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MS 013 - W.H.D. Koerner Studio Collection



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Correspondence, clippings, etc.

Contents from large envelopes found in Studio

Pamplets, booklets, etc.


Ruth Koerner Oliver Research Papers




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MS 013 - W.H.D. Koerner Studio Collection, 1884-1938 | McCracken Research Library

By Kathleen Pardee, Betty Skalsky, Gail Giroux, and Christina Stopka (with additions by Frances B. Clymer [2/6/01]) (with additions by Samantha Harper [11/11/2010] and [5/20/2021])

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 013 - W.H.D. Koerner Studio Collection, 1884-1938Add to your cart.

Primary Creator: Koerner, W.H.D.

Extent: 36.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 01/01/1978

Languages: English


William Henry Dethlef Koerner (1878 – 1938) was a prominent illustrator and artist of the American West. By the 1920s, he was one of the best known magazine and book illustrators in the country, with many of The Saturday Evening Post covers as examples of his work. This collection comes from his studio and includes correspondence, research articles, photographs, and a large collection of magazines and books containing Koerner illustrations.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Acquisition Source: W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver

Acquisition Method: Gift

Preferred Citation: William Henry Dethlef Koerner Collection, MS 13, McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Correspondence, clippings, etc.],
[Series 2: Contents from large envelopes found in Studio ],
[Series 3: Pamplets, booklets, etc.],
[Series 4: Correspondence],
[Series 5: Ruth Koerner Oliver Research Papers],
[Series 6: Postcards],
[Series 7: Miscellaneous],
[Series 8: Photographs],

Series 7: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.
This material previously unprocessed until May of 2021.
Box MS13.22Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 1: PersonalAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.01: Koerner Bookplates and LetterheadAdd to your cart.

Six bookplates reading "The Koerners, Their Book"

2 sheets of letterhead with Koerner's address

Folder MS13.22.02: Koerner Illustrated Christmas Card - BlankAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.03: Sketchbooks - Chicago, 1898Add to your cart.
Item Sketchbook labeled July 1898 removed from Series I file "Chicago Tribune--1898-1903," file 1/3, 1898-07Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.04: Sketchbooks - New York, 1905-1907Add to your cart.
Item Sketchbook labeled "New York, 1905-07" removed from Series I file "Pilgrim Magazine--Battle Creek," file 1/7, 1905-1907Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.05: Sketchbook and Journal - Florida Everglades, 1920Add to your cart.
May 1920
Item Sketchbook removed from Series I file "Florida Everglades--May 1920," file 4/3, 1920-05Add to your cart.
Item Journal removed from Seties 1 file, "Florida Everglades -- May 1920", file 4/3, 1920-05Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 2: Brochures and BookletsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.06: Booklets, 1925-1927Add to your cart.

Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon

Off the Beaten Path in New Mexico and Arizona, Rand McNally & Co. May 1925

Grand Canyon Outings, Santa Fe, Rand McNally & Co, February 1925

The Bishop’s Lodge at Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, Mesa Verde National Park, Rand McNally & Co May 1924 Automobile

Trails and Drives, Grand Canyon National Park Arizona, Rand McNally & Co. May 27, 1927

Roads to Yesterday, Motor Drives out from old Santa Fe, Hedstrom-Barry Co March 1927

Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, North Rim Grand Canyon, W. H. Murray, Union Pacific System 1926

Folder MS13.22.07: Booklets - Canadian RockiesAdd to your cart.

Rainer National Park, Alaska, Glacier National Park, Lake Louise, Banff, Victoria British Columbia

