MS 069 - Atsina Music Collection
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Brief Description:

Series 1 consists of re-recordings from the John M. Cooper collection of Gros Ventre Indian music which was recorded in 1940 on aluminum acetate discs (131) songs, that we received from Dr. Regina Herzfeld of the Catholic University of America In Washington, D. C.

Series 1 John M. Cooper Collection: tapes #1- #9

Series 2 contains re-recordings of the Edward S. Curtis collection of Gros Ventre Indian music, that were originally recorded on 10 wax cylinder records (17 songs) in 1907, and the Felix Cohen Collection of Gros Ventre Indian music which was originally recorded on 4 wax cyclinder records (4 songs) in 1933. Recordings from the Curtis & Cohen collections were provided from the Archives of Traditional Music of the Indiana University.

Series 2 Edward S. Curtis Collection: tape #10

              Felix Cohen Collection: tape #10

Series 3 is a collection of music of the A'aninin, recorded by Oscar Humphreys on January 19, 1972 at the Ft. Belknap Agency in Montana. The music of the A'aninin recorded by Raymond Boley in 1976 at the same location. Our largest collection of music of the A'aninin was recorded by Maria La Vigna in the Ft. Belknap Agency and Hays, Montana throughout the entire year of 1982.

Series 3 Music of the A'aninin:

                            recorded by Maria La Vigna: tapes #11- #46

                            recorded by Oscar Humphreys: tape #47

                            recorded by Raymond Boley: tape #48

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