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MS 013 - W.H.D. Koerner Studio Collection



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Correspondence, clippings, etc.

Contents from large envelopes found in Studio

Pamplets, booklets, etc.


Ruth Koerner Oliver Research Papers




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MS 013 - W.H.D. Koerner Studio Collection, 1884-1938 | McCracken Research Library

By Kathleen Pardee, Betty Skalsky, Gail Giroux, and Christina Stopka (with additions by Frances B. Clymer [2/6/01]) (with additions by Samantha Harper [11/11/2010])

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 013 - W.H.D. Koerner Studio Collection, 1884-1938Add to your cart.

Primary Creator: Koerner, W.H.D.

Extent: 36.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 01/01/1978

Languages: English


William Henry Dethlef Koerner (1878 – 1938) was a prominent illustrator and artist of the American West. By the 1920s, he was one of the best known magazine and book illustrators in the country, with many of The Saturday Evening Post covers as examples of his work. This collection comes from his studio and includes correspondence, research articles, photographs, and a large collection of magazines and books containing Koerner illustrations.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Acquisition Source: W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver

Acquisition Method: Gift

Preferred Citation: William Henry Dethlef Koerner Collection, MS 13, McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Correspondence, clippings, etc.],
[Series 2: Contents from large envelopes found in Studio ],
[Series 3: Pamplets, booklets, etc.],
[Series 4: Correspondence],
[Series 5: Ruth Koerner Oliver Research Papers],
[Series 6: Miscellaneous],
[Series 7: Postcards],
[Series 8: Photographs],

Series 2: Contents from large envelopes found in Studio Add to your cart.
[Mainly clippings of illustrations from various publications;  listings are not item by item]
Box MS13.12Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.12.01: "U.S. Civil War ; covered bridges; old houses; rising sun, etc. also see envelope no. 2; fences, barnyards, old buildings, street in fog, also look in envelope marked xx and ."Add to your cart.
Item 28 black & white photos: P.78.6242 thru P.78.6270Add to your cart.
Item 1 cyanotype of barn, haywagon: P.78.6271Add to your cart.
Item Postcards - b/w Darlinton Seminary, West Chester, PAAdd to your cart.
Item Postcards -  color - The Old Manse, Concord, MAAdd to your cart.
Item Postcards - Town Crier, Commercial Street, Princetown, MAAdd to your cart.
Item Postcards - Portland, ME. Bird's eye view showing So. Portland and Cushings Is.Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.12.02: "Remington, Wyeth, Russell"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.02.02 - Advertisement-"Special Exhibition...Remington...Harry Shaw Newman Gallery...

MS13.12.02.03 - " The Art Digest Jul 1, 1946

Remington Illustrations:

MS13.12.02.04 - "How Order No. 6 Went Through"

MS13.12.02.05 - "These are the Motions that Make a Bronco- Buster's Life Shorter"

MS13.12.02.06 - "A Running Bucker"

MS13.12.02.07 - "You Don't Want to Talk this Way.  You're Alone."

MS13.12.02.08 - "A Sage-brush Pioneer" Harper's New Monthly Magazine

MS13.12.02.09 - "'I reckon ye got the man all right'" HNMM

MS13.12.02.10 - "The Last Cavalier"  HNMM

MS13.12.02.11 - "Fighting Over a Stolen Herd" HNMM [1882]

MS13.12.02.12 - "The Fall of the Cowboy"

Folder MS13.12.03: "Foundries, Fisheries, __________ Factories, Coal Mines, Tunnels, Workmen, putting up large bridges, N.Y. Subway, Stock Yards, Machinery, Sawmills, wrieless, Ghetto children, working girls, oil wells, dredges, prison factory, placer mining, ditch in desert, cranes, fixing R.R. tracks, Panama Canal, freight cars, milk factory, making macaroni, early inventors, building the Panama Canal;  Great-Grand-Father of the motor car"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.03.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.03.02 - Postcards

MS13.12.03.03 - color - Battle Creek Michigan (collotype)

MS13.12.03.04 - Grand Trunk Shops

MS13.12.03.05 - b/w - Lewiston Bleachery and Dye Works

MS13.12.03.06 - 6 b/w photographs : P.78.6272 thru P.78.6277

Folder MS13.12.04: "Mountains & Trees"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.04.01 - 1 photograph: P.78.6278

MS13.12.04.02 - Clippings

MS13.12.04.03 - Booklet - "An Outdoor Enthusiast" [removed from folder, stored with other booklets, pamphlets etc.]