Yellowstone Park Hotels

Resorts in the Canadian Pacific Rockies

Canadian Pacific Rockies

Folder MS13.22.08: Brochures - Scenes Around CaliforniaAdd to your cart.
old missions, homes, type of country – Glenwood Mission Inn, Riverside, Shasta Route (San Francisco to Portland), Mt Hood Oregon, Tijuana, Mexico, Ramona’s marriage place San Diego, Columbia River, Yosemite
Sub-Series 3: ClippingsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.09: Clippings - BuffaloAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.10: Clippings - Chamberline African DataAdd to your cart.
George Agnew Chamberlin
Folder MS13.22.11: Clippings - FashionsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.12: Clippings - ForeignAdd to your cart.
16th to 20th century costumes
Folder MS13.22.13: Clippings - German PrintsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.14: Clippings - Horses, Wagons, CarriagesAdd to your cart.
branding horse, horses in repose, taxis, race tracks, public conveyances, team with fishermen, horses ties to hitching posts, carriages, teams in country road, wagons, old fashion business; booklet: The call of the mountains, vacations in Glacier National Park, Burlington Route, Great Northern
Folder MS13.22.15: Clippings - KentuckyAdd to your cart.
log cabin, moonshine, village on the Marne, war stuff, miscellaneous
Folder MS13.22.16: Clippings - VariousAdd to your cart.
Mexico, bull fighting, Spain
Folder MS13.22.17: Clippings - Envelopes FromAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.18: Clippings - South SeaAdd to your cart.
Philippines, African, Palms
Folder MS13.22.19: Clippings BookAdd to your cart.
Clippings: American Express accounting book with many clippings and photographs fixed on the pages
Folder MS13.22.20: Composition book of clippings 1900Add to your cart.
"1900 -- scrapbook of horses, people" removed from Series 1 file "Chicago Tribune -- 1898 - 1903", file 1/3
Folder MS13.22.21: Clippings - Newspaper "Koerner's Art Provides An Impressive Exhibit", 1979Add to your cart.
The Snyder Daily News Vol. 31, No. 88. August 12, 1979 pages 1A-4A: “Koerner’s Art Provides an Impressive Exhibit”
Sub-Series 4: ExhibitionsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.22: Museum Exhibit Catalogues and Magazine articles, W. H. D. KoernerAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.23: Exhibition Publications Dates unknownAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.24: Exhibition Publications 1960’s, 1960-1969Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.25: Exhibition Publications 1970’s, 1970-1979Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.26: Exhibition Publications 1980’s, 1980-1989Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.27: Exhibitions of W. H. D. Koerner (1878-1938)Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 5: FinancialAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.28: Accounting Book, 1910-1914Add to your cart.
Lists works delivered
Folder MS13.22.29: Receipts - Art Supplies, 1918Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.22.30: Account Book, 1914-1936Add to your cart.
Box MS13.23Add to your cart.
Sub-Series 6: Catalogs of Koerner ArtworkAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.01: Catalog of Koerner ArtworkAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.02: Catalog of Koerner ArtworkAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.03: Catalog of Koerner ArtworkAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.04: Catalog of Koerner ArtworkAdd to your cart.
Sub-Series 7: PeriodicalsAdd to your cart.
This series relates to published instances of Koerner illustrations. This series includes some periodicals, however, the majority of periodicals from this collection were relocated to the main periodicals collection. Best efforts were made to include references to Koerner in the listing of those periodicals.
Folder MS13.23.05: Lists of Magazines with Koerner IllustrationsAdd to your cart.

Specific issues with Koerner illustrations are listed chronologically by magazine title:

American Magazine

American Sunday Monthly Magazine

Blue Book Magazine

Collier's Weekly Magazine

Columbia Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Country Gentleman Magazine

Everybody's Magazine

Good Housekeeping Magazine

Harper's Monthly Magazine

Harper's Weekly Magazine

Hearst's Magazine

Home Magazine

Ladies' World Magazine

McCall's Magazine

McClure's Magazine

Metropolitan Magazine

New Magazine

Outdoor America Magazine

Pictorial Review Magazine

Pilgrim Magazine

Popular Magazine

Radio Digest Magazine

Red Book Magazine

Scribner's Magazine

Success Magazine

Top-Notch Magazine

Woman's Home Companion Magazine

Folder MS13.23.06: Issues of Saturday Evening Post with Koerner IllustrationsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.07: American West, 1975Add to your cart.
Vol XVI No 5 September/October 1975
Folder MS13.23.08: Art West, 1980Add to your cart.

Vol III No 6 1980

(2 copies)

Folder MS13.23.09: Blue Book Magazine, 1919Add to your cart.
Vol XXVIII No 5 March 1919
Folder MS13.23.10: Blue Book Magazine, 1919Add to your cart.
Vol XXVIII No 6 April 1919
Folder MS13.23.11: Fleming's Farm and Live Stock Almanac, 1911Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.12: Hampton's Magazine, 1909Add to your cart.

