04455, P.243.04456, P.243.04457, P.243.04458, P.243.04459, P.243.04460, P.243.04461, P.243.04462, P.243.04463, P.243.04464, P.243.04465, P.243.04466, P.243.04467, P.243.04468, P.243.04469, P.243.04470, P.243.04471, P.243.04472, P.243.04473, P.243.04474, P.243.04475, P.243.04476, P.243.04477, P.243.04478, P.243.04479, P.243.04480, P.243.04481, P.243.04482, P.243.04483, P.243.04484, P.243.04485, P.243.04486, P.243.04487, P.243.04488, P.243.04489, P.243.04490, P.243.04491, P.243.04492, P.243.04493, P.243.04494, P.243.04495, P.243.04496, P.243.04497,
Folder 79: Matt Devlin- December 1983 (P.243.04498 to P.243.04522)Add to your cart.
P.243.04498, P.243.04499, P.243.04500, P.243.04501, P.243.04502, P.243.04503, P.243.04504, P.243.04505, P.243.04506, P.243.04507, P.243.04508, P.243.04509, P.243.04510, P.243.04511, P.243.04512, P.243.04513, P.243.04514, P.243.04515, P.243.04516, P.243.04517, P.243.04518, P.243.04519, P.243.04520, P.243.04521, P.243.04522,
Folder 80: Anon D. Dewey (Soldier Wolf) Sept. 1991, Pop Wow-Period-Contemporary (P.243.04523 to P.243.04666)Add to your cart.
PN.243.04523, PN.243.04524, PN.243.04525, PN.243.04526, PN.243.04527, PN.243.04528, PN.243.04529, PN.243.04530, PN.243.04531, PN.243.04532, PN.243.04533, PN.243.04534, P.243.04535, P.243.04536, P.243.04537, P.243.04538, P.243.04539, P.243.04540, P.243.04541, P.243.04542, P.243.04543, P.243.04544, P.243.04545, P.243.04546, P.243.04547, P.243.04548, P.243.04549, P.243.04550, P.243.04551, P.243.04552, P.243.04553, P.243.04554, P.243.04555, P.243.04556, P.243.04557, P.243.04558, P.243.04559, P.243.04560, P.243.04561, P.243.04562, P.243.04563, P.243.04564, P.243.04565, P.243.04566, P.243.04567, P.243.04568, P.243.04569, P.243.04570, P.243.04571, P.243.04572, P.243.04573, P.243.04574, P.243.04575, P.243.04576, P.243.04577, P.243.04578, P.243.04579, P.243.04580, P.243.04581, P.243.04582, P.243.04583, P.243.04584, P.243.04585, P.243.04586, P.243.04587, P.243.04588, P.243.04589, P.243.04590, P.243.04591, P.243.04592, P.243.04593, P.243.04594, P.243.04595, P.243.04596, P.243.04597, P.243.04598, P.243.04599, P.243.04600, P.243.04601, P.243.04602, P.243.04603, P.243.04604, P.243.04605, P.243.04606, P.243.04607, P.243.04608, P.243.04609, P.243.04610, P.243.04611, P.243.04612, P.243.04613, P.243.04614, P.243.04615, P.243.04616, P.243.04617, P.243.04618, P.243.04619, P.243.04620, P.243.04621, P.243.04622, P.243.04623, P.243.04624, P.243.04625, P.243.04626, P.243.04627, P.243.04628, P.243.04629, P.243.04630, P.243.04631, P.243.04632, P.243.04633, P.243.04634, P.243.04635, P.243.04636, P.243.04637, P.243.04638, P.243.04639, P.243.04640, P.243.04641, P.243.04642, P.243.04643, P.243.04644, P.243.04645, P.243.04646, P.243.04647, P.243.04648, P.243.04649, P.243.04650, P.243.04651, P.243.04652, P.243.04653, P.243.04654, P.243.04655, P.243.04656, P.243.04657, P.243.04658, P.243.04659, P.243.04660, P.243.04661, P.243.04662, P.243.04663, P.243.04664, P.243.04665, P.243.04666,
Folder 81: Dr. Dominick, 7D Ranch, Aug. 1975 (P.243.04667 to P.243.04690 and PN.243.42567 to PN.243.42570)Add to your cart.

P.243.04667, P.243.04668, P.243.04669, P.243.04670, P.243.04671, P.243.04672, P.243.04673, P.243.04674, P.243.04675, P.243.04676, P.243.04677, P.243.04678, P.243.04679, P.243.04680, P.243.04681, P.243.04682, P.243.04683, P.243.04684, P.243.04685, P.243.04686, P.243.04687, P.243.04688, P.243.04689, P.243.04690,

PN.243.42567, PN.243.42568, PN.243.42569, PN.243.42570,

Folder 82: Marshall Dominick, Chris Krampert, Lester Santos, Dec. 1981 (P.243.04691 to P.243.04750)Add to your cart.
P.243.04691, P.243.04692, P.243.04693, P.243.04694, P.243.04695, P.243.04696, P.243.04697, P.243.04698, P.243.04699, P.243.04700, P.243.04701, P.243.04702, P.243.04703, P.243.04704, P.243.04705, P.243.04706, P.243.04707, P.243.04708, P.243.04709, P.243.04710, P.243.04711, P.243.04712, P.243.04713, P.243.04714, P.243.04715, P.243.04716, P.243.04717, P.243.04718, P.243.04719, P.243.04720, P.243.04721, P.243.04722, P.243.04723, P.243.04724, P.243.04725, P.243.04726, P.243.04727, P.243.04728, P.243.04729, P.243.04730, P.243.04731, P.243.04732, P.243.04733, P.243.04734, P.243.04735, P.243.04736, P.243.04737, P.243.04738, P.243.04739, P.243.04740, P.243.04741, P.243.04742, P.243.04743, P.243.04744, P.243.04745, P.243.04746, P.243.04747, P.243.04748, P.243.04749, P.243.04750,
Folder 83: Frank Donahue, Winter 1981 (P.243.04751 to P.243.04786)Add to your cart.
P.243.04751, P.243.04752, P.243.04753, P.243.04754, P.243.04755, P.243.04756, P.243.04757, P.243.04758, P.243.04759, P.243.04760, P.243.04761, P.243.04762, P.243.04763, P.243.04764, P.243.04765, P.243.04766, P.243.04767, P.243.04768, P.243.04769, P.243.04770, P.243.04771, P.243.04772, P.243.04773, P.243.04774, P.243.04775, P.243.04776, P.243.04777, P.243.04778, P.243.04779, P.243.04780, P.243.04781, P.243.04782, P.243.04783, P.243.04784, P.243.04785, P.243.04786,
Folder 84: John Donald, May 1982, Old Trail Town (P.243.04787 to P.243.04834)Add to your cart.
P.243.04787, P.243.04788, P.243.04789, P.243.04790, P.243.04791, P.243.04792, P.243.04793, P.243.04794, P.243.04795, P.243.04796, P.243.04797, P.243.04798, P.243.04799, P.243.04800, P.243.04801, P.243.04802, P.243.04803, P.243.04804, P.243.04805, P.243.04806, P.243.04807, P.243.04808, P.243.04809, P.243.04810, P.243.04811, P.243.04812, P.243.04813, P.243.04814, P.243.04815, P.243.04816, P.243.04817, P.243.04818, P.243.04819, P.243.04820, P.243.04821, P.243.04822, P.243.04823, P.243.04824, P.243.04825, P.243.04826, P.243.04827, P.243.04828, P.243.04829, P.243.04830, P.243.04831, P.243.04832, P.243.04833, P.243.04834,
Folder 85: Barbara Dreyer, Spring 1982, Trail Creek Ranch (P.243.04835 to P.243.04863)Add to your cart.
P.243.04835, P.243.04836, P.243.04837, P.243.04838, P.243.04839, P.243.04840, P.243.04841, P.243.04842, P.243.04843, P.243.04844, P.243.04845, P.243.04846, P.243.04847, P.243.04848, P.243.04849, P.243.04850, P.243.04851, P.243.04852, P.243.04853, P.243.04854, P.243.04855, P.243.04856, P.243.04857, P.243.04858, P.243.04859, P.243.04860, P.243.04861, P.243.04862, P.243.04863,
Folder 86: Dan Deuter, Mt. Man, July, 1988, seven costumes (P.243.04864 to P.243.05073)Add to your cart.
P.243.04864, P.243.04865, P.243.04866, P.243.04867, P.243.04868, P.243.04869, P.243.04870, P.243.04871, P.243.04872, P.243.04873, P.243.04874, P.243.04875, P.243.04876, P.243.04877, P.243.04878, P.243.04879, P.243.04880, P.243.04881, P.243.04882, P.243.04883, P.243.04884, P.243.04885, P.243.04886, P.243.04887, P.243.04888, P.243.04889, P.243.04890, P.243.04891, P.243.04892, P.243.04893, P.243.04894, P.243.04895, P.243.04896, P.243.04897, P.243.04898, P.243.04899, P.243.04900, P.243.04901, P.243.04902, P.243.04903, P.243.04904, P.243.04905, P.243.04906, P.243.04907, P.243.04908, P.243.04909, P.243.04910, P.243.04911, P.243.04912, P.243.04913, P.243.04914, P.243.04915, P.243.04916, P.243.04917, P.243.04918, P.243.04919, P.243.04920, P.243.04921, P.243.04922, P.243.04923, P.243.04924, P.243.04925, P.243.04926, P.243.04927, P.243.04928, P.243.04929, P.243.04930, P.243.04931, P.243.04932, P.243.04933, P.243.04934, P.243.04935, P.243.04936, P.243.04937, P.243.04938, P.243.04939, P.243.04940, P.243.04941, P.243.04942, P.243.04943, P.243.04944, P.243.04945, P.243.04946, P.243.04947, P.243.04948, P.243.04949, P.243.04950, P.243.04951, P.243.04952, P.243.04953, P.243.04954, P.243.04955, P.243.04956, P.243.04957, P.243.04958, P.243.04959, P.243.04960, P.243.04961, P.243.04962, P.243.04963, P.243.04964, P.243.04965, P.243.04966, P.243.04967, P.243.04968, P.243.04969, P.243.04970, P.243.04971, P.243.04972, P.243.04973, P.243.04974, P.243.04975, P.243.04976, P.243.04977, P.243.04978, P.243.04979, P.243.04980, P.243.04981, P.243.04982, P.243.04983, P.243.04984, P.243.04985, P.243.04986, P.243.04987, P.243.04988, P.243.04989, P.243.04990, P.243.04991, P.243.04992, P.243.04993, P.243.04994, P.243.04995, P.243.04996, P.243.04997, P.243.04998, P.243.04999, P.243.05000, P.243.05001, P.243.05002, P.243.05003, P.243.05004, P.243.05005, P.243.05006, P.243.05007, P.243.05008, P.243.05009, P.243.05010, P.243.05011, P.243.05012, P.243.05013, P.243.05014, P.243.05015, P.243.05016, P.243.05017, P.243.05018, P.243.05019, P.243.05020, P.243.05021, P.243.05022, P.243.05023, P.243.05024, P.243.05025, P.243.05026, P.243.05027, P.243.05028, P.243.05029, P.243.05030, P.243.05031, P.243.05032, P.243.05033, P.243.05034, P.243.05035, P.243.05036, P.243.05037, P.243.05038, P.243.05039, P.243.05040, P.243.05041, P.243.05042, P.243.05043, P.243.05044, P.243.05045, P.243.05046, P.243.05047, P.243.05048, P.243.05049, P.243.05050, P.243.05051, P.243.05052, P.243.05053, P.243.05054, P.243.05055, P.243.05056, P.243.05057, P.243.05058, P.243.05059, P.243.05060, P.243.05061, P.243.05062, P.243.05063, P.243.05064, P.243.05065, P.243.05066, P.243.05067, P.243.05068, P.243.05069, P.243.05070, P.243.05071, P.243.05072, P.243.05073,
Folder 87: Dan Deuter, May 1992, fur trader, booshway (PN.243.05074 to PN.243.05085 and P.243.05086 to P.243.05157)Add to your cart.