Folder MS13.12.05: "Eskimos, North Pole stuff, dog teams, etc., Reminton, dogs, bear and ______animals"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.05.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.05.02 - 4 B/W photographs: P.78.6279 thru P.78.6282

Folder MS13.12.06: "Canoes, stuff, hinting, fishing, northern woods, also lumber camp scene"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.06.01 - Clippings

Pamphlet - "Canoe Trips" [removed]

Books removed to be catalogued - Nearby Fishing and Newfoundland and Labrador

Folder MS13.12.07: "Sports of All Kinds"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.07.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.07.02 - Pages from a scrapbook

MS13.12.07.03 - B/W photograph: P.78.6283

Folder MS13.12.08: "Dogs and some bear pictures; see animal envelope"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.08.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.08.02 - 5 B/W photographs: P.78.6284 thru P.78.6288

MS13.12.08.03 - 7 pencil sketches

Folder MS13.12.09: "North & South Pole, Com. Byrd, Alaska, Esquimos, Nome etc."Add to your cart.

MS13.12.09.01 - Popular Mechanics article: "At the Bottom of the World with Byrd"

MS13.12.09.02 - Clippings

Folder MS13.12.10: "African, Jamaica [sic.]Add to your cart.

Magazines removed:

          National Geographic  Oct 1910

                                              Mar 1911

            Asia  Aug 1923

            Literary Digest  Feb 25, 1933                         

MS13.12.10.01 - Pamphlet - "The significant service rendered by 750,000 members of the National Geographic Society to science, educations and...."

MS13.12.10.02 - Clippings

MS13.12.10.03 - B/W photograph: P.78.6289

Folder MS13.12.11: "African, Jamaica, cont."Add to your cart.

MS13.12.11.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.11.02 - B/W photograph: P.78.6290

Folder MS13.12.12: "India, Asia, Far East, etc.  camels, costumes, 16th to 20th century.  Envelope #2 see other envelope"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.12.01 - Handtinted photograph: P.78.6291

MS13.12.12.02 - B/W photograph: P.78.6292

MS13.12.12.03 - Pamphlet - "Your World-Wide Passport for 1930 - National Geographic" [removed]

Folder MS13.12.13: "Fisher Place - Prints of Scots Military men from DeWar's White Label Scotch"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.13.01 - Black Watch

MS13.12.13.02 - Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

MS13.12.13.03 - Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

MS13.12.13.04 - Gordon Highlanders

MS13.12.13.05 - Third Indian Cavalry

MS13.12.13.06 - Royal Scots Fusiliers

MS13.12.13.07 - 1 letter

Folder MS13.12.14: "Colonial and Early American"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.14.01 - Pamphlet - "Ben-Hur a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Production...1926" [removed]

MS13.12.14.02 - Clippings

MS13.12.14.03 - Camels, etc., Near East

MS13.12.14.04 - Colonial America, etc.

MS13.12.14.05 - North German Lloyd Bulletin Nov 1912 [removed]

MS13.12.14.06 - 2 color postcards

MS13.12.14.07 - 3 color [prints?/ lithos?] of Bedouins: P.78.6293 thru P.78.6295

MS13.12.14.08 - 7 B/W photographs: P.78.6296 thru P.78.6301

Folder MS13.12.15: "Horses, Polo, Trotting, Hunting, Hunting with Dogs, Western, etc., Remington"Add to your cart.
MS13.12.15.01 - Clippings
Folder MS13.12.16: "Air Plane Stuff"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.16.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.16.02 - 1 sketch - three views of sea plane

Folder MS13.12.17: "Old Masters, Modern and War Art"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.17.01 - Clippings

Magazines removed:

        Art Digest  Jul  1, 1942

        The New York Times Magazine  Feb 18, 1940

                                                            Oct 18, 1942

                                                            Nov 29, 1942

          Life  Jun  8, 1942

                  Apr 30, 1945

          The Christian Science Monitor  Nov 21, 1942

                                                            Nov  6, 1943

          Art Exhibition by Men of the Armed Forces

Folder MS13.12.18: "People, Royal Family, England, Henry Ford"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.18.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.19.02 - Postcard - color

