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MS 201 - Oral History Collection



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MS 201 - Oral History Collection, 1998-2012 | McCracken Research Library

By Nathan Bender, 2005.  Updated by Samantha L. Harper, 2018.

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 201 - Oral History Collection, 1998-2012Add to your cart.

Primary Creator: Buffalo Bill Historical Center (1900-2013)

Extent: 10.0 Boxes

Languages: English


This collection is a compilation of oral history interviews from persons in Cody, Park County, Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park, and the surrounding areas.  Most of the recordings were created as part of an ongoing oral history effort of the McCracken Research Library, with others acquired by donation or through sharing of resources with the Park County Historical Society.

Biographical Note

The Buffalo Bill Memorial Association .....

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

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Box MS201.01Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.1.01: Interview #1 - H. Peter Kriendler, 1998-06-23Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.1.02: Interview #2 - Harold "Pryor Mountain Bill" Newton, 2000-04-27Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Personal and family history of Harold Newton, his life up the North Fork of the Shoshone River near Wapiti where he ran the Rivers Rest guest ranch, and discussion of his work with muzzle-loading firearms and sports cars.
Folder MS201.1.03: Interview #3 - Maxwell H. Frost, 2000-04-20Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Personal and family history of Mack Frost, growing up in Cody in the 1960s and learning photography, North Fork of the Shoshone River, and Yellowstone National Park.
Folder MS201.1.04: Interview #4 - Oscar Thompson, 2000-12-11Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Personal and family history of Oscar and Jane Thompson of Clark, Wyoming.  Two Dot Ranch, growing up on ranches and cowboying for a living, father in Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West Show, horses, dude ranching, hunting and guiding hunts, trapping, cattle and sheep, early schools in Crandall and Sunlight Basin, dogs, coyotes, Switch Back Ranch, Red Lodge, Montana, World War II and the Heart Mountain Internment Camp, Clark, Wyoming, and the wind and windstorms.
Folder MS201.1.05: Interview #5 - Ernest J. Goppert, Jr., 2000-12-15Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Personal and family history of Ernest J. Goppert, Jr., history of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Buffalo Bill Museum, Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Cody Firearms Museum, Plains Indian Museum, Harold McCracken, bolo ties, World War II, Masons, growing up in Cody, and the Anson Eddy legal case.
Folder MS201.1.06: Interview #6 - Margot & Calvin Todd, 2001-01-03, 2003-12-08Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Pitchfork Ranch, Otto Frank, Louis G. Phelps, trip to Russia in 1909, early schooling, Julia Child, cowboying in Meeteetse, Z-T, electrification, Morgan horses, wild horses, controlling hunting on the ranch, protection of antelope.
Folder MS201.1.07: Interview #7 - Ada Greever, 1989 - 2002Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Early city of Cody history from 1899 on, wedding of her sister to A. Walter Schwoob, Buffalo Bill Cody, a two week trip to Yellowstone National Park in 1910, moved to Cody in 1919, early Buffalo Bill Museum history, Beck family, attempt at an artist colony with Frank Tenney Johnson, Hans Rice, Sara Cook, Stan Kershaw, Ed Grebler, and others, Wolfville, Adolph Spohr, Cody schools, a Cody Women’s Club, poker game used to start first chuch in Cody, Director’s Club/Green Front Club, Gov. Beck.
Folder MS201.1.08: Interview #8 - Frances Purvis, 1992-04-22Add to your cart.
Park County Historical Society tape.
Box MS201.02Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.2.09: Interview #9 - Restricted InterviewAdd to your cart.
Contents Closed until 2026.
Box MS201.03Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.3.10: Interview #10 - Joseph Medicine Crow, 1996-07-26Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Joseph Henry Sharp cabin, White Man Runs Him, White Swan art controversy, Big Medicine, Plenty Coup, Crow and Shoshone sun dances, Julia Sun Goes Slow, 1996 Olympic games visit, Dewey Beers.
Folder MS201.3.11: Interview #11 - Thomas Medicine Horse, Sr., 1996-08Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Crow Fair, Joseph Henry Sharp cabin, White Swan, Strikes His Enemy Pretty,  Big Medicine, Two Leggings, Henry Small, canvas tipis, Sun Goes Slow.
Folder MS201.3.12: Interview #12 - Bill DeMaris, 1983-09-13Add to your cart.
Park County Historical Society tape.
Folder MS201.3.13: Interview #13 - Juanita Willcutt, 1988-11-09Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Working Cattle
Folder MS201.3.14: Interview #14 - Don SnyderAdd to your cart.