PN.243.05074, PN.243.05075, PN.243.05076, PN.243.05077, PN.243.05078, PN.243.05079, PN.243.05080, PN.243.05081, PN.243.05082, PN.243.05083, PN.243.05084, PN.243.05085, P.243.05086, P.243.05087, P.243.05088, P.243.05089, P.243.05090, P.243.05091, P.243.05092, P.243.05093, P.243.05094, P.243.05095, P.243.05096, P.243.05097, P.243.05098, P.243.05099, P.243.05100, P.243.05101, P.243.05102, P.243.05103, P.243.05104, P.243.05105, P.243.05106, P.243.05107, P.243.05108, P.243.05109, P.243.05110, P.243.05111, P.243.05112, P.243.05113, P.243.05114, P.243.05115, P.243.05116, P.243.05117, P.243.05118, P.243.05119, P.243.05120, P.243.05121, P.243.05122, P.243.05123, P.243.05124, P.243.05125, P.243.05126, P.243.05127, P.243.05128, P.243.05129, P.243.05130, P.243.05131, P.243.05132, P.243.05133, P.243.05134, P.243.05135, P.243.05136, P.243.05137, P.243.05138, P.243.05139, P.243.05140, P.243.05141, P.243.05142, P.243.05143, P.243.05144, P.243.05145, P.243.05146, P.243.05147, P.243.05148, P.243.05149, P.243.05150, P.243.05151, P.243.05152, P.243.05153, P.243.05154, P.243.05155, P.243.05156, P.243.05157,
Folder 88: Chuck “Dutch” Dykstra, Dec. 1988 (P.243.05158 to P.243.05204)Add to your cart.
P.243.05158, P.243.05159, P.243.05160, P.243.05161, P.243.05162, P.243.05163, P.243.05164, P.243.05165, P.243.05166, P.243.05167, P.243.05168, P.243.05169, P.243.05170, P.243.05171, P.243.05172, P.243.05173, P.243.05174, P.243.05175, P.243.05176, P.243.05177, P.243.05178, P.243.05179, P.243.05180, P.243.05181, P.243.05182, P.243.05183, P.243.05184, P.243.05185, P.243.05186, P.243.05187, P.243.05188, P.243.05189, P.243.05190, P.243.05191, P.243.05192, P.243.05193, P.243.05194, P.243.05195, P.243.05196, P.243.05197, P.243.05198, P.243.05199, P.243.05200, P.243.05201, P.243.05202, P.243.05203, P.243.05204,
Folder 89: Duke Early –Sheepherding-Oregon Basin, April. 1973 (P.243.05205 to P.243.05240)Add to your cart.
P.243.05205, P.243.05206, P.243.05207, P.243.05208, P.243.05209, P.243.05210, P.243.05211, P.243.05212, P.243.05213, P.243.05214, P.243.05215, P.243.05216, P.243.05217, P.243.05218, P.243.05219, P.243.05220, P.243.05221, P.243.05222, P.243.05223, P.243.05224, P.243.05225, P.243.05226, P.243.05227, P.243.05228, P.243.05229, P.243.05230, P.243.05231, P.243.05232, P.243.05233, P.243.05234, P.243.05235, P.243.05236, P.243.05237, P.243.05238, P.243.05239, P.243.05240,
Folder 90: Jay Ekwall, Travis, spring 1982, Bama’s Home (P.243.05241 to P.243.05264)Add to your cart.
P.243.05241, P.243.05242, P.243.05243, P.243.05244, P.243.05245, P.243.05246, P.243.05247, P.243.05248, P.243.05249, P.243.05250, P.243.05251, P.243.05252, P.243.05253, P.243.05254, P.243.05255, P.243.05256, P.243.05257, P.243.05258, P.243.05259, P.243.05260, P.243.05261, P.243.05262, P.243.05263, P.243.05264,
Folder 91: Bob Edgar, Pile of Antlers, July 1970 (P.243.05265 to P.243.05281)Add to your cart.
P.243.05265, P.243.05266, P.243.05267, P.243.05268, P.243.05269, P.243.05270, P.243.05271, P.243.05272, P.243.05273, P.243.05274, P.243.05275, P.243.05276, P.243.05277, P.243.05278, P.243.05279, P.243.05280, P.243.05281,
Folder 92: Bob Edgar and target, July and Aug. 1970 (P.243.05282 to P.243.05317)Add to your cart.
P.243.05282, P.243.05283, P.243.05284, P.243.05285, P.243.05286, P.243.05287, P.243.05288, P.243.05289, P.243.05290, P.243.05291, P.243.05292, P.243.05293, P.243.05294, P.243.05295, P.243.05296, P.243.05297, P.243.05298, P.243.05299, P.243.05300, P.243.05301, P.243.05302, P.243.05303, P.243.05304, P.243.05305, P.243.05306, P.243.05307, P.243.05308, P.243.05309, P.243.05310, P.243.05311, P.243.05312, P.243.05313, P.243.05314, P.243.05315, P.243.05316, P.243.05317,
Folder 93: Bob Edgar in cave, horse, and teepee, Aug 1970 (P.243.05318 to P.243.05345)Add to your cart.
P.243.05318, P.243.05319, P.243.05320, P.243.05321, P.243.05322, P.243.05323, P.243.05324, P.243.05325, P.243.05326, P.243.05327, P.243.05328, P.243.05329, P.243.05330, P.243.05331, P.243.05332, P.243.05333, P.243.05334, P.243.05335, P.243.05336, P.243.05337, P.243.05338, P.243.05339, P.243.05340, P.243.05341, PN.243.05342, PN.243.05343, PN.243.05344, PN.243.05345,
Folder 94: Bob Edgar, buffalo hunter, March 1972, Nov. 1973 (P.243.05346 to P.243.05415)Add to your cart.
P.243.05346, P.243.05347, P.243.05348, P.243.05349, P.243.05350, P.243.05351, P.243.05352, P.243.05353, P.243.05354, P.243.05355, P.243.05356, P.243.05357, P.243.05358, P.243.05359, P.243.05360, P.243.05361, P.243.05362, P.243.05363, P.243.05364, P.243.05365, P.243.05366, P.243.05367, P.243.05368, P.243.05369, P.243.05370, P.243.05371, P.243.05372, P.243.05373, P.243.05374, P.243.05375, P.243.05376, P.243.05377, P.243.05378, P.243.05379, P.243.05380, P.243.05381, P.243.05382, P.243.05383, P.243.05384, P.243.05385, P.243.05386, P.243.05387, P.243.05388, P.243.05389, P.243.05390, P.243.05391, P.243.05392, P.243.05393, P.243.05394, P.243.05395, P.243.05396, P.243.05397, P.243.05398, P.243.05399, P.243.05400, P.243.05401, P.243.05402, P.243.05403, P.243.05404, P.243.05405, P.243.05406, P.243.05407, P.243.05408, P.243.05409, P.243.05410, P.243.05411, P.243.05412, P.243.05413, P.243.05414, P.243.05415,
Folder 95: Bob Edgar July 1973, Sundance skull, buffalo robe, buckskins (P.243.05416 to P.243.05443)Add to your cart.
P.243.05416, P.243.05417, P.243.05418, P.243.05419, P.243.05420, P.243.05421, P.243.05422, P.243.05423, P.243.05424, P.243.05425, P.243.05426, P.243.05427, P.243.05428, P.243.05429, P.243.05430, P.243.05431, P.243.05432, P.243.05433, P.243.05434, P.243.05435, P.243.05436, P.243.05437, P.243.05438, P.243.05439, P.243.05440, P.243.05441, P.243.05442, P.243.05443,
Folder 96: Bob Edgar, July 1976, still life’s, lantern, saddles, wagons (P.243.05444 to P.243.05466)Add to your cart.
P.243.05444, P.243.05445, P.243.05446, P.243.05447, P.243.05448, P.243.05449, P.243.05450, P.243.05451, P.243.05452, P.243.05453, P.243.05454, P.243.05455, P.243.05456, P.243.05457, P.243.05458, P.243.05459, P.243.05460, P.243.05461, P.243.05462, P.243.05463, P.243.05464, P.243.05465, P.243.05466,
Folder 97: Bob Edgar, Old Trail Town burial, young boy, Feb. 1979 (P.243.05467 to P.243.05473)Add to your cart.
P.243.05467, P.243.05468, P.243.05469, P.243.05470, P.243.05471, P.243.05472, P.243.05473,
Folder 98: Bob Edgar, pitchfork butte, Fall 1981 (P.243.05474 to P.243.05485)Add to your cart.
P.243.05474, P.243.05475, P.243.05476, P.243.05477, P.243.05478, P.243.05479, P.243.05480, P.243.05481, P.243.05482, P.243.05483, P.243.05484, P.243.05485,
Folder 99: Paul Edgar April 1971 (P.243.05486 to P.243.05509)Add to your cart.
P.243.05486, P.243.05487, P.243.05488, P.243.05489, P.243.05490, P.243.05491, P.243.05492, P.243.05493, P.243.05494, P.243.05495, P.243.05496, P.243.05497, P.243.05498, P.243.05499, P.243.05500, P.243.05501, P.243.05502, P.243.05503, P.243.05504, P.243.05505, P.243.05506, P.243.05507, P.243.05508, P.243.05509,
Folder 100: Jay and Travis Ekwall and cousin, Summer 1983 (P.243.05510 to P.243.05557)Add to your cart.
P.243.05510, P.243.05511, P.243.05512, P.243.05513, P.243.05514, P.243.05515, P.243.05516, P.243.05517, P.243.05518, P.243.05519, P.243.05520, P.243.05521, P.243.05522, P.243.05523, P.243.05524, P.243.05525, P.243.05526, P.243.05527, P.243.05528, P.243.05529, P.243.05530, P.243.05531, P.243.05532, P.243.05533, P.243.05534, P.243.05535, P.243.05536, P.243.05537, P.243.05538, P.243.05539, P.243.05540, P.243.05541, P.243.05542, P.243.05543, P.243.05544, P.243.05545, P.243.05546, P.243.05547, P.243.05548, P.243.05549, P.243.05550, P.243.05551, P.243.05552, P.243.05553, P.243.05554, P.243.05555, P.243.05556, P.243.05557,
Folder 101: Anson Eddy, logs, inside cabin and cat (P.243.05558 to P.243.05605)Add to your cart.