Magazines removed:

          Black & White  Jul 15, 1911

          People and Places  Mar 1949

          The New York Times Magazine  May 23, 1937

                                                              Dec 12, 1937

Folder MS13.12.19: 1: "Indians and H.P. buckskin costumes; Seminoles; Florida sponge boats--see other envelope"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.19.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.19.02 - 3 color postcards

MS13.12.19.03 - Souvenir folder--Sioux Indian chiefs

MS13.12.19.04 - 2 B/W postcards: P.78.6302 thru P.78.6303

MS13.12.19.05 - 4 B/W photographs: P.78.6304 thru P.78.6307

MS13.12.19.06 - Clipping with photographs from the motion picture, "The Covered Wagon"

MS13.12.19.07 - Clipping from Saturday Evening Post of one-page article "The Survivors" about bison in Yellowstone National Park

MS13.12.19.08 - Article entitled "Frederic Remington: A Painter of American Life" with illustrations Article entitled "The Rough Riders" by Theodore Roosevelt with Remington illustration

MS13.12.19.09 - Misc. group of Remington illustrations

MS13.12.19.10 - Herbert Dunton illustrations                                   

MS13.12.19.11 - E. Irving Couse illustration

MS13.12.19.12 - Maynard Dixon illustration

MS13.12.19.13 - Charles M. Russell illustrations

MS13.12.19.14 - Carl Rungius illustration

MS13.12.19.15 - Charles Schreyvogel illustration

MS13.12.19.16 - N. C. Wyeth illustrations

Folder MS13.12.20: 2: "Spanish bull fight; Spanish; Seminole; South American Indians, etc.; Mexican; burros; Indians--also see other envelope" (small sketch of wagon pulled by oxen on envelope)Add to your cart.

MS13.12.20.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.20.02 - 3 b/w postcards: P.78.6308 thru P.78.6310

MS13.12.20.03 -  Magazine removed: The National Geographic Magazine, Dec 1910

Folder MS13.12.21: "Mississippi River Steamboat; cotton bales on warf"Add to your cart.

MS13.12.21.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.21.02 - 8 photographs of steamboats: P.78.6311 thru P.78.6318

MS13.12.21.03 - 2 color postcards of steamboats

Folder MS13.12.22: "Egyptian Stuff" - two sketches of pillars on envelopeAdd to your cart.

MS13.12.22.01 - Clippings

MS13.12.22.02 - pamphlet, "The Dress of the Ancient Egyptians"

MS13.12.22.03 - 2 b/w postcards: P.78.6319 and P.78.6320

Folder MS13.12.23: "Trees; tree trunks"Add to your cart.
MS13.12.23.01 - 23 photographs: P.78.6321 thru P.78.6343
Folder MS13.12.24: "War stuff - also see large envelope on war stuff"Add to your cart.
MS13.12.24.01 - Clippings
Box MS13.13Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.13.01: "Howard Pyle"Add to your cart.
MS13.13.01.01 - Clippings of Pyle's illustrations
Folder MS13.13.02: "Indian Clippings"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.02.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.02.02 - 2 large b/w photographs: P.78.6072 and P.78.6073

MS13.13.02.03 - 9 b/w photographs: P.78.6101 thru P.78.6109

MS13.13.02.04 - 16 b/w photographs of Seminole Indians removed from two envelopes, one inscribed "Musa Isle Indian Village, Alligator Farm and Zoo; Musa Isle Grove, N.W. 16th St. at 25th Ave., Miami, Florida": P.78.6089.1 thru P.78.6100

MS13.13.02.05 - 17 b/w photographs mounted as postcards: P.78.6074.1 thru P.78.6088

MS13.13.02.06 - 16 postcards depicting Indian pottery in envelope

MS13.13.02.07 - Folder pictures, "Indian Chiefs"

MS13.13.02.08 - 15 colored postcards

MS13.13.02.09 - Brochure removed: "In the land of the Ancient Cliff Dweller" by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Magazines removed:

          New Mexico  Jul 1936

          Natural History  Sep 1945             

Packet of Indian Decorative Designs removed

Folder MS13.13.03: "Spanish and some Mexican; Fooforaw material; early California; covered wagons; oxen"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.03.01 - Clippings, including "Two Views of Fort Laramie, Wyoming..."