Park County Historical Society tape.
Folder MS201.3.15: Interview #15 - Ivan Rosequist/ Joe Sunhawk, 1980-03-02Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Taos, New Mexico.    J.H. Sharp book.
Folder MS201.3.16: Interview #16 - Harry Webb/ John Downing, 1996-03-26Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.3.17: Interview #17 - Jack Richard, 1962-11-10Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Yellowstone National Park and elk.
Box MS201.04Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.4.18: Interview #18 - Lucille Nichols Patrick, 2001-07-24Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Family stories and Southfork/Cody local history, including information on her father James Calvin Nichols “The Candy Kid,” and some discussion of her writings and artwork.
Folder MS201.4.19: Interview #19 - Ruby Davies, 2001-08-16Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Southfork/Cody local history.
Folder MS201.4.20: Interview #20 - Catherine Buckingham, 2001-08-17Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Family history and husband’s friendship with William F. Cody, sugar beet farming, Hart Mountain Hotel, dating and social functions, the Cody Enterprise newspaper fire, and other Cody local history.
Folder MS201.4.21: Interview #21 - Charles Kepler, 2001-09-25Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Early life with a focus on his education at University of Wyoming, teaching, Husky Oil, and experiences with Glenn Neilson, Milward and Alan Simpson, his law partners.  History of the BBHC and the Coe and Weiss families. Insight into the investment and commitment to Cody from these early residents.
Folder MS201.4.22: Interview #22 - Lloyd Taggart, 2001-09-26Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Family life and history, Taggart construction work in Cody and in the greater west.  Reminiscences about Molesworth, Eggenhoffer, Davich, and other Cody artists and authors.  Emphasis on his book and art collecting experiences, McCracken Research Library history, and stories about Paul “Rocky” Stock.
Folder MS201.4.23: Interview #23 - Patterson "Pat" Keller, 2001-09-26Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Retired Rector of Christ Episcopal Church, and son of Charlie Russell’s priest in Great Falls, Montana.  Experiences as a Rector and church members, and stories of Charlie Russell.
Folder MS201.4.24: Interview #24 - David Smith, 2001-09-27Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Retired Cody schoolteacher and Southfork rancher.  Cody history from 1929, including memories of semi-pro baseball team.  Stories of school life and ranch life.
Folder MS201.4.25: Interview #25 - Beulah Wagner, 2001-09-27Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Retired Cody schoolteacher.  Cody history back to 1952, her husband Stu was an engineer at Husky Oil, and remembers Glenn Nielson.  Recalls school life and church life (Episcopal) where she ran Sunday School classes.  Milward Simpson and Hat McGee were friends.
Box MS201.05Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.5.26: Interview #26 - Montana Lowry, 2001-09-30Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Family history, and life in Lovell, Wyoming in the 1920s-1930s, in the Panama Canal Zone, and in Cody from c. 1970 to the present.
Folder MS201.5.27: Interview #27 - Anne Williams, 2001-09-30Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Widow of Ernest Williams, Rector at Christ Church in the 1950s-1960s.  Memories of life in Cody and talks about social issues, including the John Birch Society and its impact.  Family history.  Beulah Wagner also participates in the discussion.
Folder MS201.5.28: Interview #28 - Eva Pfrangle, 2001-10-01Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Retired nurse, born in Cody.  Tells of growing up in Cody and Park County during World War I, the 1920s and the Great Depression.  Ranch life on the Southfork, where she met Buffalo Bill Cody, for whom her parents worked.  Family history.
Folder MS201.5.29: Interview #29 - Mary Duggleby, 2001-10-02Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Early family life on a homestead on the Wood River near the Pitchfork Ranch in 1917.  Lived in Powell in the 1920s to the mid-1930s.  Worked for the Indian Claim Service.  Cody life from the 1950s on, when her husband was an airplane pilot for Husky Oil.
Folder MS201.5.30: Interview #30 - Faye Snyder, 2001-10-04Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Fay Snyder lived and worked on the  Sunlight Ranch, a guest and cattle  ranch on the Chief Joseph Highway.  Her husband’s family operated the Snyder Ranch (now the Mesa Ranch) on the Southfork Road.  Most stories from 1930-1960s.
Folder MS201.5.31: Interview #31 - Kay Siggins, 2001-10-10Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Schoolteacher.  Stayed at the Siggins Guest Ranch on the upper Southfork in the mid-1930s and married Ray Siggins.  Still living on this ranch.