P.243.05558, P.243.05559, P.243.05560, P.243.05561, P.243.05562, P.243.05563, P.243.05564, P.243.05565, P.243.05566, P.243.05567, P.243.05568, P.243.05569, P.243.05570, P.243.05571, P.243.05572, P.243.05573, P.243.05574, P.243.05575, P.243.05576, P.243.05577, P.243.05578, P.243.05579, P.243.05580, P.243.05581, P.243.05582, P.243.05583, P.243.05584, P.243.05585, P.243.05586, P.243.05587, P.243.05588, P.243.05589, P.243.05590, P.243.05591, P.243.05592, P.243.05593, P.243.05594, P.243.05595, P.243.05596, P.243.05597, P.243.05598, P.243.05599, P.243.05600, P.243.05601, P.243.05602, P.243.05603, P.243.05604, P.243.05605,
Folder 102: Anson Eddy, pack and gun, Dec.1970, foothills in snow (P.243.05606 to P.243.05633)Add to your cart.
P.243.05606, P.243.05607, P.243.05608, P.243.05609, P.243.05610, P.243.05611, P.243.05612, P.243.05613, P.243.05614, P.243.05615, P.243.05616, P.243.05617, P.243.05618, P.243.05619, P.243.05620, P.243.05621, P.243.05622, P.243.05623, P.243.05624, P.243.05625, P.243.05626, P.243.05627, PN.243.05628, PN.243.05629, PN.243.05630, PN.243.05631, PN.243.05632, PN.243.05633,
Folder 103: Anson Eddy, Feb.1971 (P.243.05634 to P.243.05681)Add to your cart.
P.243.05634, P.243.05635, P.243.05636, P.243.05637, P.243.05638, P.243.05639, P.243.05640, P.243.05641, P.243.05642, P.243.05643, P.243.05644, P.243.05645, P.243.05646, P.243.05647, P.243.05648, P.243.05649, P.243.05650, P.243.05651, P.243.05652, P.243.05653, P.243.05654, P.243.05655, P.243.05656, P.243.05657, P.243.05658, P.243.05659, P.243.05660, P.243.05661, P.243.05662, P.243.05663, P.243.05664, P.243.05665, P.243.05666, P.243.05667, P.243.05668, P.243.05669, P.243.05670, P.243.05671, P.243.05672, P.243.05673, P.243.05674, P.243.05675, P.243.05676, P.243.05677, P.243.05678, P.243.05679, P.243.05680, P.243.05681,
Folder 104: Walter “Eddy” Edwards, Aug. 1970 (P.243.05682 to P.243.05729)Add to your cart.
P.243.05682, P.243.05683, P.243.05684, P.243.05685, P.243.05686, P.243.05687, P.243.05688, P.243.05689, P.243.05690, P.243.05691, P.243.05692, P.243.05693, P.243.05694, P.243.05695, P.243.05696, P.243.05697, P.243.05698, P.243.05699, P.243.05700, P.243.05701, P.243.05702, P.243.05703, P.243.05704, P.243.05705, P.243.05706, P.243.05707, P.243.05708, P.243.05709, P.243.05710, P.243.05711, P.243.05712, P.243.05713, P.243.05714, P.243.05715, P.243.05716, P.243.05717, P.243.05718, P.243.05719, P.243.05720, P.243.05721, P.243.05722, P.243.05723, P.243.05724, P.243.05725, P.243.05726, P.243.05727, P.243.05728, P.243.05729,
Folder 105: Barbara Egan, outfitter, camp cook, Nov. 1984 (P.243.05730 to P.243.05776)Add to your cart.
P.243.05730, P.243.05731, P.243.05732, P.243.05733, P.243.05734, P.243.05735, P.243.05736, P.243.05737, P.243.05738, P.243.05739, P.243.05740, P.243.05741, P.243.05742, P.243.05743, P.243.05744, P.243.05745, P.243.05746, P.243.05747, P.243.05748, P.243.05749, P.243.05750, P.243.05751, P.243.05752, P.243.05753, P.243.05754, P.243.05755, P.243.05756, P.243.05757, P.243.05758, P.243.05759, P.243.05760, P.243.05761, P.243.05762, P.243.05763, P.243.05764, P.243.05765, P.243.05766, P.243.05767, P.243.05768, P.243.05769, P.243.05770, P.243.05771, P.243.05772, P.243.05773, P.243.05774, P.243.05775, P.243.05776,
Folder 106: Gary Fales, Jerry Hodson, March 1973 (P.243.05777 to P.243.05857)Add to your cart.
P.243.05777, P.243.05778, P.243.05779, P.243.05780, P.243.05781, P.243.05782, P.243.05783, P.243.05784, P.243.05785, P.243.05786, P.243.05787, P.243.05788, P.243.05789, P.243.05790, P.243.05791, P.243.05792, P.243.05793, P.243.05794, P.243.05795, P.243.05796, P.243.05797, P.243.05798, P.243.05799, P.243.05800, P.243.05801, P.243.05802, P.243.05803, P.243.05804, P.243.05805, P.243.05806, P.243.05807, P.243.05808, P.243.05809, P.243.05810, P.243.05811, P.243.05812, P.243.05813, P.243.05814, P.243.05815, P.243.05816, P.243.05817, P.243.05818, P.243.05819, P.243.05820, P.243.05821, P.243.05822, P.243.05823, P.243.05824, P.243.05825, P.243.05826, P.243.05827, P.243.05828, P.243.05829, P.243.05830, P.243.05831, P.243.05832, P.243.05833, P.243.05834, P.243.05835, P.243.05836, P.243.05837, P.243.05838, P.243.05839, P.243.05840, P.243.05841, P.243.05842, P.243.05843, P.243.05844, P.243.05845, P.243.05846, P.243.05847, P.243.05848, P.243.05849, P.243.05850, P.243.05851, P.243.05852, P.243.05853, P.243.05854, P.243.05855, P.243.05856, P.243.05857,
Folder 107: Gary Fales, saddle Bronc rider, March 1973 (P.243.05858 to P.243.05881)Add to your cart.
P.243.05858, P.243.05859, P.243.05860, P.243.05861, P.243.05862, P.243.05863, P.243.05864, P.243.05865, P.243.05866, P.243.05867, P.243.05868, P.243.05869, P.243.05870, P.243.05871, P.243.05872, P.243.05873, P.243.05874, P.243.05875, P.243.05876, P.243.05877, P.243.05878, P.243.05879, P.243.05880, P.243.05881,
Folder 108: Gary Fales, Trapping, March 1974 (P.243.05882 to P.243.05912)Add to your cart.
P.243.05882, P.243.05883, P.243.05884, P.243.05885, P.243.05886, P.243.05887, P.243.05888, P.243.05889, P.243.05890, P.243.05891, P.243.05892, P.243.05893, P.243.05894, P.243.05895, P.243.05896, P.243.05897, P.243.05898, P.243.05899, P.243.05900, P.243.05901, P.243.05902, P.243.05903, P.243.05904`, P.243.05905, P.243.05906, P.243.05907, P.243.05908, P.243.05909, P.243.05910, P.243.05911, P.243.05912,
Folder 109: Gary Fales, March 1975, Saddle Bronc Rider (P.243.05913 to P.243.05923)Add to your cart.
P.243.05913, P.243.05914, P.243.05915, P.243.05916, P.243.05917, P.243.05918, P.243.05919, P.243.05920, P.243.05921, P.243.05922, P.243.05923,
Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Gary Fales, March 1975 (Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Gary Fales, May 30, 1976. Lynne, Adelsons (P.243.05924 to P.243.05959)Add to your cart.
P.243.05924, P.243.05925, P.243.05926, P.243.05927, P.243.05928, P.243.05929, P.243.05930, P.243.05931, P.243.05932, P.243.05933, P.243.05934, P.243.05935, P.243.05936, P.243.05937, P.243.05938, P.243.05939, P.243.05940, P.243.05941, P.243.05942, P.243.05943, P.243.05944, P.243.05945, P.243.05946, P.243.05947, P.243.05948, P.243.05949, P.243.05950, P.243.05951, P.243.05952, P.243.05953, P.243.05954, P.243.05955, P.243.05956, P.243.05957, P.243.05958, P.243.05959,
Folder 3: Gary Fales, Fall, 1981 (P.243.05960 to P.243.05980)Add to your cart.
P.243.05960, P.243.05961, P.243.05962, P.243.05963, P.243.05964, P.243.05965, P.243.05966, P.243.05967, P.243.05968, P.243.05969, P.243.05970, P.243.05971, P.243.05972, P.243.05973, P.243.05974, P.243.05975, P.243.05976, P.243.05977, P.243.05978, P.243.05979, P.243.05980,
Folder 4: Gary Fales, Jeff Tift, antler gatherers, loggers, April, 1984 (P.243.05981 to P.243.06111)Add to your cart.
P.243.05981, P.243.05982, P.243.05983, P.243.05984, P.243.05985, P.243.05986, P.243.05987, P.243.05988, P.243.05989, P.243.05990, P.243.05991, P.243.05992, P.243.05993, P.243.05994, P.243.05995, P.243.05996, P.243.05997, P.243.05998, P.243.05999, P.243.06000, P.243.06001, P.243.06002, P.243.06003, P.243.06004, P.243.06005, P.243.06006, P.243.06007, P.243.06008, P.243.06009, P.243.06010, P.243.06011, P.243.06012, P.243.06013, P.243.06014, P.243.06015, P.243.06016, P.243.06017, P.243.06018, P.243.06019, P.243.06020, P.243.06021, P.243.06022, P.243.06023, P.243.06024, P.243.06025, P.243.06026, P.243.06027, P.243.06028, P.243.06029, P.243.06030, P.243.06031, P.243.06032, P.243.06033, P.243.06034, P.243.06035, P.243.06036, P.243.06037, P.243.06038, P.243.06039, P.243.06040, P.243.06041, P.243.06042, P.243.06043, P.243.06044, P.243.06045, P.243.06046, P.243.06047, P.243.06048, P.243.06049, P.243.06050, P.243.06051, P.243.06052, P.243.06053, P.243.06054, P.243.06055, P.243.06056, P.243.06057, P.243.06058, P.243.06059, P.243.06060, P.243.06061, P.243.06062, P.243.06063, P.243.06064, P.243.06065, P.243.06066, P.243.06067, P.243.06068, P.243.06069, P.243.06070, P.243.06071, P.243.06072, P.243.06073, P.243.06074, P.243.06075, P.243.06076, P.243.06077, P.243.06078, P.243.06079, P.243.06080, P.243.06081, P.243.06082, P.243.06083, P.243.06084, P.243.06085, P.243.06086, P.243.06087, P.243.06088, P.243.06089, P.243.06090, P.243.06091, P.243.06092, P.243.06093, P.243.06094, P.243.06095, P.243.06096, P.243.06097, P.243.06098, P.243.06099, P.243.06100, P.243.06101, P.243.06102, P.243.06103, P.243.06104, P.243.06105, P.243.06106, P.243.06107, P.243.06108, P.243.06109, P.243.06110, P.243.06111,
Folder 5: Gary Fales, March 1987 (color, no prints) (P.243.06112 to P.243.06123)Add to your cart.
