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MS 100 - L.A. Huffman Collection



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MS 100 - L.A. Huffman Collection, 1875-1931 | McCracken Research Library

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Collection Overview

Title: MS 100 - L.A. Huffman Collection, 1875-1931Add to your cart.

Primary Creator: Huffman, Laton Alton (L.A.) (October 31, 1854 - December 28, 1931)

Extent: 42.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 01/05/1999. More info below under Accruals.

Languages: English


The L.A. Huffman Studio Collection consists of personal correspondence from family and acquaintances, particularly W.T. Hornaday, as well as personal financial documents and manuscripts written by Huffman. The collection also includes all business correspondence, and photographic images produced by Huffman and other photographers.

Collection Historical Note

One of the premier frontier photographers, L.A. Huffman was born October 31, 1854 in Iowa. He learned about photography from his father, who owned a photography studio. In 1878 he undertook a dangerous winter journey to Ft. Keogh, Montana, to serve as post photographer. While there, he photographed soldiers at the fort as well as American Indians and citizens in nearby Miles City.

            In order to supplement his income, Huffman started a small cattle ranch, served as a hunting guide, and hunted animals himself, always taking along his 50-pound homemade camera and often developing his photos on the spot. His experiments with exposure and lens openings allowed him to capture action shots of early roundups and cowboy activities that are unique for his time. His subject matter was also novel, particularly in his photographing of American Indians performing traditional activities. Consequently, his images of Plains Indians and early cowboy ranching scenes are considered some of the best of this era.

            Huffman’s images of the last of the wild buffalo herds in Montana Territory are especially important since they are the only ones of their kind, especially those of hide-hunters skinning their kill.  Aside from his photography, Huffman also played an active role in the early development of eastern Montana. He served as a school board member, county commissioner, and in 1893 was elected to the Montana House of Representatives. L.A. Huffman died in Billings, Montana, in 1931.

Administrative Information

Repository: McCracken Research Library

Accruals: 2002 gift

Access Restrictions: McCracken Library staff may determine use restrictions dependent on the physical condition of manuscript materials. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation or publication. Contact McCracken Research Library for more information.

Acquisition Source: Thomas Minckler

Acquisition Method: Purchase

Box and Folder Listing

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Series 4: Oversize Papers and PhotographsAdd to your cart.
Box 27Add to your cart.
Folder 1-28: OversizeAdd to your cart.

27/1              Advertisement – Calendar – 1967 (January – December)

27/2              Business – Custer County Commission, Montana – Certificate of Election – November 20, 1886


27/3                    P.100.1930      “The Roundup at Work, Cutting Cattle, Big Dry Montana”

27/4                    P.100.1931      “Throwing the W Bar Herd on Water, Big Dry Montana”

27/5                    P.100.1932      Little St. Mary near St. Ignatius

27/6                    P.100.1933      Bobtail Horse at Huffman’s Old Log Studio

27/7                    P.100.1934      Sioux Chief Hump and Favorite Wives

27/8                    P.100.1936      Sioux Chief Spotted Eagle

27/9                    P.100.1937      “Fire Wolf, an Outstanding Cheyenne Warrior”

27/10                  P.100.1938      “One of Rain-in-the-Face’s Two Wives, 1880”

27/11                  P.100.1939      “Mrs. Man on the Hill, Brule Sioux” – L.A. Huffman, 1880.

27/12                  P.100.1947      “Two Moons, Chief of Northern Cheyenne”

27/13                  P.100.1955      “Cutting Out a Steer” (sticky note on back of empty mat – “Russelish roping”)

27/14                  P.100.1956      “The Horse Sales”

27/15                  P.100.1958      “Evening at the Roundup, Big Pumpkin, Montana”

27/16                  P.100.1960      Untitled, two men by camp along river

27/17                  P.100.1961      Saddle Horses in the Rope Corral

27/18                  P.100.1986      “A Band of Mountain Sheep at Timberline”

27/19                  P.100.1987      “Mountain Sheep at Timberline, Montana, 1902”

27/20                  P.100.1989      “After an April Snow”

27/21                  P.100.1990      “A Band of Mountain Sheep”

27/22                  P.100.1991      “After the April Snowstorm”

27/23                  P.100.1994      Horses and Men

27/24                  P.100.1995      Untitled, Huffman on horseback, Olive Hotel, Miles City

27/25                  P.100.1996      Untitled, riders on horseback with horse herd and motor cars

27/26                  P.100.1997      Untitled, men and women with horses near corral

27/27                  P.100.1998      “William Camp and General Godfrey, 1916 at Custer Battlefield”

27/28                  P.100.1999      “Walter Camp and Wooden Legs”

Box 28Add to your cart.
Folder 1-28: Oversize - PhotographsAdd to your cart.