Folder MS201.5.32: Interview #32 - Ros Siggins, 2001-12-03Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Memories of guest ranching on the Siggins Guest Ranch on the upper Southfork.  Her husband Don Siggins is brother to Ray Siggins.  Don and Ros ran the guest ranch until 1984, when their children took over the business.
Folder MS201.5.33: Interview #33 - James Nielson, 2001-12-03Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Memories of Cody from 1938.  Was a classmate of Alan Simpson in Cody and later also in college.  Family and community history.
Folder MS201.5.34: Interview #34 - Robert V. Witter and Dan Witter, 2001-09-15Add to your cart.
TOPIC:   A professional paleontologist, Witter talks of paleontology and archaeology in the Big Horn Basin and elsewhere in the West, assisted by his son Dan Witter.
Folder MS201.5.35: Interview #35 - Irene Stonehouse, 2002-04-26Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Life of Mel Stonehouse, husband of Irene and grandfather of Taylor.  Mel was orphaned as a young boy, grew up to be one of the best rodeo cowboys in the nation.
Folder MS201.5.36: Interview #36 - Boy Scout Troop 333: Heart Mountain Relocation Center, 20002-08-26Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Seven persons from the WWII Boy Scout Troop 333, Heart Mountain Relocation Center talk about their life as boys in the internment camp and about Boy Scouting.
Box MS201.06Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.6.37: Interview #37 - Russell Waterman Crane, Jr. and Loch Crane, 2002-09-14Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Brothers interviewed about their childhood in Meeteetsee.  Their father homesteaded on land adjacent to the Phelps Ranch (Pitchfork Ranch?).  Family moved to Cody, and descriptions of their home near Beck Lake are given, and of going to public school in Cody.  A big moment in Russell’s life was being one of two children to open the curtain on the Robert Lindneux painting of “ Buffalo Bill’s Duel with Hay-O-Wei in July, 1876.”  Loch Crane also talks about sailing at San Diego, and building sail boats for paralyzed persons after his retirement as an architect.  He studied architecture under Frank Lloyd Wright.
Folder MS201.6.38: Interview #38 - Ursula Kepler, 2002-10-22Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  The life of Ursula Kepler.  Active in riflery in Jr. High and High School.  Talks about horses, dancing, her nursing career, work as a teacher for children as a Red Cross instructor, providing music, art, swimming classes, work with the Girl Scouts, her family life (info on her artist brother, Manewal), her travels around the world, and her poetry.
Folder MS201.6.39: Interview #39 - Irma McGuire, 2003-04-08Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Growing up in rural Fremont County; farming on the Wind River Indian Reservation; ranching and outfitting.
Folder MS201.6.40: Interview #40 - Gary Brown, 2003-04-15Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Career ranger who worked in the field and in administration in YNP.  Elk-trapping, tranquilizing and re-locating bears, fire management, Fires of ’88.
Folder MS201.6.41: Interview #41 - Terry Danforth, 2003-04-16Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Career Yellowstone ranger who worked in many parts of the park.  Topics of discussion include fire management, horn-hunting and poaching on the north boundary and the introduction of snowmobiles to YNP.
Folder MS201.6.42: Interview #42 - Larry Newell, 2003-09-16Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Lewis Lake Ranger with more than 30 years’ experience in Yellowstone National Park.  Topics include water rescues and drownings on Lewis and Shoshone Lakes, and the fires of ’88.
Folder MS201.6.43: Interview #43 - Bill Rose, 2003-07-24Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Personal account of relations with Crow nation.
Folder MS201.6.44: Interview #44 - Robert Frisby, 2003-11-15 - 2003-11-16Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Wyoming state representative and senator for Park County.
Folder MS201.6.45: Interview #45 - Dick Jones, 2003-12-17Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  A son of Swedish immigrants, Dick Jones became involved in the trucking business during the Depression.  He eventually owned his own freight line operating out of Powell and had a political career as mayor of the city as well as state legislator.  He ran for governor but lost the election in 1974.  Dick Jones Trucking is still a family business.
Folder MS201.6.46: Interview #46 - Gerald Ryder, 2004-01-24Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Retired Yellowstone National Park ranger.  Topics include growing up in Fromberg, Montana;  Prior Mountains; early years on Blister Rust Crews.
Folder MS201.6.47: Interview #47 - Mary Rankin, 2004-08-13Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  From 1937 to 1966, Mary Rankin was a personal secretary to Adele Von Ohl Parker.  Mrs. Parker had been a performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West before she settled in Ohio and opened the Parker Ranch, a riding school and day camp for children.  Mary Rankin emphasizes the larger-than-life personality of Adele and how the ranch revolved around her.