PN.243.06112, PN.243.06113, PN.243.06114, PN.243.06115, PN.243.06116, PN.243.06117, PN.243.06118, PN.243.06119, PN.243.06120, PN.243.06121, PN.243.06122, PN.243.06123,
Folder 6: Glenn Fales, Jeff Tift, May 1984, setting up camp (P.243.06124 to P.243.06147)Add to your cart.
P.243.06124, P.243.06125, P.243.06126, P.243.06127, P.243.06128, P.243.06129, P.243.06130, P.243.06131, P.243.06132, P.243.06133, P.243.06134, P.243.06135, P.243.06136, P.243.06137, P.243.06138, P.243.06139, P.243.06140, P.243.06141, P.243.06142, P.243.06143, P.243.06144, P.243.06145, P.243.06146, P.243.06147,
Folder 7: Art Fawcett, Esterbrook, WY, president of Wyoming Sierra Club (P.243.06148 to P.243.06207)Add to your cart.
P.243.06148, P.243.06149, P.243.06150, P.243.06151, P.243.06152, P.243.06153, P.243.06154, P.243.06155, P.243.06156, P.243.06157, P.243.06158, P.243.06159, P.243.06160, P.243.06161, P.243.06162, P.243.06163, P.243.06164, P.243.06165, P.243.06166, P.243.06167, P.243.06168, P.243.06169, P.243.06170, P.243.06171, P.243.06172, P.243.06173, P.243.06174, P.243.06175, P.243.06176, P.243.06177, P.243.06178, P.243.06179, P.243.06180, P.243.06181, P.243.06182, P.243.06183, P.243.06184, P.243.06185, P.243.06186, P.243.06187, P.243.06188, P.243.06189, P.243.06190, P.243.06191, P.243.06192, P.243.06193, P.243.06194, P.243.06195, P.243.06196, P.243.06197, P.243.06198, P.243.06199, P.243.06200, P.243.06201, P.243.06202, P.243.06203, P.243.06204, P.243.06205, P.243.06206, P.243.06207,
Folder 8: Rick Felts, Grizzly Ranch, McCarthy Ranch, Feb.25, 1985 (P.243.06208 to P.243.06302)Add to your cart.
P.243.06208, P.243.06209, P.243.06210, P.243.06211, P.243.06212, P.243.06213, P.243.06214, P.243.06215, P.243.06216, P.243.06217, P.243.06218, P.243.06219, P.243.06220, P.243.06221, P.243.06222, P.243.06223, P.243.06224, P.243.06225, P.243.06226, P.243.06227, P.243.06228, P.243.06229, P.243.06230, P.243.06231, P.243.06232, P.243.06233, P.243.06234, P.243.06235, P.243.06236, P.243.06237, P.243.06238, P.243.06239, P.243.06240, P.243.06241, P.243.06242, P.243.06243, P.243.06244, P.243.06245, P.243.06246, P.243.06247, P.243.06248, P.243.06249, P.243.06250, P.243.06251, P.243.06252, P.243.06253, P.243.06254, P.243.06255, P.243.06256, P.243.06257, P.243.06258, P.243.06259, P.243.06260, P.243.06261, P.243.06262, P.243.06263, P.243.06264, P.243.06265, P.243.06266, P.243.06267, P.243.06268, P.243.06269, P.243.06270, P.243.06271, P.243.06272,  P.243.06273, P.243.06274, P.243.06275, P.243.06276, P.243.06277, P.243.06278, P.243.06279, P.243.06280, P.243.06281, P.243.06282, P.243.06283, P.243.06284, P.243.06285, P.243.06286, P.243.06287, P.243.06288, P.243.06289, P.243.06290, P.243.06291, P.243.06292, P.243.06293, P.243.06294, P.243.06295, P.243.06296, P.243.06297, P.243.06298, P.243.06299, P.243.06300, P.243.06301, P.243.06302,
Folder 9: Carrie Fenwick – Scott Foster- Fall 1985 (P.243.06303 to P.243.06384)Add to your cart.
P.243.06303, P.243.06304, P.243.06305, P.243.06306, P.243.06307, P.243.06308, P.243.06309, P.243.06310, P.243.06311, P.243.06312, P.243.06313, P.243.06314, P.243.06315, P.243.06316, P.243.06317, P.243.06318, P.243.06319, P.243.06320, P.243.06321, P.243.06322, P.243.06323, P.243.06324, P.243.06325, P.243.06326, P.243.06327, P.243.06328, P.243.06329, P.243.06330, P.243.06331, P.243.06332, P.243.06333, P.243.06334, P.243.06335, P.243.06336, P.243.06337, P.243.06338, P.243.06339, P.243.06340, P.243.06341, P.243.06342, P.243.06343, P.243.06344, P.243.06345, P.243.06346, P.243.06347, P.243.06348, P.243.06349, P.243.06350, P.243.06351, P.243.06352, P.243.06353, P.243.06354, P.243.06355, P.243.06356, P.243.06357, P.243.06358, P.243.06359, P.243.06360, P.243.06361, P.243.06362, P.243.06363, P.243.06364, P.243.06365, P.243.26366, P.243.06367, P.243.06368, P.243.06369, P.243.06370, P.243.06371, P.243.06372, P.243.06373, P.243.06374, P.243.06375, P.243.06376, P.243.06377, P.243.06378, P.243.06379, P.243.06380, P.243.06381, P.243.06382, P.243.06383, P.243.06384,
Folder 10: Chuck Flek, July 1981 (P.243.06385 to P.243.06444)Add to your cart.
P.243.06385, P.243.06386, P.243.06387, P.243.06388, P.243.06389, P.243.06390, P.243.06391, P.243.06392, P.243.06393, P.243.06394, P.243.06395, P.243.06396, P.243.06397, P.243.06398, P.243.06399, P.243.06400, P.243.06401, P.243.06402, P.243.06403, P.243.06404, P.243.06405, P.243.06406, P.243.06407, P.243.06408, P.243.06409, P.243.06410, P.243.06411, P.243.06412, P.243.06413, P.243.06414, P.243.06415, P.243.06416, P.243.06417, P.243.06418, P.243.06419, P.243.06420, P.243.06421, P.243.06422, P.243.06423, P.243.06424, P.243.06425, P.243.06426, P.243.06427, P.243.06428, P.243.06429, P.243.06430, P.243.06431, P.243.06432, P.243.06433, P.243.06434, P.243.06435, P.243.06436, P.243.06437, P.243.06438, P.243.06439, P.243.06440, P.243.06441, P.243.06442, P.243.06443, P.243.06444,
Folder 11: Cy Floyd, May 1973, Rodeo (P.243.06445 to P.243.06456)Add to your cart.
P.243.06445, P.243.06446, P.243.06447, P.243.06448, P.243.06449, P.243.06450, P.243.06451, P.243.06452, P.243.06453, P.243.06454, P.243.06455, P.243.06456,
Folder 12: Dale Foor, ox yolk & duster, Dec. 1986 (P.243.06457 to P.243.06539)Add to your cart.
P.243.06457, P.243.06458, P.243.06459, P.243.06460, P.243.06461, P.243.06462, P.243.06463, P.243.06464, P.243.06465, P.243.06466, P.243.06467, P.243.06468, P.243.06469, P.243.06470, P.243.06471, P.243.06472, P.243.06473, P.243.06474, P.243.06475, P.243.06476, P.243.06477, P.243.06478, P.243.06479, P.243.06480, P.243.06481, P.243.06482, P.243.06483, P.243.06484, P.243.06485, P.243.06486, P.243.06487, P.243.06488, P.243.06489, P.243.06490, P.243.06491, P.243.06492, P.243.06493, P.243.06494, P.243.06495, P.243.06496, P.243.06497, P.243.06498, P.243.06499, P.243.06500, P.243.06501, P.243.06502, P.243.06503, P.243.06504, P.243.06505, P.243.06506, P.243.06507, P.243.06508, P.243.06509, P.243.06510, P.243.06511, P.243.06512, P.243.06513, P.243.06514, P.243.06515, P.243.06516, P.243.06517, P.243.06518, P.243.06519, P.243.06520, P.243.06521, P.243.06522, P.243.06523, P.243.06524, P.243.06525, P.243.06526, P.243.06527, P.243.06528, P.243.06529, P.243.06530, P.243.06531, P.243.06532, P.243.06533, P.243.06534, P.243.06535, P.243.06536, P.243.06537, P.243.06538, P.243.06539,
Folder 13: Dale Foor, red shirt, Aug. 1987 (P.243.06540 to P.243.06575)Add to your cart.
P.243.06540, P.243.06541, P.243.06542, P.243.06543, P.243.06544, P.243.06545, P.243.06546, P.243.06547, P.243.06548, P.243.06549, P.243.06550, P.243.06551, P.243.06552, P.243.06553, P.243.06554, P.243.06555, P.243.06556, P.243.06557, P.243.06558, P.243.06559, P.243.06560, P.243.06561, P.243.06562, P.243.06563, P.243.06564, P.243.06565, P.243.06566, P.243.06567, P.243.06568, P.243.06569, P.243.06570, P.243.06571, P.243.06572, P.243.06573, P.243.06574, P.243.06575,
Folder 14: Malcolm Forbes, Aug. 17, 1977 (P.243.06576 to P.243.06583)Add to your cart.
P.243.06576, P.243.06577, P.243.06578, P.243.06579, P.243.06580, P.243.06581, P.243.06582, P.243.06583,
Folder 15: Mark Forshee, from Hyattville, Spring 1982 (P.243.06584 to P.243.06649)Add to your cart.
P.243.06584, P.243.06585, P.243.06586, P.243.06587, P.243.06588, P.243.06589, P.243.06590, P.243.06591, P.243.06592, P.243.06593, P.243.06594, P.243.06595, P.243.06596, P.243.06597, P.243.06598, P.243.06599, P.243.06600, P.243.06601, P.243.06602, P.243.06603, P.243.06604, P.243.06605, P.243.06606, P.243.06607, P.243.06608, P.243.06609, P.243.06610, P.243.06611, P.243.06612, P.243.06613, P.243.06614, P.243.06615, P.243.06616, P.243.06617, P.243.06618, P.243.06619, P.243.06620, P.243.06621, P.243.06622, P.243.06623, P.243.06624, P.243.06625, P.243.06626, P.243.06627, P.243.06628, P.243.06629, P.243.06630, P.243.06631, P.243.06632, P.243.06633, P.243.06634, P.243.06635, P.243.06636, P.243.06637, P.243.06638, P.243.06639, P.243.06640, P.243.06641, P.243.06642, P.243.06643, P.243.06644, P.243.06645, P.243.06646, P.243.06647, P.243.06648, P.243.06649,
Folder 16: Mark Forsite 1987 (no contact sheet) (PN.243.06650 to PN.243.06655)Add to your cart.