MS13.13.03.02 - 2 large b/w photographs: P.78.6110 and P.78.6111

MS13.13.03.03 - 15 b/w photographs: P.78.6112 thru P.78.6126

MS13.13.03.04 - 3 scenic folders

MS13.13.03.05 - 14 postcards of Hawaii

MS13.13.03.06 - 12 postcards of Mission San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

MS13.13.03.07 - 28 postcards

Pamphlet removed from file:

          "Sardinia" by The National Geographic Society

Magazines removed:

          The Pacific Monthly with article about Kit Carson

Folder MS13.13.04: "Indians; early settlers; Howard Pyle's pioneers; W. L. Taylor's covered wagons; W. L. Taylor's fort; some Hopi stuff; Howard Pyle colonial period, frontier; covered wagon; oxen; ox-team; stage coaches; buffalo--see other Indian envelopes"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.04.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.04.02 - 2 b/w photographs with attached typewritten text:  P.78.6127 and P.78.6128

MS13.13.04.03 - 3 b/w photographs: P.78.6129 thru P.78.6131

MS13.13.04.04 - 1 color postcard

Folder MS13.13.05: "Horse clippings; ranches; cowboys; wagons; Western"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.05.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.05.02 - 8 pages of Herbert Dunton illustrations

MS13.13.05.03 - 2 pages of Rosa Bonheur illustrations

MS13.13.05.04 - 3 N. C. Wyeth illustrations

MS13.13.05.05 - 2 Carl Rungius illustrations

MS13.13.05.06 - 2 Charles Schreyvogel illustrations

MS13.13.05.07 - 2 b/w photographs: P.78.6132 and P.78.6133

Folder MS13.13.06: "Old houses; street scenes; stores; public buildings; markets; school houses; sod houses; churches"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.06.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.06.02 - Souvenir folder of Omaha, Neb.

MS13.13.06.03 - 2 large photographs: P.78.6134 and P.78.6135

MS13.13.06.04 - 20 b/w photographs: P.78.6136 thru P.78.6164

MS13.13.06.05 - 9 b/w postcards

MS13.13.06.06 - 11 color postcards

Book removed from file:

            One Hundred and Twenty-Five Photographic Views of Chicago

Folder MS13.13.07: "Mormon"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.07.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.07.02 - Brochure, "Mormon Trail"

MS13.13.07.03 - Pamphlet, bio and list of paintings of Lane K. Newberry

Folder MS13.13.08: "Children at play; mending toys; making scenery for the stage"Add to your cart.
MS13.13.08.01 - Clippings
Folder MS13.13.09: "Interiors;  old fashion ovens"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.09.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.09.02 - 18 b/w photographs: P.78-6165 thru P.78.6183

Folder MS13.13.10: "Old police scenes; restaurants; interiors--also see other envelopes"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.10.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.10.02 - 3 b/w photographs: P.78.6184 thru P.78.6186

Folder MS13.13.11: "Fire engines; building afire; forest fires; police; U.S. mail; oil tank fire; general view of city fire; big smoke stack; street car conduction; clouds"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.11.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.11.02 -  b/w photo postcard: P.78.6187

Folder MS13.13.12: "Miscellaneous artists -- 175 approximately"Add to your cart.
MS13.13.12.01 - Clippings
Folder MS13.13.13: "Calzoneras; botas; milpas; casa; manadas; restas; tabernas; caballeros; colleros" Add to your cart.

MS13.13.13.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.13.02 - 2 b/w photographs: P.78.6188 and P.78.6189

Folder MS13.13.14: "California"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.14.01 - Travel brochures

MS13.13.14.02 - 4 b/w photographs: P.78.6190 thru P.78.6193

MS13.13.14.03 - 10 color postcards

Booklets removed from file:

          Southern California...


Folder MS13.13.15: "Southern California; and some New Mexico churches, etc."Add to your cart.

MS13.13.15.01 - 25 b/w photographs: P.78.6194 thru P.78.6219

MS13.13.15.02 - 1 color postcard

Folder MS13.13.16: Chinies [Chinese]; Japan"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.16.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.16.02 - 2 National Geographic Society pamphlets

MS13.13.16.03 - 13 b/w photographs: P.78.6220 thru P.78.6232

Folder MS13.13.17: Chinies [Chinese] -- also see envelope #2 marked India, Far East, etc."Add to your cart.