Box MS201.07Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.7.48: Interview #48 - Irene Rimby, 2004-12-15, 2005-01-19Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Dust bowl days in the Dakotas; farming in Powell;  Pahaska Tepee.
Folder MS201.7.49: Interview #49 - Jim Oudin, 2005-01-18Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Wyoming Game and Fish activities with game management in Sunlight Basin and Crandall, Wyoming.  Trapping, snowmobiles, elk, bighorn sheep.
Folder MS201.7.50: Interview #50 - Ruth Moore, 2005-01-19Add to your cart.
TOPIC:  Homesteading in Meeteetse; schooling in Powell.
Folder MS201.7.51: Interview #51 - Gordon Legg, 2005-05-17Add to your cart.
TOPIC: Ranching in the Big Horn Basin, northwestern Wyoming.
Folder MS201.7.52: Interview #52 - Gretchen Bacon Chaddock, 2005-06-08Add to your cart.
TOPIC: The life of Irving R. Bacon, western artist.  Gretchen is the daughter of the artist.
Folder MS201.7.53: Interview #53 - Joe Medicine Crow, 2003-04-08Add to your cart.
TOPIC: talking to a class of 4th grade schoolchildren from Southside Elementary, Powell, Wyoming of Crow Nation stories about Heart Mountain.
Folder MS201.7.54: Interview #54 - Grant Bulltail, 2003-04-08Add to your cart.
TOPIC: talking to a class of 4th grade schoolchildren from Southside Elementary, Powell, Wyoming of Crow Nation stories about Heart Mountain
Folder MS201.7.55: Interview #55 - James Bama, 2005-07-20 - 2005-07-21, 2005-07-27Add to your cart.
TOPIC: July 20 and 21 topic is “Cowboy.”  July 27 topic is “Powwow.”
Folder MS201.7.56: Interview #56 - Paul Phillips, 2005-07-11Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.7.57: Interview #57 - Martha Jensen Kinkade, 2006-02-20Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.7.58: Interview #58 - Peg (Margaret S.) Coe, 2006-02-28Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.7.59: Interview #59 - George Dabich, 2006-02-22Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.7.60: Interview #60 - Eddie Dvarishkis, 2006-02-24Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.7.61: Interview #61 - Joe Gautsch, 2006-03-03Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.7.62: Interview #62 - Glenn Ohrlin, 2006-04-07Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.7.63: Interview #63 - John Ray Shreve, 2006-04-07Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.7.64: Interview #64 - Duane DickinsonAdd to your cart.
Folder MS201.7.65: Interview #65 - Joe Medicine Crow, 2006-02-27Add to your cart.
Box MS201.08Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.66: Interview #66 - Bill Boster, 2006-05-19Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.67: Interview #67 - Alan MebaneAdd to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.68: Interview #68 - Mary Elizabeth Bever, 2006-08-24Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.69: Interview #69 - Paul Rodriguez, 2006-10-26Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.70: Interview #70 - Mary Louise Greever, 2006-10-27Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.71: Interview #71 - Curley Bear Wagner, 2007-01-16 - 2007-01-17Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.72: Interview #72 - Kip Calahan, 2007-04-14Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.73: Interview #73 - Hal Cannon, 2007-04-15Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.74: Interview #74 - Bill Dean Chiles, 2007-04-13Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.75: Interview #75 - Connie Dover, 2007-04-15Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.76: Interview #76 - Skip Gorman, 2007-04-15Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.77: Interview #77 - Glenn (Ike) Hall, 2007-04-15Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.78: Interview #78 - Sid Hausman, 2007-04-11Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.79: Interview #79 - Stanton S. Howe, 2007-04-17Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.80: Interview #80 - Robert D. Lantis, 2007-04-13Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.81: Interview #81 - Liz Masterson, 2007-04-16Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.82: Interview #82 - Otto Rosfeld, 2007-04-11Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.83: Interview #83 - David Schildt, 2007-04-14Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.84: Interview #84 - Greg Scott, 2007-04-12Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.85: Interview #85 - David Wilkie, 2007-04-13Add to your cart.
Cowboy Celtic