28/1                    P.100.2000      Untitled, Walter Camp and party overlooking rock formation on 1916 Trail Ride

28/2                    P.100.2001      Untitled, Mrs. Huffman?

28/3                    P.100.2002      L.A. Huffman with two horses in front of a teepee

28/4                    P.100.2050      “The Miles City Sucker Club”

28/5                    P.100.2052      “Two Cowboys circa 1895”

28/6                    P.100.2061      “Instant of detonating the 1300 pounds of B and G powder, Lock Bluff, CM and St. Paul Extension, 2000 yards rock and earth fell thundering into the Yellowstone. 1907”

28/7                    P.100.2068      “An Old Time ‘Tail Holt’ at the Roundup on Big Powder River, Montana, 1907”

28/8                    P.100.2803      “Trick Horse on an above ground platform”

28/9                    P.100.2804      “A group of Veterans”

28/10                  P.100.2805      “A circus in downtown Miles City”

28/11                  P.100.2806      “Big Jim Helmer (Montana Jim) and Emil Streuger”

28/12                  P.100.2807      Untitled, a rabbit

28/13                  P.100.2808      “Comstock family”

28/14                  P.100.2809      “Earl Comstock and family, Baptist Missionary around Miles City”

28/15                  P.100.2810      Untitled, L.A. Huffman with a group of people at a picnic

28/16                  P.100.2987      W.F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody

28/17                  P.100.2988      Buffalo Jones

28/18                  P.100.3044      “XIT cook Mexican John baking pies”

28/19                  P.100.3045      Untitled, Lake Scene

28/20                  P.100.3091      Untitled, Farm with Horses ( ranch view #1)

28/21                  P.100.3092      Untitled, Farm and Horses (ranch view #2)

28/22                  P.100.3099      Untitled, farm with duck pond

28/23                  P.100.3160      Sioux Chief Spotted Eagle’s Village, Tongue River Valley

28/24                  P.100.3558      Cahn’s Store on Part Street, Miles City, Montana

28/25                  P.100.3588      “Diamond R Bull Train, Main Street Miles City, Montana 1880.” Print by Coffrin’s Old West Gallery

28/26                  P.100.3589      “The Line Camp.” Print by Coffrin’s Old West Gallery

28/27                  P.100.3590      ‘LU Bar cook Making Bread’ Print by Coffrin’s Old West Gallery

28/28                  P.100.9931: “Bronco Cross-Hobbled and Saddled” (might be LAH 1922)

Box 29Add to your cart.
Folder 1-28: Oversize - Photographs -Add to your cart.

29/1                    P.100.1940      “Comenha, my partner’s (Eugene Lamphere) wife, 1880. Daughter of Dull Knife and now (1900) wife of Jules Seminole”

29/2                    P.100.1941      “Tall Bear, Minniconjou Sioux Medicine Man in Dancing Costume, 1879”

29/3                    P.100.1948      “The Old L-U-Cow Camp, Northern Montana, 1886”

29/4                    P.100.1965      Untitled, four mountain goats on precipice

29/5                    P.100.1966      Untitled, herding Herefords

29/6                    P.100.1967      Untitled, rider near ranch

29/7                    P.100.1968      Untitled, grazing cattle

29/8                    P.100.1969      Untitled, grazing cattle near camp

29/9                    P.100.1970      Untitled, cattle and cowboys on the range

29/10                  P.100.1972      Cheyenne Indian Roundup Camp, Lame Deer, Montana

29/11                  P.100.1973      “Throwing Rangers to the Big Dry, Montana”

29/12                  P.100.1975      Untitled, grazing cattle near hills

29/13                  P.100.1976      “Hot Noon Beside Roundup Camp, Big Dry, Montana” (same as P.100.3626)

29/14                  P.100.1977      “Roundup outfit on the move, Head of Crow Creek, 1886”

29/15                  P.100.1978      Untitled, grazing cattle on prairie

29/16                  P.100.1980      “Buffalo Grazing in the Big Open, Northern Montana, 1880”

29/17                  P.100.1981      Untitled, Buffalo Family

29/18                  P.100.1982      “Buffalo Grazing the Big Open, Northern Montana, 1880, II”

29/19                  P.100.1983      “A Buffalo family, bull, cow, and yearlings, 1878-1880”

29/20                  P.100.1984      “On Powder River, Noon”

29/21                  P.100.1992      “Horse near (Ed Whitebeck) Ranch”