PN.243.06650, PN.243.06651, PN.243.06652, PN.243.06653, PN.243.06654, PN.243.06655,
Folder 17: Scott Foster, Winter 1985 (P.243.06656 to P.243.06702)Add to your cart.
P.243.06656, P.243.06657, P.243.06658, P.243.06659, P.243.06660, P.243.06661, P.243.06662, P.243.06663, P.243.06664, P.243.06665, P.243.06666, P.243.06667, P.243.06668, P.243.06669, P.243.06670, P.243.06671, P.243.06672, P.243.06673, P.243.06674, P.243.06675, P.243.06676, P.243.06677, P.243.06678, P.243.06679, P.243.06680, P.243.06681, P.243.06682, P.243.06683, P.243.06684, P.243.06685, P.243.06686, P.243.06687, P.243.06688, P.243.06689, P.243.06690, P.243.06691, P.243.06692, P.243.06693, P.243.06694, P.243.06695, P.243.06696, P.243.06697, P.243.06698, P.243.06699, P.243.06700, P.243.06701, P.243.06702,
Folder 18: John Freitag, July 1982 (P.243.06703 to P.243.06750)Add to your cart.
P.243.06703, P.243.06704, P.243.06705, P.243.06706, P.243.06707, P.243.06708, P.243.06709, P.243.06710, P.243.06711, P.243.06712, P.243.06713, P.243.06714, P.243.06715, P.243.06716, P.243.06717, P.243.06718, P.243.06719, P.243.06720, P.243.06721, P.243.06722, P.243.06723, P.243.06724, P.243.06725, P.243.06726, P.243.06727,  P.243.06728, P.243.06729, P.243.06730, P.243.06731, P.243.06732, P.243.06733, P.243.06734, P.243.06735, P.243.06736, P.243.06737, P.243.06738, P.243.06739, P.243.06740, P.243.06741, P.243.06742, P.243.06743, P.243.06744, P.243.06745, P.243.06746, P.243.06747, P.243.06748, P.243.06749, P.243.06750,
Folder 19: Bill Cody, Fred Garlow, April 1973 (P.243.06751 to P.243.06797)Add to your cart.
P.243.06751, P.243.06752, P.243.06753, P.243.06754, P.243.06755, P.243.06756, P.243.06757, P.243.06758, P.243.06759, P.243.06760, P.243.06761, P.243.06762, P.243.06763, P.243.06764, P.243.06765, P.243.06766, P.243.06767, P.243.06768, P.243.06769, P.243.06770, P.243.06771, P.243.06772, P.243.06773, P.243.06774, P.243.06775, P.243.06776, P.243.06777, P.243.06778, P.243.06779, P.243.06780, P.243.06781, P.243.06782, P.243.06783, P.243.06784, P.243.06785, P.243.06786, P.243.06787, P.243.06788, P.243.06789, P.243.06790, P.243.06791, P.243.06792, P.243.06793, P.243.06794, P.243.06795, P.243.06796, P.243.06797,
Folder 20: Fred Garlow, April 1973 (P.243.06798 to P.243.06809)Add to your cart.
P.243.06798, P.243.06799, P.243.06800, P.243.06801, P.243.06802, P.243.06803, P.243.06804, P.243.06805, P.243.06806, P.243.06807, P.243.06808, P.243.06809,
Folder 21: Nancy Garnett, Outfitter, camp cook, Bob Johnsey, June 1984 (P.243.06810 to P.243.06880)Add to your cart.
P.243.06810, P.243.06811, P.243.06812, P.243.06813, P.243.06814, P.243.06815, P.243.06816, P.243.06817, P.243.06818, P.243.06819, P.243.06820, P.243.06821, P.243.06822, P.243.06823, P.243.06824, P.243.06825, P.243.06826, P.243.06827, P.243.06828, P.243.06829, P.243.06830, P.243.06831, P.243.06832, P.243.06833, P.243.06834, P.243.06835, P.243.06836, P.243.06837, P.243.06838, P.243.06839, P.243.06840, P.243.06841, P.243.06842, P.243.06843, P.243.06844, P.243.06845, P.243.06846, P.243.06847, P.243.06848, P.243.06849, P.243.06850, P.243.06851, P.243.06852, P.243.06853, P.243.06854, P.243.06855, P.243.06856, P.243.06857, P.243.06858, P.243.06859, P.243.06860, P.243.06861, P.243.06862, P.243.06863, P.243.06864, P.243.06865, P.243.06866, P.243.06867, P.243.06868, P.243.06869, P.243.06870, P.243.06871, P.243.06872, P.243.06873, P.243.06874, P.243.06875, P.243.06876, P.243.06877, P.243.06878, P.243.06879, P.243.06880,
Folder 22: Don Gibbs- Winter 1981 (P.243.06881 to P.243.06926)Add to your cart.
P.243.06881, P.243.06882, P.243.06883, P.243.06884, P.243.06885, P.243.06886, P.243.06887, P.243.06888, P.243.06889, P.243.06890, P.243.06891, P.243.06892, P.243.06893, P.243.06894, P.243.06895, P.243.06896, P.243.06897, P.243.06898, P.243.06899, P.243.06900, P.243.06901, P.243.06902, P.243.06903, P.243.06904, P.243.06905, P.243.06906, P.243.06907, P.243.06908, P.243.06909, P.243.06910, P.243.06911, P.243.06912, P.243.06913, P.243.06914, P.243.06915, P.243.06916, P.243.06917, P.243.06918, P.243.06919, P.243.06920, P.243.06921, P.243.06922, P.243.06923, P.243.06924, P.243.06925, P.243.06926,
Folder 23: Don Gibbs, Horses in Snow, Feb. 1982 (P.243.06927 to P.243.07021)Add to your cart.
P.243.06927, P.243.06928, P.243.06929, P.243.06930, P.243.06931, P.243.06932, P.243.06933, P.243.06934, P.243.06935, P.243.06936, P.243.06937, P.243.06938, P.243.06939, P.243.06940, P.243.06941, P.243.06942, P.243.06943, P.243.06944, P.243.06945, P.243.06946, P.243.06947, P.243.06948, P.243.06949, P.243.06950, P.243.06951, P.243.06952, P.243.06953, P.243.06954, P.243.06955, P.243.06956, P.243.06957, P.243.06958, P.243.06959, P.243.06960, P.243.06961, P.243.06962, P.243.06963, P.243.06964, P.243.06965, P.243.06966, P.243.06967, P.243.06968, P.243.06969, P.243.06970, P.243.06971, P.243.06972, P.243.06973, P.243.06974, P.243.06975, P.243.06976, P.243.06977, P.243.06978, P.243.06979, P.243.06980, P.243.06981, P.243.06982, P.243.06983, P.243.06984, P.243.06985, P.243.06986, P.243.06987, P.243.06988, P.243.06989, P.243.06990, P.243.06991, P.243.06992, P.243.06993, P.243.06994, P.243.06995, P.243.06996, P.243.06997, P.243.06998, P.243.06999, P.243.07000, P.243.07001, P.243.07002, P.243.07003, P.243.07004, P.243.07005, P.243.07006, P.243.07007, P.243.07008, P.243.07009, P.243.07010, P.243.07011, P.243.07012, P.243.07013, P.243.07014, P.243.07015, P.243.07016, P.243.07017, P.243.07018, P.243.07019, P.243.07020, P.243.07021,
Folder 24: Britt Givins – Cowboy, Bronc Rider, Sept. 1982 (P.243.07022 to P.243.07070)Add to your cart.
P.243.07022, P.243.07023, P.243.07024, P.243.07025, P.243.07026, P.243.07027, P.243.07028, P.243.07029, P.243.07030, P.243.07031, P.243.07032, P.243.07033, P.243.07034, P.243.07035, P.243.07036, P.243.07037, P.243.07038, P.243.07039, P.243.07040, P.243.07041, P.243.07042, P.243.07043, P.243.07044, P.243.07045, P.243.07046, P.243.07047, P.243.07048, P.243.07049, P.243.07050, P.243.07051, P.243.07052, P.243.07053, P.243.07054, P.243.07055, P.243.07056, P.243.07057, P.243.07058, P.243.07059, P.243.07060, P.243.07061, P.243.07062, P.243.07063, P.243.07064, P.243.07065, P.243.07066, P.243.07067, P.243.07068, P.243.07069, P.243.07070,
Folder 25: Larry Glazier, May 1982 (P.243.07071 to P.243.07116)Add to your cart.
P.243.07071, P.243.07072, P.243.07073, P.243.07074, P.243.07075, P.243.07076, P.243.07077, P.243.07078, P.243.07079, P.243.07080, P.243.07081, P.243.07082, P.243.07083, P.243.07084, P.243.07085, P.243.07086, P.243.07087, P.243.07088, P.243.07089, P.243.07090, P.243.07091, P.243.07092, P.243.07093, P.243.07094, P.243.07095, P.243.07096, P.243.07097, P.243.07098, P.243.07099, P.243.07100, P.243.07101, P.243.07102, P.243.07103, P.243.07104, P.243.07105, P.243.07106, P.243.07107, P.243.07108, P.243.07109, P.243.07110, P.243.07111, P.243.07112, P.243.07113, P.243.07114, P.243.07115, P.243.07116,
Folder 26: Joe Gomez, Nov. 1971 (P.243.07117 to P.243.07132)Add to your cart.
P.243.07117, P.243.07118, P.243.07119, P.243.07120, P.243.07121, P.243.07122, P.243.07123, P.243.07124, P.243.07125, P.243.07126, P.243.07127, P.243.07128, P.243.07129, P.243.07130, P.243.07131, P.243.07132,
Folder 27: Sept. 1991, Johnathan Gonzalez-Indian, Bobby Bridger’s “Seekers of the Fleece” (P.243.07133 to P.243.07228)Add to your cart.
P.243.07133, P.243.07134, P.243.07135, P.243.07136, P.243.07137, P.243.07138, P.243.07139, P.243.07140, P.243.07141, P.243.07142, P.243.07143, P.243.07144, P.243.07145, P.243.07146, P.243.07147, P.243.07148, P.243.07149, P.243.07150, P.243.07151, P.243.07152, P.243.07153, P.243.07154, P.243.07155, P.243.07156, P.243.07157, P.243.07158, P.243.07159, P.243.07160, P.243.07161, P.243.07162, P.243.07163, P.243.07164, P.243.07165, P.243.07166, P.243.07167, P.243.07168, P.243.07169, P.243.07170, P.243.07171, P.243.07172, P.243.07173, P.243.07174, P.243.07175, P.243.07176, P.243.07177, P.243.07178, P.243.07179, P.243.07180, P.243.07181, P.243.07182, P.243.07183, P.243.07184, P.243.07185, P.243.07186, P.243.07187, P.243.07188, P.243.07189, P.243.07190, P.243.07191, P.243.07192, P.243.07193, P.243.07194, P.243.07195, P.243.07196, P.243.07197, P.243.07198, P.243.07199, P.243.07200, P.243.07201, P.243.07202, P.243.07203, P.243.07204, P.243.07205, P.243.07206, P.243.07207, P.243.07208, P.243.07209, P.243.07210, P.243.07211, P.243.07212, P.243.07213, P.243.07214, P.243.07215, P.243.07216, P.243.07217, P.243.07218, P.243.07219, P.243.07220, P.243.07221, P.243.07222, P.243.07223, P.243.07224, P.243.07225, P.243.07226, P.243.07227, P.243.07228,
Folder 28: Faith Sings Good July 1972 (negatives only) (PN.243.07229 to PN.243.07257)Add to your cart.