MS13.13.17.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.17.02 - National Geographic Society pamphlet

MS13.13.17.03 - 4 b/w photographs: P.78.6233 thru P.78.6236

Folder MS13.13.18: "South Western Indians and views of their country"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.18.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.18.02 - 3 travel brochures

MS13.13.18.03 - 2 souvenir folders

MS13.13.18.04 - 49 color postcards

MS13.13.18.05 - 4 b/w photographs: P.78.6237 thru P.78.6240

Magazine removed from file:

          National Geographic Magazine, Jun 1921

Folder MS13.13.19: "Russian -- see other envelope"Add to your cart.
MS13.13.19.01 - Clippings
Folder MS13.13.20: "Hawaii -- also see books on Hawaii and envelope on Africa"Add to your cart.
MS13.13.20.01 - Clippings
Folder MS13.13.21: "Clippings Koerner liked"Add to your cart.

MS13.13.21.01 - Clippings

MS13.13.21.02 - 1 b/w photo: P.78.6241

Box MS13.14Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.01: Stanley ArthursAdd to your cart.

MS13.14.01.01 - Clippings

MS13.14.01.02 - Story "Early Steamboats"

Folder MS13.14.02: Walter BiggsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.03: Harvey DunnAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.04: Harvey DunnAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.05: Miscellaneous ArtistsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.06: Pruett CarterAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.07: Robert W. ChambersAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.08: Dean CornwellAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.09: Elizabeth Shippen GreenAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.10: A. B. FrostAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.11: Walter Appleton ClarkAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.12: Harrison FisherAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.13: Howard Chandler ChristyAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.14: Frank SchoonoverAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.15: N. C. WyethAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.16: Maxfield ParrishAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.17: Howard PyleAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.18: Philip R. GoodwinAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.19: John E. CostiganAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.20: Miscellaneous European Artists, etc.Add to your cart.
Color Plates
Folder MS13.14.21: Miscellaneous European Artists, etc.Add to your cart.
Color Plates
Folder MS13.14.22: Miscellaneous European Artists, Etc.Add to your cart.
Color plates
Folder MS13.14.23: Franz EichhorstAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.24: Josse GoossensAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.25: Robert ReidAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.26: University Prints, BostonAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.27: Miscellaneous European Artists, Etc.Add to your cart.
Mostly black and white
Folder MS13.14.28: Color magazine coversAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.29: FlowersAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.30: Miscellaneous clippings & illustrationsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.31: Indian clippingsAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.14.32: The WestAdd to your cart.
Includes a sheet on "Distinguishing marks & insignia of rank, etc., in the Army of the United States"
Box MS13.OS1Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS1.1: Remington -- Oversized material from above envelopesAdd to your cart.

MS13.OS1.01.01 - "The Santa Fe Trade" Collier's Mar 12, 1904

MS13.OS1.01.02 - "Benighted and a Dry Camp" Collier's

MS13.OS1.01.03 - Man with wagon, 2 horses, one white, one brown  (2)

MS13.OS1.01.04 - "Hauling Logs to the River"  Collier's

MS13.OS1.01.05 - "Caught in the Circle" Collier's Weekly Supplement, Christmas 1901

MS13.OS1.01.06 - Men around camp - one drawing a gun

MS13.OS1.01.07 - "The Howl of the Weather"  Collier's

MS13.OS1.01.08 - "The Great Explorers - IX - Zebulon Pike" Collier's

MS13.OS1.01.09 - "The Pioneers" Collier's Feb 13, 1904

MS13.OS1.01.10 - "Downing the Nigh Leader"  Collier's

MS13.OS1.01.11 - "The Navajo Raid"  Collier's  May 14, 190_?

MS13.OS1.01.12 - "Drifting Before the Storm"  Collier's Jul  9, 1904

MS13.OS1.01.13 - Edward Barry, "Remington, Painter of Horses and Men,"

MS13.OS1.01.14 - Chicago Sunday Tribune, May 16, 1948

MS13.OS1.01.15 - "A Night Attack on a Government Wagon Train"  Collier's Jun 11, 1904

MS13.OS1.01.16 - 3 illustrations - "He seemed to have fallen into a gloomy dementia, and repeated,..'God has forsaken the World'"; "Old Fort Yuma"; In half an hour he was senseless, by three o'clock he was dead."  Harper's Weekly

MS13.OS1.01.17 - "Fight for the Waterhole" Collier's

MS13.OS1.01.18 - 4 pages from Done in the Open?