29/22                  P.100.1993      Horses near Ranch II, Ed Whitebeck Ranch

29/23                  P.100.2895      Untitled, Huffman and group of men standing on mound

29/24                  P.100.3046      Untitled, Herds of Horses and Cattle on Prairie

29/25                  P.100.3047      Untitled Blue Grass Bell & Gray, Billings, Montana, 1882

29/26                  P.100.3056      “Lame Deer Cheyenne Agency”

29/27                  P.100.9114      “Roping Horses in Corral” (might be LAH 1963)

29/28                  P.100.9956      “Cheyenne Bride” (might be LAH 1935)

Box 30Add to your cart.
Folder 1-21: Oversize - ArtworkAdd to your cart.

30/1        P.100.2989      ‘Danger In Sight’ by Carl Rungius, 3000

30/2        P.100.2990      ‘U.S. Dreadnaughts in a Heavy Sea’, R7746

30/3        P.100.2991      ‘The Proposal’ – behind print by C. Ferranti, 2361

30/4        P.100.2992      ‘Overtaken’ – behind print by John R. Lomax, 1587

30/5        P.100.2993      ‘The Syndies’ – behind print by Rembrandt, 4223

30/6        P.100.2994      ‘The Horse Fair’ – behind print by Rosa Bonheur, 4187

30/7        P.100.2995      ‘Arrival of the Shepherds’ – behind print by LeRolle, 4176

30/8        P.100.2996      ‘The Night Watch’ – behind print by Rembrandt, 4222

30/9        P.100.2997      ‘The Weird North’ – behind print by H.J. Marlatt, 3944

30/10      P.100.2998      Untitled – Madonna & Child, 7653

30/11      P.100.2999      Untitled – 3 Horses Under Tree In Field, 7650

30/12      P.100.3000      Untitled – Boy Drawing At Desk – By Ruschell, 2375

30/13      P.100.3001      ‘Richard Wagner’ – behind print by Schweninger, 4150

30/14      P.100.3002      ‘Sunlight Shadow’ – behind print by Kabel, 39075

30/15      P.100.3003      ‘A Winter Night’ – behind print by Nittenoy, 3930

30/16      P.100.3004      ‘Castle Angelo’ – behind print by ?, 4062

30/17      P.100.3005      ‘Hiawatha’ – behind print by ?, 2268

30/18      P.100.3006      ‘The Whistling Boy’ – behind print by ?, 168

30/19      P.100.3007      ‘Colonial Postman’ – behind print – by S.M. Arituirs #2521

30/20      P.100.3008      ‘Defiance’ – behind print – by Hans Kraus #3493

30/21      P.100.3009      ‘Under the Southern Moon’ – behind print – by WC Taylor #3330

Box 31Add to your cart.
Folder 1-19: Oversize - ArtworkAdd to your cart.

31/1        P.100.3010      ‘Honeymoon Visions’ – behind print – by Martin Justice #3310

31/2        P.100.3011      ‘The Windmill’ – behind print by J. Van Ruysdael, 3610

31/3        P.100.3012      Man & Skeleton on Horses – 1 Girl Laying and 1 Girl Fleeing

31/4        P.100.3013      ‘Delia in the Country’ – behind print by George Morland, 960

31/5        P.100.3014      ‘Napoleon with the snuffbox’ – behind print – by Paul Delaroche #2463

31/6        P.100.3015      ‘Forbidden Pleasure’ – behind print by Franz Cohaslet, 3931

31/7        P.100.3018      ‘Madonna, Della, Sedia’ by Raphael, 4128

31/8        P.100.3019      ‘The Treasury Vista’ – behind print – by Crandall – 2342

31/9        P.100.3020      ‘Indecision’ (Ladies & Man by table)

31/10      P.100.3021      ‘Madame Le Brun & Daughter’ – behind print – by Vigee Le Brun – 2331

31/11      P.100.3022      Nude girl in water (damaged)

31/12      P.100.3023      ‘Robbers of the Desert’ behind print – by Friese - #4143

31/13      P.100.3024      ‘Who’ll be Next?’ – behind print – by C. Clyde Squires – R3948

31/14      P.100.3025      ‘Study of Abraham Lincoln’ – behind print – by Blendon Campbell - #3341

31/15      P.100.3026      ‘Anticipation’ – behind print – by C. Clyde Squires - #3818

31/16      P.100.3027      ‘November Day in Normandy’ – behind print – by Thaulow – 3495

31/17      P.100.3028      Man holding child on lap – R3978

31/18      P.100.3029      ‘Listzt’s Hungarian Rhapsody’ – behind print – by Johannes DeTahy – R4099

31/19      P.100.3030      ‘View of the Capitol on a Winter Night’ – behind print – by Crandall – 2343

Box 32Add to your cart.
Folder 1-11: Oversize - Framed PhotographsAdd to your cart.