PN.243.07229, PN.243.07230, PN.243.07231, PN.243.07232, PN.243.07233, PN.243.07234, PN.243.07235, PN.243.07236, PN.243.07237, PN.243.07238, PN.243.07239, PN.243.07240, PN.243.07241, PN.243.07242, PN.243.07243, PN.243.07244, PN.243.07245, PN.243.07246, PN.243.07247, PN.243.07248, PN.243.07249, PN.243.07250, PN.243.07251, PN.243.07252, PN.243.07253, PN.243.07254, PN.243.07255, PN.243.07256, PN.243.07257,
Folder 29: Lee Guerro and Family, Ray Vallie (P.243.07258 to P.243.07305)Add to your cart.
P.243.07258, P.243.07259, P.243.07260, P.243.07261, P.243.07262, P.243.07263, P.243.07264, P.243.07265, P.243.07266, P.243.07267, P.243.07268, P.243.07269, P.243.07270, P.243.07271, P.243.07272, P.243.07273, P.243.07274, P.243.07275, P.243.07276, P.243.07277, P.243.07278, P.243.07279, P.243.07280, P.243.07281, P.243.07282, P.243.07283, P.243.07284, P.243.07285, P.243.07286, P.243.07287, P.243.07288, P.243.07289, P.243.07290, P.243.07291, P.243.07292, P.243.07293, P.243.07294, P.243.07295, P.243.07296, P.243.07297, P.243.07298, P.243.07299, P.243.07300, P.243.07301, P.243.07302, P.243.07303, P.243.07304, P.243.07305,
Folder 30: Lee Guerro and family, Oct. 15, 1977 (P.243.07306 to P.243.07351)Add to your cart.
P.243.07306, P.243.07307, P.243.07308, P.243.07309, P.243.07310, P.243.07311, P.243.07312, P.243.07313, P.243.07314, P.243.07315, P.243.07316, P.243.07317, P.243.07318, P.243.07319, P.243.07320, P.243.07321, P.243.07322, P.243.07323, P.243.07324, P.243.07325, P.243.07326, P.243.07327, P.243.07328, P.243.07329, P.243.07330, P.243.07331, P.243.07332, P.243.07333, P.243.07334, P.243.07335, P.243.07336, P.243.07337, P.243.07338, P.243.07339, P.243.07340, P.243.07341, P.243.07342, P.243.07343, P.243.07344, P.243.07345, P.243.07346, P.243.07347, P.243.07348, P.243.07349, P.243.07350, P.243.07351,
Folder 31: Lee Guerro, July 1979 (P.243.07352 to P.243.07375)Add to your cart.
P.243.07352, P.243.07353, P.243.07354, P.243.07355, P.243.07356, P.243.07357, P.243.07358, P.243.07359, P.243.07360, P.243.07361, P.243.07362, P.243.07363, P.243.07364, P.243.07365, P.243.07366, P.243.07367, P.243.07368, P.243.07369, P.243.07370, P.243.07371, P.243.07372, P.243.07373, P.243.07374, P.243.07375,
Folder 32: Greg Guyman, Aug. 1975, Sept. 1975 (P.243.07376 to P.243.07467)Add to your cart.
P.243.07376, P.243.07377, P.243.07378, P.243.07379, P.243.07380, P.243.07381, P.243.07382, P.243.07383, P.243.07384, P.243.07385, P.243.07386, P.243.07387, P.243.07388, P.243.07389, P.243.07390, P.243.07391, P.243.07392, P.243.07393, P.243.07394, P.243.07395, P.243.07396, P.243.07397, P.243.07398, P.243.07399, P.243.07400, P.243.07401, P.243.07402, P.243.07403, P.243.07404, P.243.07405, P.243.07406, P.243.07407, P.243.07408, P.243.07409, P.243.07410, P.243.07411, P.243.07412, P.243.07413, P.243.07414, P.243.07415, P.243.07416, P.243.07417, P.243.07418, P.243.07419, P.243.07420, P.243.07421, P.243.07422, P.243.07423, P.243.07424, P.243.07425, P.243.07426, P.243.07427, P.243.07428, P.243.07429, P.243.07430, P.243.07431, P.243.07432, P.243.07433, P.243.07434, P.243.07435, P.243.07436, P.243.07437, P.243.07438, P.243.07439, P.243.07440, P.243.07441, P.243.07442, P.243.07443, P.243.07444, P.243.07445, P.243.07446, P.243.07447, P.243.07448, P.243.07449, P.243.07450, P.243.07451, P.243.07452, P.243.07453, P.243.07454, P.243.07455, P.243.07456, P.243.07457, P.243.07458, P.243.07459, P.243.07460, P.243.07461, P.243.07462, P.243.07463, P.243.07464, P.243.07465, P.243.07466, P.243.07467,
Folder 33: Greg Guyman, June 4, 1977 (P.243.07468 to P.243.07492)Add to your cart.
P.243.07468, P.243.07469, P.243.07470, P.243.07471, P.243.07472, P.243.07473, P.243.07474, P.243.07475, P.243.07476, P.243.07477, P.243.07478, P.243.07479, P.243.07480, P.243.07481, P.243.07482, P.243.07483, P.243.07484, P.243.07485, P.243.07486, P.243.07487, P.243.07488, P.243.07489, P.243.07490, P.243.07491, P.243.07492,
Folder 34: Robbie Hales, Nov. 1975 (P.243.07493 to P.243.07498, PN.243.42571 to PN.243.42572)Add to your cart.
P.243.07493, P.243.07494, P.243.07495, P.243.07496, P.243.07497, P.243.07498, PN.243.42571, PN.243.42572,
Folder 35: Lucylle Moon Hall, July 1972 (P.243.07499 to P.243.07528)Add to your cart.
P.243.07499, P.243.07500, P.243.07501, P.243.07502, P.243.07503, P.243.07504, P.243.07505, P.243.07506, P.243.07507, P.243.07508, P.243.07509, P.243.07510, P.243.07511, P.243.07512, P.243.07513, P.243.07514, P.243.07515, P.243.07516, P.243.07517, P.243.07518, P.243.07519, P.243.07520, P.243.07521, P.243.07522, P.243.07523, P.243.07524, P.243.07525, P.243.07526, P.243.07527, P.243.07528,
Folder 36: Lucylle Moon Hall, July 1975 (P.243.07529 to P.243.07552)Add to your cart.
P.243.07529, P.243.07530, P.243.07531, P.243.07532, P.243.07533, P.243.07534, P.243.07535, P.243.07536, P.243.07537, P.243.07538, P.243.07539, P.243.07540, P.243.07541, P.243.07542, P.243.07543, P.243.07544, P.243.07545, P.243.07546, P.243.07547, P.243.07548, P.243.07549, P.243.07550, P.243.07551, P.243.07552,
Folder 37: Steve Halvorsen-Snow Shoes Capote, fall 1981 Capote=blanket coat (P.243.07553 to P.243.07598)Add to your cart.
P.243.07553, P.243.07554, P.243.07555, P.243.07556, P.243.07557, P.243.07558, P.243.07559, P.243.07560, P.243.07561, P.243.07562, P.243.07563, P.243.07564, P.243.07565, P.243.07566, P.243.07567, P.243.07568, P.243.07569, P.243.07570, P.243.07571, P.243.07572, P.243.07573, P.243.07574, P.243.07575, P.243.07576, P.243.07577, P.243.07578, P.243.07579, P.243.07580, P.243.07581, P.243.07582, P.243.07583, P.243.07584, P.243.07585, P.243.07586, P.243.07587, P.243.07588, P.243.07589, P.243.07590, P.243.07591, P.243.07592, P.243.07593, P.243.07594, P.243.07595, P.243.07596, P.243.07597, P.243.07598,
Folder 38: June 1987, “Salmon River” Steve Hamilton, 83 years old (P.243.07599 to P.243.07621, PN.243.42573)Add to your cart.
P.243.07599, P.243.07600, P.243.07601, P.243.07602, P.243.07603, P.243.07604, P.243.07605, P.243.07606, P.243.07607, P.243.07608, P.243.07609, P.243.07610, P.243.07611, P.243.07612, P.243.07613, P.243.07614, P.243.07615, P.243.07616, P.243.07617, P.243.07618, P.243.07619, P.243.07620, P.243.07621, PN.243.42573
Folder 39: Harold Hammond, Dec. 1984 (P.243.07622 to P.243.07669)Add to your cart.
P.243.07622, P.243.07623, P.243.07624, P.243.07625, P.243.07626, P.243.07627, P.243.07628, P.243.07629, P.243.07630, P.243.07631, P.243.07632, P.243.07633, P.243.07634, P.243.07635, P.243.07636, P.243.07637, P.243.07638, P.243.07639, P.243.07640, P.243.07641, P.243.07642, P.243.07643, P.243.07644, P.243.07645, P.243.07646, P.243.07647, P.243.07648, P.243.07649, P.243.07650, P.243.07651, P.243.07652, P.243.07653, P.243.07654, P.243.07655, P.243.07656, P.243.07657, P.243.07658, P.243.07659, P.243.07660, P.243.07661, P.243.07662, P.243.07663, P.243.07664, P.243.07665, P.243.07666, P.243.07667, P.243.07668, P.243.07669,
Folder 40: Mike Harrell, Summer 1985 (P.243.07670 to P.243.07741)Add to your cart.
P.243.07670, P.243.07671, P.243.07672, P.243.07673, P.243.07674, P.243.07675, P.243.07676, P.243.07677, P.243.07678, P.243.07679, P.243.07680, P.243.07681, P.243.07682, P.243.07683, P.243.07684, P.243.07685, P.243.07686, P.243.07687, P.243.07688, P.243.07689, P.243.07690, P.243.07691, P.243.07692, P.243.07693, P.243.07694, P.243.07695, P.243.07696, P.243.07697, P.243.07698, P.243.07699, P.243.07700, P.243.07701, P.243.07702, P.243.07703, P.243.07704, P.243.07705, P.243.07706, P.243.07707, P.243.07708, P.243.07709, P.243.07710, P.243.07711, P.243.07712, P.243.07713, P.243.07714, P.243.07715, P.243.07716, P.243.07717, P.243.07718, P.243.07719, P.243.07720, P.243.07721, P.243.07722, P.243.07723, P.243.07724, P.243.07725, P.243.07726, P.243.07727, P.243.07728, P.243.07729, P.243.07730, P.243.07731, P.243.07732, P.243.07733, P.243.07734, P.243.07735, P.243.07736, P.243.07737, P.243.07738, P.243.07739, P.243.07740, P.243.07741,
Folder 41: Roy Harvey, July 1975 (P.243.07742 to P.243.07765)Add to your cart.