MS13.OS1.01.19 - 3 sleeping men, 1 standing by horse"The Emigrants"?  Collier's May 1904

MS13.OS1.01.20 - "Trailing Texas Cattle"  Collier's 1904

Folder MS13.OS1.2: N. C. Wyeth -- Oversized material from above envelopesAdd to your cart.

MS13.OS1.02.01 - "The War Clouds" an illustration for the March issue of Scribner's

MS13.OS1.02.02 - Men playing cards from a copyrighted picture in Scribner's 1904

MS13.OS1.02.03 - Man being shot - woman in door of house - 1906

Folder MS13.OS1.3: C. M. Russell -- Oversized materials from the above envelopesAdd to your cart.

MS13.OS1.03.01 - "Chief Takes Toll"

MS13.OS1.03.02 - "A Wounded Grizzly"

MS13.OS1.03.03 - "When Ignorance in Bliss"

MS13.OS1.03.04 - "Ambushed"

MS13.OS1.03.05 - Advertisement for Montana Sapphire Flour - Not CMR Illustrated

Folder MS13.OS1.4: "Sports of All Kinds"Add to your cart.
MS13.OS1.04.01 - Clippings - Mainly football, baseball
Folder MS13.OS1.5: Dogs and some bear picturesAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS1.6: "North and South Pole, Com. Byrd, Alaska, Esquimos, Nome, etc. "Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS1.7: "African, Jamaca [sic.]"Add to your cart.
Box MS13.OS2Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS2.1: "India, Asia, etc."Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS2.2: "Colonial & Early American"Add to your cart.

MS13.OS2.01.01 - Medieval scenes - many of Joan D'Arc

Arabian / Near Eastern scenes

Photogravure - Falcon chase in Algiers

Folder MS13.OS2.3: "Horses, Polo, Trotting,..."Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS2.4: "Air Plane Stuff"Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS2.5: "Old Master, modern and war art"Add to your cart.
MS13.OS2.05.01 - Clippings - Many from magazines of the 1930's & later.
Folder MS13.OS2.6: "People, Royal Family England, Henry Ford"  (1/18)Add to your cart.
MS13.OS2.06.01 - Clippings - Includes section on coronation of George VI from Christian Science Monitor
Folder MS13.OS2.7: Indians and H. P. Buckskin costumes, Seminoles,..."Add to your cart.

MS13.OS2.07.01 - 5 Western scenes

MS13.OS2.07.02 - "The Dream" by Edouard Detaille

MS13.OS2.07.03 - Various Remington illustrations

Folder MS13.OS2.8: "Spanish bull fight; Spanish; Seminole..."Add to your cart.
MS13.OS2.08.01 - 2 Spanish scenes
Folder MS13.OS2.9: "Indian Clippings:  (2/2)Add to your cart.

MS13.OS2.09.01 - Colotype of Indian

MS13.OS2.09.02 - 5-page magazine article, "Annie Oakley"

MS13.OS2.09.03 - Indian coverpage from EveryWeek magazine, December 6, 1915

MS13.OS2.09.04 - 5-page magazine article, "The Navajos"

MS13.OS2.09.05 - Clippings

Folder 13.OS2.10: "Spanish and some Mexican; Fooforaw material; early California; covered wagons; oxen" (2/3)Add to your cart.
MS13.OS2.10.01 - Clippings
Folder 13.OS2.11: "Horse clippings; ranches; cowboys, wagons; Western"Add to your cart.

MS13.OS2.11.01 - Frank Tenney Johnson illustration

MS13.OS2.11.02 - "A Memorial to Gene Rhodes"

Box MS13.OS3Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS3.1: Harvey Dunn illustrations mainly Saturday Evening Post (2 envelopes)Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS3.2: Pruett CarterAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS3.3: Dean CornwellAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS3.4: Howard PyleAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS3.5: N. C. WyethAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS3.6: Miscellaneous American ArtistsAdd to your cart.
Box MS13.OS4Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS4.1: LincolnAdd to your cart.
MS13.OS4.01.01 - Newspaper clippings & illustrations -- extremely fragile
Folder MS13.OS4.2: Miscellaneous European Artists, etc.Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS4.3: Miscellaneous color platesAdd to your cart.
Box MS13.OS5Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS5.1: Miscellaneous European Artists, etc.Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS5.2: Miscellaneous illustrations -- all subject matters (not everything is listed below), 1925 - 1940Add to your cart.