32/1        P.100.1974      Untitled, cattle grazing along river

32/2        P.100.2984      ‘The Covered Wagon’ – by George Woodworth

32/3        P.100.3035      Invitation to the Columbia River Historical Expedition

32/4        Eliza Huffman’s “Daughters of the American Revolution” Membership Certificate

32/5        P.100.3591      Untitled Cattle Herd

32/6        P.100.3057      Untitled Ranch Scene

32/7        P.100.2896      Ruth Huffman Portrait

32/8        P.100.2897      Ruth Huffman Portrait

32/9        P.100.2898      Ruth Huffman Portrait

32/10      P.100.10005    Spotted Eagle’s Village, 1879 (Framed Print)

32/11      P.100.10006    Mother and Babe, 1879 (Framed Print)

Box 33Add to your cart.
Folder 1-2: Oversize - FramesAdd to your cart.

1 Large Gold Oval Ornate Frame – No Pictures (Empty)

1 Large Rectangular Frame – No Picture (Empty)

Box 34Add to your cart.
Folder 1-2: Oversize - FramesAdd to your cart.
2 Large Gold/ Gilt Oval Frames – No Pictures (Empty)
Box 35Add to your cart.
Folder 1-: Photographs - Photograph Album (Faux Jewelled)Add to your cart.

P.100.2069.1 – P.100.2069.50  Photograph Album  (faux jewelled)



















































Box MCD 24Add to your cart.
Folder 1-11: Map Case Drawer 24 - Oversize PhotographsAdd to your cart.

MCD 24/ 1        P.100.?            Sheep

MCD 24/2          P.100.1964      End of the Spring Roundup “When All The Range Without No Fence or ? Belongs to God, The Government, and US”

MCD 24/3          P.100.1971      “Roundup of the Big Dry, North Montana cutting cattle”

MCD 24/4          P.100.2985      Painting of a man on a horse in winter

MCD 24/5          P.100.2986      Painting of an Indian charging on a horse

MCD 24/6          P.100.3016      ‘Sweet & Low’ Verse – print by W.L. Taylor, 1938.  R3966

                          P.100.3017:      ‘Two Colonial Men Sitting’ w/ Auld Lang Syne Verse – R3763

MCD 24/7          P.100.3032      Large "Stone Artifacts" Chart (2 copies)

MCD 24/8          P.100.3162      A Buffalo Family

MCD 24/9          P.100.3593      Throwing Rangers to the Roundup

MCD 24/10        P.100.3594      Hot Sheep, Powder River Badlands

MCD 24/11        P.100.3595      Horses in River Next to Cattle Herd, 1907

Folder MCD24.01: Map Case Drawer 24 -  P.100.?            SheepAdd to your cart.
Folder MCD24.02: Map Case Drawer 24 - P.100.1964      End of the Spring Roundup “When All The Range Without No Fence or ? Belongs to God, The Government, and US”Add to your cart.
Folder MCD24.03: Map Case Drawer 24 - P.100.1971      “Roundup of the Big Dry, North Montana cutting cattle”Add to your cart.
Folder MCD24.04: Map Case Drawer 24 -  P.100.2985      Painting of a man on a horse in winterAdd to your cart.
Folder MCD24.05: Map Case Drawer 24 - P.100.2986      Painting of an Indian charging on a horseAdd to your cart.
Folder MCD24.06: Map Case Drawer 24 - P.100.3016      ‘Sweet & Low’ Verse – print by W.L. Taylor, 1938.  R3966                                                                                                                          P.100.3017:      ‘Two Colonial Men Sitting’ w/ Auld Lang Syne Verse – R3763, 1938Add to your cart.
Folder MCD24.07: Map Case Drawer 24 - P.100.3032      Large "Stone Artifacts" Chart (2 copies)Add to your cart.
Folder MCD24.08: Map Case Drawer 24 - P.100.3162      A Buffalo FamilyAdd to your cart.
Folder MCD24.09: Map Case Drawer 24 -  P.100.3593      Throwing Rangers to the RoundupAdd to your cart.
Folder MCD24.10: Map Case Drawer 24 - P.100.3594      Hot Sheep, Powder River BadlandsAdd to your cart.
Folder MCD24.11: Map Case Drawer 24 - P.100.3595      Horses in River Next to Cattle Herd, 1907Add to your cart.

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