Folder MS201.8.86: Interview #86 - Leslie Keltner, 2007-04-18Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.87: Interview #87 - Otto Madsen, 2006-05-09Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.88: Interview #88 - Lynne Chadwick, 2006-08-23Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.89: Interview #89 - Barbara Egan, 2008-03-13Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.90: Interview #90 - Nancy Stafford Shaw, 2008-04-04Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.91: Interview #91 - Patty Clayton, 2008-04-12Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.92: Interview #92 - Ray Doyle, 2008-04-11Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.93: Interview #93 - Rex Rideout, 2008-04-11Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.94: Interview #94 - Georgie Sicking, 2008-04-12Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.95: Interview #95 - Nancy Thowardson, 2008-04-13Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.96: Interview #96 - Laurie "V" Vigyikan, 2008-04-14Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.97: Interview #97 - Kelly Wells, 2008-04-13Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.98: Interview #98 - Tally Tait Wells, 2008-04-13Add to your cart.
Folder MS201.8.99: Interview #99 - Washtub Jerry, 2008-04-12Add to your cart.
Folder 201.8.100: Interview #100 - Hub Whitt, 2008-04-13Add to your cart.
Folder 201.8.101: Interview #101 - Esther Murray, 2008-02-12Add to your cart.
Folder 201.8.102: Interview #102 - Grant Bulltail, 2002-08-21 - 2002-08-22Add to your cart.
Box MS201.09Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.103: Interview #103 - Dale Harwood, 2008-11Add to your cart.
Saddlemaker Series
Folder 201.9.104: Interview #104 - Keith Seidel, 2008-10-23Add to your cart.
Saddlemaker Series
Folder 201.9.105: Interview #105 - Steve Mecum, 2008-11-26Add to your cart.
Saddlemaker Series
Folder 201.9.106: Interview #106 - Bill Gardner, 2008-05-24Add to your cart.
Saddlemaker Series
Folder 201.9.107: Interview #107 - Bob Douglas, 2008-05-24Add to your cart.
Saddlemaker Series
Folder 201.9.108: Interview #108 - Wayne Hape, 2007-11-12Add to your cart.
Saddlemaker Series
Folder 201.9.109: Interview #109 - Chas Weldon, 2007Add to your cart.
Saddlemaker Series, Fall 2007
Folder 201.9.110: Interview #110 - Elizabeth (Betty) Mills, 2008-04-29Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.111: Interview #111 - Bert Cosgrove, 2008-08-21Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.112: Interview #112 - Don Abarr, 2008-10-23Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.113: Interview #113 - Harry Jackson, 2009-02-21Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.114: Interview #114 - Robin Rick, 2009-02-10Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.115: Interview #115 - Adelyn Fraley, 2009-04-16Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.116: Interview #116 - Louis Kousoulos Jr. and Senator Alan K. Simpson, 2009-11-05Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.117: Interview #117 - Diane Kousoulos, 2010-04-05Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.118: Interview #118 - Ann Simpson, 2010-04-04Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.119: Interview #119 - Altamae Markham, 2010-01-10, 2010-01-31Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.120: Interview #120 - Alice Fales, 2008-03-06Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.121: Interview #121 - Marjorie & Ernest Goppert, 2006-05-23Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.122: Interview #122 - Alan & Ann Simpson, 2006-10-04Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.123: Interview #123 - Katie Brown, 2008-10-24Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.124: Interview #124 - Nancy Petry, 2007-06-15Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.125: Interview #125 - Forrest Fenn, 2006-10-17Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.126: Interview #126 - Margaret S. "Peg" Coe and James B. Minter, 2006-10-13Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.127: Interview #127 - Charles & Ursula Kepler, 2006-09-28Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.128: Interview # 128 - Saban, Vera, 2003-05-02Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.129: Interview # 129 - Bill Self by Debbie Hofstedt, 2008-06-27Add to your cart.
Folder 201.9.130: Interview # 130 - Forrest Fenn on Joseph Henry Sharp, 2009-09-25Add to your cart.
Box MS201.10Add to your cart.
Folder 201.10.131: Interview # 131 - Elizabeth M. Goodwin, 1995-02-15Add to your cart.

2 cassette tapes. For copyright contact Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre.

Craig Fees interviewing Miss Elizabeth M. Goodwin regarding her father in the 7th Cavalry, and William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody in England visiting her father, fight with Sioux in 1867-1868 where Cody defended a payroll and rescued the contingent, and Chief Washita.

The BBMA files hold information on Corporal James S. Goodwin according to Mary Robinson (2018-12-05).

Folder 201.10.132: Interview # 132 - Ann Phillips Bay, 2009-09-12Add to your cart.
Digital recording of inter-state telephone conversation between Mary Ann Andrus of the Education Department regarding emotional connection to visitors. Restricted to Center staff until signed release can be located.

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