MS13.OS5.02.01 - NY Times Magazine Jan 24, 1937

MS13.OS5.02.02 - NY Times Magazine Jun 29, 1930  "Wild West De Luxe on the Dude Ranch"

MS13.OS5.02.03 - NY Morning Telegraph May 24, 1925 "Tom Mix with Tony...in The Rainbow Trail...."

MS13.OS5.02.04 - NY Times Magazine Jan 13, 1937

MS13.OS5.02.05 - Christian Science Monitor Magazine section Jan 13, 1937

MS13.OS5.02.06 - NY Times Magazine Apr  4, 1937

MS13.OS5.02.07 - NY Times Magazine Apr 11, 1937

MS13.OS5.02.08 - NY Times Magazine Apr 18, 1937

MS13.OS5.02.09 - Christian Science Monitor Special Section May 12, 1936

MS13.OS5.02.10 - Christian Science Monitor Magazine section Jan 20, 1940

Folder MS13.OS5.3: Pages from a picture bookAdd to your cart.
Box MS13.OS6Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS6.1: Chromotypogravure of painting by Edward DetailleAdd to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS6.2: Charles Schreyvogel reproductionsAdd to your cart.

MS13.OS6.02.01 - Tomahawk and Sabre or Even Chances

MS13.OS6.02.02 - The Night Hawk

MS13.OS6.02.03 - Standing Them Off

MS13.OS6.02.04 - The Indian or the Trooper

MS13.OS6.02.05 - Saving the Mail

MS13.OS6.02.06 - Off the Firing Line

MS13.OS6.02.07 - A Sharp Encounter

MS13.OS6.02.08 - The Last Drop

MS13.OS6.02.09 - My Bunkie

MS13.OS6.02.10 - Pickets

MS13.OS6.02.11 - Doomed

MS13.OS6.02.12 - Defending the Stockade

MS13.OS6.02.13 - A Fight for Water

MS13.OS6.02.14 - A Hot Trail

MS13.OS6.02.15 - Saving the Emigrants

MS13.OS6.02.16 - In Safe Hands

MS13.OS6.02.17 - Fighting Scouts

MS13.OS6.02.18 - The Silenced Warhoop

MS13.OS6.02.19 - Custer's Demand

MS13.OS6.02.20 - Surrounded

MS13.OS6.02.21 - An Unexpected Enemy

MS13.OS6.02.22 - On the Skirmish Line

MS13.OS6.02.23 - Saving Their Lieutentant

MS13.OS6.02.24 - A Bee-Line for Camp

MS13.OS6.02.25 - Charge

MS13.OS6.02.26 - The Rear Guard

MS13.OS6.02.27 - Breaking through the Circle

MS13.OS6.02.28 - The Scout

MS13.OS6.02.29 - Attack at Dawn

MS13.OS6.02.30 - Dead Sure

MS13.OS6.02.31 - Hard Pushed

MS13.OS6.02.32 - Going for Reinforcements

MS13.OS6.02.33 - A Friend in Need

MS13.OS6.02.34 - Dispatch Bearers

MS13.OS6.02.35 - The Lost Dispatches

Folder MS13.OS6.3: Part of a book on the seige of Paris - Probably Franco-Prussian War.  Missing covers and some pages.  Very fragile.Add to your cart.
Folder MS13.OS6.4: Magazine covers by KoernerAdd to your cart.

MS13.OS6.01.01 - Harper's Weekly Nov  4, 1911

MS13.OS6.01.02 - Harper's Weekly Oct 14, 1911

MS13.OS6.01.03 - Harper's Weekly Oct  1, 1910

MS13.OS6.01.04 - Harper's Weekly Jan  7, 1911

MS13.OS6.01.05 - Harper's Weekly Feb 26, 1910

MS13.OS6.01.06 - Harper's Weekly Aug  6, 1910

MS13.OS6.01.07 - Harper's Weekly Sep  3, 1910

MS13.OS6.01.08 - Harper's Weekly Feb  4, 1911

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