Vol. 23, No. 4

October 1909

Folder MS13.23.13: Hampton's Magazine, 1910Add to your cart.
Vol. 24, No. 1. January 1910
Folder MS13.23.14: Hampton-Columbian Magazine, 1911Add to your cart.
Vol. 27, No. 4. October 1911
Folder MS13.23.15: Harper's Monthly Magazine, 1922Add to your cart.

Advertisement "Flowing Gold by Rex Beach"

November 1922

1 page only

Folder MS13.23.16: Hearst's International, 1923Add to your cart.
Vol. 44, No. 1. July 1923
Folder MS13.23.17: Hearst's Magazine, 1912Add to your cart.
December 1912
Folder MS13.23.18: Hearst's Magazine, 1913Add to your cart.
Vol. 23, No. 1. January 1913
Folder MS13.23.19: Hearst's Magazine, 1915Add to your cart.
Vol. 27, No. 1. January 1915
Folder MS13.23.20: Hoofprints, 1974Add to your cart.
Vol. 4, No. 2. Autumn/ Winter 1974
Folder MS13.23.21: New Magazine, The, 1911Add to your cart.
January 1911. Cover only.
Folder MS13.23.22: People's Magazine, 1912Add to your cart.
August 1912. Cover only.
Folder MS13.23.23: Persimmon Hill, 1971Add to your cart.
Vol. 2, No. 2.
Folder MS13.23.24: Persimmon Hill, 1990Add to your cart.
Vol. 17, No. 4. Winter 1990
Folder MS13.23.25: Pilgrim Magazine - Koerner Illustrations, 1903-1905Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.26: Popular Magazine, 1911Add to your cart.
Vol. 19, No. 4. - March 1, 1911 - Cover Only
Folder MS13.23.27: Popular Magazine, 1915Add to your cart.
Vol. 36, No. 4. May 7, 1915
Folder MS13.23.28: Popular Magazine, 1911Add to your cart.
Vol. 21, No. 5. August 25, 1911. Cover Only.
Folder MS13.23.29: Popular Magazine, 1915Add to your cart.
Vol. 37, No. 3. July 23, 1915. Cover Only.
Folder MS13.23.30: Radio Digest, 1930Add to your cart.
Vol. 25, No. 2. June 1930
Folder MS13.23.31: Colorado Magazine - Special Rocky Mountain West Colorado Bi-Centennial Issue, 1976Add to your cart.
Vol. 12, No. 1. July/August 1976. 2 copies.
Folder MS13.23.32: Scribner's Magazine - Pseudonymous by Gordon Hall Gerould, 1914Add to your cart.
Pages 456-467. 2 copies.
Folder MS13.23.33: Southwest Art, 1981Add to your cart.
Vol. 11, No. 7. December 1981. 2 copies.
Folder MS13.23.34: Top-Notch Magazine, 1915Add to your cart.
August 15, 1915. Cover only.
Sub-Series 8: Book JacketsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.35: Books - Title List of Koerner Illustrated Book JacketsAdd to your cart.

Pagan Madonna by Harold McGrath

Ranchero by Stewart Edward White

North of 36 by Emerson Hough

Canyon of the Fools by Richard Matthews Hallet

Prairie Child by Arthur Stringer

Moreton Mystery by Elizabeth DeJeans

A King in Babylon by Burton E. Stevenson

Folder MS13.23.36: Moreton Mystery by Dejeans, Elizabeth., 1920Add to your cart.
Dust jacket (partial) - associated book in W.H.D. Koerner Special Collection PS 3507 .E385 M6 1920
Folder MS13.23.37: North of 36 by Emerson HoughAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.38: A King in Babylon by Burton E. StevensonAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.39: Prairie Child by Arthur StringerAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.40: Pagan Madonna by Harold MacGrathAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.23.41: Ranchero by Stewart Edward WhiteAdd to your cart.
Box MS13.OS14Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS14: Periodicals, 1902-1972Add to your cart.