P.243.07742, P.243.07743, P.243.07744, P.243.07745, P.243.07746, P.243.07747, P.243.07748, P.243.07749, P.243.07750, P.243.07751, P.243.07752, P.243.07753, P.243.07754, P.243.07755, P.243.07756, P.243.07757, P.243.07758, P.243.07759, P.243.07760, P.243.07761, P.243.07762, P.243.07763, P.243.07764, P.243.07765, PN.243.42574, PN.243.42575, PN.243.42576,
Folder 42: Duane Hatnen, April 12, 1987 (P.243.42577 to P.243.42600)Add to your cart.
P.243.42577, P.243.42578, P.243.42579, P.243.42580, P.243.42581, P.243.42582, P.243.42583, P.243.42584, P.243.42585, P.243.42586, P.243.42587, P.243.42588, P.243.42589, P.243.42590, P.243.42591, P.243.42592, P.243.42593, P.243.42594, P.243.42595, P.243.42596, P.243.42597, P.243.42598, P.243.42599, P.243.42600,
Folder 43: Frank Hensley, Profile, Sept. 1970 (P.243.07766 to P.243.07789)Add to your cart.
P.243.07766, P.243.07767, P.243.07768, P.243.07769, P.243.07770, P.243.07771, P.243.07772, P.243.07773, P.243.07774, P.243.07775, P.243.07776, P.243.07777, P.243.07778, P.243.07779, P.243.07780, P.243.07781, P.243.07782, P.243.07783, P.243.07784, P.243.07785, P.243.07786, P.243.07787, P.243.07788, P.243.07789,
Folder 44: Frank Hensley, shoeing with a pack horse (no contact sheet) (P.243.07790 to P.243.07813)Add to your cart.
PN.243.07790, PN.243.07791, PN.243.07792, PN.243.07793, PN.243.07794, PN.243.07795, PN.243.07796, PN.243.07797, PN.243.07798, PN.243.07799, PN.243.07800, PN.243.07801, PN.243.07802, PN.243.07803, PN.243.07804, PN.243.07805, PN.243.07806, PN.243.07807, PN.243.07808, PN.243.07809, PN.243.07810, PN.243.07811, PN.243.07812, PN.243.07813,
Folder 45: Don Hershberger, July 1974 (P.243.07814 to P.243.07837)Add to your cart.
P.243.07814, P.243.07815, P.243.07816, P.243.07817, P.243.07818, P.243.07819, P.243.07820, P.243.07821, P.243.07822, P.243.07823, P.243.07824, P.243.07825, P.243.07826, P.243.07827, P.243.07828, P.243.07829, P.243.07830, P.243.07831, P.243.07832, P.243.07833, P.243.07834, P.243.07835, P.243.07836, P.243.07837,
Folder 46: Don Hershberger, Summer 1985 (P.243.07838 to P.243.07885)Add to your cart.
P.243.07838, P.243.07839, P.243.07840, P.243.07841, P.243.07842, P.243.07843, P.243.07844, P.243.07845, P.243.07846, P.243.07847, P.243.07848, P.243.07849, P.243.07850, P.243.07851, P.243.07852, P.243.07853, P.243.07854, P.243.07855, P.243.07856, P.243.07857, P.243.07858, P.243.07859, P.243.07860, P.243.07861, P.243.07862, P.243.07863, P.243.07864, P.243.07865, P.243.07866, P.243.07867, P.243.07868, P.243.07869, P.243.07870, P.243.07871, P.243.07872, P.243.07873, P.243.07874, P.243.07875, P.243.07876, P.243.07877, P.243.07878, P.243.07879, P.243.07880, P.243.07881, P.243.07882, P.243.07883, P.243.07884, P.243.07885,
Folder 47: Donald Heuton, mt. men, June 3, 1983 (P.243.07886 to P.243.07956)Add to your cart.
P.243.07886, P.243.07887, P.243.07888, P.243.07889, P.243.07890, P.243.07891, P.243.07892, P.243.07893, P.243.07894, P.243.07895, P.243.07896, P.243.07897, P.243.07898, P.243.07899, P.243.07900, P.243.07901, P.243.07902, P.243.07903, P.243.07904, P.243.07905, P.243.07906, P.243.07907, P.243.07908, P.243.07909, P.243.07910, P.243.07911, P.243.07912, P.243.07913, P.243.07914, P.243.07915, P.243.07916, P.243.07917, P.243.07918, P.243.07919, P.243.07920, P.243.07921, P.243.07922, P.243.07923, P.243.07924, P.243.07925, P.243.07926, P.243.07927, P.243.07928, P.243.07929, P.243.07930, P.243.07931, P.243.07932, P.243.07933, P.243.07934, P.243.07935, P.243.07936, P.243.07937, P.243.07938, P.243.07939, P.243.07940, P.243.07941, P.243.07942, P.243.07943, P.243.07944, P.243.07945, P.243.07946, P.243.07947, P.243.07948, P.243.07949, P.243.07950, P.243.07951, P.243.07952, P.243.07953, P.243.07954, P.243.07955, P.243.07956,
Folder 48: Jerry Hillard, confederate soldier, December 1982 (P.243.07957 to P.243.08075)Add to your cart.
P.243.07957, P.243.07958, P.243.07959, P.243.07960, P.243.07961, P.243.07962, P.243.07963, P.243.07964, P.243.07965, P.243.07966, P.243.07967, P.243.07968, P.243.07969, P.243.07970, P.243.07971, P.243.07972, P.243.07973, P.243.07974, P.243.07975, P.243.07976, P.243.07977, P.243.07978, P.243.07979, P.243.07980, P.243.07981, P.243.07982, P.243.07983, P.243.07984, P.243.07985, P.243.07986, P.243.07987, P.243.07988, P.243.07989, P.243.07990, P.243.07991, P.243.07992, P.243.07993, P.243.07994, P.243.07995, P.243.07996, P.243.07997, P.243.07998, P.243.07999, P.243.08000, P.243.08001, P.243.08002, P.243.08003, P.243.08004, P.243.08005, P.243.08006, P.243.08007, P.243.08008, P.243.08009, P.243.08010, P.243.08011, P.243.08012, P.243.08013, P.243.08014, P.243.08015, P.243.08016, P.243.08017, P.243.08018, P.243.08019, P.243.08020, P.243.08021, P.243.08022, P.243.08023, P.243.08024, P.243.08025, P.243.08026, P.243.08027, P.243.08028, P.243.08029, P.243.08030, P.243.08031, P.243.08032, P.243.08033, P.243.08034, P.243.08035, P.243.08036, P.243.08037, P.243.08038, P.243.08039, P.243.08040, P.243.08041, P.243.08042, P.243.08043, P.243.08044, P.243.08045, P.243.08046, P.243.08047, P.243.08048, P.243.08049, P.243.08050, P.243.08051, P.243.08052, P.243.08053, P.243.08054, P.243.08055, P.243.08056, P.243.08057, P.243.08058, P.243.08059, P.243.08060, P.243.08061, P.243.08062, P.243.08063, P.243.08064, P.243.08065, P.243.08066, P.243.08067, P.243.08068, P.243.08069, P.243.08070, P.243.08071, P.243.08072, P.243.08073, P.243.08074, P.243.08075,
Folder 49: Jerry Hillard, February 1983 (P.243.08084 to P.243.08162)Add to your cart.
P.243.08084, P.243.08085, P.243.08086, P.243.08087, P.243.08088, P.243.08089, P.243.08090, P.243.08091, P.243.08092, P.243.08093, P.243.08094, P.243.08095, P.243.08096, P.243.08097, P.243.08098, P.243.08099, P.243.08100, P.243.08101, P.243.08102, P.243.08103, P.243.08104, P.243.08105, P.243.08106, P.243.08107, P.243.08108, P.243.08109, P.243.08110, P.243.08111, P.243.08112, P.243.08113, P.243.08114, P.243.08115, P.243.08116, P.243.08117, P.243.08118, P.243.08119, P.243.08120, P.243.08121, P.243.08122, P.243.08123, P.243.08124, P.243.08125, P.243.08126, P.243.08127, P.243.08128, P.243.08129, P.243.08130, P.243.08131, P.243.08132, P.243.08133, P.243.08134, P.243.08135, P.243.08136, P.243.08137, P.243.08138, P.243.08139, P.243.08140, P.243.08141, P.243.08142, P.243.08143, P.243.08144, P.243.08145, P.243.08146, P.243.08147, P.243.08148, P.243.08149, P.243.08150, P.243.08151, P.243.08152, P.243.08153, P.243.08154, P.243.08155, P.243.08156, P.243.08157, P.243.08158, P.243.08159, P.243.08160, P.243.08161, P.243.08162,
Folder 50: Jerry Hillard, March 1983 (P.243.08163 to P.243.08258)Add to your cart.
P.243.08163, P.243.08164,, P.243.08165,, P.243.08166, P.243.08167, P.243.08168, P.243.08169, P.243.08170, P.243.08171, P.243.08172, P.243.08173, P.243.08174, P.243.08175, P.243.08176, P.243.08177, P.243.08178, P.243.08179, P.243.08180, P.243.08181, P.243.08182, P.243.08183, P.243.08184, P.243.08185, P.243.08186, P.243.08187, P.243.08188, P.243.08189, P.243.08190, P.243.08191, P.243.08192, P.243.08193, P.243.08194, P.243.08195, P.243.08196, P.243.08197, P.243.08198, P.243.08199, P.243.08200, P.243.08201, P.243.08202, P.243.08203, P.243.08204, P.243.08205, P.243.08206, P.243.08207, P.243.08208, P.243.08209, P.243.08210, P.243.08211, P.243.08212, P.243.08213, P.243.08214, P.243.08215, P.243.08216, P.243.08217, P.243.08218, P.243.08219, P.243.08220, P.243.08221, P.243.08222, P.243.08223, P.243.08224, P.243.08225, P.243.08226, P.243.08227, P.243.08228, P.243.08229, P.243.08230, P.243.08231, P.243.08232, P.243.08233, P.243.08234, P.243.08235, P.243.08236, P.243.08237, P.243.08238, P.243.08239, P.243.08240, P.243.08241, P.243.08242, P.243.08243, P.243.08244, P.243.08245, P.243.08246, P.243.08247, P.243.08248, P.243.08249, P.243.08250, P.243.08251, P.243.08252, P.243.08253, P.243.08254, P.243.08255, P.243.08256, P.243.08257, P.243.08258,
Folder 51: Jackie Hodson, Linda Reid, Joanie Gowden, June 1972 (P.243.08259 to P.243.08282Add to your cart.
P.243.08259, P.243.08260, P.243.08261, P.243.08262, P.243.08263, P.243.08264, P.243.08265, P.243.08266, P.243.08267, P.243.08268, P.243.08269, P.243.08270, P.243.08271, P.243.08272, P.243.08273, P.243.08274, P.243.08275, P.243.08276, P.243.08277, P.243.08278, P.243.08279, P.243.08280, P.243.08281, P.243.08282,
Folder 52: Jerry Hodson, Gary & Dede Fales, March 1976 (P.243.08283 to P.243.08330)Add to your cart.