OS 14/01 - American Sunday Monthly Magazine, 1916-01-02; January 2, 1916. Pages 5-6. MS13.OS14.01

OS 14/02 - Columbia, Vol. 2, No. 11. 1923-06; June 1923. MS13.OS14.02

OS 14/03 - Country Life in America, 1902-12; December 1902. Pages 77-84. MS13.OS14.03

OS 14/04 - Country Life in America, 1904-10; October 1904. Pages 479-598. MS13.OS14.04

OS 14/05 - Hearst's, Vol. 32, No. 3, 1917-09; September 1917. MS13.OS14.05

OS 14/06 - Hearst's, Vol. 32, No. 4, 1917-10; October 1917. MS13.OS14.06

OS 14/07 - Home Magazine, 1906-10; October 1906. Pages 3-4. MS13.OS14.07

OS 14/08 - Home Magazine, 1906-11; November 1906. Pages 3-4. MS13.OS14.08

OS 14/09 - Home Magazine, Vol. 22, No. 1. 1907-09; September 1907. MS13.OS14.09

OS 14/10 - Morning Telegraph, 1925-02-08; February 8, 1925. 1 sheet, 2 pages. "The Great Divide" from Metro Goldwyn. MS13.OS14.10

OS 14/11 - Outdoor Life, 1930-05; May 1930. Front cover missing. MS13.OS14.11

OS 14/12 - Palette & Bench, Vol. 2, No. 12. 1910-09; September 1910. MS13.OS14.12

OS 14/13 - Pilgrim, Vol. 6, No. 2. 1903-08; August 1903. MS13.OS14.13

OS 14/14 - Pilgrim, Vol. 7, No. 3. 1903-09; September 1903. MS13.OS14.14

OS 14/15 - Pilgrim, Vol. 7, No. 4. 1903-10; October 1903. MS13.OS14.15

OS 14/16 - Pilgrim, Vol. 7, No. 5. 1903-11; November 1903. MS13.OS14.16

OS 14/17 - Pilgrim, Vol. 7, No. 6. 1903-12; December 1903. MS13.OS14.17

OS 14/18 - Pilgrim, Vol. 8, No. 1. 1904-01; January 1904. MS13.OS14.18

OS 14/19 - Pilgrim, Vol. 8, No. 5. 1904-05; May 1904. MS13.OS14.19

OS 14/20 - Pilgrim, Vol. 8, No. 6. 1904-06; June 1904. MS13.OS14.20

OS 14/21 - Pilgrim, Vol. 8, No. 7. 1904-07; July 1904. Cover (1 copy) and page 5 (2 copies). MS13.OS14.21

OS 14/22 - Pilgrim, Vol. 9, No. 2. 1904-08; August 1904. MS13.OS14.22

OS 14/23 - Pilgrim, Vol. 9, No. 3. 1904-09; September 1904. Cover Only. MS13.OS14.23

OS 14/24 - Pilgrim, Vol. 9, No. 4. 1904-10; October 1904. Missing pages. Extra copy of cover. MS13.OS14.24

OS 14/25 - Pilgrim, Vol. 10, No. 6. 1904-12; December 1904. Extra copy of cover. MS13.OS14.25

OS 14/26 - Pilgrim, Vol. 11, No. 1. 1905-01; January 1905. MS13.OS14.26

OS 14/27 - Pilgrim, Vol. 11, No. 2. 1905-02; February 1905. MS13.OS14.27

OS 14/28 - Pilgrim, Vol. 11, No. 4. 1905-04; April 1905. MS13.OS14.28

OS 14/29 - Recreation, Vol. 27, No. 2. 1908-02; February 1908. MS13.OS14.29

OS 14/30 - Recreation Dealer, Vol. 53, No. 5. 1915-11; November 1915. Pages 201-248. MS13.OS14.30

OS 14/31 - Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 205, No. 48. 1933-05-27; May 27, 1933. MS13.OS14.31

OS 14/32 - Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 244, No. 2. 1972; Summer 1972. 2 copies. MS13.OS14.32

OS 14/33 - Success Magazine, Vol. 12, No. 182. 1909-07; July 1909. Additional copy of page 445-446. MS13.OS14.33

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[Series 2: Contents from large envelopes found in Studio ],
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[Series 4: Correspondence],
[Series 5: Ruth Koerner Oliver Research Papers],
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