P.243.08283, P.243.08284, P.243.08285, P.243.08286, P.243.08287, P.243.08288, P.243.08289, P.243.08290, P.243.08291, P.243.08292, P.243.08293, P.243.08294, P.243.08295, P.243.08296, P.243.08297, P.243.08298, P.243.08299, P.243.08300, P.243.08301, P.243.08302, P.243.08303, P.243.08304, P.243.08305, P.243.08306, P.243.08307, P.243.08308, P.243.08309, P.243.08310, P.243.08311, P.243.08312, P.243.08313, P.243.08314, P.243.08315, P.243.08316, P.243.08317, P.243.08318, P.243.08319, P.243.08320, P.243.08321, P.243.08322, P.243.08323, P.243.08324, P.243.08325, P.243.08326, P.243.08327, P.243.08328, P.243.08329, P.243.08330,
Folder 53: George Horsecapture, July 13, 1983 (P.243.08331 to P.243.08414)Add to your cart.
P.243.08331, P.243.08332, P.243.08333, P.243.08334, P.243.08335, P.243.08336, P.243.08337, P.243.08338, P.243.08339, P.243.08340, P.243.08341, P.243.08342, P.243.08343, P.243.08344, P.243.08345, P.243.08346, P.243.08347, P.243.08348, P.243.08349, P.243.08350, P.243.08351, P.243.08352, P.243.08353, P.243.08354, P.243.08355, P.243.08356, P.243.08357, P.243.08358, P.243.08359, P.243.08360, P.243.08361, P.243.08362, P.243.08363, P.243.08364, P.243.08365, P.243.08366, P.243.08367, P.243.08368, P.243.08369, P.243.08370, P.243.08371, P.243.08372, P.243.08373, P.243.08374, P.243.08375, P.243.08376, P.243.08377, P.243.08378, P.243.08379, P.243.08380, P.243.08381, P.243.08382, P.243.08383, P.243.08384, P.243.08385, P.243.08386, P.243.08387, P.243.08388, P.243.08389, P.243.08390, P.243.08391, P.243.08392, P.243.08393, P.243.08394, P.243.08395, P.243.08396, P.243.08397, P.243.08398, P.243.08399, P.243.08400, P.243.08401, P.243.08402, P.243.08403, P.243.08404, P.243.08405, P.243.08406, P.243.08407, P.243.08408, P.243.08409, P.243.08410, P.243.08411, P.243.08412, P.243.08413, P.243.08414,
Folder 54: Doug Hunter, 1985 (P.243.08415 to P.243.08451)Add to your cart.
P.243.08415, P.243.08416, P.243.08417, P.243.08418, P.243.08419, P.243.08420, P.243.08421, P.243.08422, P.243.08423, P.243.08424, P.243.08425, P.243.08426, P.243.08427, P.243.08428, P.243.08429, P.243.08430, P.243.08431, P.243.08432, P.243.08433, P.243.08434, P.243.08435, P.243.08436, P.243.08437, P.243.08438, P.243.08439, P.243.08440, P.243.08441, P.243.08442, P.243.08443, P.243.08444, P.243.08445, P.243.08446, P.243.08447, P.243.08448, P.243.08449, P.243.08450, P.243.08451,
Folder 55: Clarence Jensen, March 1980 (P.243.08452 to P.243.08535)Add to your cart.
P.243.08452, P.243.08453, P.243.08454, P.243.08455, P.243.08456, P.243.08457, P.243.08458, P.243.08459, P.243.08460, P.243.08461, P.243.08462, P.243.08463, P.243.08464, P.243.08465, P.243.08466, P.243.08467, P.243.08468, P.243.08469, P.243.08470, P.243.08471, P.243.08472, P.243.08473, P.243.08474, P.243.08475, P.243.08476, P.243.08477, P.243.08478, P.243.08479, P.243.08480, P.243.08481, P.243.08482, P.243.08483, P.243.08484, P.243.08485, P.243.08486, P.243.08487, P.243.08488, P.243.08489, P.243.08490, P.243.08491, P.243.08492, P.243.08493, P.243.08494, P.243.08495, P.243.08496, P.243.08497, P.243.08498, P.243.08499, P.243.08500, P.243.08501, P.243.08502, P.243.08503, P.243.08504, P.243.08505, P.243.08506, P.243.08507, P.243.08508, P.243.08509, P.243.08510, P.243.08511, P.243.08512, P.243.08513, P.243.08514, P.243.08515, P.243.08516, P.243.08517, P.243.08518, P.243.08519, P.243.08520, P.243.08521, P.243.08522, P.243.08523, P.243.08524, P.243.08525, P.243.08526, P.243.08527, P.243.08528, P.243.08529, P.243.08530, P.243.08531, P.243.08532, P.243.08533, P.243.08534, P.243.08535,
Folder 56: John Jones, 1973? (P.243.08536 to P.243.08583)Add to your cart.
P.243.08536, P.243.08537, P.243.08538, P.243.08539, P.243.08540, P.243.08541, P.243.08542, P.243.08543, P.243.08544, P.243.08545, P.243.08546, P.243.08547, P.243.08548, P.243.08549, P.243.08550, P.243.08551, P.243.08552, P.243.08553, P.243.08554, P.243.08555, P.243.08556, P.243.08557, P.243.08558, P.243.08559, P.243.08560, P.243.08561, P.243.08562, P.243.08563, P.243.08564, P.243.08565, P.243.08566, P.243.08567, P.243.08568, P.243.08569, P.243.08570, P.243.08571, P.243.08572, P.243.08573, P.243.08574, P.243.08575, P.243.08576, P.243.08577, P.243.08578, P.243.08579, P.243.08580, P.243.08581, P.243.08582, P.243.08583,
Folder 57: John Jones, June 8, 1974 (P.243.08584 to P.243.08587)Add to your cart.
P.243.08584, P.243.08585, P.243.08586, P.243.08587,
Folder 58: Dave Jurgella, August 4, 1994 (P.243.08588 to P.243.08783)Add to your cart.
P.243.08588, P.243.08589, P.243.08590, P.243.08591, P.243.08592, P.243.08593, P.243.08594, P.243.08595, P.243.08596, P.243.08597, P.243.08598, P.243.08599, P.243.08600, P.243.08601, P.243.08602, P.243.08603, P.243.08604, P.243.08605, P.243.08606, P.243.08607, P.243.08608, P.243.08609, P.243.08610, P.243.08611, P.243.08612, P.243.08613, P.243.08614, P.243.08615, P.243.08616, P.243.08617, P.243.08618, P.243.08619, P.243.08620, P.243.08621, P.243.08622, P.243.08623, P.243.08624, P.243.08625, P.243.08626, P.243.08627, P.243.08628, P.243.08629, P.243.08630, P.243.08631, P.243.08632, P.243.08633, P.243.08634, P.243.08635, P.243.08636, P.243.08637, P.243.08638, P.243.08639, P.243.08640, P.243.08641, P.243.08642, P.243.08643, P.243.08644, P.243.08645, P.243.08646, P.243.08647, P.243.08648, P.243.08649, P.243.08650, P.243.08651, P.243.08652, P.243.08653, P.243.08654, P.243.08655, P.243.08656, P.243.08657, P.243.08658, P.243.08659, P.243.08660, P.243.08661, P.243.08662, P.243.08663, P.243.08664, P.243.08665, P.243.08666, P.243.08667, P.243.08668, P.243.08669, P.243.08670, P.243.08671, P.243.08672, P.243.08673, P.243.08674, P.243.08675, P.243.08676, P.243.08677, P.243.08678, P.243.08679, P.243.08680, P.243.08681, P.243.08682, P.243.08683, P.243.08684, P.243.08685, P.243.08686, P.243.08687, P.243.08688, P.243.08689, P.243.08690, P.243.08691, P.243.08692, P.243.08693, P.243.08694, P.243.08695, P.243.08696, P.243.08697, P.243.08698, P.243.08699, P.243.08700, P.243.08701, P.243.08702, P.243.08703, P.243.08704, P.243.08705, P.243.08706, P.243.08707, P.243.08708, P.243.08709, P.243.08710, P.243.08711, P.243.08712, P.243.08713, P.243.08714, P.243.08715, P.243.08716, P.243.08717, P.243.08718, P.243.08719, P.243.08720, P.243.08721, P.243.08722, P.243.08723, P.243.08724, P.243.08725, P.243.08726, P.243.08727, P.243.08728, P.243.08729, P.243.08730, P.243.08731, P.243.08732, P.243.08733, P.243.08734, P.243.08735, P.243.08736, P.243.08737, P.243.08738, P.243.08739, P.243.08740, P.243.08741, P.243.08742, P.243.08743, P.243.08744, P.243.08745, P.243.08746, P.243.08747, P.243.08748, P.243.08749, P.243.08750, P.243.08751, P.243.08752, P.243.08753, P.243.08754, P.243.08755, P.243.08756, P.243.08757, P.243.08758, P.243.08759, P.243.08760, P.243.08761, P.243.08762, P.243.08763, P.243.08764, P.243.08765, P.243.08766, P.243.08767, P.243.08768, P.243.08769, P.243.08770, P.243.08771, P.243.08772, P.243.08773, P.243.08774, P.243.08775, P.243.08776, P.243.08777, P.243.08778, P.243.08779, P.243.08780, P.243.08781, P.243.08782, P.243.08783,
Folder 59: Folder 2/59 – Butch Kelley, June 1974 (P.243.08784 to P.243.08819)Add to your cart.
P.243.08784, P.243.08785, P.243.08786, P.243.08787, P.243.08788, P.243.08789, P.243.08790, P.243.08791, P.243.08792, P.243.08793, P.243.08794, P.243.08795, P.243.08796, P.243.08797, P.243.08798, P.243.08799, P.243.08800, P.243.08801, P.243.08802, P.243.08803, P.243.08804, P.243.08805, P.243.08806, P.243.08807, P.243.08808, P.243.08809, P.243.08810, P.243.08811, P.243.08812, P.243.08813, P.243.08814, P.243.08815, P.243.08816, P.243.08817, P.243.08818, P.243.08819
Folder 60: Roy Kern, July 1979 (P.243.08820 to P.243.08867)Add to your cart.
P.243.08820, P.243.08821, P.243.08822, P.243.08823, P.243.08824, P.243.08825, P.243.08826, P.243.08827, P.243.08828, P.243.08829, P.243.08830, P.243.08831, P.243.08832, P.243.08833, P.243.08834, P.243.08835, P.243.08836, P.243.08837, P.243.08838, P.243.08839, P.243.08840, P.243.08841, P.243.08842, P.243.08843, P.243.08844, P.243.08845, P.243.08846, P.243.08847, P.243.08848, P.243.08849, P.243.08850, P.243.08851, P.243.08852, P.243.08853, P.243.08854, P.243.08855, P.243.08856, P.243.08857, P.243.08858, P.243.08859, P.243.08860, P.243.08861, P.243.08862, P.243.08863, P.243.08864, P.243.08865, P.243.08866, P.243.08867
Folder 61: Folder 2/61 – Roy Kern, July 1979 (No contact sheet) (P.243.08868 to P.243.08875)Add to your cart.
P.243.08868, P.243.08869, P.243.08870, P.243.08871, P.243.08872, P.243.08873, P.243.08874, P.243.08875
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